One thought on “Sig Byrd's Houston”

  1. This charming book points up the weirdness of life in late 1940s Houston- especially in the Third Ward (African-American), el Barrio Segundo (Hispanic), the now almost completely renewed and gentrified old Skid Row area near the northwest corner of downtown. A non-fiction book, it includes stories such as the one about the man who fell in love with a ventriloquist's dummy, a widower who ran a store in his dead wife's memory for years, but refused to sell anything from it, the sailor killed by a [...]

  2. A vivid fantasia of 1940s-50s Houston and the down and out, allegedly non fiction and written by a master of this now lost art of newspaper hackery. If you love Houston you will need to read this sometime.

  3. Houston, in all of its sordid glory. A funny, strange look at one of the most exciting, dynamic and downright weird cities in America.

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