Claudine's House

Claudine s House Claudine s House is a tender and heartfelt portrayal of childhood and memory In an idyllic setting of countryside and woods Colette spent her childhood surrounded by a warm and loving family Years la

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  • Title: Claudine's House
  • Author: Colette Doris Lessing Andrew Brown
  • ISBN: 9781843914150
  • Page: 233
  • Format: Paperback
  • Claudine s House is a tender and heartfelt portrayal of childhood and memory In an idyllic setting of countryside and woods, Colette spent her childhood surrounded by a warm and loving family Years later, her memories and experiences inspired her to create a series of snapshots of the innocence of provincial life At once poignant and vividly alive, her recollections porClaudine s House is a tender and heartfelt portrayal of childhood and memory In an idyllic setting of countryside and woods, Colette spent her childhood surrounded by a warm and loving family Years later, her memories and experiences inspired her to create a series of snapshots of the innocence of provincial life At once poignant and vividly alive, her recollections portray a magical world, filled with the beauty and the warmth of human relationships and, above all, the lasting impressions made by her wonderful mother French novelist Colette is most famous for her portraits of childhood in the Claudine books and for Gigi.

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    1. A pallid, opalescent atmosphere lingers in the atmosphere of 'Claudine's House'; a series if vignettes exploring the childhood of Claudine in rural France; the ephemeral, Van Gogh-esque bluish shimmer of  the wheat-fields under the rays of a arid April sun, the mendacious gossip of villagers, the slow, sonorous passing passing of the days; Colette captures all of this wonderfully in her poignant evocations of Claudine's past, from the magic of childhood and frailty of human relationships, of th [...]

    2. A beautifully written, nostalgic portrayal of a rural French childhood, in Claudine's House Colette introduces us to her world, her family, their pets and the countryside which was her playground.Full review here: heavenali.wordpress/2014/0

    3. A wistful memoir of a bucolic childhood idyll—or part of Colette’s Claudine cycle, who knows—this slim volume contains vignettes of French provincial life (Colette’s French provincial life), with emphasis on the lush countryside, sneaky cats and dogs, passing aunts and uncles, and formidable French mothers. Each remembrance is crafted like a flawless short story: precious, warm, intelligent and softly heartbreaking. Far from being magical, often these stories take dark and melancholy tur [...]

    4. This is one of my all time favorite books. As Collette describes her simple rural life surrounded by fammily and pets, I feel like I'm a secret observer of a life of exquisite beauty and charm, and what seems so nautural to her seems so fascinating and exotic to me. This book embodies so many things I love: a simple day to day life, details of a loving family, animals & nature, humor, and beauty everywhere. I just discovered Claudine's House a year ago but will read it again and again. It's [...]

    5. Charming little book based on recollections of Collette's life in the French countryside. Seen in short vignettes, we see her as a child, as a teenager, & as an adult with her own children through these memories of family, neighbors, pets, etc. Easy to read, wryly funny in places, & written with love, I'm glad it was on my challenge list, or I would never have thought to read it :)

    6. A beautiful, poetic childhood story of the little girl that was to become Colette. I read it years ago (and I mean, years !), yet it's one book that always comes to my mind when I think of my favorites of all time : first Jane Eyre, then Claudine's house. No third.I love the small town story, but most of all, I could feel the countryside, the house, nature all jumping up from the page, I felt immersed in it. Such a beautiful, beautiful novel, beautiful storytelling, beautiful everything

    7. Sometimes books can you make you angry or frustrated, can make you stressed or induce loathing. This book reminds you how grateful you are to be alive, gives life and all it's small pleasures a new meaning. What a joy and a triumph for the author. Looking forward to bumping into her again.

    8. It’s not like any of Colette’s books I’ve read before. It is the first of the Claudine series that was not written under the close supervision of Willy, her first husband and it’s remarkably not licentious.On the contrary, it’s poetic and lyrical, plotless, more a series of sketches than a novel per se.One wonders whether chapters appeared (or were intended to appear) as short pieces for the press before being joined in this book. I don’t know.The style is admirable, but the chronolo [...]

    9. Luego de una semana, al fin terminé este pequeño libro, "La Maison de Claudine" de Colette. Y aunque he de admitir que mi nivel de francés me la puso difícil y tuve que usar el diccionario más veces de las que habría querido, disfruté de su lectura de lo lindo.Colette logra proyectar inocencia pero picardía en cada uno de sus relatos. Se presenta a si misma sin reservas y a su madre como un personaje lleno de matices y evidentemente querido por la autora.Muchos de sus relatos me hicieron [...]

    10. A beautifully written little book that presents life seen by a child circa 1870-1880. According to Nicole Ferrier-Caverivière: "Colette, Claudine : deux prénoms que l'on assemble spontanément, deux vraies "twins" aux yeux du grand public." probably tells us all. The chapters can be grouped around certains themes:. Sido: her mother. Her father. Her siblings. The animals: the dogs and the catsShe described all the elements that made her childhood happy.

    11. An absolutely wonderful masterpiece. Colette and her splendor. The delight of words, nothing but the delight of words takes us into a world of exquisite flavors, incomparable details, unshakeable precision of writing. A lyrical writing, based in a setting of countryside and delicious nature. And, as always, overlooked by a passing time and childhood memories. Page after page, we are ecstatic with the choice of vocabulary always more varied, intense, and at the same time light. Colette is divine. [...]

    12. I had not heard of this author or book before. When I read the book jacket I was pleasantly surprised to know that this is the author that wrote Gigi. I have seen the play and movie many times. In the introduction, I was sad to find out that her first husband published books she wrote under his own name. From the book jacket. "In an idyllic countryside woodland setting, Colette spent her childhood surrounded by a warm and loving family. Years later, her memories and experiences inspired her to c [...]

    13. I read it in French so I’m sure I didn’t understand every little nuance but I managed to grasp the big picture. I liked these childhood memories. They have this innocent, child-like, adventurous quality about them (and the stories about the animals are sometimes really cute) but on the other hand, there’s a certain tone of sadness in some stories, especially when the narrator talks about her mother or about the relationship between her parents.

    14. Quite pleasant but somewhat slight. This didn't feel like a novel to me at all but rather a collection of reminiscences. Some about the house, some about her mother, some on her brothers but also the cats and dogs. I am not sure that it has any significant characters to understand or follow and certainly no plot. Pleasant reading but I fear very forgettable.

    15. Kaleidoscopic memories of her childhood: her home village, mother, father, brothers and sisters and especially the parental home and the animals. Very engrossingly described, detailed, in difficult French. Intimistic.

    16. Also known as My Mother's House, this is a beautifully written collection of stories that are as vivid as they are beautiful.

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