The Maquisarde

The Maquisarde Near the end of the st century the murder of her husband and daughter by terrorists drives Ebriel Serique to venture beyond her charmed life to confront the truth about the world And while she neve

  • Title: The Maquisarde
  • Author: Louise Marley
  • ISBN: 9780441011070
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Paperback
  • Near the end of the 21st century, the murder of her husband and daughter by terrorists drives Ebriel Serique to venture beyond her charmed life to confront the truth about the world And while she never would have suspected it, Ebriel discovers that she has the courage for anything even violence.

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    1. This book was a nice surprise. I was just scanning the sci-fi shelves at may favorite local bookstore, auntie's, when I saw this one, with a sticker denoting it was an autographed copy. When I looked closer, I could see that there was a woman on the cover (and not the stereotypical fantasy heroine, straight out of Wagner). Then I read the synopsis and had to pick it up!The book is set in the not-too-distant future, where the world has basically been divided into the haves and the have-nots, due [...]

    2. Ebriel Serique is living a life of luxury in late 21st century Paris. That is, until her husband and young daughter are murdered on the family yacht, supposedly by terrorists. It was in the Mediterranean, allegedly on the wrong side of the Line of Partition. Parts of the world have been ravaged by various biological plagues, so no chance are taken. The yacht is destroyed, and the bodies are cremated.After another worldwide economic collapse, the International Cooperative Alliance (InCo) rules wh [...]

    3. I have it in my head that Louise Marley is considered a feminist sci-fi writer, although I can't find anything in her books that would confirm it. Earlier in the year, I read Marley's shallow The Child Goddess, and sadly, The Maquisarde is just as disappointing. Set in a future where the world is divided into corporate colonies, flutist Ebriel Serique becomes a resistance fighter when her husband and daughter are murdered under suspicious circumstances. The story becomes painfully predictable: E [...]

    4. Wow! Marley takes her characters through hell and back and transform them beautifully. Best book I've read for a while.

    5. It has been years since I have been so emotionally invested in a story. This made me laugh, cry, it made me feel sick and it made me feel overjoyed. Marley has painted a beautiful picture with this one and I am both sad and relieved that it is now over. I can see this being one i would go back to read again, maybe in a couple of years.

    6. I had not been exceptionally impressed with the Singers of Nevya series by Marley, which is one reason I didn’t read others of hers as I saw them coming on the market. After The Child Goddess, though, I checked to see what else she had published, and found one of those titles, The Maquisarde at the library. Speed read through it in one evening. It was enjoyable, but ultimately, not well-resolved, I thought – in fact, it felt as though it was the first book in a series, although I see no evid [...]

    7. This book was a pleasant surprise. I picked it up used for only a few dollars to satisfy a craving I'd been having lately for science fiction. The description on the back was nothing special, nor was the first chapter or so, but yet, I had a -feeling-, so I grabbed it anyway. To be honest, I expected it to be nothing more than a forgettable, 3-star story at the most--yeah, oops!Most of the characters (but not all--I'm looking at you, Ty!) are well-developed, diverse, interesting, and overall lik [...]

    8. This is the 3rd Marley I've read in a short span of time. Enjoyment has decreased with each book.This one sets up an interesting future of Earth, filled with chaos and politics (complete with the blind privileged and the lying bastard leader). Lies come too close, privilege doesn't protect, and everything comes crashing down. So far so good.The ending doesn't fit this world. It's sugar coated saccharine with a grafted-on love story that just doesn't work. The 2 aren't compatible; they're "love" [...]

    9. Picked this one up at a used book sale. Easy read. Interesting world created by Marley. Straight forward plot. I figured out early on that Ebriel and James hooked up. Oops! Is that a spoiler? Not sure about the world spanning solar powered helicopters. Seems like a uncomfortable way to travel.

    10. Although ultimately a romance, I enjoyed this science fiction story. It's focus is on a grieving artist and lost children who claim their place in the world and that gives it humanity and strength.

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