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  1. i bought this book about 15 years ago. it was already (according the the little round orange sticker from the bookseller) OP (out of print). what i have noticed about this book is that it gets better and better as the years go by. think about this book 20 years from now. portraits or ricky schroder, sandra bernhard, river phoenix, balthazar getty, kevin dillon. . . i could go on and on here. sophia coppola. iona skye. keanu reeves. all from about 1990 give or take a few years. i have a first pri [...]

  2. I truly love this book. Gus Van Sant took these large format Polaroids while he was casting for his early (pre-Good Will Hunting) movies. I saw Drugstore Cowboy and My Own Private Idaho in NY arthouse theaters with my friends and sister; we were high with excitement about the subculture content and innovative style (low depth of field cinematography) and passionate for cinema-both mythical and indie Americana. These photos capture that time. So many amazing faces: Kelly Lynch, Matt Dillon, Amand [...]

  3. So funny to see the mix of people in here--mainly the Portland ones because I know some of them--Bruno and Walt Curtis and Scott Green and Jeffrey Kyle and dear, dear Stephen Spyrit whom so many of us miss. Fun to see all the famous people too--everyone looks so YOUNG. I especially like the pictures of William Burroughs and John Waters--though they both have such great faces of course they look great in portraits. I do particularly like portrait photography and it's obvious that Van Sant has an [...]

  4. I like this style of making and showing pictures: rather raw, the whole picture, with their edges, sometimes over- or underexposed.

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