One thought on “Here's More Tell Me Why”

  1. Yay! One of my favourite childhood books that still yields power over my (like the Childcraft books)adulthood by my assumption that they're there somewhere in my storeroom with three huge trunks of books. Soooooo. The rivetting back story to this book is that I asked my mom when I was 4 or something - after I harassed her with relentless questions and she was all "I DONT KNOW SHRUTI"- if she didn't have to pass an exam to be a mother because she pretty much sucked in the informaton department.I' [...]

  2. Salah satu buku favorit gw di SD dulu, yang menjawab banyak keingintahuan orang banyak. Tapi ini versi terjemahannya ya judulnya: Apa dan Mengapa? Menjawab lebih dari 100 pertanyaan yang paling sering ditanyakan anak-anak dan remaja.

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