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  1. Imagine three sarcastic, over-educated editors who work at a vanity publisher. Owing to their occupation, they naturally end up reading an abundance of books about ridiculously grand conspiracy theories and occult societies - the Freemasons, the Templars, the Rosicrucians, the Illuminati (Bavarian and otherwise), and so on. So they start to play a sort of free-association game: Let's connect all these things, using the same half-mad logic as the authors of these books, into one grand design. Thu [...]

  2. This book consists of predominantly two things: (1) Endless dialogue by mentally unbalanced paranoid conspiracy theorists; (2) Endless dialogue by scholars who study mentally unbalanced paranoid conspiracy theorists. This is not a bad book, but its not an easy read, and not really a particularly enjoyable one. My enjoyment, or lack thereof, was tempered by the fact that I was apparently trying to read one story, but the author was trying to tell a different one. Put another way, I was trying to [...]

  3. PLAYFUL:An Opening GambolWhile I first read this novel in 2009, I bought a second-hand copy in May, 2013 for $7, which I thought was a bargain price for the degree of pleasure it's given me.Only when I was half way through did I notice a sheet of white paper slipped into the last pages.It shows four hand-drawn circles, each of which contains the name of a city and a number. If the numbers represent years, they cover 21 years. If you add 2 and 1, you get the number 3. If you examine the gaps betw [...]

  4. Descartes said: Cogito, ergo sum.Eco says: I seek meaning, therefore I am human.It's very hard to succinctly describe exactly what this novel is. From looking at the plot description, you may be forgiven for assuming that it is a book like Holy Blood, Holy Grail, by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln, or Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code. There is an overlap in the fact that all three books deal with conspiracies that revolve around the mystical and mythical order of the Knight's Templ [...]

  5. When it comes to novels the size of bricks I have to admit to being a bit of a lightweight, only reading a handful of books over 600 pages long, and always enter with some trepidation. Eco's Foucault's Pendulum is not quite brick big, but then it doesn't look like it's been on a diet either.In terms of sheer scope and passionate ambition this really is something, but it felt more like a history lesson than a novel, and that for me was an issue.This is a complex piece of writing that does require [...]

  6. Let's be clear: Eco is a titan. This opus embarks the reader in a story with multiple bends, one is carried away by the incredible erudition of the author, by the obvious mastery of his art . Rare are the books that really raise the level of the reader. Eco does it every time. A Landmark!The Pendulum of Foucault is a book that exceeds me. It is full of references, abstruse authors, outdated ideologies, strange rites. Every time I will remember it, I will get out of it. It is a reminder of the Da [...]

  7. 3 "the last of the pentalogy of puzzlement and perseverance" starsA very difficult book to both rate and review. As I read this book I reflected on four other books that have been considered great by so many of my friends and in particular, my darling partner.These five books to me were seeds and shadows of greatness but I felt were so heavily flawed that they became only fair to average good reads for me.These books are:1. 1Q84 (2.5 stars)2.Cloud Atlas (3 stars)3. A Fine Balance (3 stars)4. The [...]

  8. The best book I have ever read. It is the creepiest, deepest, and most brilliantly executed piece of literature. Umberto Eco is a genius, and if I could have a conversation with anyone, it would be him.The book, however, is very difficult to read. The language is dense, and in the first 200 pages, it beats you over the head with history of the Knights Templar and the Rosicrucians. All of this history is necessary to make the second half cause you to shit your pants. It's basically about these gu [...]

  9. إن قضيتنا هي سر بداخل سر , سر شئ سيبقى محجوبًا , وسر يمكن لسر آخر فقط كشفه , إنه سر عن سر يحجب سر هناك بعض الأعمال الأدبية التي تشعر أمامها أنها غير مكتوبة , بل تشعر أنها منحوتة , منحوتة بواسطة فنان جبار ظل يضرب فى صخر صلد لينتجه , فأتى العمر قوي كالحجر , عنيف كضربات صانعه , صادم كموا [...]

  10. I read a lot, and the people around me are used to seeing a new book in my hand every day or couple of days. Naturally, they ask me what I'm reading, usually in a way that implies I should divulge more than just the title and the author, which are plainly visible on the cover. How do I respond when I'm reading something so sublime and transcendental as Foucault's Pendulum? It defies ordinary description of plot, because Umberto Eco has again unified his narrative with his themes and characters t [...]

  11. This is a novel that contrasts the acceptance, and delight, in the world as it is with the consequences of the desire to read in meanings to everything that we see about us. In Eco's earlier book,The Name of the Rose, the detective mystery was parodied and this is taken one step further in this novel. The Detective mystery assumes that there is a mystery that can be solved. It invites investigation. In this novel the constant working deeper into mysteries produces only more obscurity ("the penis [...]

  12. نظرا لضخامة الرواية، ونظرا لأنني اريد تقديم ريفيو يليق بها سأقوم بتقسيم الريفيو الي 10 مراحل علي 7 ايام او اقل، متتالية(5) Gevurah السيفروت الخامس - جيبوراه - السيددائما بعد الثورات تجد التخبطات في كل شيءفوضي ما وزعزعة تحدث في الأيمان والثقافة وتظهر الخرافات نظريات المؤامرة غالبا [...]

  13. Il pendolo di Foucault = Foucault’s pendulum, Umberto EcoFoucault's Pendulum (original title: Il pendolo di Foucault) is a novel by Italian writer and philosopher Umberto Eco. It was first published in 1988, and an English translation by William Weaver appeared a year later. Foucault's Pendulum is divided into ten segments represented by the ten Sefiroth. The satirical novel is full of esoteric references to Kabbalah, alchemy and conspiracy theory—so many, that critic and novelist Anthony Bu [...]

  14. “ “Us two? All three of us are in this. If we don’t come out honorably, we’ll all look silly.” “Silly to whom?” “Why, to history. Before the tribunal of Truth.”“Quid est veritas?” Belbo asked. “Us,” I said.” ” (p.435) Truth? What is truth? Truth is relative. Or isn’t it?The fact that Umberto Eco portrays one of his characters quoting Pontius Pilate’s assertion that truth is hard to ascertain with some sort of consistent resonance of a Nietzschian Superman who ha [...]

  15. Ένα βιβλίο που θα το σταματήσεις πριν τις 100 σελίδες ή θα το απολαύσεις αργά μέχρι τέλους. Το γιατί το απόλαυσα είναι εντελώς υποκειμενικό, καθώς θεωρώ πως είναι αρκετά δύσκολο και βαρετό για τους πιο πολλούς. Στην αρχή σκέφτηκα πως είναι καλύτερο από το «Όνομα του Ρόδου», αλ [...]

  16. Το εκκρεμές του Φουκώ είναι το αγαπημένο μου βιβλίο. Το διάβασα για πρώτη φορά στα 15 μου και αποφάσισα φέτος να το ξαναδιαβάσω και πλέον το λέω με κάθε σιγουριά: είναι ασύγκριτο, μοναδικό και για μένα ελάχιστα άλλα βιβλία και με μεγάλη δυσκολία μπορούν να το συναγωνιστούν, α [...]

  17. Ako Umberto Eko preporučuje da za jedinu stabilnu tačku u čitavom Univerzumu izabereš srećnog sebe, mora da su sve druge opcije promašaj. A kome drugom ću verovati, ako ne Umbertu Eku koji je pročitao sve knjige i sve zna?Ovo je veoma naporno čitanje. Najpre treba proći onaj test - deo „i naravno rukopis“ koji Eko nikad ne izostavlja. Tih prvih stotinak strana služe da se lepo predomisliš i na vreme odustaneš od muke, ako te je, recimo zaveo naslov ili recenzija. U ovom slučaju [...]

  18. One of those books where the author tediously says next to nothing, and all the semi-litterati can't figure out what he's trying to say, so they conclude he must be brilliant. A wasted effort by an otherwise talented (so I hear) author, and that portion of the gullible public that assumes that something profound is being said so long as they can't understand it.

  19. This book is a conundrum to me. I liked the story of three book editors accidentally enmeshing themselves in the world of conspiracy theory. I liked the philosophical discussion of why we believe in things like Great Global Conspiracies. I even thought some of the history was interesting. But LORD, did Eco need an editor. In parts of this book, the signal-to-noise ratio is distressingly low as Eco's talking heads sit and discuss the intricacies of Templar and Rosicrucian history for page after p [...]

  20. Ne znam kad mi se čitanje knjige ovoliko činilo kao posaoa zadnjih dvadesetak stranica sam se osjećao kao da se vraćam s marša i jednostavno moram izdržati još tih kilometar-dva do cilja, iako me bole i noge i ramena u koja su se urezali remeni ranca.Ne mogu dati ocjenu, jer ne znam koju bih dao. na momente je knjiga bila izuzetno inteligentna i duhovita, na momente me izluđivala i imao sam osjećaj da se Eco besmisleno razmeće svojim znanjem.Treba mi prst viskija i vestern. Ne mora bit [...]

  21. The best and the worst thing I can say about this novel is that it's a difficult read. Sure, the author is Italian, but that doesn't automatically make it difficult, only a a novel that I've read out of it's normal language. No, the novel isn't even difficult in the traditional sense, where the sentence structure is hard to follow and there might be four hundred commas per dozen pages. The writing is quite nice. No, the novel is difficult because it requires the reader to read and understand a w [...]

  22. Foucault Sarkacı 900 küsur sayfalık tarif edilmesi imkânsız, devasa bir roman. Eco'nun uçsuz bucaksız birikiminden ve zekasından çıkan müthiş zırvalıklarla dolu, tam anlamıyla birroman. Çevirmen Şadan Karadeniz'in de değindiği ve arka kapakta gördüğümüz gibi, kitabı nasıl tanımlayacağımız bir muamma, çünkü kitaba her açıdan bakmak mümkün. 8 yıllık, araştırılan 2000 kitaplık bir emeğin sonucu. Yine de Karadeniz'in yaptığı tanımlama kitapla ilgili ya [...]

  23. I think it could be validly opined that all of Umberto Eco’s novels primarily exist to show off how much he knows. They are all jam-packed with esoteric knowledge from such specialized and varied sources that one wonders how a single human being managed to fit them all into his head, let alone turn them into fodder for a story. In this sense Eco seems much like his own creation of Casaubon from this novel, “the Marlowe of culture”: one able to sift through the vast repository of arcane and [...]

  24. شاید تا به حال زیاد از "تئوری توطئه" شنیده باشید، هر چند شاید این اسم (تئوری توطئه) به گوشتان نخورده باشد. اما این که یهودی ها (یا صهیونیست ها) جهان را کنترل می کنند، همه ی ثروتمندان و دولتمردان فراماسون هستند و رازی مذهبی-جادویی در اختیار دارند و استقرار صهیونیست ها در فلسطین بر [...]

  25. Between his home and his summer home, Umberto Eco has some 50,000 books to his name. I believe that he has read every one of them, some probably twice. Which is to say that this is an erudite novel. A warning to the reader: you will be wading into lists of reference materials. You are about to be presented with conversations that run for pages that are dedicated solely to the minutiae of conspiracies, most about the Templars. I warned you.But this book is not just about secret societies and the [...]

  26. Υπάρχουν κάποια βιβλία που για να τα διαβάσεις πρέπει να έχεις διαβάσει αλλά βιβλία και γενικά απαιτούν μια κάποια επιπλέον αναγνωστική "εμπειρία". Αυτό είναι ένα από αυτά καθώς, αν δεν το παρατήσει κάνεις πριν τις πρώτες 100 σελίδες (όπως παρατηρεί σωστά κ ο Ν.Τσ.), σε καταπλα [...]

  27. [ إن الناس تعاني جوعا للخطط، إذا قدمت لها واحدة تلقي بنفسها عليها مثل مجموعة من الذئاب. أنت تخترع و هم يصدقون، إنه بالفعل خطأ فادح أن تضيف المزيد للخيال الموجود بالفعل.] ص679ثلاثة محررين في دار نشر يقررون اختراع خطة للمؤامرة الكونية ابتدأ الأمر تسلية لتنتهي بابتلاعها لهمكعادة [...]

  28. Eco likes to show off his knowledge and the depth of his reading and he does so with a great flourish in this novel. It’s a difficult one to classify as it crosses genres and throws all sorts of references into the pot. It is really part thriller, part detective with a good dose of conspiracy theory and meandering down the byways of historical obscurity. Of course the whole thing may just be a postmodern joke!There are lots of nods, winks and jokes throughout. Eco was good friends with the Fre [...]

  29. Eco once said that author Dan Brown (Angels & Demons, DaVinci Code, etc) might have very well been one of the characters he created in Focault's Pendulum. Eco uses Focault's pendulum to showcase the absurdity in over analyzing ancient legends or secret societies and in the process creates an intellectual and dizzying tale that stands in direct contrast to the Dan Brown's of the world writing for the pop culture masses.The work is a discourse in secret societies (Templar Knights, Freemasons, [...]

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