The Pathans, 550 B. C. A. D. 1957

The Pathans B C A D This is an authoritative work on the social and political history of the Pathans from BC to AD It includes an epilogue written just before the author s death in the light of recent events

  • Title: The Pathans, 550 B. C. A. D. 1957
  • Author: Olaf Caroe
  • ISBN: 9780195772210
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This is an authoritative work on the social and political history of the Pathans, from 550 BC to AD 1957 It includes an epilogue written, just before the author s death, in the light of recent events in Afghanistan.

    One thought on “The Pathans, 550 B. C. A. D. 1957”

    1. Outstanding scholarly account of this rather strange tribal group that has become one of the most significant populations on the planet: the Pathans are better known in the U.S. as the Pashtuns--the largest segimentary tribe on the planet, and as some would point out, the largest tribal group without a homeland. Though typically thought of as a rural, mountain people living in the Hindu Kush in largely ungovernable portions of Pakistan and Afghanistan, they are rapidly becoming urbanized. (Karac [...]

    2. It has taken me awhile; thankful it's done & been read. Though a classic, it was a classically hard read, that took a very intentional effort and lots of intermittent breaks with other more engaging books. Glad I read it, though, and it certainly gives one a greater appreciation of the complexities with the great Pashtun/Pakhtun/Pathan people.

    3. It was obviously written 40 years ago and isn't for everyone. It's mostly historical based but if you happen to be Pathan its interesting.

    4. Growing up one always heard the name of Caroe and his classic The Pathans. And it was always there on the bookshelf. Caroe remained in the company of Pukhtuns on important positions and for a long duration and came to love and respect them. its amazing how the Britishers learnt their language and their customs. Caroe's Oxford classical English stays with one for ever. Surely he was an important Colonial Governor of the NWFP at crucial time of partition. I do remember reading Wali khans Facts are [...]

    5. It is clearly a book that should belong in every Pashtun family's library. A book you want to pass on to your Pashtun children. It is a book to be used for historical reference. It is a book to be used when one wants to read about any specific time of Pashtun history. From pre-Islam to all Arab conquests, to Mughal era and British rule.I'm not a mere gullible individual who would simply believe anything written in a book. In this case a book of History. My education moulds me into being someone [...]

    6. Exceptional. Took me through millennia and I felt I was driving along with Olaf Caroe along the road of history in a time machine. Was a fascinating experience. Love history. I so love history when someone narrates it like this.

    7. Good book providing tribal background information on the eastern border of Afghanistan and the western border of Pakistan - the uncontrolled tribal lands of the Northwest Frontier. At times hard to keep all the names straight and who is on who's limb of the ancestor tree. Somewhat dated as it was written in the 1950's but like the author said - once a tribe claimed a home territory they didn't/haven't moved very far.

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