Clip Clop Every child adores getting twirled and tossed by Mommy and Daddy Again Again they squeal That s the rapturous joy Nicola Smee captures in simple rhythmic text and charming pictures One after the oth

  • Title: Clip-Clop
  • Author: Nicola Smee
  • ISBN: 9781905417094
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Every child adores getting twirled and tossed by Mommy and Daddy Again Again, they squeal That s the rapturous joy Nicola Smee captures, in simple rhythmic text and charming pictures One after the other, a group of barnyard friends climb aboard Mr Horse for a ride Faster, they beg, faster But will faster lead to disaster No just a satisfying ending that toddlersEvery child adores getting twirled and tossed by Mommy and Daddy Again Again, they squeal That s the rapturous joy Nicola Smee captures, in simple rhythmic text and charming pictures One after the other, a group of barnyard friends climb aboard Mr Horse for a ride Faster, they beg , faster But will faster lead to disaster No just a satisfying ending that toddlers will love

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    1. A gaggle of different animals ride a horse together with no respect for species boundaries or traditional behaviours. Really, gay marriage and a female Doctor were always going to lead to this sort of thing - this is the future that liberals want, &c.

    2. Very, very cute. I think it could work for both toddler and preschool. It's right on the line there. The illustrations are simple yet explanatory. (I think the animals are cute, too.) And the story is not complicated, but still keeps you in the flow and wondering what will happen. Some great possibilities with sounds and actions, too.5/11/10 & 5/13/10 A perfect toddler book. We made animal noises with each new animal. And then we "rode" our horses as Mr. Horse got faster. I think I had a bit [...]

    3. I love using this for baby storytime because it allows for tons of bouncing, interactive fun! First Cat, then Dog, then Pig and finally Duck petition Mr. Horse for a ride. Faster and faster the friends all go before they fall off into a soft pile of hay (a perfect time for tossing a child on a bed at home!). Mr. Horse worriedly checks on the friends only to hear a mighty chorus of "Again!" Very simple illustrations with tons of white space make this suitable for the very young (18 months easily, [...]

    4. I've said it in another review, but I have definitely been rating picture books much higher than I would have done before I was actually working with children. There are a also a lot of things that I appreciate now that I wouldn't have noticed before. In the case of Clip-Clop, I appreciate the: repetition, large text, and simple art. I've already read Jingle-Jingle, which is the Christmas/winter version of Clip-Clop, essentially, and it's pretty similar. "Cat and Dog and Pig and Duck" (which the [...]

    5. Amazing book. My library only has the board book which is quite tiny; our regular copy got junked up and discarded and I can't re-buy it in standard hardcover. But what a fun book! The kids adored it and I did too. (3-6-14)Since my first review I actually bought the hardcover used from and donated it to my library, where it now lives in the J Office collection. I've read this book at least 6 times now, maybe 7 or 8, and in three different formats: the tiny board book, the full size hardcover, a [...]

    6. This book follows a group of barnyard friends as they embark on an exciting ride on Mr. Horse. Nicola Smee depicts a thorough sense of joy throughout the book as they beg “faster and faster” in clear, understandable rhythmic text and captivating pictures. Children aged 3-5 will love this book due to its stimulating feel and energetic rush. It encourages playful engagement and can develop the sounds of language to independently reading phrase by phrase. This is suitable for guided reading in [...]

    7. Mr. Horse asks "Who wants a ride?" and he gets an enthusiastic response from Cat, Dog, Pig, and Duck. Soft, large illustrations and a gentle repetitive text makes this a perfect picture book for a preschool story time. Pair this with Mr. Gumpy's Outing by John Burningham.

    8. The typography is atrocious. 22mo loves the part where they all fall plip plop into a haystack. Sigh. It's short, anyway.

    9. Cute story where animals have a scary ride, but want to go again. Also important: saying please and thank you is incorporated into the story.

    10. This book was great. The animals ride the horse, go flying off the horse and then ask to go again. The animal were acting much like children would have.

    11. As a picture book, this was just a lot of fun! I can certainly see the appeal to young readers. It is silly, with some little rhymes. Fun and simple illustrations.

    12. A fun interactive story. I gave kids rhythm sticks and asked them to tap their sticks ever time it said "Clip Clop" in the story.

    13. This is a funny book about animals who take a ride on a horse. They ask the horse to go faster and end up flying off the end. Toddlers will enjoy hearing animals sounds and the repeated phrases, while preschoolers will find the animals flying off the horse hysterical.

    14. I chose this book to review because it is a favorite in the daycare I work at. It's audience is definitely young (2-6 years) but it certainly appeals to children. They absolutely love when I read them this book and are always asking for me to read it. The "clippity cloppity" sound effects are one of the favorite aspects to the children because the love to say them along with me and pat their legs while they do it. It has 4 different animals that ride on "Mr. Horse" and the reader can make the so [...]

    15. This cute little book for little kids is about Mr. Horse who offers cat a ride on his back, and soon half of the farm also wants a ride on his back. Horse does not mind at all to give all of his friends a ride on his back. But Cat, Dog, Pig, and Duck all want Mr. Horse to go faster, and faster, until Mr. Horse is going too fast and all of his friends come flying off when he has to come to stop! This book is great for either just one, or a group of little kids, probably around the ages of 1-4. I [...]

    16. Fabulous book for PreK storytime! It's one of those books that begs to be read aloud with great emphasis while building suspense. :) I know it's gold when the kids start rising up from their seats as the plot builds! The story lends itself to be demonstrated visually as well - through flannel board, stuffed animal, or even acting it out (in a safe manner of course). Maybe make a long stick horse? or just line them up as if they were riding the horseen fall into beanbag chairs. It would be a grea [...]

    17. In Clip-Clop, Nicola Smee tells the story about a group of friendly animals on a farm together. One day, generous Mr. Horse offers to take the animals on a wild ride. As one animal climbs aboard, another animal wants to join. Mr. Horse takes the four farm animals for an adventurous ride. This book would serve as a good read-aloud in the classroom. The illustrations are large enough for the audience to see each scene in the book. Another useful element of this book is the repetition of words. The [...]

    18. Smee, Nicola. (2006). Clip clop. New York: Boxer Books Limited.This book was given to me as a gift when my first child was born. I have been reading it to them ever since they were very young. It is a story of animals hopping one by one onto the back of their friend, Mr. Horse, for a ride. It is definitely aimed at young children (probably ages 2-4). It contains a fun, repetitive refrain (Clip clop, clippity-clop) and builds anticipation as the animal riders beg the horse to go faster and faster [...]

    19. Cat, pig, dog, and duck want Horse to give them a ride. All is well until he goes a bit too fast.Didn't have as much repetition as some other reviews made it seem like there would be. Still, a good choice for preschool and toddler reading programs. There's animals, a bit of an adventure, everyone's polite, and the animals show concern with they think the horse is hurt. In other words, it lends itself to PreK discussion and activities.There's also the holiday sequel Jingle-Jingle which I like a l [...]

    20. A very simple story: cat, dog, duck and pig ask kindly Mr. Horse for a ride, beg him to go faster, beg him to stop, fly off his back when he stops (landing in a handy haystack), and then demand "Again!" I encourage children and parents to pat on their knees to the clip clop clippity, cloppity refrain of the story which helps build phonological awareness and makes the story more interactive. I had been using it with ones and twos for a couple of years, but this week I tried reading it, to my thre [...]

    21. Okay, I thought this was cute when I first read through it, but when I did it with my preschoolers this morning they absolutely LOVED it! They got so excited doing the clip clop action by tapping their legs with their hands. And when we got faster and faster and then had to stop suddenly---they giggled. So fun! Definitely be doing this again.Had to update this and change it to five stars after using it at preschool story-time again. It was a huge hit! Just found out that Smee has done two more b [...]

    22. This book has large and fun illustrations. Using the repetitive phrase "Clip Clop, Clippety, Clop" we practiced clapping 4 times-one for each word prior to the story. We paused at the phrase and clapped. The little ones did great with this, along with grown-up help. After the story, we broke out the tapping sticks and tried to tap 4 times saying the phrase, to help reinforce the book. It was mildly successful and we ended up just tapping in different ways.

    23. This is fabulous for toddler or baby storytime. I pass out the egg shakers for this one, and we practice making noises during the "clip-clop, clippety-cloppety" lines in the story. I also give this book to anybody who has a baby -- it's available in board book, thankfully. My best friend's little boy loves this book so much that he actually eats the book -- he doesn't do that to other books. Always a winner! And apparently delicious as well

    24. One by one four animal friends hitch a ride on Mr. Horse, urging him to go faster and fasteruntil This is a great read aloud. There is repetitive rhyming text and The illustrations are lovely and filled with joy and humor. Two different storytime audiences loved joining in on the refrain of "Clip-clop-clipity-clop" and clapping along, faster and faster with Mr. Horse.Disclaimer: no animals are injured in this fun rhyming book.

    25. baby--toddler story times; print motivation, phonological awareness, narrative skills, vocabulary.I was impressed by the use of sounds (onomatopoeias) in the text of this book. It is a bit wordy for babies, but it is a board book. Toddlers will love identifying with the animals and the story of how they get on a horse and go for a ride.

    26. A group of barnyard friends climb aboard Mr Horse for a ride. Fast, faster they shout with joy; nearly falling off, the friends shout - STOP!Mr. Horse skids to a halt and the friends fly through the air and land in the haystack. Mr. Horse worries they are hurt only to be surprised by a loud AGAIN! A delightful fun read for children. BR

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