Addy Learns a Lesson: A School Story

Addy Learns a Lesson A School Story Addy starts her life as a free person in Philadelphia She learns about reading and writing for the first time and about the real meaning of freedom

  • Title: Addy Learns a Lesson: A School Story
  • Author: Connie Rose Porter
  • ISBN: 0723232070770
  • Page: 202
  • Format: Paperback
  • Addy starts her life as a free person in Philadelphia She learns about reading and writing for the first time and about the real meaning of freedom.

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    1. Addy is such a darling little girl and this book helps radiate her light. Addy has arrived in Philadelphia with her mother after escaping from a plantation via the Underground Railroad. Addy befriends a sweet girl named Sarah and her mother finds work as a seamstress in a dress shop. Addy learns to read and write in a school specifically for young black children and former slaves. Addy Learns a Lesson teaches the importance of friendship, kindness, and hard work. Every book in the series just en [...]

    2. "Addy Learns a Lesson: A School Story" is an incredible story about a young slave girl who finds freedom during the Civil War, and adapts her life to live with freedom. Addy, a girl who has lived on a plantation her entire life, is now free to live in the city of Philadelphia. Because Addy was a slave child, she never went learned how to read or write. When in Philadelphia, Addy is able to go to a school where she the opportunity to learn to read and write. Now, when Addy arrives in her new clas [...]

    3. Review by my 8 year old:I liked the book Addy Learns a Lesson because two of Addy's main friends, Harriet and Sarah, disliked each other. In the end Addy is no longer Harriet's friend because Harriet calls her a flunky and addy thinks she is being treated like a slave. But Sarah is a true friend.

    4. I read this book when I was a kid and reread it again this week. I purchased the book at a used book sale at my local library. I'm so glad to have these books again and hope my kids will enjoy them like I did!

    5. when we last left addy, she was fleeing from slavery. this book picks up with addy & her mother arriving in philadelphia. they are met on the dock by mrs. moore & her daughter sarah, who are also escaped slaves who have been free for a while. sarah is just about addy's age & promises to help addy adjust to philadelphia (which is understndably culture shock for addy, who spent her entire life living on a tobacco plantation & has never seen a city) & go to school. addy is very [...]

    6. This is the second book in the Addy series. Addy and her mother arrive in Philadelphia, alone. They have almost no money or food, and they have no idea where Poppa, Sam, and Esther are, or whether they will ever see them again. Fortunately, there is an AME church in the city that welcomes and helps them and Addy makes a new friend named Sarah. Her mother finds a job as a seamstress, and she is able to start school. At school, Addy has a lot of ground to make up, since it is her first time in a c [...]

    7. Addy is the young girl who escaped from slavery in the South with her mother. Now she's living in Philadelphia and has a chance to go to school, something which was prohibited black people in the South of the time.She makes a friend of another black girl, Sarah, then thinks she makes a friend of another black girl, Harriet. (Addy when to an all-black school.) Harriet's not the type of person that Addy thinks she is, though, and she has to learn a lesson about how people behavior and just who a f [...]

    8. ADDY LEARNS A LESSON Addy and Momma arrive in Philadelphia in 1984—sad to be separated from the rest of their family on the North Carolina Plantation, but hopeful to start a new life as free people. Eager to learn the alphabet and to read Addy is enthusiastic to start school with her friend, Sarah, while Momma works as a seamstress. But they both discover that Freedom comes with a heavy price--new responsibilities and challenges. There is always the need for personal sacrifice as brave soldier [...]

    9. Reviewed by Whitney@Shooting Stars ReviewsAddy Learns a Lesson is about Addy starting school, and learning that freedom comes at a price. She’s unsure who she should make friends with, and she doesn’t understand why certain things are the way they are. But, she determined to learn and make friends no matter what, even if she makes mistakes along the way. This one was not nearly as good as the first book, but it was still interesting. I liked how Addy had to figure out who was really her frie [...]

    10. After running away from the plantation Addy and her mother have settled in Philadelphia and for the first time in her life Addy gets to go to school. She gets to learn all the things that were once forbidden to her. She begins attending school with other black children and a black teacher. The teacher has her sitting with Harriet, the best pupil and perhaps the richest and snobbiest. Harriet brags about her money and how her family has always been free and then tries to turn Addy into a flunky f [...]

    11. In Addy Learns a Lesson, She and Momma finally make it to Philadelphia! Momma gets hired as seamstress and they live above the store. They miss Poppa, Sam and Esther but continue on with everyday life until they get a chance to see them again. Addy starts school and learns to read an write. She makes friends with Sarah but when the teacher sits Addy with popular girl Harriet, she gets caught up in the rush of being friends with the populars and leaves Sarah behind. Can Sarah and Addy be Friends [...]

    12. Addy was learning how to do reading and writing she does a spelling test.Addy is very nervous to do the spelling bee because it’s her first time taking a test. Addy spends time with Harriet even though Sarah get’s jealous because Addy didn’t spend time with the whole week instead she spend time with Harriet.After Harriet and her friends walked Addy to Mrs.Fords shop we’re her momma is Harriet and her friends told Addy to hold their stuff like Addy was a slave.Just like she back at the pl [...]

    13. I read these books obsessively when I was younger, and Addy was always a great character to check back in with. In this story, she is beginning her life as a free black girl in Philadelphia. She expects to have nice dresses, be smart and popular, and instead, she finds herself in one handmade dress and with only one friend. This one is a great example of the expectations and real life issues of people who are different. Addy was different from the rich black girls in her school, and she just wan [...]

    14. The Addy books get considerably watered down in this second installment. While the concept of segregation (as opposed to slavery) is introduced, the main conflict in the book is between Addy and her new deskmate at school, Harriet. There are hints about what lies behind this conflict: Harriet has lighter skin than Addy, her old Philadelphia family has never known slavery, and she has considerably more money than Addy. And yet, those facts remain nothing more than one-liners. The story instead fo [...]

    15. Addy and her mother have escaped slavery and are now living free in Philadelphia, but they are alone, the don't know where papa or Sam are and they had to leave baby Esther behind. Mama has found a job as a seamstress and Addy is going to school where she will learn to read and write for the first time. In school Addy makes a friend, Sarah who helps her learn her way around Philadelphia and helps her with her schoolwork, but Addy's desk mate is Harriet, a rich girl who thinks she's better than A [...]

    16. Had American Girl dolls been around when I was a child, I would have been ga-ga for them. After being very moved by my visit to the new Gettysburg museum, I contemplated getting dolls/books for a couple of special little girls, but I wanted to read the books first to make sure they were historically "kosher." I started with this one since the first in the series wasn't available at the library. A little concerned about the dialect, which certainly isn't "proper" English, but it seems in context. [...]

    17. Five of My Thoughts on Addy Learns a Lesson1. Addy, don't let Harriet get you down. She's just a mean girl, and you're going to meet more in your lifetime.2. Harriet, check your privilege. You are not better than other people just because your family has not been in slavery. It's actually a little disturbing to me that she bragged that.3. I loved the scene when Addy teaches her mother her letters and how to spell with dough. It just feels loving to me.4. Spelling bees are always rough, man. Alwa [...]

    18. The American Girl collection has been my favorite since I was a little girl. This book is a great transitional book. I started reading these chapter books in 3rd grade. The text was just right, had a great plot, and there are a few pictures here and there to match the imaginative visuals created by text. Moreover, this book is a historical fiction so the readers gets a nice glimpse of history. The thing I like most about this story is that it's within a series, so if you have a reader that loves [...]

    19. This historical fiction book is about a world of opportunities for Addy in Philadelphia. For a child who has always grown up on a plantation and has never seen a city before, this is a bit of a culture shock. However, Philadelphia is not quite what she expected. There are still hardships and racism that Addy and her mother have to overcome. I loved this book because it teaches elementary school readers about history and encourages the students not to discriminate based on race.

    20. This is a wonderful story that brings a part of the past back to life. It is told from a view point that is not often heard from, a young black girl who was a slave and has escaped, but doesn't know how to read or write. It also tells a story of the hardship of a black family during this time and the story of friendship that applies to all races

    21. I've been using this series as an introduction into our Journeys unit. My students are learning about African Americans from slavery to Civil Rights, and they have absolutely fallen in love with Addy. Watching her grow and learn, as well as seeing how she handles the hardships life has thrown her way has been inspiring to my students and to me.

    22. This book is about Addy a girl who just escaped slavery and was living in Philadelphia. In this book Addy learns a lesson about true friendship. I thought it was a great book because of the way it is put together while you read, the author does a great job making you understand what Addy is going through and you almost feel connected to her.

    23. I read this aloud to my 5 year old daughter. We enjoyed learning what Addy's life was like after escaping from slavery with her mother. She began going to school. There, she met some other girls and had to work through some friendship issues.

    24. This sequel to "Meet Addy" isn't as dramatic. In this book, Addy goes to school for the first time.Mean girls are mean girls in any generation and social climate. That's always an appropriate topic.

    25. I think that this book teaches a great lesson for young and old to learn and share. True friends are far more important then trying to be friends with the popular crowd. It is such a easy lesson to learn, but still a hard one to follow through with.

    26. It's so heartwarming to see Addy teach her mother how to read. Even at such a young age, she really embodies the spirit of America!!

    27. This book is about the meaning of true friendship. Addy thinks that Harriet is her friend but actually Harriet betrays her and uses her as a slave. So Addy isn't her friend anymore. She hangs out with her true friend Sarah!

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