The Hitchhiker

The Hitchhiker When Chad stops for a bare chested hitchhiker he s really not sure exactly why but young Tim in a well woven seduction convinces him of the real reason As Tim insists on paying Chad for the ride w

  • Title: The Hitchhiker
  • Author: Habu
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 153
  • Format: ebook
  • When Chad stops for a bare chested hitchhiker, he s really not sure exactly why, but young Tim, in a well woven seduction, convinces him of the real reason As Tim insists on paying Chad for the ride with sex Chad revels in the new experience, but he soon learns the great risk of picking up strangers and giving in to temptation.

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    1. This story took a sinister turn, which I find appealing. I will definitely look to read more of this author.

    2. The Hitchhiker is a short m/m erotica by Habu. This story is about a straight man who picks up a hot, young, shirtless hitchhiker. (view spoiler)[Tim, the hitcher, offers Chad, the driver, a BJ for the drive. When Tim turns him down, he offers him a BJ for food. When Tim turns him down but agrees to the drive and dinner, but not in return for anything. Tim seems hurt and asks Chad if he's not attracted to him. Then he spends the rest of the trip trying to convince him and coax him into sex. Thin [...]

    3. okaaaaaaay. This story left me feeling dirty and uncomfortable. It was interesting at first, but then there was a bizarre twist and the story totally lost me. There were definite themes of non-consensual sex and drugs used to lower inhibitions. If this were a guy and a girl, it would totally not be okay, so I don't want to cut it any slack just because it's two guys. And then there's the whole "abuse of authority" theme. Basically - I didn't like the story or the characters. Blech.

    4. I thought this was a weird, plotless short story which is basically about a rape/noncon encounter. It has some strange twists and turns (seriously? a vice cop?) and not a HEA or HFN ending. Not for a romance lover like me, since it’s just pron/erotica and not even very hot imo. But it’s a free story, for those who want to see for themselves 1.5 stars

    5. Not even 35 pages. I wasn't a huge fan of this book, but I loved the idea of the dub-con elements, and after you find out the twist it makes a little more sense in the book why one of the MC was such a jerk (imo). Anyhow if you're a fan of HABU and like Dub-con, and are just looking for a uber quick read, pick this one up.

    6. 1.5 starsSo, apparently I had read this earlier but forgot to note it in GR. This wasting. There was a twist to the story that I recall not expecting. It was fast and short, and especially during my 2nd read, I found it hard to immerse myself into the story. (view spoiler)[As a corollary, the dub-con scenes became less than erotic to me. (hide spoiler)]

    7. Our narrator, the driver, picks up a hitchhiker who hints at repaying his good fortune with sexual favours. Despite the drivers protestations the Hitchhiker manages to succeed, and more than once. A short erotic gay tale with and interesting twist as the hitchhiker eventually reveals his identity.

    8. Reviewed by Markie: Something about this short story enthralled me. I think it was the extremely hot sex! There wasn't that much of an actual story, but it was well written with two interesting characters that connected in more ways than one. Did I mention that this one is free on All Romance? If you like hot sex with mild BDSM, get this one now!A

    9. This is not a romance, so if you're looking for that, look elsewhere.If you want dub-con, then you'll probably enjoy it. The story really didn't do it for me, at all. There's a twist which is interestingif I bought it. Which I didn't. Maybe I'm jaded, maybe I'm suspicious, but yeeaaaah, I didn't buy it.

    10. I wasn't expecting the dark turn in this (I didn't read the reviews before getting it), and I thought the revelation of who Tim actually was was a bit of a farce, but I don't mind dub-con. I think the author made a common story interesting, so I'll have to read more of his stuff.

    11. This was really creepy. I suppose that's what the writer was going for? But it just didn't gel with me. Both of the characters are so skeevy it kept pulling me out of reading, because I was so uncomfortable.

    12. Quick read with a twist. Nothing romantic about this one. There is a happy ending because Chad gets Tim out of the car.

    13. 2.5 cusping on 3. It did take a dark turn, but I'm ok with that. I would have liked more insight into Tim to see if he was a psycho or just abusing his power, or both.

    14. Ultra short story which turned out to be way more dark and twisted than I had anticipated. An interesting read.

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