Age Before Beauty

Age Before Beauty Desperate to stay home with her baby Allie Harrod launches a new career Sure she dropped out of Girl Scouts because she was lousy at cookie sales but makeup is different right She ll do anything t

  • Title: Age Before Beauty
  • Author: Virginia Smith
  • ISBN: 9780800732332
  • Page: 413
  • Format: Paperback
  • Desperate to stay home with her baby, Allie Harrod launches a new career Sure, she dropped out of Girl Scouts because she was lousy at cookie sales, but makeup is different, right She ll do anything to make enough money to cover her share of the household bills, but how can she focus on her business when her list of problems is growing None of her pre baby clothes fit,Desperate to stay home with her baby, Allie Harrod launches a new career Sure, she dropped out of Girl Scouts because she was lousy at cookie sales, but makeup is different, right She ll do anything to make enough money to cover her share of the household bills, but how can she focus on her business when her list of problems is growing None of her pre baby clothes fit, her checking account is dwindling, and her mother in law has decided to move in To top it off, her husband s attractive coworker suddenly needs his help every weekend Middle sister Joan insists that God has the answers to all her problems, but Allie isn t so sure Can she really trust him A lighthearted contemporary tale of family, faith, and fun, Age before Beauty is the second book in the Sister to Sister series from well reviewed author Virginia Smith.

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    1. This was the second installment of the sister-to-sister series. I think I actually enjoyed Allie's story a bit more than Joan's in the first book. As a mom and wife I could relate to the struggles Allie has with trying to stay home with kids while also contributing to the finances. I enjoyed hearing more about each character and look forward to reading Tori's story in the 3rd installment!

    2. This book was a quick read, certainly an enjoyable way to spend a quiet winter evening. The characters, from harried Allie to quiet Betty to slightly scary Sally Jo, live and I found myself genuinely interested in their lives as the story unfolded. Smith is a good writer who ably crafts an enjoyable and yet realistic picture of a new mom struggling to reconcile her pre-baby and post-baby plans.Although the flap copy makes this book sound like your average chick-lit book, readers should be aware [...]

    3. Age Before Beauty deals with issues that all new parents face. I could relate to everything that came up from Allie wanting to look good in pre-pregnancy clothes to not wanting to return to work and leave the baby with a sitter. The way Allie's husband responded to her insecurities was heartwarming at times, and at other times frustratingly true. He often withdrew rather than confronting the issue. And his mother moving in to their home was classic! I loved how Allie brought the woman around fro [...]

    4. I am enjoying this series! In each of the Sanderson sisters' spiritual struggles, I find I can relate and find encouragement in how the Lord reveals Himself to them and to those close to them. Being an only child, I am fascinated by the dynamic of how the 3 sisters are close to and relate to one another. I hate that there's only 3 in the series!

    5. I found this book an excellent read. Allie is now a mother and suddenly she is thrown back to the time in her life when her father leaves her and her family to fend for themselves. Will her husband, the love or her life, do the same now that he is a father? Allie wants so much to stay at home with her daughter but she needs be able to support herself just in case, so she starts a home business and her mother-in-law runs away from home and moves in with them. Talk about stress! The characters are [...]

    6. 4.5 stars. I really liked this book. Smith's writing is so real and enjoyable. The thing that struck me most about this book is how self-centered we can become and how unfulfilling life is when we focus so much on ourselves. Fortunately, God is patient with us and is always waiting in the background waiting for us to remember Him. Great book Ginny. Thanks so much! I'm definitely looking foward to the final installment.

    7. I love Virginia's stories they remind me of a more pure time in my life that I've been missing so often recently. I appreciate the subtle reminder of the beautiful role faith can play in our lives - however scattered they may be. Call me crazy, but I swear she's an answer to prayers I've tossed around lately I've just started another book of hers (Just As I Am) and can't wait to feel that lovely sigh of relief at the end.

    8. This is a wonderful story about all of the issues we as women face when we have a family. Should we work or stay at home with the children? I loved this book - I felt like I new each of the characters personally.

    9. After getting the first book in the series for free for my kindle, I couldn't help but continue to series. A great easy read.

    10. I'm enjoying reading the Sister-to-Sister series back-to-back and have found the continuity between the books excellent.Age before Beauty focuses on Allie, the oldest of the three Sanderson sisters. Again, as in Stuck in the Middle, Virginia Smith brings together so many different aspects and issues in the characters' lives to create a wonderful story. Some storylines from the first book are continued here and it's lovely to see Joan and Ken in their developing relationship. However the main foc [...]

    11. Actual rating 3.75-4 Stars.Allie the oldest of three sisters is a new mom and her husband Eric is the proud new dad. They have the age old story of learning how to make some adjustments to their marriage as a new and lovable baby girl is added to their family. And on top of new parent adjustments Allie is a bit down on her self for the extra baby weight that still has not come off and is also second guessing going back to work. She decides to try to make it as a sales consultant instead so she w [...]

    12. What fun I'm having in my search for new authors and new books to read! I discovered Ginny Smith when I noticed her name listed on the faculty of the Quad-Cities Writers Conference, which is directed by my friend and boss Twila Belk. (You can check us out online at qccwc. The 2010 conference will be April 9-10 in Eldridge, Iowa. We'd love to see you there).I saw Virginia’s book listed on her face book page and not realizing it was the second in the Sister-to-Sister series I began reading "Age [...]

    13. Allie Harrod is not a particularly happy camper. She has a great husband and a beautiful newborn daughter. But she also has a closet full of clothes that no longer fit, a mirror that reflects an overweight woman she doesn’t even know, and an employer who eagerly awaits her return to work after maternity leave. Therein lies the problem. Allie doesn’t want to leave little Joanie and return to work. Despite all the best-laid plans she and hubby Eric have made for their lives, she finds herself [...]

    14. This was the second installment of the Sister-to-Sister series. I had read the first one about middle sister Joan and the third one about youngest sister Tori. With that said, I knew the past and the future of the girls. Still, this book could be a stand alone read for someone who had not read the others.The plot is predictable: Allie is a new mom and with maternity leave about to end, she is dreading going back to work and leaving the baby in daycare. Still, she is not one to just be a stay at [...]

    15. I read the first book in this series and ended up not liking it very much. I was hoping that I would like this book better, but I wasn't truly expecting to. As I had expected I did not end up liking it.There were things about this book that I did like and I thought made it worth reading. I do still like how each book in this series is about a sister from the Sanderson family. I also liked Allie's character. She was actually quite depressing in this book which made it slightly depressing to read, [...]

    16. I started Age Before Beauty last night and was really enjoying it. It is a funny book about an independent, career-oriented young woman who has just had her first baby. As the end of her maternity leave draws near she starts to dread missing this special time with her baby. Her first post-baby outing is with her sister to one of those sales parties. While there she gets the brilliant idea of selling that stuff rather than going back to her office job. When she gets home from the party, her mothe [...]

    17. Synopsis: Allie never thought she'd be trying to figure out how make money from home. Before marriage and children, she'd had expectations! She wanted to always pull her own weight financially, pay half of the bills, move up in her career. But now that she has a newborn, things are changing - her thought process is changing. New thoughts are flooding her mind. She doesn't want someone else taking care of her baby!My Review: Age Before Beauty is Allie's story. And what a story it is! I immediatel [...]

    18. Allie Harrod has it all, a loving husband who is absolutely crazy about her and an absolutely lovely baby girl. Allie also has all the expectations she has thrown on herself of being not just a mom but a mom with a career. She is also less than content with the baby weight she has put on. She is also presented with the nightmare of her mother-in-law arriving for an extended stay.When Allie realizes that she wants to be home with her daughter, she is presented with the opportunity to do direct sa [...]

    19. Perfect For: Personal reading, book club choiceIn a Nutshell: I really enjoyed this book. One thing that made it so great was the fact that I could view the characters and their problems or joys as REAL! The detail, the facts, the progression of events all seemed right, not over-done. As a first-time mother myself, I could relate to Allie and the things she was experiencing, as well as the emotions surrounding watching a new baby grow and making the hard choice to return to work or stay at home. [...]

    20. This is the story of Allie and Eric. They're completely in love and have just had a baby. There are some typical insecurities as their roles and lives have to adjust, but then things start to get interesting when Eric's mother suddenly shows up on the doorstep and ends up staying a while. I really liked this story. Something I like about this author is that her characters seems so authentic. It is a Christian romance, but they are flawed in relatable ways that aren't automatically fixed by the e [...]

    21. Allie just gave birth to her beautiful daughter a few weeks ago and is already dreading going back to work. She decides to try a home based company doing sales so that she can stay home with her baby. When she arrives home she finds her mother-in-law has come for a visit, the mother-in-law she can't stand. What a delightful book. I think any mother wrestles with the decision to stay at home or to work outside the home. It is a tough decision and this story handles it in such a good way. Allie fa [...]

    22. Virginia Smith writes books one can relate to themselves. This book is about a Mom - Allie - who just had her first baby. She is not wanting to go back to work at her job. She wants to be able to stay at home and have more time with her baby. She thinks being a party hostess will earn her enough money and time with her daughter. Instead she finds start up costs, time spent hosting parties, and everything needed to keep the business running soon take over her life. She is spending less and less t [...]

    23. This is an easy-to-read story about some of the issues women face when deciding whether or not to return to work after giving birth. It mixes Allie's insecurities with her post-baby body, the relationship she has with her spouse, as well as Allie trying to find where she fits into the world in her new role as mom. While I am not a mother, as of yet, I am the middle of three girls (sister's as close, yet astonishingly different in needs, wants and personalities as the sister's in the book). I was [...]

    24. This is #2 of the Sister-to-Sister series and I enjoyed this was more than the first one. Thought the topic was more interesting and realistic than the first one, but it still bugs me how she doesn't capitalize He, Him, when she's referencing God. That'd be like typing God with a small "g" and you just don't! But great story line, I like this Author's style of writing and I'm looking forward to reading the 3rd one! This one was about the oldest sister, Allie - she's 28, married, has a 5-week old [...]

    25. You may remember my review of Stuck in the Middle, book one in the Sister to Sister series. I loved it. Joan was a lovable and identifiable character. Age Before Beauty had the same allure. Allie was a career woman in book one, confident and in charge, but in Age Before Beauty we meet a new side of Allie. Post baby Allie has a whole new set of challenges. And despite the fact that I've never given birth, I still identified with Allie and her issues. I cheered for her, cried with her and overall [...]

    26. this is the first book I have read by Virginia Smith and it was an easy pleasant read. The main characther is Allie, a brand new mom who wants to stay home with her baby girl but feels she needs to work. She becomes a cosmetic saleslady(think Mary Kay). Soon that has taken over a better part of her time which creates stress between her and her husband. also because her Father was unfaithful she supects her husband may be on the same path. Her sisters have her back though. this is a christen nove [...]

    27. This was a fun easy read - I could relate to Allie because I'm a work at home mom. Knowing ahead of time that this was a Christian novel was good since it does deal with trusting in God but it wasn't over the top. The only thing that kept me from giving it more stars was that it all seemed just a little too cliche - it all ends too happily ever after. In real life - even when you do trust in God, it doesn't always clean up so well.

    28. This was a good second book in the Sister to Sister series. If you have ever been a mom struggling with the decision to go back to work or stay at home or become an at home sales woman you will relate to this really well. It is a nice read to get your mind off of daily things and look into the life of a character that you can relate to as she works to be a good wife and mother while finding her faith and learning how to get along with her mother in law who has some very different views.

    29. I enjoyed this, but liked the first book better. Would give a 3.5. I agree with whoever thought Eric's sudden change of heart about Christianity was too fast and not realistic. How could the pastor, with a few questions, suddenly change Eric's mind after years of non-belief, when his own wife and in-laws couldn't? Allie's change made more sense, since she grew up in a Christian home. And I loved Ken's proposal to Joan!

    30. 34. Age before Beauty - Virginia SmithI got the first book in this series for free. I'm not usually a big reader of Christian Fiction but I ended up like the characters a lot and wanted to read the rest of the series. I didn't like this second book as much as the first, it just moved a little slower and the characters were not as real feeling. It was good overall though and I have already started the 3rd book to finish the series.

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