Levitation All of us know deep down that life is not a dream Like some crude monster in the daylight reality is sustained by our disbelief in it Maybe this is why not much seems to change not really Ever fee

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  • Title: Levitation
  • Author: SeanO'Reilly
  • ISBN: 9781906539641
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Paperback
  • All of us know, deep down, that life is not a dream Like some crude monster in the daylight, reality is sustained by our disbelief in it Maybe this is why not much seems to change, not really.Ever feel you have a totally different sense of time What s the most terrible, outrageous thing you can imagine Remember I told you about the lonely thing

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    1. All he could talk about was the men and their yarns. He lived it in there behind the steamed-up window, in the smoke and the mirrors, the razors and newspapers, the smell of wet hair under the creepy sallow light. You would believe anything, she used to tease him. (from the story Love Bites / Dark Horses)The Stinging Fly magazine was established in 1997 “to seek out, publish and promote the very best new Irish and international writing” and in 2005 they launched a new imprint, The Stinging F [...]

    2. "As every native knows, the charm of Dublin is all about who you might meet when you’re out and about on its miserly handful of streets. It might be someone you haven’t seen in a long time or a face from only the night before. It might be a lover you’ve never forgotten or your brother’s handsome headmaster or an old landlord you still owe money to."Levitation is published by The Stinging Fly Press. The Stinging Fly magazine was established in 1997 to seek out, publish and promote the ver [...]

    3. Why is it so tempting to tell the biggest lies in a barbershopThe Stinging Fly magazine was established in 1997 “to seek out, publish and promote the very best new Irish and international writing”, with a particular focus on new and emerging writers and on the short story. Stinging Fly Press was launched as a small publisher in 2005, with a similar focus to the magazine and its first publication was Sean O’Reilly’s Watermark.Sean O’Reilly published a series of short stories and novels [...]

    4. Levitation, by Sean O’Reilly, is a collection of eleven short stories narrated in a distinctly Irish voice. They are raw and often unpleasant in their imagery. The characters lack empathy and emotional intelligence. They are self-absorbed and eager to indulge in whatever provides personal gratification. In the minds of the men, sex conveys a type of ownership and is given priority over what would generally be regarded as common decency. The author describes in detail acts I would have preferre [...]

    5. Thought the experimental stories in this collection were excellent (Hallion, Hallion #2 and Critical Mass) but the ones with more conventional plot and characters I didn't like at all. I hope Mr O'Reilly goes down a more experimental path for whatever he does next. Cos he has a quare talent

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