Death Waxed Over

Death Waxed Over On Founder s Day Harrison Black owner of At Wick s End has a stand near Gretel Barnett When she s killed in the middle of the festivities and folks start suspecting Harrison he must figure out who

  • Title: Death Waxed Over
  • Author: Tim Myers
  • ISBN: 9780425206379
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Paperback
  • On Founder s Day, Harrison Black, owner of At Wick s End, has a stand near Gretel Barnett When she s killed in the middle of the festivities and folks start suspecting Harrison he must figure out who extinguished his biggest rival.

    One thought on “Death Waxed Over”

    1. The third book in the Candlemaking series by Tim Myers. You know, i really wasn't sure i would like a male author, nothing against them, but writing a cozy mystery, I just wasn't sure. He actually gotthe candlemaking aspects and it works. So much so that I have breezed through books one, two and now three!Harrison is accused of murder! A rival candle shop opens not far away, and the owner is loud and brash about hating Harrison and that she is going to "bury him", when she falls over dead at a f [...]

    2. Finished this one last night, and have to say that either I am getting smarter, or this mystery was a bit easier than the first two, because I actually had the guilty party figured out before the book ended! I enjoyed this one tooI think part of it is because so many of the characters are carried through each of the books, it's like you feel you're a part of the community. These books are quick to read, but I've found each one to be entertaining and enjoyable and continue to recommend to anyone [...]

    3. While I still really like the characters, this book was a bit of a stinker. I REALLY had a hard time caring about the victim and how her death impacted the business. I admit to midway in the book skipping to the end and reading the last chapter before going back and continuing to read it. This was a bit of a trudger.

    4. This is the third novel in Myers Candle making series. In this one Harrison Black finds himself accused of murdering his competition. The plot moves along nicely, we have a subplot added where Becka, Harrison's ex girlfriend is being stalk. It's nicely done and sets up things for the next novel.

    5. A new candle shop in town leads to murder and Harrison as the prime suspect. The solution was a bit obvious, and the climax was a bit rushed, but the book was good overall.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

    6. This entry in the series bumps it up a notch with a stronger story, even though the culprit is fairly easy to spot early on and there's a continuity problem with a missing wallet toward the end. I will be making Apple Pan Dowdy soon!

    7. I enjoyed this book. It was the first book I've read in the series (although not the first book of the series). I found it easy to catch on and even figured out who the murderer was although not all the details with it.

    8. This is another quick, fun cozy from Tim Myers. The characters are relatable and quirky, the setting is charming, and it's light reading.

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