The Tale of Holly How

The Tale of Holly How Everyone in Sawrey likes Ben Hornby So when Beatrix finds the shepherd dead in the meadow and suspects foul play she wonders who would have done such a thing A trio of village cats has an idea When B

  • Title: The Tale of Holly How
  • Author: Susan Wittig Albert
  • ISBN: 9780425206133
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Paperback
  • Everyone in Sawrey likes Ben Hornby So when Beatrix finds the shepherd dead in the meadow and suspects foul play, she wonders who would have done such a thing A trio of village cats has an idea When Ben breathed his last, his sheep must have seen his killer before scattering So they set out to find the far flung flock Although she s distracted by duties at the farm anEveryone in Sawrey likes Ben Hornby So when Beatrix finds the shepherd dead in the meadow and suspects foul play, she wonders who would have done such a thing A trio of village cats has an idea When Ben breathed his last, his sheep must have seen his killer before scattering So they set out to find the far flung flock Although she s distracted by duties at the farm and the sad plight of a young girl, Beatrix must get to the bottom of this As the stories intertwine, Beatrix and the creatures realize that, to solve this case, all of Sawrey, both the two and four legged inhabitants, must work together

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    1. Onvan : The Tale of Holly How (The Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter, #2) - Nevisande : Susan Wittig Albert - ISBN : 425206130 - ISBN13 : 9780425206133 - Dar 320 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2005

    2. I am really enjoying this series. They are definitely fairytale for adults. Just a good escape from life's woes.

    3. Learning about Beatrice Potter in "The Tale Of Hill Top Cottage" and having enjoyed her personality in the early 1900s re-enactment of her life, I was happy to tune in more. I never care for the early parts of any story where people are dubious about the protagonist achieving something. Novel #2 has gotten past the question of a single, London city woman running a farm. We watch her grow involved with Sawrey villagers and enjoy all she is building.Calm feminism is strong, for another newcomer is [...]

    4. I wish I could give this book six stars instead of five. I actually like this one better than THE TALE OF HILLTOP FARM, which is saying something. The fun of this series is the delightful cast of characters and richness of the narrative. The odd thing is I don't usually go for quaint, but this series wins me over very quickly, making me see and smell the world of Beatrix's Potter's farm and small town in England. What I really like about this book in particular is the character of Caroline. She' [...]

    5. In this second tale of life in the village, Bearix Potter is beginning to fit in better because of her kind manner and quiet ways. The villagers don’t know what to make of her determination to run her farm by herself though, but they like the fact that she is attempting to build up a herd of local sheep which are in danger of dying out. When she goes to look over some sheep she has bought, she finds the body of the elderly shepherd and it appears that he has been murdered.At the same time, she [...]

    6. Oh boy, how I love this series. It is such a gentle, charming, wonderfully written mystery series. Just a wee bit of fantasy since the animals talk amongst themselves and the reader is in on the conversations and their own investigation. There are two mysteries going on in the book, each is resolved nicely. I kind of had an idea on whodunnit on one mystery, but I kept reading as the story is just so wonderfully told. And there was the other mystery going on and I didn't figure it out.I am lookin [...]

    7. I really do like this historical thread of Wittig Albert's Beatrix Potter. It was very engaging to read and you don't have to start with the first book (I know I didn't). If you start somewhere other than book 1, you can easily catch on to what is happening since it is explained on how it happen in the first place (book 1). The sluething that is done by Miss Potter is independent from each book in the series. What I really liked was, at the end of the book, there are recipes from that time perio [...]

    8. This is another delightful installment in the Beatrix Potter mystery series. Reminiscent of Dr. Doolittle with the talking animals, it adds a tiny bit of fantasy to it. This is the second mystery she solved. For those who like less gore in their mysteries, this is a light one for you. There's a lot of drama in Beatrix's world, even for the ladyship too in her own home, when there's talk of a new head teacher. Three events happen in Holly How around the same time. An easy and delightful read.

    9. Cozy early twentieth-century mysteries, full of charming country Britishness. Oh, and talking animals that do things like eat buttered scones and hang out on porches in rocking chairs. Fun and thoroughly undisturbing.

    10. This series is such a delight. Light and fun and of course it takes place in a village I would love to live in!

    11. As Beatrix Potter continues to work on getting Hilltop Farm--her recent purchase in the Lake District--ready to run as a farm again, life goes on in the nearby town of Sawrey for both the locals and the local animals. There's drama aplenty brewing, with old Ben Hornby found dead at the foot of Holly How, and then sheep Beatrix purchased from him gone missing. Then old Lady Longford's orphaned granddaughter Caroline, whom she had accepted with extreme reluctance, is having a miserable time at the [...]

    12. Book 2 of the Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter series. It picks up about a year after Hill Top Farm leaves off and revisits the villages of Near and Far Sawrey and the inhabitants we previously met, along with a few new ones.We get to know Lady Longford better, as well as her granddaughter, Caroline, and her companion, Miss Martine. Will Heelis, a solicitor from Hawkshead, is a rather important character (and will be even more so later, as anyone who knows about Miss Potter's life can tell you). [...]

    13. I've come to the conclusion that these should be more annoying than they are. They feature talking animals, and Beatrix Potter as detective, and overall it should all be irritatingly cute. But somehow it kind of works? I always wonder if I'm going to read the next one, and then find myself vaguely curious about what happens next, because some of the characters are fun.(The opposite is also true - some of the characters are terrible. In fact, the villains can always be spotted on the page they're [...]

    14. Not everyone in Sawrey liked Ben Hornby and Beatix discovers his body at the bottom of a cliff. His death is deemed a murder and Beatrix is most helpful in finding out who did it. This is a delightful cozy mystery series based on the real life of Beatrix Potter but mostly fictional. It takes place in a small English village from 1905-1913 when Ms. Potter purchased a farm. All of the animals talk and wish the Big People could understand them. I definitely want to cozy up with the next book in the [...]

    15. Another charming excursion into the fantasy of English village life at the turn of the century (the last century that is.) As usual, practical but generous Beatrix finds herself drawn into the difficulties of her adopted village, and happy to be drawn. She would live on her farm in this rural village full time if not for the unreasonable, selfish demands of her parents, who insist they cannot do without her and manipulate her into being the dutiful daughter by any means available to them.The boo [...]

    16. Summer 1906: Beatrix Potter is back in Sawrey working hard to renovate the farm house and make the farm productive. She has purchased some sheep from old Ben Hornby, a crusty old shepherd who breeds the best Herdwick sheep. When Beatrix goes to collect the sheep, their pen is open and Mr. Hornby turns up dead. Beatrix suspects the death was no accident. The sheep may have a clue but they've disappeared! Meanwhile, the animals have their own dilemma. Someone has dug up a badger sett and kidnapped [...]

    17. I love this series of books and hope that Albert writes many more. They make me want to brew a pot of tea and curl up on a window seat to read on a rainy day. Too bad I don’t have a window seat.--HR From School Library JournalAdult/High School–In this second entry in a delightful and cozy mystery series, Albert hits her stride. Miss Potter is starting to make a life for herself, both on her farm and in the villages of Far and Near Sawrey. She's acquired a herd of Herdwick sheep, is remodelin [...]

    18. 2.5 stars. I have mixed feelings about this series and this particular book. They fit into the "cozy mystery" genre, and are built around the premise of Beatrix Potter's farm in the Lake District. Straightforward enough, right? One thing that really bugs me is that the animals talk - just to each other mind you, not to the humans, but it bugs me. (Although at times the unheard animal speech influences what the human does at that point.) And animal speech is presented in italics, which my brain t [...]

    19. I definitely enjoyed The Tale of Holly How by Susan Wittig Albert. It is the second book in her Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter mystery series. I think the book will appeal to adults with an interest in historical fiction, cozy mysteries, animals (especially cats and dogs), and children's literature. The series stars Beatrix Potter and a LARGE cast of animals. I do wish my library had a copy of the first book in the series. I would have loved to have had a PROPER start to the series. (I do like [...]

    20. This refers to the audio version.#2 in the Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter cozy historical series. Beatrix is buying a few sheep to make Hilltop Farm more profitable, and also adding on to the farmhouse so that the farmer who's been managing the property can stay on with his family and not displace Beatrix herself. When the shepherd is found dead, at first presumed accidentally, at the bottom of a cliff, Beatrix (who found the body) investigates on the sly. The village is also trying to work thr [...]

    21. Although this ended up being cheerful jaunt to Sawrey, there were some dark moments (poisoning, pushing old fellas down hills, stealing badgers for violent sport) and a fair amount of meaningful dialogue. For example, this exchange between Miss Potter and a young orphan girl who is living with her grandmother illustrates the more somber and yet still very dear moments:"Miss Potter stood silent for a moment, her head cocked to one side, regarding her seriously. Then she said, very slowly and thou [...]

    22. This is a charming series. The story focuses on Beatrix Potter when she purchased Hill Top Farm in Far and Near Swarey. She has purchased several sheep and goes to pick them up and finds the farmer dead and the sheep missing. The richest lady in the town has decided that she knows a suitable candidate for the job of local schoolmaster, even though the local woman who has been doing the job is well suited and the children love her. Then there are the animals. The local badger who keeps a chronicl [...]

    23. I am really enjoying these books! In this one, we're getting closer to a "cosy mystery" in that someone is almost murdered. There are also not just one, but FOUR mysteries that are explored and tied up by the end of the book. In spite of all this activity, the writing is clear, engaging and very enjoyable. The animals are probably my favorite part, and the adventure of Tuppeny is really fun. The resolution is perhaps a little too perfect, with everything working out so beautifully, but, for me, [...]

    24. Neste segundo livro das 'Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter' continua a descrição de personagens da pequena aldeia inglesa onde Beatrix Potter comprou uma quinta e onde os acontecimentos são recheados de mistério. Mais uma vez a autora conta-nos uma boa história onde a riqueza das personagens humanas se mistura com as personagens da fauna doméstica e silvestre inglesa. Um velho criador de gado que é encontrado morto em condições estranhas, um texugo que gere uma 'pensão' e um lugar de dir [...]

    25. A cozy mystery featuring Beatrix Potter and her corner of the English Lake District, Near Sawrey. Who says nothing happens in a small village? The mysterious death of a grumpy old farmer - foul play suspected; a young man who claims to be Oxford educated applying for the role of head teacher of the local school; the strange illness of Lady Langford; the disappearance of Lady Langford's granddaughter; and illegal badger-baiting fights -- the local animals can tell you all about each of these myst [...]

    26. This is another charming installment in the Cottage Tales series, but I personally didn't like it quite as much as the first. A lot of the dialogue in the human characters' scenes began to feel repetitious towards the end, but other than that I still really liked this book. The different subplots don't interfere with each other, despite there being many, and the mysteries themselves are well-done, and are noticeably more intense and have higher stakes than in the first book. The characters are s [...]

    27. In this second installment of the Cottage Mysteries, Ms. Potter is trying to fix up the farm she has bought in the village os Sawrey and to that end she has purchased so sheep from a local man. But when she goes to pick them up and finds the man dead at the bottom of a cliff, it's all work and no play until the killer is found.The animals are also solving a mystery of their own, who has stolen the Badgers from their set and where have the gone to? The two mysteries are inter-connected and it's u [...]

    28. First let me say that I have picked this book up and put it back on the shelf after a few chapters 2or 3 times It just didn't interest me. But for some reason I grabbed it and found myself happy with Susan's world of English country folk and the world of talking country animals. It's a bit silly but turned out to be sweet enough if you suspend reality. A good quick read, not complicated, lovely settings and descriptions of nature and cozy English life, and the mystery is simple, straightforward [...]

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