Finding the Will of God: A Pagan Notion?

Finding the Will of God A Pagan Notion For many trying to discover God s will is a confusing and frustrating process In an effort to divine God s will people try praying harder meditating on Scripture or briefly living a better life Bu

  • Title: Finding the Will of God: A Pagan Notion?
  • Author: Bruce K. Waltke
  • ISBN: 9780802839749
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Paperback
  • For many, trying to discover God s will is a confusing and frustrating process In an effort to divine God s will, people try praying harder, meditating on Scripture, or briefly living a better life But as this insightful book shows, such activities have in common with paganism than with biblical Christianity.Exploring a misunderstood area of Christian concernFor many, trying to discover God s will is a confusing and frustrating process In an effort to divine God s will, people try praying harder, meditating on Scripture, or briefly living a better life But as this insightful book shows, such activities have in common with paganism than with biblical Christianity.Exploring a misunderstood area of Christian concern, Bruce Waltke asks, Can we ever know God s will In pursuit of a satisfying answer, he examines many practices that Christians pass off as divine guidance following hunches, casting lots, looking for signs, and others and suggests that such practices actually bear an unsettling resemblance to the ways pagans seek divine guidance Instead, Waltke gently shows readers that the truest course to the will of God is found in faithfully answering the call to walk close to the Lord and be conformed to his likeness Only then will we have the heart of God and know what pleases him.Packed with clear, practical advice for meaningful Christian living, Finding the Will of God will be valued by all.

    One thought on “Finding the Will of God: A Pagan Notion?”

    1. This book redefines the phrase "seeking God`s will" by exploring the elements of pagan rituals that influences our notion that God purposefully hides His will from His children.Furthermore it warns us that by using the phrase "seeking GOd`s will" we are providing ourselves and others a misrepresentation of what we really want to say, that is "living God's will."More importantly, Waltke explains how to "live in God`s will", outlining specific actions we should take in order to know and live a lif [...]

    2. I had gone on my own journey to discover "God's Will" and "purpose" for my life, and it was through His word that I discovered the truths that Waltke presented. I was particularly impacted by the second part of the book, "God's Program of Guidance." I must admit, I did cringe a bit when a “step-by-step system” was presented, but at the same time, I can see how it would be valuable to one being introduced to it. You have to step back and see that in the end, all of it becomes natural as you g [...]

    3. To approach this book, you really need to imagine you are in the study, getting advice from your grandfather. . .who happens to be a scholar, a philologist, fluent in thirteen Ancient Near Eastern languages. As erudite as Bruce Waltke is--Hebrew grammarian, Commentator, Bible translator--he never leaves the reader behind. You will find the tone of this compact, readable manual to be personable, pastoral and encouraging, yet weighty and constructive. Gently, wisely, Dr. Waltke challenges easy ass [...]

    4. I really loved this book. It truly was amazing. So concrete and so easy to understand, yet so in depth. It affirmed many things I already knew and put me on track re: a few things I have been missing. Like Alice, I found his sudden references to homosexuality lacking/off-putting. And that opinion is not about whether I agree or disagree with him - that's irrelevant. The issue is he just dropped it in, never discussed it in depth, and then left it. Overall this book has been incredibly helpful to [...]

    5. Waltke's excellent book is a potent remedy for the myriads of Christians who spend the bulk of their time trying to discern the "secret will of God" instead of applying themselves to the "revealed will of God." Waltke helps the believer discern the difference between God's revealed and secret wills along with helpful advice on how to make decisions consistent with the former. Very good. Very helpful. This book, if carefully read and applied, will set free many a bound-up Christian who erroneousl [...]

    6. No matter where one is in their Christian walk, I am convinced that anyone would receive eye-opening gems of wisdom by reading this book. A relatively short and easy read, Waltke's style of writing is superb. He fully backs the entire book with a plethora of scripture and provides easy-to-understand real life sceanarios. I would recommend this book to any Christian; especially young Christians struggling with God's will.

    7. Bruce K. Waltke, Finding the Will of God: A Pagan Notion? 2nd ed. (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2016).In this book, Bruce K. Waltke asks a provocative question: “Is finding God’s will a biblical idea?” He concludes that it is not. Indeed, he claims that phrases such as “finding God’s will” and “seeking the will of God” reflect “a pagan notion” and amount to “divination,” which the Bible condemns. This is a strong claim, of course—perhaps a bit too strong.On the other han [...]

    8. If you take this book primarily as an apologetic against other views on finding God's will and how to frame the question, it does pretty well. It does a decent job of tearing down the theological basis for "waiting on special revelation", a propensity of many well-meaning Christians. "When I hear Christians talking about the will of God, they often use phrases such as "If only I could find God's will," as though He is keeping it hidden from them, or "I'm praying that I'll discover His will for m [...]

    9. Practical book on guidance. Exposes common fallacies about "finding God's will" and suggests there are a number of practice and sensible tools to provide guidance other than drawing lots including clear revelation in the scripture, prayer, desire, wise council, and opportunity. Points out that God isn't "hiding is will" but that doesn't mean we will understand what He's doing. I liked this book, but I found Dallas Willard's book on Guidance covered much of the same group, but was warmer and move [...]

    10. If I could have done two things in college, I would have shut down the Baptist Collegiate Ministry and made all of the survivors read this book. Waltke does a great job in showing how the standard BCM collegiate view of "knowing God's will" means usually "staring blankly (or singing wildly) until you get this impression confirming what you alraedy want to do." This is also known as shamanism.

    11. One of the top two books I have read on understanding God's will (The Mystery of God's Will by C. Swindoll is the other). An excellent discussion of non-biblical ways of discerning the will of God and a suggested hierarchy of steps God has provided for us to place ourselves in concert with His plans.

    12. Some of Waltke's apologetic reasoning is a little weak, but it's not a book about apologetics so I was willing to let it slide. It was helpful in clarifying what Christians meant when they said that one is to rely primarily on the Word of God for discerning God's will.

    13. I really liked this book which has given me an incredible insight on how to approach God and His will. However, I'd like to study more on this subject in order to get a better understanding and grasp on this matter, but it was definitely worth reading.

    14. An anchor of reason in a sea of confusionThe most clear and convincing reasoning I have heard for putting an end to the spiritual "hocus pokus" that circulates among most groups within contemporary church subculture for discerning the will of God.

    15. If you're looking for a sure fire way to determine the will of the God of the universe, this is an excellent book. Every believer, young, old, mature, and baby alike should read this book. The information is priceless.

    16. - "Christian knowledge and understanding are grounded in God's revelation in the Bible through the Holy Spirit, who revealed the truth and illuminates its meaning." (pg. 179)

    17. Very careful treatment of how the will of God is described in Scripture. Ends with very helpful chapters on how to understand the guidance of God in our daily decisions. Very good.

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