The Concrete Blonde

The Concrete Blonde In this classic from a New York Times bestselling author Detective Harry Bosch thought he d stopped the serial killer known as the Dollmaker Now the dead man s widow is suing Harry and the LAPD for

  • Title: The Concrete Blonde
  • Author: Michael Connelly
  • ISBN: 9780446617581
  • Page: 113
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this classic from a 1 New York Times bestselling author, Detective Harry Bosch thought he d stopped the serial killer known as the Dollmaker Now the dead man s widow is suing Harry and the LAPD for shooting the wrong man an accusation that rings true when a new victim is discovered with the Dollmaker s macabre signature.

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    1. I'm not a big fan of novels about serial killers with distinctive M.O.'s who leave clues in notes sent to the lead detective, particularly when the supposed murderer has already been incarcerated or killed, and the possibility of a copycat--or an original injustice--emerges. Been there. Done that. Squared. But Connelly's novel is so well-plotted and so well-written and features such believable characters and such realistic glimpses into the police detective's world that I was completely won over [...]

    2. Four years ago, L. A. homicide detective, Harry Bosch, was part of a task force hunting a sadistic serial killer known as the Dollmaker. The killer preyed on vulnerable women and was blamed for taking the lives of eleven victims. Late one night, after the rest of the team had gone home, Bosch took a frantic call from a prostitute who said that she had just escaped from the Dollmaker. Harry assumed this was probably just another false lead and decided to meet the woman on his way home, without no [...]

    3. In book three of the Harry Bosch series, Connelly finally hits his stride. The preceding two books frequently referenced the lethal shooting of a serial killer, a career-changer that resulted in Harry being transferred out of the glamorous (?!) Robbery-Homicide Division and into the hinterlands in Hollywood. In The Concrete Blonde, the case is being tried in a civil court. Harry's refused to plead or settle, and is making do with a lawyer from the D.A.'s office against a top-notch civil rights a [...]

    4. I'm giving this five stars because I totally raced through it and enjoyed every minute! Harry Bosch is a really captivating main character who always manages to rise above his problems - just. Much of this book takes place in a court room which is a setting I normally do not much enjoy. However this was written so well that even I got drawn in to the awfulness of the process of law. The ending was a total surprise to me . I was completely unaware of whodunnit until the author let me know. Anothe [...]

    5. Four years ago, Harry Bosch shot and killed Norman Church who was believed to be the infamous serial killer, The Dollmaker. Now, his widow is suing Harry for wrongful death and his career is on the line. It gets even more complicated when another body is discovered during the trial, supposedly killed by The Dollmaker after Church's death. A significant part of the story covers the trial, which really serves as the anchor for all else going on as Harry and the original task force try to investiga [...]

    6. Best cop thriller series I've read, and this is the best book in the series so far. What makes this series so great? Bosch. An intriguing character who Connelly writes very well and builds upon book by book. This series is equal parts cop procedural stuff and character driven greatness. The latter often gets missed in the genre. He's a vulnerable, and therefore, realistic character. He makes mistakes and he has a chequered past (although not overly so). I look forward to grabbing the next book s [...]

    7. 9/10This was the best Bosch story I have read to date. It might even be the best Connelly novel or at least on par with The Fifth Witness. Each Bosch novel has got better and better so far but it will be a hard act to follow after this!The story has two aspects, the law room aspect and the on-going serial killer aspect. All linked in some way or another and linked together expertly. It's easy to see how Connelly was able to hit his stride straight away with "The Lincoln Lawyer" as the courtroom [...]

    8. 3 and half stars.Ok this is only the 2nd Connelly book I've read (the first being "The Poet") but beginning to see a pattern here. Towards the end you are geared up to one suspect being the killer but then bang no wrong guy, it's another and again no wrong guy it's really this guy. Kind of unsatisfying because in the end there isn't a real analysis of the actual killer. Fast read though if you want to veg out of your own life for a while & be a super sleuth for one night. Bosch seemed like a [...]

    9. I thought this was by far the best book in the first three books of the series. Maybe it's just because Harry had the same girlfriend through the whole book and she had been his girlfriend for the year before the book.The mystery in this book was alluded to in one of the prior books in the series. Since the series seems to be on an annual publication bases that means the idea for this book was rumbling around in the authors mind for a year or more before the book was written. I think that is int [...]

    10. Best yet of this series but a little longer than it needed to be so not quite 5 stars. Great ending that kept the suspense going throughout and a lot of unexpected twists on the way. Like the way that the Bosch character is developing too.

    11. Reviewed at Cross My Heart Writings and ReviewsFour years after killing Norman Church, aka The Dollmaker, Harry Bosch is being sued for wrongful death by the man’s wife. As Harry defends his actions, another victim’s body is recovered and this one was murdered after the death of The Dollmaker killer casting doubt on Harry’s case. Harry knows it’s looking bad for him. Did he make a mistake? Or is there another explanation?The Concrete Blonde is the perfect blend of suspense and police pro [...]

    12. I have read mystery thrillers most of my life, but my husband is lukewarm on a lot of detective type books. He enjoys fantasy/ Sci-fi/horror stuff. But, I talked him into reading this one with me as a "buddy" read. The truth is I couldn't remember if I had read this one or not. I had not. I can't add more to the comments and reviews that have already been posted about his novel. It was just plain awesome. A+ all the way!There is a serial killer, a courtroom drama, Harry's personal life and histo [...]

    13. In Harry Bosch's third outing, we finally get to learn more about the infamous case that resulted in Bosch's demotion to the Hollywood homicide unit. The Concrete Blonde is more of a legal thriller than a police procedural as the plot revolves around the widow of the serial killer shot by Bosch suing the LAPD. A wrench is thrown into Bosch's defense when more corpses matching the serial killer's MO pop up. I enjoyed this book more than the first two in the series, although it still hasn't inched [...]

    14. “The Concrete Blonde” is one of the earlier Harry Bosch books, in which the LAPD detective is a walking ashtray, computers are in their infancy, the RHD uses Motorola radios but has not enough to go around, Harry carries a pager and finds a pay booth to make a call.He is the defendant in a civil case, seeking damages for the widow of Norman Church, accused of being “The Dollmaker”, a serial killer of prostitutes, who Bosch shot and killed four years earlier when he broke into Church’s [...]

    15. The best book in the series so far. A large portion of the book considers a court case revolving around Bosch and the Dollmaker serial-killer, and I found this part at least as good as the parallel investigation. An old case coming back to life, mysterious notes sent to the police, and dead bodies turning up all over again. It's all very mysterious, and it's not clear whether they got the right guy those years back.So far the only thing that annoys me is the titles of the books. I do not like th [...]

    16. Trial parts boring but overall it was good.2 ½ stars for the first half - too much of a victim feel. 4 stars for last halfORY BRIEF:Four years earlier, a victim escaped from serial killer Church and called the police. Bosch took the call. He feared the killer might have another victim so there was no time to get backup. Bosch went to the room, told Church to freeze, but Church did not comply. He moved to get something under a pillow so Bosch shot and killed him. Bosch then discovered Church was [...]

    17. The Concrete Blonde is the 3rd Harry Bosch book, and let me say, it’s brilliant! The pace is outstanding, the dialogues are superb. The courtroom drama is top notch.You can’t help but be fully captivated by this story because it’s so gritty and smart and it moves at a nice speed. With the first two Bosch books I often felt there were too much descriptives & scene-setting, too much background storytelling too. Here it's just enough to give the book depth but not as to bore the reader. W [...]

    18. **This was a /first reads giveaway. I would like to thank the author for the opportunity to read this book**This is the first book by Michael Connelly I have read! I'm not sure why either, but it certainly won't be the last. This book is packed full of psychological craziness! The killer is a nutsy- cuckoo, but who isn't if your a killer right? I loved the whole plot of this book and the turn it took. I did want to smack a few people but that is nothing new in a book for me! **SPOILER**I did fig [...]

    19. I love the Law & Order television series franchise. And, I am not alone as evidenced by the number of seasons there have been for the three different series. This book reminds me of that series -- it is ta truly taut police procedural and an intelligent courtroom drama. Bosch continues to evolve and the author continues to draw Bosch as a hard man to like and an even more difficult man to dislike. He is brilliant, solitary, hard-edged and vulnerable. He is full of flaws and likable. There we [...]

    20. The Concrete Blond5 StarsDetective Harry Bosch gained national fame when he shot and killed a serial killer known as The Dollmaker. Now Harry is being sued by the killer’s family for wrongful death and their case is being bolstered by the appearance of a new victim bearing all of the marks of the Dollmaker’s macabre signature. Did Harry make a mistake or is their a copycat on the loose?The serial killer plot alongside the court room scenes make for a gripping and balanced mix of police proce [...]

    21. A solid four stars, whereas the prior two were almost four stars, this was my favorite so far. I still love the hard-boiled elements. I did manage to figure out who the killer was, but since I had about five different suspects, I'm not that impressed with myself ;)

    22. In series sequence, this was the first one I liked and soon re-read. The two "Black" books that started the series took a couple tries to get through.

    23. Another strong entry in the Bosch series. Less action but still suspenseful, tightly wound and with a few twists to catch the reader off guard. A bit like Bosch.

    24. No idea why it took me so long to read one of these novels, as they're homicide detective novels set in L.A. starring a cranky, rebellious cop named Hieronymus Bosch who loves jazz (the real shit, like Coltrane or Strayhorn.) Listen, just the mention of early Netherlandish painters and/or jazz threatens to send me into nerdgasms and absolutely no one wants to endure that so I'm gonna avoid that, but I will say that this gave me a fair bit of initial bias towards Connelly, because he's into cool [...]

    25. This is the third of Mr Connelly's novels to feature LA Police Detective Harry Bosch. Connelly is an accomplished writer of crime novels who knows how to bring his characters to life. In this novel, Harry is on trial in a civil case for the fatal shooting of an alleged serial killer known as the Doll Maker. Just as the trial begins, a new murder victim is discovered and there appear to be links to the murders committed by the Doll Maker. Harry is both simultaneously involved in court and in solv [...]

    26. Calvin P. Yeen on Pat in SouthieI like the later Harry Bosch novels. This one, #3, has author Michael Connelly trying to find his way to a story that's not only suspenseful, but also plausible. There have been only a few times I'm reading a police procedural that I think I'd be better off, for enjoyment's sake, not knowing the little I do about criminal procedure. I've never found that a problem with Connelly.Here though, he wrote a novel that revolves around a civil lawsuit against Bosch. I kno [...]

    27. This is the third book in the series and had read the first two but i think i enjoyed this more than them. Michael Connelly was a new author to me but one i will continue reading as his books get better and better . Reall enjoyed this and would recommend it.

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