Olivia Olivia always knew her younger sister would get into trouble but she never realized the undercurrents of disaster would grow to a raging flood Olivia was always the sensible one The responsible sister

  • Title: Olivia
  • Author: V.C. Andrews
  • ISBN: 9780671007614
  • Page: 111
  • Format: Paperback
  • Olivia always knew her younger sister would get into trouble but she never realized the undercurrents of disaster would grow to a raging flood.Olivia was always the sensible one The responsible sister She took after their father, a man as cold and driven as the Cape Cod wind, a man possessed by an inner need to be respected and successful She would be the one to takOlivia always knew her younger sister would get into trouble but she never realized the undercurrents of disaster would grow to a raging flood.Olivia was always the sensible one The responsible sister She took after their father, a man as cold and driven as the Cape Cod wind, a man possessed by an inner need to be respected and successful She would be the one to take over his million dollar businesses She would become the unwavering compass and resilient caretaker of the Logan family whether she wanted to or not.But Belinda belonged only to herself Flighty, flirtatious, and possessed of a beauty that promised her a privileged life, Belinda was lavished with attention Mother and Father, family friends, boys from school, they all adored Belinda And as she matured into a young woman, her beauty became even haunting She vowed never to grow up, to remain forever an enchanting little girl to be worshiped and cared for.Then came that fateful night, when Olivia was awakened by the low whistle of the wind off the oceana whistle that became an unearthly wail coming from Belinda s bedroom It was the tragic night that their father would forbid them to speak of ever again The night they would never forget The night that would send generations of Logans down an unavoidable path of lies, deceit, and heartbreak.

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    1. A word of caution to people considering reading this book. Chapter One is considerably graphic as Olivia recounts finding her sister giving birth in her bedroom to a stillborn 7 month old baby. I wasn't sure I was going to read this book because I hated the character of Olivia throughout this 5 book series, but even after reading just Chapter One, I can see why she is the way she is. I think it's going to be a good read.Ok, I hated this character for the first 4 books in the series. While I stil [...]

    2. Why wasn't this book called Muted Voices, or something else that matched the other four titles in this series?Nonetheless, this was a decent read, and the last of Mr. Neiderman's books I would recommend to anyone. Olivia is a strong person who refuses to be pushed around, and knows she is not pretty so she has to rely on other qualities to get what she wants. She is by no means helpless for anything, and when something gets thrown her way, she only toughens and gets harder. Overall, this was a d [...]

    3. It was very sad and emotionally irritating at the same time. Olivia was too harsh and more domineering than a man is and Belinda was too wild and immature.But it was good, despite all the lies, deception,hatred, and secrets this series was good and the book ended good.

    4. I don’t know. I love VC Andrews (even with the ghost writer’s published works under her name) but this one is one of those books that make you annoyed and disappointed reading it. There’s TOO MUCH NARRATION. The plot and overall story is BORING. It breaks my heart to say these things to a VC Andrews’ novel. And I was expecting much from the 5th book of this series because they usually are the best. 😞😭💔I don’t know what happened to this book. Olivia is just too indifferent to b [...]

    5. I think this book does a better explanation of why a bitter old woman in the main series turns out the way she does rather than in the Cutler series, where Lillian’s younger self doesn’t quite gel. At least with Olivia, you can begin to see why she is the way she is.

    6. This wasn't so bad especially since I think the Logan series was the last good VCA series however reading some of these reviews, I don't like how people are downing Olivia. Although Olivia wasn't nice I thought she was justified in her treatment of Belinda. It's not like Olivia Foxworth of the Flowers In The Attic series, where she was just plain jealous of Alicia and later Corrine's looks despite them doing nothing personal to her and being nice to her. Belinda was mean, selfish, easy, and not [...]


    8. I honestly really liked this book a lot i got really into it because it was amazing how the author wrote it and how when i read it i felt like i was watching the movie to this book if it had one and it was amazing how Olivia was he more mature one in the family and how she took care of the dad and the dad was loving at times but most of the times he was more into the reputation and the looks and success he made and further business and how Olivia would be the one to cary on the name of the famil [...]

    9. Comme toujours le dernier tome de la saga est consacré à la "méchante grand-mère". J'ai beaucoup apprécié ce tome qui nous présente Olivia sous un jour très touchant et Bélinda de manière beaucoup moins flatteuse que vue sous le prisme de Laura ou Melody Même l'histoire reste du classique VC Andrews, j'ai beaucoup apprécié le personnage d'Olivia et la manière dont elle évolue dans sa famille un peu dysfonctionnelle. Le père est bien caractérisé (même si j'ai été choquée de [...]

    10. The concluding novel in Virgina Andrews Logan series and this time it deals with the matriarch of the family, Olivia.Her story is told from hers and her sister Belinda's childhood.Olivia is the sensible and well behaved child while Belinda gets away with everything and her wild behaviour ultimately lands her in in trouble.When disaster strikes it is Olivia who takes control, her mother has always lived in her own world and her father was equally indulgent and just let Belinda do what she wants, [...]

    11. Olivia sure was one tough cookie. Ever since she was a child she'd grown up quickly and taken it upon herself to be in control of her life and the ones around her. Seeing it as unfair, that she had such a burden, she also viewed it as her responsibility. Clearly she was jealous of her carefree younger sister, the one that all the boys seemed to flock to. This Jealousy, that she tried to deny to herself, caused her to be extra harsh with her sister. Even, with as spoiled and careless as she was, [...]

    12. Going into this book, being the last in the series I was really unsure as to how much I would like it because I really just disliked Olivia from the other books and felt that the first 3 books were the only necessary books in the series. However, that shortly changed after the first few pages. Better understanding what this characters back story is really made me realize why she had the wacky beliefs that she did and why she was the "evil, mean spirited, cold-hearted" woman that she was made to [...]

    13. This last book of the Logan series was about Olivia, who we came to know as Melody's grandmother. We got to know about her early life with her parents and sister, Belinda. She was always serious and even masculine, it seemed. She was always helping her father with his business, and took care of everything when her mother passed and her father fell apart. Olivia marries Samuel, but it is clear how she only loved Nelson Childs. Olivia has hopes that she did the right thing by taking in Belinda and [...]

    14. When I read these novels back in the day I would have given them 3-3.5 STARS and now would say about one StarI started reading VC Andrews books in the 1991 and stopped about 2003. I have read:-Dollanganger Series-Casteel Series-Cutler Series-Landry Series-Logan Series-Orphans Series-Wildflowers Series-Hudson Series-Shooting Stars Series-DeBeers Series-Broken Wings SeriesAs a preteen reading these novels was a rebellion and the gothic theme also seemed cool. I stopped reading this author because [...]

    15. I actually enjoyed this book Despite it being about the horrible tyrant from the first 4 novels in the series I did feel sorry for Olivia Feeling overlooked by her parents Having to bear the burden of her sisters wily ways Belinda was a spoiled brat And we were never aware of her being like that from the other novels I felt awful for Olivia to have to watch the man she loved be bewitched by her sister and remain always just out of reach But then you also feel sorry for almost everyone in this no [...]

    16. This was better than I was expecting it to be. I wasn't at all excited about reading Olivia's story (by the way, what's with V.C Andrews naming another evil grandmother Olivia?) but it actually surprised me. It doesn't condone Olivia's actions later in life, but I do understand why she is the way she is now. Also, Belinda was an awful person! I was sympathetic with her during the other books, but she was a nightmare in this one. Even though I liked this more than I thought I would, it was still [...]

    17. This book is very lack luster. The characters are not rounded, they are all very flat. There seems to be no arc. On top of it all, sex occurs between the main character and her husband which she describes as "rape". And nothing else happens with that statement, it's swept under the rug. I don't recommend his book. It seems very old fashioned in the most offensive ways. I really don't believe this is for a modern reader.

    18. Good, fast read. Kept you interested most of the time. I didn't realy feel sorry for Olivia and did think she was an iron lady! Not sure if the book was hoping for you to actually sympathise with the character and also make you see that she is the way she is in the earlier books because of her upbringing and certain circumstances. Actually come to think of it, i really didn't like her. Good book but frustrating character!! And Nelson should grow some! ;)

    19. So basically Belinda is the uninteresting slut and Olivia ends up having to take care of her. I wonder why the night Belinda gave birth (somehow, with no one having realized before that she was pregnant) was The Fateful Night. And what was this book supposed to reveal to us, the readers, when we already know this storyline from previous books? I was hoping for the Jacob, Haille, and Chester Storyline instead.

    20. I have not read the other books in the Logan Family Series, so this review pertains to this book and this book only. I found the book to be a bit boring. I didn't like the characters, other than Olivia, nor the plot. V.C. Andrews has written some great books with lies and deceit. This was not one of them. Nothing exciting happened. I could have guessed the whole plot within the first chapter. This book was a major disappointment.

    21. VC Andrews has always been a favorite of mine since my childhood days. I have read (and re-read) all of her books, and although I am much older now and find that some of her work is better than others, I still enjoy the twists and turns, strangeness and mystery that continues to captivate my interest. (even some of the ghostwriter's work)

    22. Beautifully written. This book just makes you think about your own family and how one would protect another sibling no matter what. It really did teach me that we should all respect one another without hiding our problems and mistakes but instead facing them to be a better person. Thank you V.C. Andrews for this brilliant books!

    23. I read this in middle school based on the recommendation of my mom's psychiatrist's secretary I should have known! I remember this book as intriguing and freaky. Like watching an accident, I wanted to put it down but I just couldn't look away haha.

    24. Olivia was so much different than her "sister" but she is the one who controlled the family and the business. Would Belinda ever grow up and stop being so spoiled? It seemed what Olivia wanted Belinda got!I really enjoyed reading this book. Sure was a page turner!

    25. This book really gives you a feel for why Olivia was the way she was in the rest of the series. I really liked getting to know her back story and how everything came to life for melody and her family.

    26. This was the very first V.C. Andrew book I ever read, and I came upon it by total accident (I was 13). I fell in love with this author. Granted that most of her books are written by ghost writers, I have never been disappointed by any of her books.

    27. The logan series is a wonderful drama series by vc andrews. she knows how to twist a tail of deception lies lust love drama sadness fear and many other emotions. you will know the main character as if she was you quite enjoyable!

    28. the first V.C andrews book I read when I was in 9th grade and i was captivated by the story line, the misery, the suspense, the feeling! I started reading one of her books every few days. I was addicted and it was all due to this gem! Buy it!!!

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