Red Kayak

Red Kayak Brady loves life on the Chesapeake Bay with his friends J T and Digger But developers and rich families are moving into the area and while Brady befriends some of them like the DiAngelos his parent

  • Title: Red Kayak
  • Author: Priscilla Cummings
  • ISBN: 9780142405734
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Paperback
  • Brady loves life on the Chesapeake Bay with his friends J.T and Digger But developers and rich families are moving into the area, and while Brady befriends some of them, like the DiAngelos, his parents and friends are bitter about the changes Tragedy strikes when the DiAngelos kayak overturns in the bay, and Brady wonders if it was than an accident Soon, Brady diBrady loves life on the Chesapeake Bay with his friends J.T and Digger But developers and rich families are moving into the area, and while Brady befriends some of them, like the DiAngelos, his parents and friends are bitter about the changes Tragedy strikes when the DiAngelos kayak overturns in the bay, and Brady wonders if it was than an accident Soon, Brady discovers the terrible truth behind the kayak s sinking, and it will change the lives of those he loves forever Priscilla Cummings deftly weaves a suspenseful tale of three teenagers caught in a wicked web of deception.

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    1. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this book. I laughed. I cried. I was totally connected and hooked from the beginning. This book tugs on our heart because sometimes the cost of doing what's right is too high. I would love the opportunity to use this as a novel study or a literature circle book with my students. The characters are easy to relate to and come from diverse families that are anything but perfect. The writing was wonderful and kept the level of suspense high - you won't want to put it down, and if [...]

    2. Wyatt SmithRed Kayak ReviewOver all I really enjoyed this book. It was very cool to read for me because the book itself takes place right near the Chesapeake Bay! The book kept me flipping pages. I was constantly in the suspense of not knowing who was guilty. The book is based off of a story were a boy and his mother go on a kayak ride if the early fall. When the mother, Mrs. DiAngelos and her son Ben head out they do not know what lies ahead of them. Someone has drilled holes in the bottom of t [...]

    3. As a high school teacher, I had to read Red Kayak as it was assigned to my freshmen as a summer reading book. I wish I could tell my students how much I sympathize with them. Although I powered through this book, I found the main character completely unrelatable and having little personality. In all fairness, Red Kayak explores the difficult situation of what happens to a friendship when one person crosses the proverbial line. Do you tell others what your friend has done, thereby "selling them o [...]

    4. This is a book that follows the death of a child a friend of the main characters Brady. Brady lives with his mother and father. they are poor family but they get along just fine. the mother is a nurse the father is a fisher man. Brady goes through out the book to try and prove that the kayak was a murder not an accident at the his risk at were he can go to jail to.

    5. This book would be a great addition to my 6th grade moral dilemma literature circles. It explores the struggle people face to do the right thing, especially when the right thing might hurt someone they love. The story is suspenseful, and I really liked the characters. They seemed very real to me. I think boys and girls alike would enjoy reading this book.

    6. SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I RATE IT 6 STARS OUT OF 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. Really loved this book! Had the picture really running through my head. Whenever I get a chance I will want to read this again. GREAT BOOK!(:

    8. Red Kayak, a realistic fiction book by Priscilla Cummings, is a great thriller with twists and surprises throughout. It ingeniously makes a riverside school setting into a story about revenge and ethics.On the Corsica River in Maryland, Brady, the protagonist of the story, and his friends JT and Digger, were demoralized when their only source of fun, a dock on the river, was bought out by the Diangelo's. Despite his anger towards the family, the protagonist still befriends the Diangelo’s 3 yea [...]

    9. Brady is a fourteen-year-old boy who confronts a tragedy and must determine what action he should take - what is the "right thing" to do. I thought Brady's narration was very believable. His voice sounds very authentic, and the author does a good job of depicting his inner torment. I also really liked the description of the natural world. The reader gets a very good image of the Chesapeake Bay. Also, the book discusses the economy and problems this region faces. This book deals with numerous iss [...]

    10. The Red Kayak by Priscilla Cummings is a Realistic Fiction thriller. My opinion of this book is it has dragged out chapters and dragged out side stories, therefor it is longer then it needs to be but it gives good details of the characters past. The main characters of the story are Brady, Digger, and J.T as well as they are all 8th grade "friends". Brady is a crabber and loves to go out on his boat. Digger and J.T are minor characters in the story that don't have past stories in the book. The ma [...]

    11. *Real rating - 3.5 starsThis book was really good for me. It had suspense where suspense was needed. It had dialogue where dialogue was needed. But it just didn't seem . . . original.My theory is that an author writes a book for themselves. Not for the pleasure of others. But when they start to write according to what they think the audience would like to happen instead of what they personally want to happen, you get a book like this. Stop reading now unless you want a serving of spoilers. Of co [...]

    12. This book was one of our required readings for my YA lit class, as part of my MLIS program. It's a very emotionally driven tale that really covers a lot of different topics. The loss of a child, loss of a sibling, gradual loss of a person's livelihood, the acute illness of a parent, spousal abuse and discord, loyal friendship, bullying, etc. It seems the list goes on and on. I was drawn into this story and read it fairly quickly. I felt like the plot was a bit too drawn out and the situation was [...]

    13. Red Kayak by Priscilla Cummings is a realistic fiction/mystery novel. The main theme of the book is that a person should always tell the truth no matter how difficult it may be. The book takes place in Maryland in the present. Brady finds out that his friends are responsible for a murder. Brady can’t decide if he should tell someone or not, which depresses him. After a couple of months, Brady finally opens up to his worried parents. His two friend have to go to a school for discipline for nine [...]

    14. This summer I read a book that I really enjoyed. It is called Red Kayak and it is by Priscilla Cummings. The theme of Red Kayak is don’t do something stupid that you know will end badly because it can get you in more trouble than you predicted. The genre of this book is fiction and it is set on the Corsica River, Maryland. Brady loves to go out each morning to get his crab pots with his best friends JT and Digger when a new family moves into JT’s property forcing him to move away, but not to [...]

    15. *Warning: Although this review does not spoil the main plot this review may spoil more of the book than some reviewers want to see*Red Kayak by Priscilla Cummings is a great book that shows the best decision is the honest decision. Red Kayak is a realistic fiction novel that takes place in a town in Maryland near a river. Brady is an eighth grade boy and enjoys spending time on the river crabbing. Brady and his best friends, J.T. and Digger, have been friends since he was little. In the beginnin [...]

    16. Personal Response:I read the bookRed Kayakby Priscilla Cummings. I thought the book was very good. I liked the book, because it was about a guy who liked the outdoors. It also kept me wanting to read the book, because it was relatable to me.Plot:Mrs. DiAngelos and her son, Ben, headed out, but they did not know what lied ahead of them. Ben was a four year old boy who drowned. Brady ,who found Ben, was very heartbroken, and it was hard for him to overcome from Ben dieing. He started working for M [...]

    17. What a fantastic book. Priscilla Cummings takes an eighth grade boy, a character that the world would almost never look up to, and makes him an incredibly relatable and loveable human being, which in it of itself takes tremendous skill. Her writing is simple, the story is simple, yet it explores deep human themes. This book is definitely a 4.5, 4.75 star book, a one of a kind, and left with a powerful moral. Excellent story.

    18. I hink the red kayak was an AMAZING book it was so thrilling and had me on the edge of my seat at times.There were even times when i was not reading the book i was still thinking about it . the way priscilla cummings wrote this mystery novel made me chill with the way i could just see things i was reading SHe did an amazing job writing this book and i would definatly recommend to a friend.

    19. I did not enjoy this book. It was hard to follow, the plot was thick, but the ending was not satisfactory. Plus I had an issue with the printing, the book I got had the middle reprinted instead of the end, so I had to get a new printing in order to finish the book.Anyway. That's all. Some of the language was unnessacary, as well.That's my review. :)

    20. I have to admit, Priscilla did a very good job with this book an her Red Kayakk. It was so interesting I literally read it in two hours. Definetly would recxomend to peopole and grades 4-7.

    21. Decisions that can change lives are explored in Red Kayak. Powerful messages about decision making are built around life on the Chesapeake Bay where Brady and his family live. At thirteen, life should not be complicated for three boys, friends since they were young and enjoying the fields and waterways surrounding them. Yet, one decision made can change a lives, ruin lives, and tear families apart.Brady has to live with the decisions he makes, and yet are they the right decisions?Down-to-earth r [...]

    22. This was an okay book, and I bet that many kids might have found it almost therapeutic if they've had a rough life. But it was still kind of boring to read and took me a long time to get through.

    23. I think this was a great book. Highly recommend it. It's about a boy named Brady Parks and he has a rough life with all kinds of drama and deaths. And just when he thinks everything is clearing up the worst possible thing happens.

    24. Red Kayak was a very intriguing book that had lots of mystery and some suspense. Three teenage boys are having regular conversation until one of them takes a scenario mentioned into his own hands without any warning. While reading this book I could make a clear picture in my head of the setting and events that were going on due to the elaborate descriptions. I also enjoyed how the characters attitudes and personalities stayed consistent. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes conflict t [...]

    25. I strongly think that this book wasn't a good book. I had to read it for English class and don't want to touch the book again. I have no doubts that this book should get one star and I can't believe that my parents bought the book. They also read it and didn't like it. It is probably the worst book I have ever read in my entire life. the book was pretty much a waste of paper. That means that it is a waste of trees and unnecessarily polluting the environment. I don't think you should read this bo [...]

    26. Jimmy DiamondidisMay 18, 2013Period 4My Review of The Red KayakI would give The Red Kayak by Priscilla Cummings two out of five stars. The storyline was clever, but it dragged on too long. Too much of the story was a transcription of the main character’s, Brady’s, thoughts, instead of his actions. Cummings’ writing is subpar. She restates Brady’s problems over and over again in obvious ways. The story’s ending was well done, even if it was depressing. A lot of the story dealt with crab [...]

    27. Red Kayak is a Realistic Fiction book written by the author Priscilla Cummings. I really enjoyed the book and her writing style. It had cliff-hangers ending every chapter, as well as made me feel like I was right then and there. It was captivating, interesting, mysterious, and riveting. It took place in present day Maryland inside of a small town. The story is about a boy named Brady, his two friends, J.T. and Digger. As well as the new wealthy neighbors, the Di Angelo's. Which moved into a lot [...]

    28. This book is about a boy named Brady who saves a 4 year old boy named Benjamin DiAngleo and his mom Mrs. DiAngleo who fell off there Red Kyak and went missing in the water. Brady found Benjamin and got him back breathing and to the paramedics. The next day he found out Benjamin had died that morning and was getting after himself for not being there in time. Soon afterwards he starts working for Mrs.DiAngleo because her Husband is still in Vermont from after the funeral. Brady soon finds out that [...]

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