Duino Elegies

Duino Elegies Who if I cried out would hear me among the angelicorders and even if one of them pressed mesuddenly to his heart I d be consumedin that overwhelming existence For beauty is nothingbut the beginning

  • Title: Duino Elegies
  • Author: Rainer Maria Rilke Edward Snow
  • ISBN: 9780865475465
  • Page: 105
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Who, if I cried out, would hear me among the angelicorders and even if one of them pressed mesuddenly to his heart I d be consumedin that overwhelming existence For beauty is nothingbut the beginning of terror, which we can just barely endure, and we stand in awe of it as it coolly disdainsto destroy us Every angel is terrifying from The First Elegy Over the last fiWho, if I cried out, would hear me among the angelicorders and even if one of them pressed mesuddenly to his heart I d be consumedin that overwhelming existence For beauty is nothingbut the beginning of terror, which we can just barely endure, and we stand in awe of it as it coolly disdainsto destroy us Every angel is terrifying from The First Elegy Over the last fifteen years, in his two volumes of New Poems as well as in The Book of Images and Uncollected Poems, Edward Snow has emerged as one of Rainer Maria Rilke s most able English language interpreters In his translations, Snow adheres faithfully to the intent of Rilke s German while constructing nuanced, colloquial poems in English Written in a period of spiritual crisis between 1912 and 1922, the poems that compose the Duino Elegies are the ones most frequently identified with the Rilkean sensibility With their symbolic landscapes, prophetic proclamations, and unsettling intensity, these complex and haunting poems rank among the outstanding visionary works of the century.

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    1. Rainer Maria Rilke (1875-1926) - ow/WMMp302k6SE Es penoso estar muerto y, trabajoso,ir recobrando poco a poco un mínimode eternidad.Pero todos los vivos cometen el errorde querer distinguir con excesivarotundidad. Los ángeles –se dice-ignoran a veces si están entre los vivos,quizás, o entre los muertos. El eternotorrente arrastra las edades todaspor ambos reinos y, en medio de los dos,logra hacer oír sus voces. . ¡Y nosotrosmeros espectadoresen todo tiempo, en todos los lugares,vueltos s [...]

    2. I believe in angels… God has nothing to do with itTo read in tandem with Wenders’ and Handke’s ‘The Wings of Desire”

    3. In "Duino Elegies" it seems as if Rilke is explaining the meaning of his life indirectly to God through divine messengers the presence of whom we can scarcely sense. The 10 elegies succeed in finding the world in a word, as William H. Gass advised was the objective of the most earnest poets. Rilke's greatness emanates from his fearlessness in taking on an epic macro-perspective. He is, after all, peering out into the universe and hearing the whispers of angels to inspire him:"Who, if I cried out [...]

    4. I was trying to understand beauty.How silly of me. One elegy after another,I realized you submit to beauty and itsconsequences( which hopefully last in you, or so you wish).And complete surrender is a journey on a bridge of understanding with cables of faith dangling and holding them. Once over, you light up the bridge to see what new travails unfold before you in the newly surrendered land.Praise be to beauty. Praise be to eyes that look for it.Now back to the elegies.

    5. These poems blew my mind, kicked my ass and sent chills down my back. Never have poems so resonated with that dark secret place I keep hidden from view. But these poems threw back the curtain and shined with angelic vengeance upon my internal cowardice. And this, really, is what I want poems to do: let me know I am not alone and that others have felt as despondant and helpless (in a very mental and spiritual way) as I have. I almost didn't finish reading the poems because I felt my heart being s [...]

    6. I thought Stephen Mitchell's translation was the best that could ever possibly exist. I was, happily, totally wrong. I picked this up at a friend's house by chance and was completely absorbed. The Chrichtons bring out a sort of conversational quality in the writing which I hadn't been aware even existed. Rilke's meditations are spectral, evanescent, secular and luminous. I didn't know there were other ways to appraoch the Elegies and now I see that there's a whole new world inside this text I wa [...]

    7. I find writing about poetry extremely difficult because we enter the realm of pure emotions, of the perfect magic that words can possess, and what each reader thinks, and feels, when reading a poem, is not only very personal but also, quite often, impossible to define and to reduce into a few sentences. Therefore I rarely review the poetry books that I own, on this site. But Rilke could well be my favorite poet, for reasons that I can't explain, except that the scope of his visions, both extraor [...]

    8. Rilke's Duino Elegies are a contender for the greatest lyric sequence of the 20th century in a century that featured some really great ones, by Yeats, H.D. (Trilogy), Eliot, Stevens (Auroras of Autumn in particular!), Pound, Hughes, Hayden, Merrill, and many others could be named. Lots of the translations of Rilke's Elegies in English are really mediocre: turgid Rilke is a complete contradiction in terms. David Young's is by far the best in print for English-speaking readers. These versions by p [...]

    9. Rilke'nin dimağından farklı olacağını düşündüğüm bir kitaptı.-olacağı-nı dememdeki sebep ise şiirler ( ağıtlar ) hissiyatıma çok yakın başlayarak, her ağıtta bir adım daha uzaklaşarak maalesef kayboldu.Özellikle birilerine ithaf edilmiş çok ağıt var. Kişileri de bilmemekten kaynaklı uzaktan bakan kişi oldum.Sorun bende mi acaba diye öğrencilerime de derslerde bir kaç ağıtı okudum, genel yapısından başka çok da fazla his uyandırmadı.Yine de aralardan [...]

    10. Provavelmente merece 5 *, mas de tão metafórico que é, senti-me afundar num abismo de sombras e emergir bêbada de ignorância.

    11. The question is what I have learned from this book, and my response is difficult to give. Rilke offers so much to us; it is kind of him. Everybody should read this, not out of courtesy for the genius but for self-benefit. The poems here are often overwhelming and will touch your mind in places you have never before been touched in. It is beautiful, intrusive, and works better than a mirror.

    12. "Jeder Engel ist Schrecklich" If you're somewhat acquainted with the German language (Like yours truly) I strongly suggest reading the bilingual edition. Reading the German parallel to the English is a great way to get under Rilke's skin and absorb his incredible poetry.

    13. i read the most of this on my weekly commute from manhattan to brooklyn and i would read it aloud softly to myself and everything would become so real, so meaningful, so much more. there is an astute clarity to his writing, a truth in his poetry that is so stoic and so human. his words vibrate. read him. it's worth it.

    14. Absolutely soul-searching fantastic. I loved the translation, and furthermore the poems themselves reflect this search for God that is all at once suprising and familiar. I have a new crush and his name is Rilke.

    15. And so we press on and try to achieve it,try to contain it in our simple hands,in our brimming eyes, our voiceless heart.Rilke is both the reason I mistrust translations and the exception to my rule.

    16. Ποιος, αν κραύγαζα, θα μ’ άκουγε τάχα απ’ των Αγγέλων τα Τάγματα ;κι αν ένας μ’ έσφιγγεν ακόμα, ξαφνικά πάνω στην καρδιά του, θα διαλυόμουν κάτω από την δυνατότερη ύπαρξη του.Γιατί, η Ομορφιά, δεν είναι παρά η αρχή του Τρομερού, που μόλις μπορούμε να υποφέρουμε και τη θαυμάζο [...]

    17. This is a lyrical and beautiful set of 10 elegies is bittersweet, brings forth feelings of longing, of desire, nostalgia--but the longing is at once for the past, for the future, for what is inevitable: death, and the nostalgia for the same, with the knowledge that death must come and a feeling of longing to know the god/spirit/creature that is all-knowing. The poems evoke the journey of life by feeling, by relationships, to family (mother, father), lover, and god.It is, in brief, 10 poems that [...]

    18. Beautifully written on the topics most subtle and high of life, the myths all humans live, all the unsaid is revealed in these poems. The Duino Elegies changed my life, shattered the illusion of the material plane and reminded me that poetry is a conduit of truth and elation. These poems are melancholic and take many readings to truly experience the unfolding of its emotion and relevance. I cried in ecstasy the first time I read them, and they changed my life.

    19. There's a beauty to this book beyond the words and the pacing and the images and the ecstatic frenzy. Rilke's angels seem all around after re-reading it (for the first time in years). What a joy. What delight.

    20. Beautiful, beautiful poetry. Hard to read when disagreeing with the topics. But his words are unbelievable. I haven't stopped thinking of them, and haven't wanted to memorize poetry as much as this one in years.

    21. Rilke is the poet's poet's poet.Keeping in mind that "a translation is a subtraction" (James Karl Lyon)Rilke in better translations is mystifying.In the German original, Rilke is mind blowing.His visions are simply transcendent.

    22. I started this back in the summer and read the first elegy, under depressing circumstances. I ended up setting it aside until this week, when I decided to finish it. Rilke is something you really have to be in the mood for, but when you are, his verses are absolutely lovely and utterly haunting. I read two translations (Snow and Young), and referenced a third (Leishman). I found that seemed to help me recapture more of the original ideas than just reading one alone, as I unfortunately do not rea [...]

    23. There's nobody like Rilke. He's a gentler T.S. Eliot, just as beautiful if less intelligent, more heartfelt, more genuine.His poetry embraces the world. Nobody is larger than Rilke. The burning hot fervent prayer that is his mind is one we all need to hear, and help transmit. Get the Stephen Mitchell translation, and get goin'

    24. It was time for a re-read of this AMAZING author and his Elegies. There is hardly a word that he has scribbled that didn't take the breath straight from my lungs. ex: "the beauty is nothing but the beginning of terror, which we still are just able to endure, and we are so awed because it serenely disdains to annihilate us."*sigh*

    25. I had a copy of this in German with English translations that was a very beautiful gift that I lent to someone and never got back. Was it you? Rilke makes heaven feasable to a heathen and was the first non-American poet I truly loved.

    26. Haunting, brilliant and apocalyptic they look to the future Quartets of TS Eliot, the angelic voice screaming in the wind, Rilke is masterful in the emotion & vision presented in these. Worth reading & re-reading. Wish I could read them in German!

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