Gettysburg The Battle of Gettysburg has become the great what if of American history Gettysburg unfolds an alternate path and creates for General Robert E Lee the victory he might have won Full of dramatic battl

  • Title: Gettysburg
  • Author: Newt Gingrich William R. Forstchen
  • ISBN: 9780312987251
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Battle of Gettysburg has become the great what if of American history Gettysburg unfolds an alternate path and creates for General Robert E Lee the victory he might have won Full of dramatic battle scenes, military strategy, and captivating period details, Gettysburg stands as a remarkable entry in the pantheon of Civil War literature and as a vivid novel of the rThe Battle of Gettysburg has become the great what if of American history Gettysburg unfolds an alternate path and creates for General Robert E Lee the victory he might have won Full of dramatic battle scenes, military strategy, and captivating period details, Gettysburg stands as a remarkable entry in the pantheon of Civil War literature and as a vivid novel of the realities of war.The year is 1863, and General Robert E Lee and his Army of Northern Virginia are poised to attack the North and claim the victory that could end the brutal conflict Launching his men into a vast sweeping operation, General Lee, acting as he did at Chancellorsville, Second Manassas, and Antietam, displays the audacity of old He knows he has but one good chance to gain ultimate victory Now Lee s lieutenants and the men in the ranks, imbued with this renewed spirit of the offensive, embark on the Gettysburg Campaign that many dream should have been.An action packed and painstakingly researched masterwork by Newt Gingrich and William Forstchen, Gettysburg stands as the first book in a series to tell the story of how history could have unfolded, how a victory for Lee would have changed the destiny of the nation forever This is a novel of true heroism and glory in America s most trying hour.

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    1. I bought this book because William Forstchen is co-author on it and I've liked a lot of his work. I have a feeling most of the heavy lifting on the book was done by Forstchen, because it reads much like his independent fiction. I liked it a lot.

    2. I am of two minds about this book. On the one hand it is well written, fast paced, with good characterizations of the generals and dialogue based on historical behavior, graphic and gripping battle descriptions that had my hair on end. It focusses on well known personalities such as Hunt, Chamberline and Armistead so. But as the book progressed I found myself not wanting to read on as the novel more and more digressed from reality. Part of this is due to my northern leanings, my dislike of Newt [...]

    3. Not a bad read. Any one who's a military history buff has probably looked at this battle and wondered what was going on in Lee's mind. He'd shown himself to be a master tactician over and over winning battles against overwhelming odds. He'd demonstrated the folly of an infantry charge against entrenched infantry and artillery, yet he ordered Pickett's charge. He acted without adequate intelligence. Where he could have side stepped the battle and possibly moved toward Washington he fought a battl [...]

    4. I would recommend it mostly with the caveat that the book was written with an extreme bias that is all to common from authors writing of military matters without military experience. That problem is simplification . . . everyone in any of the battles is giving everything they have, including life and limb for the most honorable of goals - flag, country, liberty - without reservation, without question, and with the utmost nobility. Both sides in the battles performed "brilliantly" and all failure [...]

    5. I don't know. Two thirds of the way through this book I thought I was reading historical fiction, and then I thought. that doesn't seem right, and I looked more closely and discovered that it's "alternate history." Okay. I like that genre okay but usually it has an element of the wild in it, like time travel or something. Not just, "What if the Union army actually sucked and made all the wrong decisions, and Lee was a nigh infallible god?"The further this departed from reality the less I liked i [...]

    6. This historical novel accents well well how the Union's victory over the Confederacy at Gettysburg was razor thin. Of all the novels and histories I have read concerning the conflict, this view takes you into the psyche of the participants; the commanders and the soldiers.This is a starkly brutal view of a hellish conflict. What you are left with is a firsthand knowledge of the personalities, on an emotional level, of Lee, Meade, James Longstreet and the civil war soldier. This is not easy readi [...]

    7. This was good! I had bought this trilogy series a while back while on vacation in the States and just now have gotten interested again in the Civil War to read them. Brushing the dust off, cracked the cover and dove in not sure what to expect. Just fabulous! I was a bit apprehensive about this alternative rendering about one of the most brutal skirmishes and probably the most decisive point in American history. It has taken myself a few different novels to get a good perspective about this war a [...]

    8. The book was extremely detailed, and the dialogue all seemed like it could very well be what these people were actually saying during the battle. The author does well at showing a pretty decent knowledge of the layout of the battle and the region it took place in, as well as the events occurring nearby. Over all, Gettysburg accurately depicts what could have happened had General Lee succeeded in defeating the Union, and there wasn't anything to be found that was disappointing or that I disliked. [...]

    9. Despite having a history degree and teaching this subject for eight years during the first part of my career, I don't read much alternate history. This book may change that. It's beautifully written, and provides a visceral and heart-wrenching depiction of warfare. The alternate history that is explored is realistic and the characters are well-developed. I can't wait to read the other two in the series.

    10. 1st of 3 books to imagine if the Confederate Army under Robert E Lee would defeat the Union Army and win the Civil War well told that unless you are up on actual facts, you'll be hard pressed to remember fact from fiction. In a way, I wish Gingrich & Forstchen would use their well researched facts to do a novel on the actual battles that made up the Civil War, as they did with the Revolutionary War in "Valley Forge".

    11. i'm usually not a fan of alternative histories, but this first volume is very well done. Just a small change triggers an avalanche. Nice period work as well. A good read for a war buff. I tried the second in the series but things got to weird. See above about alternate histories.

    12. If any of you have watched the 1990's film 'Gettysburg' you may remember the part where (on the evening of 1 July 1863) General Longstreet tries to persuade General Lee to break off the direct assault at Gettysburg and instead try to get round the Union flank. Lee of course says something to the effect of 'the enemy is there General and that's where I'm going to attack'. The result of Lee's belief that the Army of Northern Virginia could do anything is well documented enough for me to skip over [...]

    13. I enjoyed this "revision" of history by Newt Gingrich and William Forstchen. It's a lively read with lots of action and a very realistic depiction of what it was like to be on a Civil War battlefield. The dialog is first rate and the characters are "fleshed out" really well so the reader feels like he really is there with the famous generals and war heroes that populate the book. I'd give it four stars, except for a couple of problems I had with the book. First of all, I didn't realize I was rea [...]

    14. This was a great read! I really enjoyed this book. What I liked most was that the authors did not ask the reader to suspend all belief to follow their idea. For example, the decision to March around Gettysburg was a combination of Longstreet's personality and Lee's. The authors did not do a complete 180 degree turn on any character's personality. They made a slight deviation in the decision regarding the second day of the Battle of Gettysburg then played it out to its logical conclusion. While I [...]

    15. This is an alternate-history type of book by Newt Gingrich and William R. Forstchen. Unlike the WWII book Pearl Harbor that Gingrich was also the co-author, this one does not wait till almost two-thirds of the book is done before revealing the major change.In this case, during the battle of Gettysburg, Lee changes his mind. Instead of, on the second day, going ahead with any kind of direct attack on the Union lines, he decides to undertake a bold, almost desperate move, and to move his army arou [...]

    16. Newt, I know, has dabbled in co-writing more books than he actually ever did bills in Congress. This one, however, is worthy. Perhaps the most pivotal turning point battle in the most recent (but probably not final) American Civil War, and the high-water mark of the Confederacy, Gettysburg ranks with Agincourt, Culloden, and Stalingrad as being a real game changer for history. As such, it's often the target of revisionist 'alternate history' authors, including myself. I included it in 'Look Away [...]

    17. I actually had this book for some time before I ever got around to reading it because I never was really into reading books. Once I picked it up it carried me on an amazing journey through time. The authors do an amazing job of bringing Civil War era combat and army administration to life. The book offers an educated view of what would have happened if General Lee had taken the advice of Lt. General Longstreet, his "Old Warhorse," on the first day of the Battle of Gettysburg by moving around the [...]

    18. I really enjoy reading this book because it mostly discuss the conflict between certain events happening. As civil war rages upon both sides- Union and Confederate, I was able to imagine how certain things and events took place.Even the depiction and imagery of death and getting shot was very descriptive that it was unbelievable disgusting. This book is basically about the civil war fought in Gettysburg and how the Union lost, but Grant was summon by President Lincoln to stop Lee's forces from a [...]

    19. I'm going to start this off by saying I am a huge Civil War buff, particularly when it comes to the battle of Gettysburg. That being said, I still found this book very enjoyable. I think you have to go into it from the perspective that it is in fact fiction. Not historical fiction in the sense of Jeff Shaara's books, but pure fiction as it is what has been deemed "alternative" history. It was an interesting concept to approach the battle and try to, in a way, correct Lee's mistakes and see what [...]

    20. Being a history buff, I inadvertently picked up this book thinking it was the "Gettysburg" by Stephen Sears, a well-known history writer. However, it didn't take long to realize that this is a work of fiction but not to my dis-satisfaction. This novel definitely makes the reader ponder how things would have unfolded if Lee would have flanked Meade as many of his subordinate officers had suggested. I would recommend this book to any Civil War aficionado who might dare to think of the alternative [...]

    21. This book is historical fiction. It imagines what might have occurred should Robert E Lee have used tactics more consistent with his history at Gettysberg. How can you learn from a book that recounts events that never occurred? I am not sure but it brought the historical figures alive for me and started a real love of history that will surely bore others to death. I attended a panel with both authors. Newt contended that the educational system's tendency to reduce history to times and dates of e [...]

    22. I was getting ready to board a plane for a three hour flight. The cover attracted me and since I love reading about the Civil War, I bought the book at full price. I believed it was an expository and historical work. It ended up being a novel and that was okay, after all Killer Angels was also a novel woven around accurate historical facts. This ended up being an alternative history work. I was disappointed but read it notwithstanding. The story was well written and it did hold my interest as a [...]

    23. My personal opinion is that this is a very well done alternate history version of the battle of Gettysburg. Some folks here tend to disagree with this book in general if you look over some of the reviews. Perhaps that would have something to do with politics, maybe some disagreement with the author. I say do not overlook this book just because perhaps you may disagree with Mr. Gingrich. This is the first in a series of books that I look forward to reading more of. For anyone looking for a very i [...]

    24. An interesting concept, the South wins at Gettysburg. Some general knowledge of the battle and the war would be helpful to really enjoy this fascinating fiction. We find out what might have happened if Gen. Lee would have 'gone to the right' instead of fighting at Gettysburg (a hotly contested decision among ACW historians) and moved into a defensive position on a more favorable field. This is the first in a series leading to Confederate victory in the War of Northern Aggression. While I enjoyed [...]

    25. Definitely action-packed but I had a hard time getting through it knowing it is a "what-if" idea of how Gettysburg could have been won by the Confederacy. Because Gingrich and Forstchen did write this so well with "memorable observations on the ways of war and vivid, technically accurate descriptions of combat" I would suggest those interested in enlisting in the military read it. What really makes it a worthwhile read in my opinion are the many different ways the reader is reminded that this ba [...]

    26. I liked this for a few reasons but the main reason is that it did an excellent job explaining why Robt. E. Lee is considered to be a hero even though he was on the Confederate side of the Civil War. In our area, several things are named for him and I could never understand why--now, I get it!It also did a good job of showing the bloody brutality of that particular battle and the emotions that soldiers surely must have felt going into it and fighting it. I can't begin to imagine having the courag [...]

    27. I would not recommend this book to anyone not familiar with the actual events. But for those well versed in Civil War history, this is a delightfully well crafted alternate history of the Battle of Gettysburg which can lend some insight into the motivations and actions of the participants that actually occurred in July 1863. I haven't yet been very tempted to read further in the series. I've found that the farther alternate histories diverge from reality, the less interest they usually hold for [...]

    28. This is an awesome read! Maybe its because of living in Carroll Country, Maryland for 14 years that made this book appealing, but his historical accuracy for locations is amazing. Gingrich takes a what if approach to Lee following Longstreet's advice and retreating from Gettysburg after the second day's battle of Gettysburg. Althought he doesn'f follow entirely what Longstreet suggests, it does move the armies into Maryland, specifically Tanyetown, Westminster, and Union Mills in the bulk of the [...]

    29. I think that the battle of Gettysburg should be near the top of the list of 'what if' second guessing about military history. Newt and his co-author do a good job here answering most of the questions I have thought of over the years. What if Lee has listened to Longstreet? Why did Lee at Gettysburg choose to play Hooker at Fredericksburg? The list goes on, spawning not only realistic alternate possibilities but outcomes as well. A quick and intriguing read for students of the Civil War. Don't ta [...]

    30. A very technical, very intriguing, and very emotional novel about the battle of Gettysburg from the point of view of "what if" the South won this decisive battle. Parts were a bit too technical, but the emotional sections made up for this. As the book continued, it became more and more compelling a read. Men had to make some very difficult decisions; some with compassion, some with reserve, and some without regard to others. Most were noble even in defeat and/or death as brothers lost brothers, [...]

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