Thirty Days

Thirty Days Biton Savakis a year old wealthy lawyer in New York City is lost without his beloved slave of ten years Since Erik s death from cancer three months before the will to continue his life as a Dom

  • Title: Thirty Days
  • Author: Shayla Kersten
  • ISBN: 9781595783059
  • Page: 298
  • Format: ebook
  • Biton Savakis, a 42 year old wealthy lawyer in New York City, is lost without his beloved slave of ten years Since Erik s death from cancer three months before, the will to continue his life as a Dom slipped away Until now The forlorn looking redhead seems as lost as Biton feels Maybe the young man can help ease his tension, even if only for a little while.Cavan neverBiton Savakis, a 42 year old wealthy lawyer in New York City, is lost without his beloved slave of ten years Since Erik s death from cancer three months before, the will to continue his life as a Dom slipped away Until now The forlorn looking redhead seems as lost as Biton feels Maybe the young man can help ease his tension, even if only for a little while.Cavan never chose the life of a slave, but he doesn t clearly remember a time when he wasn t one Beaten close to death and thrown aside by his former Master, Cavan doesn t know how to do anything else When Biton offers him a temporary contract, Cavan doesn t understand the meaning of his new Master s words All he knows is he has a new home and someone to serve But what will happen to him when the contract ends In thirty daysContent M M, bondage, Domination submission

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    1. I love it when I read a book that has well developed characters. I immediately was drawn into the storyline and cared about the characters and the outcome of this book. Although it is a novella, it is well written and fast paced with a emotional storyline that kept me glued to the story until the last word.Biton Savakis is grieving. He recently lost his partner to cancer. Biton and his partner lived the D/s lifestyle together for over 9 years together, and Biton is having a hard time recovering [...]

    2. I'm really really not in the D/s genre.On the contrary, most of the time i don't read a book because of it, or i have to be sure it's with light Bdsm.But for me, with this story Shayla Kersten tell us it's only about love_ a different kind of love_ one you may or you may not understand But only love.And i think she did it very well. You'll feel it all through the book.And so, I felt in love with the characters right at the beginning.And as a matter of facts, I'm running for the sequel "Forever". [...]

    3. I purchased this book because of the reviews and the sample, and was very disappointed and, to be honest, a bit disturbed by the treatment of the topic of child abuse in this novel. Maybe if the writing had been stronger (especially the dialogue, which just seemed stilted to me), I'd have rated it higher.First off, yes, I was fascinated by Cavan's background. His pain was my pain. But I felt as though the character of the dom, Biton, fell flat, and the story felt rushed, especially the ending. M [...]

    4. Cavan was harshly abused and beaten for a long period of time (since the age of 11). The psychiatrist said to Biton, the Dom, not to have sex with Cavan because he was sexually abused. She said that it could take years before Cavan be completely healed. But then, does that mean that Cavan could not have affection too, and that he could not have sex for years? For Cavan, sex equalled abuse. By having tender sex with him, is Biton not helping Cavan to change that equation for sex equals love?Proba [...]

    5. Biton have lost his lover Erik to cancer, they where lovers for ten years. Erik did not want to change the routine even after he Got the message of cancer, and at last Biton understand that Erik was most happy when he could help Biton as his slave. It has only been a few month when Biton try to visit and talk to his friend again, but he feel It's to soon and go home again. He feel so lonely and miss Erik so much, he want to get back to life and find happiness again, but It's so hard.Antonio is f [...]

    6. Am I being naive?I do not buy that a systematic slave ring previously undetected would tolerate one of its victims being thrown on the streets. Surely that is the epitome of stupidity? Sell them on, punish them further, kill them - all distinct possibilities. Throw them away? I doubt it.If you suspend disbelief sufficiently Thirty Days explores the blossoming of confidence and hope in an adult to adult relationship over the course of a month and references harrowing themes of slavery, non-con an [...]

    7. I have bumped this one up to 5 stars now because I've read, & enjoyed it multiple times now so I feel I've gotten my moneys worth IYKWIM although this book is (I hope) an unrealistic portrayal of abuse & recovery, I really love the characters & the development of the relationship I want to boo whenever Dr Merten tries to twist & pervert Biton's intentions I want to cheer whenever Cavan makes a step toward recovery/healing the smex is a lovely bonus too this book/series is wo [...]

    8. OMG! This book has everything I love to read about! Biton and Cavan have so much they have to go through before they can be together. The heartache from Cavan's horrible past left me in tears! Biton was wonderful with Cavan. Biton is a hero I love to read about. Strong, compassionate, sexy and dominatingI was in heaven! Cavan and Biton are truly meant to be together! I can't wait to read the next one!

    9. This book touched on quite a few issues I have dealt with personally. I thought it was well written and handled well.

    10. Very powerful book and given it it a novella that's saying something.Cavan was so damaged, so sad, lost and confused. He was a heartbreaking character, having been battered around and abused since a boy, lost in the foster system, groomed for and then ransomed off to sadistic pedophiles. Cavan had little idea of dealing with others, especially outside of mechanically doing what he was told, never being able to think or feel for fear of brutal ramifications. In spite of this he was such a sweet, [...]

    11. It's hard for me to rate and review this one because it was difficult connecting with the characters. I did like the story but I felt it was underdeveloped. It could have used more details, less glossing over and more character depth.Of course, there were some aspects of the story I liked. I enjoyed Cavan as a character and how damaged he was as well as how much Biton hurt over his deceased partner and his struggle to allow Cavan to heal properly. I enjoyed the parts hinting at how emotionally m [...]

    12. The total ignorance about abuse victims and healthy BDSM lifestyle in this book made my blood boil. My issues with this book started when a nurse, homicide detective, and lawyer (who all claim to be knowledgeable and well practiced in the BDSM lifestyle) confuse a twenty-something (Cavan) kid who's obviously showing symptoms of heavy abuse (and was sold into sexual slavery around the age of fourteen) with a willing, emotionally stable, and knowledgeable BDSM slave. And ended when Biton (the "exp [...]

    13. Unfortunately this wasn't exactly what I was hoping for. The fact that one of the MC's was stunted in his emotional development really threw me off balance and I was not able to recover. I got a little creeped out and am not able to recommend this book. Personal preference only, as the rest of the book was great and by the end the MC had pretty much recovered. Your experience could very well be completely different. Age difference is a REALLY touchy subject with me.

    14. Thats not BDSM.No.That's abuse, rape, torture and everything that you don't want to happen to a 13 years old.Cavan's former 'master's' a rapist, pedophile and a monster of the worst kind. And after all this years of torture the first thing that do his 'new master'e same thing. Clearly people who had enjoy this book do not know the basic of human right and know nothing about this lifestyle. I felt a lot of disgust after reading that thing.

    15. Wow! I rarely give 5 stars to such short stories (maybe except for the ficlets by Cordelia Kingsbridge ;) In her case - guilty as charged!!!). Shayla Kersten was for me a completely new author and what a surprise! I enjoy BDSM books immensely. I love Master/slave dynamics. And I'm a total sucker for abused subs I'm sorry but I am!And in Thirty Days I found exactly what I was looking for ;)It's a sad but also beautiful story of Cavan, a 25-year-old, milky pale redhead who had been abused by his d [...]

    16. Biton is in morning over the loss of his life partner and sub Erick to cancer. He is struggling to find a reason to go forward when his friend Antonio introduces him to Cavan. Cavan is a lost and broken soul whose former master did his best to kill Cavan before putting him out on the street, wounded and homeless. Biton is not sure he has what is needed to help Cavan’s broken soul but is drawn to him, then a “get to know you” lunch turns into a 30 day contract. As the extent of the horrors [...]

    17. What a torturously sad story this is. Biton is grieving over the death of his partner of 10 years. His friend introduces him to Cavan, a young man who was basically kidnapped at age 11, forced by foster parents to be their slave, sexually by age 13. At age 16, his current foster parents sold him to a horrible Master (telling him he was 18) and the torture with him was horrific. He managed to escape after being put into the hospital a few times. Biton signs a contract with Cavan for 30 days to se [...]

    18. Im not going to pretend this was a hard read. The subject matter wasn't easy.The story centers on Caven, a young man who was sold into slavery at the age of 16, having been conditioned for it from the age of 11 and Biton, a Master who is still 'recovering' from the death of his former slave and lover.In an effort to try to get Biton to move on, a party is hosted at a firends home where Biton sees Caven.Thibngs move on and Caven moves in with Biton on a 30 contract.The story moves through Bitom t [...]

    19. Biton (how the hell do you pronounce that?) is a dom who’s sub and love of his life of 10 years died from cancer. He decides he’s ready to get back out there and goes to a friend’s place for a small party. He meets Cavan who was badly abused and tossed out by his previous master. He was a virtual slave who has little memory of his life before his servitude. Biton is attracted and agrees to take Cavan on for 30 days and realizes how damaged he is. It comes to light that Cavan saw his master [...]

    20. I dont know why, but usually bdsm books makes me want to be a very bad sub, and say no and stfu to everything the dom wants to do Its probably my stubborn-ness (no kidding) so I've tried to stay away from the genre, but after having read the blurp for this book, I had to read it.And I'm so glad I did I had none of my "As if" moments while reading this short story, and just enjoyed reading it, if thats the right word with subjects as abuse and what notI thought Biton was great and could be the fi [...]

    21. Lots of potential, dismal execution. The plot is based on a couple of too-difficult topics, the loss to cancer of a long time partner for Biton and horrific, long-term child abuse for Cavan/Michael. These are deeply emotional, life-changing experiences to deal with in such a short story. As a result both issues get treated too shallowly, which then sorely disappoints readers. It feels like a careless insult to our intelligence and to all those who've gone through similar situations. Shira Anthon [...]

    22. Interesting concept, similar to the one found in Beloved Vampire by Joey W. Hill but this was not handled well. Biton is 40-ish and his partner is 26 with the mind and emotional depth of a child. Cavan was horribly abused by his previous Master. So what is the first thing Biton do when he is alone with Cavan? Binds him up and spanks him, knowing Cavan's tragic past. This stories only saving grace is that Cavan was given counseling and the knowledge that his abuser was behind bars.

    23. This story was right up my alley.t, emotional, more angst and more emotional, before finally a light at the end of that long, dark tunnel. One man grief strickened and the other struggling from years of abusen't ever let it be told that I don't love me some haunted & emotionally tortured men. Oh and a little BDSM thrown in too.

    24. This was my first ever M/M erotica story and I absolutely adored it! It was so beautifully written and so full of love & compassion - cannot wait to read Forever to find out what happens next!

    25. My heart went out to Caven in this story. This was a well crafted story with richly developed characters and a plotline that kept attention from the beginning to the end. I think I have found a new author to keep an eye on :)

    26. What happened???I usually never rate books under 3 stars but here i just felt like someone an editor needs to look this story over because in all honesty at least half the story must be missing!Unfortunately this story went way too quick and easy for Cavan and Biston both. Boston is on page one devastated to have lost his long lost lover by chapter 2 he's emotionally involved with Cavan. Cavan has lived a life with only torture and abuse and connects to Biston without a bat of an eyelash and has [...]

    27. ¡Que bonita historia! Los dos protagonistas son hombres muy dulces y agradables. La historia es sencilla y las escenas eróticas muy bien escritas. Que uno sea mucho mayor de edad y otro menor es un plus.

    28. Welllllll…what to say about this one….*1.5*The story is of an abused slave, taken from childhood, finding a safe place and a possible life Dom.I think if this story had been set in an alternative universe or reality then I wouldn’t have had such a problem with it. But it’s not. It’s set in New York and that just makes me think it’s a bit too much batshit cuckoo crazy land for me. Big Spoilers Ahead(view spoiler)[ The story involves a poor orphaned child grabbed from the foster scheme [...]

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