My Only Home

My Only Home The night before Noah Hill left his hometown of Mountain View he had a drunken sexual tryst with his best friend Lucas Wesson Deeply in the closet Noah is horrified at his behavior and terrified o

  • Title: My Only Home
  • Author: Pepper Espinoza
  • ISBN: 9781602721500
  • Page: 169
  • Format: ebook
  • The night before Noah Hill left his hometown of Mountain View, he had a drunken sexual tryst with his best friend, Lucas Wesson Deeply in the closet, Noah is horrified at his behavior, and terrified of what Lucas would think of him He left the next morning without saying goodbye, and effectively cut off all ties He returns five years later to help his father, and runs iThe night before Noah Hill left his hometown of Mountain View, he had a drunken sexual tryst with his best friend, Lucas Wesson Deeply in the closet, Noah is horrified at his behavior, and terrified of what Lucas would think of him He left the next morning without saying goodbye, and effectively cut off all ties He returns five years later to help his father, and runs into his old best friend almost as soon as he reaches town And nothing has changed He still loves Lucas, and he still can t stand to meet the other man s eyes Lucas has been through a lot in the past five years without his best friend s support A marriage A divorce A child Running his own business He also remembers his one night with Noah with perfect clarity For five years, he only wanted Noah to come home But now that Noah is back, things have changed too much to ever be the same between them Genres Gay Contemporary

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    1. Lucas Wesson has never left Mountain View, and after five years, not only does he own and operate the local diner, but he is also a father. When he learns that his best friend is coming back to town, he doesn’t hold out much hope of seeing him. After all, he has had no contact with him in five years.With Noah doing what he always does when faced with a challenge, and Lucas, now having so much more to loose than he did five years ago, can they both realise that what they have is worth the risk? [...]

    2. 4 stars for this sweet little sizzler~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Noah and Luke have been friends since they were children, living in 'Mountain View'- Noah can't wait to get out of that town and on his last night there he kisses Luke- and bails the next morning without a word5 years have now passed- the boys haven't spoken a word to each other and when Noah returns to mountain view to see his estranged father he sees Luke and how much he has missed out on.He is still madly in love [...]

    3. Noah didn't remember anything other than waking up from a drunk night with his best friend and being ashamed to face him because he had kissed him. He left that morning without a word and didn't return for five hears. These two men had to be the dumbest two men I can imagine to love each other that much and not even once try to find a way to communicate in five years. It's a decent read. Just frustrating characters. 

    4. A nice little gay Harlequin. Not really memorable for its plot/characters and definitely not as engaging as the author's threesome story "Surrender's Edge" but cute reading nonetheless. What I like about Espinoza's stories is the fact that she doesn't make it easy for the characters, that she forces them to make life-changing decisions.

    5. 4.5 star review by RhondaHello and welcome to another excellent Pepper Espinoza tale. I have to say that Pepper has been a personal favorite of mine for quite some time and she never fails to keep my attention and this book is no different.My Only Home is all about Noah and Lucas, two best friends who grew up together in a small town and were pretty much everything to each other until one drunken night where they went from friends to lovers. Too bad Noah didn’t remember all the details or he c [...]

    6. I liked the plot immediately. It seemed to be very sweet and romantic. Then I started reading.d I gotta say I was a little worried with the execution. It really seemed like each of them had built a life without the other and neither was really willing to give it up for the other. I was starting to think it was one of those sad stories where we know they love each other like crazy but can't really be together. A lot of people will probably tell me sometimes things don't work out and those books a [...]

    7. Its weird but my favourite part of the story is Lily the kid. I also really enjoyed Lucas - I thought he was honourabe, sexy and a good man. Noah was a bit of a dick, at times I wanted to smash his face into a brick wall and then grate some skin off.However I got my happy ending so this one get 3 stars from me. I think the potential was there but this story didnt really delve into the emotions to much. Instead we only fleetingly touched on issues (like the relationship with his dad) I still have [...]

    8. A light story about the reunion of two best friends after 5 years apart. I didn´t enjoy too much this story, it actually seem too slow and too long (even if it isn´t) for me. I don´t know, I think I was expecting a little bit more from it, there's another book name Sterling for Christmas from D.J. Manly that has the same storyboard and I actually enjoy that one more than this one.

    9. Reunited lovers is one of my absolute favorite tropes, so I wasn't surprised by how much I enjoyed My Only Home. Both characters were likeable and developed enough to be believable. What keeps this from a higher rating is a few plot holes (such as the relationship between Noah and his father) that were not fully addressed. Other than that, I liked this book a lot and I would happily recommend it.

    10. Synopsis. You can read the book's blurb, or take my word for it:Boy1 leaves town, returns, reconnects with boy2, leaves town again, comes back for a funeral, then leaves again. FOr the most part, This was nice. I was hoping for more angst, but the story is more along the lines of a regular modern romance. This may have been intentional, but the story could benefit from a particular problem for the main characters to solve. The heat level is very low and occurs towards the end.

    11. 3.5 starsI liked the story and the way the friends reconnected. I would have liked an epilogue that showed them actually living together. Also, there was a very glaring (to me) timing mistake toward the end. Since that is a peeve of mine, it sort of tore me out of the story.A few typos/disjointed wording. But overall a solid read.

    12. I enjoyed the book but maybe a little too much angst for my taste at this moment in my life. Also I think men that act too impulsively as one of these men do only make themselves more nuts than they think their current situation already is. I have also read Quarterback Sneak by Pepper and liked that book better.

    13. Way too many blow jobs, what with the flashbacks and all.Also not quite sure how things ended. Was Noah staying until Luke got everything sorted or going back to LA?Enjoyed the story but not interested in the sequel. (Sounds like a bump in the road manufacturered just to ensure a sex fuelled short.)

    14. 3/5 A nice, easy and short read. It was an enjoyable read, tho there wasn't much to write home about. The book was plain, but it ended before I had a chance to get sick of the flavor - I guess this is one of those cases where short length actually work out great. XD

    15. This is well written, though I found it difficult to differentiate between the two main characters. They seemed like two gay men - very similar people. The strongest aspect of the book is the portrayal of the little girl, which was entirely life-like and very well done.

    16. Really a 3.5 stars, but not quite 4 stars. Nothing really deep, just a sweet story about best friends becoming more after 5 years apart.

    17. There's just something about her writing style that I don't like. I don't know if It was the story, the MCs, or what, but I didn't like this book too much. It was freakishly boring.

    18. Noah really annoyed me for most of this, but I loved Luke and how understanding he was. I adored Lily too, so cute.

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