Ripple Effect

Ripple Effect The Time Thriller Trilogy delivers gripping fast paced mystery that intrigues and captivates through hours seconds and centuries A long history of strange disappearances and unexplainable occurrenc

  • Title: Ripple Effect
  • Author: Paul McCusker
  • ISBN: 9780310714361
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Time Thriller Trilogy delivers gripping, fast paced mystery that intrigues and captivates through hours, seconds, and centuries A long history of strange disappearances and unexplainable occurrences leave clues that the town of Fawlt Line may actually sit on a time fault a portal to alternate times and unexpected time travels a twist of fate that puts all of Fawlt LThe Time Thriller Trilogy delivers gripping, fast paced mystery that intrigues and captivates through hours, seconds, and centuries A long history of strange disappearances and unexplainable occurrences leave clues that the town of Fawlt Line may actually sit on a time fault a portal to alternate times and unexpected time travels a twist of fate that puts all of Fawlt Line s citizens in serious danger Will they find the faith to hold on to the town and time where they belong After Elizabeth falls through a mysterious time warp, will she ever make it back home Elizabeth stayed home to take a bath and plan on how she could escape her parents by running away But after she almost drowns when the bathtub fills with muddy water, she emerges to find that her world, and everyone in it, has changed Elizabeth has dropped into another girl s existence a questionable life full of untrustworthy relationships and secrets that threaten her life Is she dreaming or is she an amnesiac as everyone suspects Will she find the faith to uncover the truth and make her way back to her own reality Previously published as Sudden Switch.

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    1. Elizabeth is fed up with being embarrassed by her parents, and decides to run away. She convinces her best friend Jeff to leave with her. When she doesn't show at their meeting spot, and can't be found anywhere, Jeff is under suspicion for her disappearance. But she didn't run away. She had a bath, and when she got out, everything seemed slightly off. She had traded places with her "time twin" in a parallel universe. Can she stay strong when everyone is insisting her name is Sarah? Can Jeff figu [...]

    2. The main character in the beginning was WAY to snotty for my taste and I didn't understand how her bff (a boy) had a crush on her even though she brought him down a number a times and was making him feel bad for not being as dramatic as she was. She decided that she was going run away because her parents were embarrassing. Really? I would understand her wanting to run away if her parents abused her, but embarrassing? Poor little baby, get over it! Other than that I really like it. I had a lot of [...]

    3. Elizabeth tires of being embarrassed by her parents and plans to run away with her best friend Jeff. Jeff however doesn’t think running away is a good idea and plans on talking Elizabeth out of it. As Jeff is contemplating how to talk Elizabeth out of running away, Elizabeth goes home and takes a bath to relax and think through her plans. She is startled by a feeling of being grabbed and pulled under the water, and the bath water turns a murky brown. Next thing she knows, the bath tub is bone [...]

    4. This book was okay. I checked out all three from the library at the same time, in case I liked the first and wanted to read the rest. Well, I did like the first. The concepts were interesting and the twists in the story were enough to pull me in. I liked the "time double" idea. The trouble with this first book was the lack of intensity. I felt they were sort of plodding along without real motivation. There wasn't clear build up to show why Elizabeth wants to run away (there's motivation, but it' [...]

    5. This is the second time I've read this book. I re-read it because I wanted a refresher before I finished the series (I never got around to reading books two or three). I'm still giving it four stars because it was my initial rating (which I think first impressions should be what is recorded) even though I didn't like it as much. I loved it when I read it the first time, but I only liked it this time around. I think I didn't like it as much because I already knew what was going to happen, and the [...]

    6. This book was a quick read but entirely enjoyable. The plot was clever and the theory about parallel worlds was brilliant. Believable, almost. Made me wish I had a time twin. I'd rather not be treated like a lunatic though. Elizabeth was a fun character, and it was interesting seeing how she handled the switch. Being an 'amnesiac' when she wasn't was clearly frustrating. Jeff amused me but was also a fun character. And Malcolm was awesome. And British Which is one of the main reasons he's awesom [...]

    7. This book was one of those books that can really change a person. I read these a few years back and fell in love with it. I didn't want to put it down because I loved the characters so much that I didn't want to lose them. When misfortune hit the characters, I felt my own heart ache for their misery. Not only were the characters fantastic but the ideas that set up the setting were even more astonding. Previously, I never read Science Fiction, in fact I passionately hated that genre until I read [...]

    8. Paul McCusker does a fantastic job keeping the multiple and duplicate characters, and duplicate setting straight. The reader never has to backtrack to keep up. Everything flows smoothly as you jump from place to place and scene to scene. This is a quick read and you’ll find the ending satisfying.To read the first chapter, and more of my review visitBeach Reads

    9. This title was originally published as "Sudden Switch" in the "Time Twists" series. I think this deserves another half star. Despite this being in a "Time" series, it is really a multiverse series. It is a very quick read. Toward the end is some graphic violence. I was really surprised to see that this was listed under christian Science Fiction as the book doesn't feel christian at all. All in all this is a pretty generic read.

    10. Elizabeth es una adolescente de 15 años que quiere huir de su pequeño pueblo hacia una gran ciudad. Sin embargo, un evento inesperado la transporta a una realidad alternativa donde nadie es lo que parece. Lamentablemente, la trama es muy predecible, las explicaciones, vagas y la protagonista es insufriblemente egoísta, dramática y no toma buenas decisiones.

    11. it was a little predictable, not one of my favorites. it needs 2b more idk more elabrate, they dont tell u very much about the charactors wel except 4 da main 1 (i cant remember her name, it was that boaring) ya all in all i wouldnt recomend it unless ur really board. no, i wouldnt even then, go read something more interesting.

    12. This was my favorite book as a pre-teen (but it's great for any age). The plot is wonderful and unpredictable, the characters are great. My older sister read the series, then I did, followed by my younger sister. I read the ripple effect and then Memories gate. I was advised to skip the middle book in the series. This book is great though!

    13. This book is absolutely amazing. At first, I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy reading it, but when i got started, It was hard to put the book down. Constantly building suspense, surprises around every corner. Amazing.

    14. The ending was bad REALLY bad it needed one more wrap up chapter!! but it was pretty good besides that!!!!!

    15. This book was surprisingly good and completely unexpected. Definitely going to read the next book and see where it goes from here.

    16. This was more of a 3.5. It was a good story, I just felt that for the majority of it, it was predictable. It did leave me curious about the other two books, though.

    17. Interesting way of dealing with time travelI liked it and thought it was worth the read and am willing to give the second book a try.

    18. one of the best books I have ever read and I am now going to finish the trilogy with out of time and another book!

    19. Maybe it was because I was listening to it while doing work but I got really confused by all the different/double names.

    20. Really cool idea for a story. Well-written with lots of plot twists. Makes you think. First book of trilogy. Definitely give it a try.

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