Dragon Gets By

Dragon Gets By Award winning author illustrator of the Captain Underpants series Dav Pilkey s gentle blue Dragon from the hit TV series will charm beginning readers with the adventures of a mixed up day

  • Title: Dragon Gets By
  • Author: Dav Pilkey
  • ISBN: 9780531070819
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Paperback
  • Award winning author illustrator of the Captain Underpants series, Dav Pilkey s gentle blue Dragon from the hit TV series will charm beginning readers with the adventures of a mixed up day

    One thought on “Dragon Gets By”

    1. My four year old grandson asked me to read him this book about a dragon who is not too smart and keeps getting into trouble. It was a cute book with good illustrations and my grandson was clearly familiar with it and able to help with the story.

    2. Dear Readers in Taiwan,Do you like funny books? You should because dragon is funny. I will tell you chapter one: One warm, sunny morning Dragon woke up and yawned. He was very groggy and whenever Dragon woke up groggy, he did everything wrong. First, he read an egg and fried the morning newspaper. Then he buttered his tea and sipped a cup of toast. Finally, dragon opened the door to see the day, but dragon did not see the sun. He did not see the trees or the hills or the flowers or the sky. He s [...]

    3. Because Dragon is so tired, he doesn't complete any of the household chores correctly. He also waters his bed and combs his teeth. What are the food groups these days? Take a visit to: mypyramid/Compare the approved groups to what Dragon holds to be true. dairy group = cheese curlsbread group = doughnutsfruits and vegetables group = catsupmeat group = pork rindschocolate group = fudge pops

    4. This is such a fun book for children. My grand daughter loves it. See review on my blog. buildinglifelongreaderssp

    5. This picture book is for children ages four through eight. It is the story of a day in the life of a blue dragon who gets himself very mixed up. He digs a hole in the floor of his house, buys too many groceries and eats them all, and has a few other misadventures. This story was absolutely adorable, and even as an adult I found myself laughing at Dragon's misadventures. The book is silly and fun and young children will definitely enjoy reading it or having it read to them. The language is simple [...]

    6. I loved this book with short stories of Dragon. I think it was pretty comical how poor Dragon got mixed up and confused at times. I also liked how the first story and last story tied in together because it made the reader feel like they were reading about a typically day of Dragon. I would want my students to read this book who were just starting reading transitional books because of the short chapters.

    7. This is a funny story about Dragon, who has a bad day. Nothing seems to go right and our girls laughed out loud at the crazy things he does. We've really enjoyed the books in the Dragon series by Dav Pilkey and look forward to reading more of his books.

    8. My daughter chose a book called Dragon Tales (which has this story and two others) at the school book fair, and she made a great choice! My kids love the good-spirited, clean humor. We thought of other crazy mix-ups a groggy dragon might make. Maybe he'd change a baby and put a diaper to bed? Or perhaps he might bring a bus and ride his backpack to school? You get the idea.

    9. A collection of short stories which see Dragon having some rough times with normal daily chores.Dragon is one silly critter. (It's actually quite amazing he survives from one day to the next.) But his antics definitely provide laughs and entertainment. The first story would be a good one to read for those days when nothing seems to be going quite right.

    10. Hilarious. I loved Dragon's shopping trip for the 5 basic food groups: cheese curls from the dairy group; doughnuts from the bread group; catsup from the fruits and vegetables group; pork rinds from the meat group; and fudge pops from the chocolate group. A dragon after my own heart!

    11. Dragon gets by is a god book to use with young readers to introduce them to story structure. The story sequence is easy to follow and you are able to identfy the problem and solution in the text. Students will enjoy reading the story because of the silly things Dragon does throughout the story.

    12. This book had me and my seven year old in stitches, and it's not often our sense of humour is aligned. Highly recommend as a fun, laugh out loud treat for parents and kids wading through dubious readers by the truckload.

    13. As silly as Pilkey's other books but just the kind of thing young readers will love!Some kindergarteners may be able to read the easy text. For sure 1st and 2nd graders will get a giggle from Dragon's exploits!

    14. Currently The Kidlet's favorite book. It is amazingly silly, but for me much more palatable and delightful than Captain Underpants. For her, lots of sight gags and goofiness. We've only read it a few times but already she knows chunks of it by heart. Lots of fun!

    15. Read it with my class and we loved comparing Dragon to Amelia Bedelia. Dav Pilkey makes literature engaging for kids but his dry humor keeps adults laughing also.

    16. We've been reading the Dragon stories lately. My 2 year old's favorite is Dragon and the Fat Cat. I really liked Dragon Gets By. It was hilarious and fun. We got our laughs out on this one!

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