Heiress for Hire

Heiress for Hire Chicago socialite Amanda Delmar thought spending the summer in Cuttersville Ohio s most haunted town would be a hoot until dear old Dad cut her off Now Amanda has to do the unthinkable and get A JOB

  • Title: Heiress for Hire
  • Author: Erin McCarthy
  • ISBN: 9780425207611
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Paperback
  • Chicago socialite Amanda Delmar thought spending the summer in Cuttersville Ohio s most haunted town would be a hoot, until dear old Dad cut her off Now Amanda has to do the unthinkable and get A JOB Her attempts at joining the job market would crack up farmer Danny Tucker, if he weren t so turned on by the skinny, bronzed blonde Hiring Amanda to babysit his baby girChicago socialite Amanda Delmar thought spending the summer in Cuttersville Ohio s most haunted town would be a hoot, until dear old Dad cut her off Now Amanda has to do the unthinkable and get A JOB Her attempts at joining the job market would crack up farmer Danny Tucker, if he weren t so turned on by the skinny, bronzed blonde Hiring Amanda to babysit his baby girl may not be the smartest thing Danny has ever done But seeing how she and her couture clad poodle bring a smile to his shy daughter s face makes it all worthwhile Now all Danny has to figure out is how to keep Amanda at arm s length, when she has already wriggled her way into his heart.

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    1. Erin McCarthy is not capable of writing a boring sentence. Her characters are colorful and her dialogue rocks! Heiress For Hire is the story of spoiled Chicago socialite, Amanda, and hottie farmer, Danny Tucker. Amanda's endless piles of money and unlimited credit cards cease to exist when her father decides to cut the apron strings in hopes of manipulating his daughter. Through a series of unfortunate events (and because she is practically starving to death - her only source of protein being a [...]

    2. I am a re-reader. I even have a bookshelf at GR that I call my ‘re-read-for-comfort' shelf of books that have to be read more than twice to be placed there. And I mean comfort in many ways. Sometimes a new book, after crossing one of my romance “don’ts”, will actually leave me with a bitter aftertaste and I will reach for a book with characters I can depend on to give me what I want. I am definitely a mood reader, so some people might be surprised by what is on there. Even a few paranorm [...]

    3. Overall rating: 4.5 "Princess" stars!Triggers:Cheating: (view spoiler)[ NO(hide spoiler)]Love triangle: (view spoiler)[ No(hide spoiler)]Sex with om/ow: (view spoiler)[ No(hide spoiler)]Intimate Pasts: (view spoiler)[ The hero, Danny, hasn't had sex in a long time. He got divorced three years ago and I believe right after had sex twice, but since then he has had no one and that's just fine with him. The heroine, Amanda - I'm really unsure when the last time she had sex was. I am assuming when sh [...]

    4. I am giving this book 4 Stars because it was funny and entertaining. It changed my mood in a good way. Thanks.

    5. I've read many books in my life. I've only ever disliked a few books. This is one of them.The main character was annoying from the first page. I guess that means the writing was good since I felt such emotions toward her. The male main character was at least likable. The story is about a heiress who ends up in a small town in Ohio when her rich daddy decides to finally cut off her money! A farmer in the town who just finds out he's a father to a 9 year old kid hires her as a nanny/housekeeper. I [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this book. It was a very cute light read. Erin McCarthy can make you fall in love w/ anyone! Even rich snobby divas! This book has a little bit of everything in it. It's a contemporary romance with a bit of a haunting, an awesome love story, and even a endearing relationship between father and daughter! I laughed, cried and laughed some more!

    7. Really cute read that I thoroughly enjoyed! The other Erin McCarthy books I've read lacked a little bit of the life that this book overflowed with. I was worried at the beginning that I would hate Amanda because she seemed so shallow, but I grew to love her so much. I found her funny and really kind of brave. Danny was just a sweet guy, and his interaction with his newfound daughter won me over immediately. I felt like both of the characters grew up in this novel a little bit. I may have to go b [...]

    8. Why, oh why, do I keep happening upon books I WANT to like more than I ACTUALLY like? This was definitely one of them. The set up was something that I was excited to see; a 'poor little rich girl' cut off from Daddy's money in the middle of 'nowhere' takes a job looking after a farmer's new found daughter'. Seriously. It has all the makings of something I can't put down. Unfortunately, either I wasn't in the proper mood for it or I'm just not as taken in by Ms. McCarthy's writing style as I shou [...]

    9. Fluffy, sweet romance. Amanda is stuck in Cuttersville after her father cuts off all her money leaving her with a little over $50.00, hardly any food and no job. She ends up working for Danny Tucker, ex-husband of Shelby from book #1. He learns she's more than a rich girl and she learns not all men are jerks. The ending was a little to hunky dory, but otherwise a pretty good book.

    10. I have to say that this one was a little silly. The spoiled-rich-girl-comes-to-the-farm was a cute start, but when it got steamy, it just seemed again silly.

    11. First, I have succeeded in reading this series completely backwards. I stumbled into Christmas Bree and then ended up reading Charlotte's Web. I intended to read the full length book of the series but some how got it all mixed up and read them out of order. Not much I can do about that now.Secondly, I'm not sure why this series is called Ohio's Most Haunted Town. It makes you suspect this has a lot of ghosts or paranormal activity when that is so far from the focus of the story. Granted I haven' [...]

    12. Admittedly this is NOT my genre but I was sucked in by the bright orange cover and the couple cents I paid for it at a library sale. First of all, I enjoy the cover art. The vector illustration looks great and the bright orange really pops. The storyline was kind of silly; a girl my age living in the middle of nowhere, suddenly disinherited by her father which forces her to search for a job. Subsequently (and predictably) she finds love as well as meaning in life and gets her shit together withi [...]

    13. Erin McCarthy is a real treat. This book was so funny and such a great mix of happy/sad all balenced together to make a story I couldnt put down. She does a nice job of including the relationship of a father/daughter as well. Some of the main character, Amanda, was a little over the top, but it just added to the fun.Highly recommended.

    14. I enjoyed this book a lot. My predictions were right, but I think they should've added at least 1, maybe 2 more chapters.

    15. I really liked this one I think it's necessary to read the first one in the series (A Date With the Other Side) before reading this one the story kind of relies on the fact that the reader already knows some of the history on the characters and others things going on in the town. IMO, the second book is better than the first. I found myself immediately liking the characters and routing for their HEA! It's not overly steamy but it's not tame either! Has a couple of cute moments with the ghost in [...]

    16. Amanda Delmar is a spoiled little princess, and when she followed her ex-boyfriend to Cuttersville, Ohio, where he found his current wife, she thought it would be fun to stay for a bit and explore small town life. When she needs more money for a nice manicure, she calls daddy and asks him for some money. After all, that is what he does. But to her surprise, he tells her there will be no more money, at all. She will have to start living on her own. This sure is a nasty surprise, as he never wante [...]

    17. Second in the Cuttersville romance series, a small farming community in Ohio. The couple focus is on Amanda Delmar and Danny Tucker.My TakeBe careful what you wish for! It's funny, but not as funny as McCarthy usually is and primarily because Amanda's situation is so sad. She's never felt love in all of her pampered life. But McCarthy does infuse it with lots of surface fun with everyone confused as to reality. It's all stereotype and expectation which gets turned on its head. It is cute how muc [...]

    18. 3.5 stars***Few Details***I’m a big fan of Erin McCarthy’s Fast Track series and consider her an automatic buy in the bookstore. So when I saw HEIRESS FOR HIRE and SEEING IS BELIEVING I snatched them up despite being book 2 and 3. Although I was sad to miss out on Boston and Shelby, I didn’t feel like the story was lacking by skipping book 1. Heiress Amanda Delmar has been cut off by her emotionally distant father who’s tired of her being exactly who he trained her to be, a spoiled shopa [...]

    19. When I picked up HEIRESS FOR HIRE I thought it would be just another run-of-the mill novel to add to the rest of my collection. It was so much more than that. HEIRESS FOR HIRE is chick-lit with heart. When Amanda Delmar decides to take what was supposed to be a quick, for kicks trip to Cuttersville, OH she never dreamed she would end up staying the entire summer. But what choice does she have? She calls on dear ol' Dad to bail her out after she's ran out of cash and maxed out her credit cards, b [...]

    20. Petani sederhana dari Cuttersville, Danny Tucker diam-diam mengaggumi seorang gadis metropolitan yg seksis, chick, modern dan staylish, Amanda Delmar-anak jutawan pengusaha Chicago-yg sedang berlibur akibat patah hati di kota kecilnya.Berawal dari keputusan Ayah Amanda untuk menghentikan pemberian uang saku ke Amanda. Alasannya, agar Amanda bisa mencari uang sendiriAmanda yang hidupnya dipenuhi dengan kemewahan dan kemudahan dalam memenuhi semua kebutuhan hidupnya tentu saja tidak mempersiapkan [...]

    21. This book was amazing. I love a good romance novel, and this one happened to hit home. It took place in Cutters ville, Ohio. So whenever i was reading it i just thought of home. This book is about a wealthy girl who needs a good taste of her own medicine. The worst thing to possibly happen to her is for her dad to cut her off. And he does. She is forced to leave her awesome life and get a job. That is when she comes to Cutters ville and meets Danny Tucker. Danny is the towns handyman, The hottes [...]

    22. Hmmmm Danny is a bit lost, he wishes Shelby (his exwife) happiness, but all he wants is a wife and family Amanda is a bit lost, she realizes she doesn't want to go back to her old life, and her father cuts her off with no money so Amanda needs a job.And a man drives up to Danny's house, a leaves Piper, an 8 year old girl - his daughter. He met her mother at a country fair, between junior and senior year when broken up with Shelby because he wanted sex and she didn't, and he had a night of passi [...]

    23. 2 1/2 starsI probably wouldn't have picked this one up on my own, but it was left up for grabs at our work castoff table so I figured I'd give it a shot. The plot line was farfetched in a lot of ways, but it was funny and light and just what I needed right now. A rich heiress runs off to a middle of no where town named Cuttersville trying to escape her problems and boredom. Now if I'm bored regardless of being rich or not Cuttersville, Ohio is not the first place I would think of to go, but okay [...]

    24. Okay as someone who started reading Erin's work from Bad Boys Online, then following with the Fast Track series this book was mediocre compared to her other series. Funny enough this was the book that caught my attention while shelf surfing at the library. I was lucky enough to rethink picking up so many books at once and put this back. Then I read the entire Fast Track series in two weeks. Deciding to come back to the book that intrigued me I started Heiress for Hire.First off the characters ar [...]

    25. 3.5 starsIt's a comfortable read, but the ending felt likehalf-heartedly executed. it was an "eh.?" moment at the end, like something is still unsolved. anyway, I adore Amanda. But the thing is, she is blind to the obvious. Of course, flaw make that character more human, but sometimes it depressing me Amanda and Piper--they're really the same, I mean Amanda couldn't see that her dad was trying to teach her something when he cut her off, financially. It was like Piper at the beginning of the stor [...]

    26. I picked this book up for less than a dollar, a fact that I'm grateful for with the benefit of hindsight (although getting it for free would have been better consolation, perhaps even being paid to read it).This book was one I read as some easy reading between the second and third volumes of Robert Remini's three-part biography on Andrew Jackson's life, but even gauged by the low standards I came into it with was disappointed. The prose is poorly written, the characters are stale and so full of [...]

    27. A great book and a fun read. I bit fluffy but sometimes you need that. I enjoyed the character of Amanda and thought that she was well portrayed and knew right off the bat she was not going to be the bratty heiress everyone pegged her as. Which is maybe why I was not head over heels for this book. It may have been more rewarding if her transformation was a bit more dramatic, but she was so good to start with there really was no abrupt change in her demeanour. Also, Danny was a tiny bit two dimen [...]

    28. Like others I expected this book to be chick-lit which I'm not fond of but someone recommended it to me so I tried it. I'm glad I did because it is not chick-lit it is a romance pure and simple. So if you're expecting chick-lit you probably won't like it. I loved the character of Amanda. I loved how she was looking for something better in her life and how she learned and grew. I loved how Danny saw himself as boring but in reality he was a steady, dependable man, the type of man who appeals to m [...]

    29. I rarely read this genre, let alone books considered contemporary romance. The detailed romance scenes do nothing for the stories and most of the time are more awkwardly hysterical than steamy in my opinion. I read the first book in this series several years ago and forgot I had the sequel buried deep in my bookcase. The characters were good and parts of the storyline were really sweet and touching. I really loved Danny and Piper - the story of a dad who never knew he had a daughter until she sh [...]

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