Spring Broke

Spring Broke With creditors hounding her and all her available cash going to make payments on her debt Kendall s spendthrift lifestyle has finally caught up with her To complicate matters she s pregnant and not

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  • Title: Spring Broke
  • Author: Melody Carlson
  • ISBN: 9781589191075
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Paperback
  • With creditors hounding her and all her available cash going to make payments on her debt, Kendall s spendthrift lifestyle has finally caught up with her To complicate matters, she s pregnant and not sure who the father is Kendall needs help, but her roommates are caught up in problems of their own Megan is trying to manage her crazy boss and remain true to her ChristiaWith creditors hounding her and all her available cash going to make payments on her debt, Kendall s spendthrift lifestyle has finally caught up with her To complicate matters, she s pregnant and not sure who the father is Kendall needs help, but her roommates are caught up in problems of their own Megan is trying to manage her crazy boss and remain true to her Christian principles Lelani is still trying to work up the nerve to go home to Maui for a visit with her parents and her young daughter And after a gaffe on her first job, Anna is trying to regain credibility in the workplace without relying too heavily on Edmund So when Lelani s parents offer to host the girls in Hawaii, it sounds like the vacation everyone needs and no one can afford A really big garage sale is scheduled, but fraying tempers threaten the teamwork needed to pull it off Will they finally turn to the One who can really help When you ve got your first apartment, a real job, and grown up responsibilities, life can be tough loaded with confusion, emotion, and secrets you can t tell to anyone but God In the 86 Bloomberg Place series, Melody Carlson has captured all the uncertainty and joy of being twenty something in pitch perfect detail and their stories just might sound like someone you know.

    One thought on “Spring Broke”

    1. "Spring Broke" is the third book in this series. So far, four girls have moved in together and fixed up their house, now they are facing a couple problems. Kendal is in debt and now learns that she is pregnant. To get money, Megan suggests having a garage sale. This sounds like a great idea to Kendal. So she gets started right away. She is very excited until she finds out how much work a garage sale really is. At the same time, Lelani is struggling, trying to decide if she wants to go to Hawaii [...]

    2. In typical chick lit fashion, this was a light read. However, it also lacked a lot of depth of the characters. For some reason I continue reading this series. The author manages to make me curious about the continuation of the "plot," but then I'm always disappointed with the next book.

    3. Even though I didn't appreciate everything in this book - and certainly didn't agree with everything - I did like it better than the last one. This series was intriguing for me because the author did a really good job of making each of the four girls unique, and that's what kept me coming back. It was especially interesting to see how the one girl, Kendall, sounds so normal and justified when it's from her point of view, and like a delusional, spoiled brat when from everyone else's point of view [...]

    4. Title: SPRING BROKEAuthor: Melody CarlsonPublisher: David C. CookMarch 2009ISBN: 978-1589191075Genre: Chick litWith creditors hounding her and all her available cash going to make payments on her debt, Kendall's spendthrift lifestyle has finally caught up with her. To complicate matters, she's pregnant and not sure who the father is. Kendall needs help, but her roommates are caught up in problems of their own: Megan is trying to manage her crazy boss and remain true to her Christian principles. [...]

    5. See more reviews like this first on my blogI even thought about putting this one down multiple times, because of how preachy Megan was being towards Kendall. I got why she was being preachy and all that, but I can't help but feel that she could have done it in a better way. I mean really sometimes showing people what something really is will work much better than just stating your opinion on it over and over again and just being a brat about the situation.Now I will say that Lelani is my favorit [...]

    6. I really enjoyed the first book. I love old houses and the story of these girls fixing up the house in the first book was magical to me. I would have liked if Kendall would have found some treasures in the attic. It would have been nice to read about the girls getting excited about something instead of everyone complaining. The idea to have a garage sale was Megan's and she was shocked Kendall motivated herself enough to bring things downstairs and was completely pissed off bc she did. Then ther [...]

    7. First I read Spring Broke by Melody Carlson. It's the third in a series about four women who share a house on Bloomberg Street. Kendall, the owner of the house, broke and in lots of debt from being a shopaholic, not to mention caring for a puppy and with a baby on the way, she has to get it together. Her housemates help her plan a garage sale and to sell some designer things on eBay. Megan, the most practical and serious of the renters, is struggling with her job, and wishes she could start teac [...]

    8. What could be more fun than a garage sale? Apparently, a lot of things, but Kendall is desperate for money, and is more than willing to part with her grandmother’s “treasures” from the attic. And some actually are worth some serious money, and with Megan’s mom’s help, Kendall is able to sort things out. She even decides to sell some of her own designer clothes and accessories. And what brings her to this sacrificial act? The possibility of a trip to Hawaii, if she can swing the air far [...]

    9. So far, this has been my favorite book in the series. There is so much that happened in this book! Oringinally, Lelani and Megan were just going to Maui. Then Megan couldn't go, so Anna was going. Kendall (predictably) threw a fit because she didn't have enough money. Anna couldn't come up with enough money until Kendall payed her to help at/run the garage sale. Kendall could then go cause she earned enough from the sale. The Megan got the time off and could go. And at some point, Gil, Edmond, a [...]

    10. DON"T WASTE YOUR TIME. I read 50 pages in and just couldn't finish. I was expecting a light "beach read" and I guess that is what this is. It is so "like" shallow, that I felt myself getting more stupid with each page. No doubt that this author has written (as it says in her back cover biography "published more than one hundred books because with books like this one I think anyone could write.

    11. Melody Carlson wrote one of my all-time favorite books (Looking for Cassandra Jane), so I when I found this book at a hospital book sale, I picked it up. I wasn't expecting to read a masterpiece but I was hoping for something more important than what this book offers. Jumping into the middle of the story without reading the two previous books didn't bother me. But the characters are one-dimensional, the ending is too perfect to be true, and it was too simple of a story for me to enjoy it.

    12. The roommates are taking a trip to Hawaii maybe? If everyone is able to work it out so that they have time off and they are able to afford it, everyone will go back with Lelani to visit her baby and have Spring Break in Maui BUT what will come of it? Will Lelani want Emma, her baby, to continue living with her parents?

    13. I didn't like this book as much as the second one, but it was still a really good read. I think it got a little corny at the end, with everything working out oh-so-perfectly. One thing I've really enjoyed about Melody Carlson's book is her ability to be real life, where sometimes life isn't perfect. So I was a little disappointed with this one. It's still a good fun read!

    14. This is a cute series, but it's definitely not my favorite of Melody Carlson's. I'm liking all of the characters a little bit more with each book, except for Anna who still just annoys me for some reason. The ending was kind of cheesy and it's pretty clear how the next and final book will go. I'm looking forward to reading it regardless, though.

    15. I have been really surprised by this series in general. This book is probably my favorite in the series though. I feel like in this book everything comes together for the girls. I won't give anything away but this book is definitely worth reading.

    16. oh this series was PAINFUL! you know those books where all you can read is the words not the story the characters are so one dimensional and the storyline is laaame yup i found some more. Don't recommend at all.

    17. I didn't know this was a series book. probably not a good idea to start with number 3. chose it because I have enjoyed her books before. this one not so much. She is listed as a Cristian writer so while she deals with real life problems you don't have to worry about the language.

    18. I am surprised how much I liked this book! I think it was tons better than the second in the series, and I'm looking forward to the fourth (and last) book to be released this fall.It was a fast moving plot line, and really set the reader up for the next book. Bring it on!

    19. I really enjoy this author and all the characters. Lelani's mother is a real piece of work. I thought my mother was bad! Lelani and the gang travel to Maui to see about getting Lelani's daughter back.

    20. #3 in the series. Until I started entering this series of books, I didn't realize how many Melody Carlson has written.

    21. I liked the first book in this series, was so-so on the third, and hated this one! It was so heavy handed and cheesy. I can see where the last book is going, and I don't think I want to follow.

    22. Easy 'fluff' read. Lots of dialog, quick read. The 4 roomies in their 20's, went to Maui. Been there 2x, love Maui.

    23. I like this one a lot better than the first two. Megan is becoming less judgmental and I'm beginning to really like Kendall as well. Looking forward to book 4.

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