Scarlet Widow

Scarlet Widow Beatrice Scarlet is the apothecary s daughter She can mix medicines to save lives but she can t save the lives of her parents An orphan at just sixteen Beatrice marries and emigrates to America New H

  • Title: Scarlet Widow
  • Author: Graham Masterton Emma Gregory
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Audible Audio
  • Beatrice Scarlet is the apothecary s daughter She can mix medicines to save lives but she can t save the lives of her parents An orphan at just sixteen, Beatrice marries and emigrates to America.New Hampshire, 1756 In the farming community where Beatrice now lives, pigs are found dead with slices of looking glass embedded in their mouths According to scripture this iBeatrice Scarlet is the apothecary s daughter She can mix medicines to save lives but she can t save the lives of her parents An orphan at just sixteen, Beatrice marries and emigrates to America.New Hampshire, 1756 In the farming community where Beatrice now lives, pigs are found dead with slices of looking glass embedded in their mouths According to scripture this is the work of Satan, but Beatrice suspects the hands of men She must act quickly to unmask the killer or become the next victim herself.

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    1. Well knock me over with a feather. If I had not known that Graham Masterton had written this book I never would have guessed. He has taken his writing expertise into a whole other direction. Graham is famous for his horror novels and his graphic crime series featuring Katie Maguire set in Cork, Ireland but this historical horror/thriller really is something else altogether.I was totally sold on the synopsis:London, 1750: Beatrice Scarlet is the apothecary's daughter. She can mix medicines and he [...]

    2. 2.5 stars. This would have been 3.5 stars, but I'm docking a whole star from this book because of the rape scene, which I will talk about later. When I picked up Scarlet Widow I was expecting something a lot milder; something along the lines of a mild historical mystery. I probably should have done more research, especially on the author before I read this. This is an author who has a history of writing horror and that became obvious as I read this book. There were some very gruesome murders. Th [...]

    3. Ugh. This was almost a DNF for me, but I have to admit, Masterton has created an interesting enough main character (an apothecaries daughter), and enough tension that you can't help but skim to the end to find out who the "devil" is. However, be warned. This is a horror author. And it shows. There is little of emotion in the book, few between characters, and lots of horrific murders in gory detail. Perhaps most disturbing is a graphic rape scene near the end. It made little sense to me. Especial [...]

    4. This is a superb historical horror fiction which I loved. Graham Masterton is an expert writer in incorporating suspense and laying the groundwork for an intricately plotted thriller. The story takes place in the 18th century and revolves around Beatrice who practices the art of the apothecary learnt from her father.Her father was a renowned and gifted apothecary who carried out extraordinary research ably assisted by Beatrice. He fell apart and took to drink when his wife died, and Beatrice did [...]

    5. After being orphaned at 16, in the year 1750, Beatrice is sent to live with her aunt. She then marries a preacher named Francis Scarlet, who is bound for America. They settle in New Hampshire. When odd events begin happening, the townsfolk suspect witchcraft. Soon, Bea notices a mysterious brown-cloaked stranger watching her house. Additionally, a sinister man arrives in town and offers to negotiate with the demon plaguing the people and prevent further torment… but at a heavy price. Bea uses [...]

    6. This would've been a three star review for a book that's, for the most part, serviceable and mostly harmless. Its worst crimes were a romance that was mostly skimmed over, which sucked out the emotional impact of plot developments later on, and annoying me with historically inaccurate dialogue. (I don't necessarily expect the author to go for a fully accurate Puritan-era dialect, but least try for something that doesn't read like it fell out of a modern day setting, please?)But then there was th [...]

    7. The first in the series and a good start, I liked the character of Beatrice and there was a bit of everything in the book - witchcraft, satanism, science, religion and quite a few touches of real horror. An interesting premise for a book, but as I am not a horror fan, some bits were a bit horrific for me and I tended to skip the particularly gory bits.

    8. Reviewed on snazzybooks I have mixed feelings about Scarlet Widow. I had no idea what to expect, with it being the first in a new Beatrice Scarlet series, which seems to be completely different to Graham Masterton's other work.It's certainly an entertaining, very well-written historical mystery, but something about the storyline stopped me from getting completely lost in Beatrice's world.The characters are very well crafted, with Beatrice emerging as a fantastic new female protagonist. She's sma [...]

    9. This review was first published at M's Bookshelf - mssbookshelfSet in the 18th century, inquisitive and intelligent Beatrice lives in a world where the truth is dictated by religion and superstition. There are certain things that are expected of a woman, and certain things that are not. As a trained apothecary, Bea has an independent mind and a more rational outlook on live than most of her friends and neighbours.Graham Masterton writes a complete and detailed setting, both in 18th century Londo [...]

    10. The disgusting and needless rape scene was NOT needed.Everything was ruinedEVERYTHINGwhen the author decided that he had to insert a foul rape scene in this story near the end. When an author needs to insert rape scenes to a mystery/horror story, he is not trusting that what he writes about will hold its own.As it is, when the heroine is being raped and screaming, where was the brown-cloaked man, who always seemed to be at the end of her road. No.he doesn't seem to be around to save her then, wh [...]

    11. "Masterton gores the past."Set in the 1750 in America, we are presented with Beatrice Scarlet the apothecary's daughter growing up in England and her earlier upbringing, this feels like the setup for a series of a new heroine and her adventures in the new world, this is a long setup for what is a crime story set in the past with Christian dominance of society and all kinds of ignorance dominating reality, making it vulnerable to the shenanigans of those who knew some of the powers of nature.An i [...]

    12. This mystery/thriller novel is set during Puritan times in New Hampshire shortly after the Salem Witch Trials. The main character Beatrice, is the daughter of a talented apothecary in London, England. After a series of unfortunate events, her luck turns when she marries a young minister and moves to the colonies. Her life is happy until demonic acts start taking place throughout the village. Beatrice must use her knowledge of science to discover the killer before it is too late.This story is gru [...]

    13. Good but disturbing.Good , well done, although after recently reading Crow Hollow, the parallels come readily to mind. Also, violence done to Bea near the end dismissed any ambiguity about the character of the demon's agent. It was the most disturbing act of violence. Perhaps that is because it was narrated as it happened rather than a glimpse of the consequences of violence.

    14. Beatrice is taught about herbs and potions by her apothecary father. When she marries a young preacher and emigrates to the US, this knowledge helps save lives. There's a devil at work in the community, killing people and animals, but a mysterious stranger claims to know how to help. The death and mystery came late on in the story as the earlier section was sort of setting the scene about Beatrice's life. I enjoyed this very much, even if it was obvious who the real culprit was.

    15. Another great Graham Masterton novel!This time set in 1750, partly in London and partly in New Hampshire U S.A sixteen year old orphan marries a preacher and they emigrate to America and live on a farm.What happens next is chilling and satanic like.Intriguing read!I was given a digital copy of this book by the publisher Head of Zeus via Netgalley in return for an honest unbiased review.

    16. I stepped away from my normal crime books to read this, as soon as i saw Graham Masterton was the author I knew it would be good, and it certainly was, I cant wait for the next book in this series, I am completely hooked.

    17. I found that this author is pretty hit and miss. I like the Katie Maguire series but this one just didn't do it for me. I found it to be shallow and not that interesting.

    18. As the summary states this is the first in a series of books on the character of Beatrice Scarlet. Trained by her father in Europe in the art of being an apothecary, Beatrice learns from her father the power of plants and concoctions which will play a significant role later in life. The early part of the book is in a way the weakest part as it doesn't spend a whole lot of time developing the character. We see Beatrice becoming an orphan, having to live with relatives who really don't seem to be [...]

    19. This book had the potential to be a 3 or even 4-star book for me. But, instead, it landed a measly 2. Maybe a 2.5 on days I'm feeling generous. I enjoyed Bea's character and the story for the most part, but Masteron did something unforgivable in his tale: Masteron let his heroine be raped. There were maybe 40 pages left in the book when Bea is attacked and raped. Masterton abuses Beatrice simply for the fact that he could. She's held down by one man, who can't speak but "whoops" as she's violate [...]

    20. Some gruesome deaths & a supposed demon, needless to say I loved it. Well loved it apart from the rape scene & the identity of the Brown Man, which if I'm honest I found a little pathetic. Still this gory escapade into the path gets five stars from me, but then I do adore Graham Masterton :o)Looking forward to the next instalment & finding out if Bea's baby girl shows any of her daddy's traits, whoever he maybe

    21. I have read a vast amount of what the very talented Mr Masterton has written covering horror, supernatural spooky, detective and now this (which is also a kind of detective novel).I loved it. The characters drew me in, both the good and the nasty. The background stories are all just as well set out as the main storyline.I'm not going into great depth because I am just going to say - go read it!

    22. I liked this one at the start, but got impatient as the very obvious "mystery" unfolded. Had to skip to the highlights in the last third. Too much dwelling on gory details and an unnecessarily graphic sex scene spoiled it for me.

    23. Must admit that I prefer the Katie Maguire books. This book was a little bit tame for me, didn't scare me in the least. Having said that I feel that I need to read the second book to answer the question in the prologue of the 'Scarlet Widow', mainly "who are you?"

    24. Good start to a new series. Very different from the Kate Maguires series which I really enjoyed but this is just as good in its own way. Look forward to reading the next.

    25. I felt sure I must have read a Graham Masterton book in my past, but nothing looks familiar so Scarlet Widow, surprisingly, appears to be my introduction to this well known British horror author. Scarlet Widow, although filled with death and destruction, is not a graphic hide behind the couch horror and I thoroughly enjoyed it.From the early days in London when Beatrice loses her mother and father in such disturbing and tragic circumstances to her investigation of strange goings on in America, I [...]

    26. See my other reviews at Never Enough BooksBeatrice Scarlet was raised by her apothecary father. From him, she learned to mix a wide variety of ingredients in medicines that could help or harm. Despite her knowledge though, she is an orphan at 16.Some years later, Beatrice has married a preacher and the two have made their lives in the wilds of a new country. Things have been peaceful for quite some time but that peace is shattered when a group of pigs is found dead of no apparent cause. Each of [...]

    27. This is an about face for one of the great masters of horror and would seem to be the perfect beginning to an exciting new series of historical mystery books featuring Beatrice Scarlet the apothecary's daughter, born in England, brought up by her experimental apothecary father with an inexhaustible knowledge and love of herbal medicine and unusual remedies.Orphaned at 16 and brought up by her Aunt in the mid 1700s she meets and marries preacher Francis Scarlet and emigrates with him to America w [...]

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