The Making of Star Wars

The Making of Star Wars After the success of American Graffiti filmmaker George Lucas made the fateful decision to pursue a longtime dream project a space fantasy movie unlike any ever produced Lucas envisioned a swash

  • Title: The Making of Star Wars
  • Author: J.W. Rinzler PeterJackson
  • ISBN: 9780345494764
  • Page: 301
  • Format: Hardcover
  • After the 1973 success of American Graffiti, filmmaker George Lucas made the fateful decision to pursue a longtime dream project a space fantasy movie unlike any ever produced Lucas envisioned a swashbuckling SF saga inspired by the Flash Gordon serials classic American westerns, the epic cinema of Japanese auteur Akira Kurosawa, and mythological heroes Its original titAfter the 1973 success of American Graffiti, filmmaker George Lucas made the fateful decision to pursue a longtime dream project a space fantasy movie unlike any ever produced Lucas envisioned a swashbuckling SF saga inspired by the Flash Gordon serials classic American westerns, the epic cinema of Japanese auteur Akira Kurosawa, and mythological heroes Its original title The Star Wars The rest is history, and how it was made is a story as entertaining and exciting as the movie that has enthralled millions for thirty years a story that has never been told as it was meant to be Until now.Using his unprecedented access to the Lucasfilm Archives and its trove of never before published lost interviews, photos, production notes, factoids, and anecdotes, Star Wars scholar J W Rinzler hurtles readers back in time for a one of a kind behind the scenes look at the nearly decade long quest of George Lucas and his key collaborators to make the little movie that became a phenomenon For the first time, it s all here the evolution of the now classic story and characters including Annikin Starkiller and a huge green skinned monster with no nose and large gills named Han Solo excerpts from George Lucas s numerous, ever morphing script drafts the birth of Industrial Light Magic, the special effects company that revolutionized Hollywood filmmaking the studio hopping and budget battles that nearly scuttled the entire project the director s early casting saga, which might have led to a film spoken mostly in Japanese including the intensive auditions that won the cast members their roles and made them legends the grueling, nearly catastrophic location shoot in Tunisia and the subsequent breakneck dash at Elstree Studios in London the who s who of young film rebels who pitched in to help including Francis Ford Coppola, Steven Spielberg, and Brian DePalmaBut perhaps most exciting, and rarest of all, are the interviews conducted before and during production and immediately after the release of Star Wars in which George Lucas, Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Sir Alec Guinness, Anthony Daniels, composer John Williams, effects masters Dennis Muren, Richard Edlund, and John Dykstra, Phil Tippett, Rick Baker, legendary production designer John Barry, and a host of others share their fascinating tales from the trenches and candid opinions of the film that would ultimately change their lives No matter how you view the spectrum of this thirty year phenomenon, The Making of Star Wars stands as a crucial document rich in fascination and revelation of a genuine cinematic and cultural touchstone.

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    1. "This film has been murder." - George Lucas"I told George, 'You can't say that stuff, you can only type it.' But I was wrong. It worked." - Harrison FordIf you're a major Star Wars fan (more than I am, and I like the films quite a bit on the whole, yes even the prequels to greater or certainly lessor degrees), you've likely already read this, and probably own it as well since it's been out for over ten years. The people I'd like to recommend this book t0 are those who like movie books and have a [...]

    2. J.W. Rinzler is an excellent, meticulous researcher who is able to present his information in a clear, interesting manner. He has the talent to do this for both books like this one, that are "out of universe" and for "in universe" books like the Star Wars blue prints series. For die hard fans, he's a real treasure. This is a fantastic book, filled with wonderful details about the making of my favorite movie, ever. It's fun to read, and has great photographs, but it also makes a great reference b [...]

    3. Review written: 10th January, 2016Making of Star Wars by JW RinzlerWhy I read it: Due to The Force Awakens being a thing now I figured it was worth pulling this old book out and reading it again.Rating: 4/5What I thought: I didn’t like this as much as I did the first time I read it, and I’m not sure why. In hindsight a bit of it could be that there was a little too much filmmaking minutiae thrown around in there that I couldn’t quite excavate properly. In certain respects though I’m happ [...]

    4. This is the book that would have changed my life had I read it as a 14-20 year old, causing me to pursue a career in film.Having just completed it as a 37-year-old, I'm still highly inspired by the persistence, creativity, leadership, teamwork, and raw determination displayed by so many who collaborated on this film. Simply the making of this movie is as dramatic as the story itself, and highly worth the reading.This is for fans of Star Wars, movie buffs, film historians, and - for the right per [...]

    5. One of the few Star Wars books that avoids staring through the rose-colored glasses and shows Lucas & Co as what they were: a bunch of 20-something prodigies who could have just as well made a huge sci-fi flop as they could a media empire. Most of the interviews were culled from the time of actual production, so there's not much revisionist history. An excellent read with lots of awesome photos of people in 70s dress.

    6. It is a credit to the book's author that upon reading The Making of Star Wars I felt exhausted, yet exhilarated, as if I had participated in the entire process myself, from pre-production to editing. Another thing that surprised me about this making-of book is that it's incredibly honest and doesn't seem to hold back anything about the ordeal that was making Star Wars come to life. You'll learn about Lucas' tough negotiations with Fox, who were anxious and dubious about the project (even Alan La [...]

    7. This is a very well-written, very detailed look at the making of Star Wars, from George Lucas saying "I want to make a Flash Gordon movie" to "I am retiring from directing and setting up a company to make the sequels." You should only read this book if you want to learn everything about how that movie was developed, written, rewritten, designed, filmed, edited, assembled, etc. But if that does interest you, definitely read this book.

    8. Really exceptional piece of work. Contains all the information a geek could want, as well as wonderful photos and interesting audio/video clips. I'm a massive fan of Star Wars, and now a fan of Rinzler as well.

    9. un livre magnifique! le lecteur est guidé au travers de l histoire autour du film et des affres (nombreux) de sa creation.long, écrit petit, le livre ne se lit pas en un apres midi, mais au long cours!iconographie magnifique, interview inedites.un must pour les vrais fans!

    10. I first saw Star Wars at the age of 3, and from my early childhood until today, I have spent countless hours reading about that movie. From the first comic book adaptations, to magazine article and books, I have always wanted to know more about how the movie was made. I've seen at least a dozen "making of" documentaries and shows, and even attended a 30th anniversary screening of the film after which George Lucas, Carrie Fischer, Mark Hammill, and the special effects, sound and editorial crews r [...]

    11. For long-time fans of Star Wars, this enhanced e-book will contain much that is familiar. It discusses the evolution of the movie's plot, George Lucas's innovative approach to movie-making, the reluctance of 20th Century Fox to back the film's production (which led to many compromises), the stress of the production process, and nearly everyone's inability to understand what this ground-breaking move was all about. But where this book shines above others I've read, such as Garry Jenkins's Empire [...]

    12. delivers - by conveying the reality behind the film. A strong sense of being there while it was madens of tiny details that help bring all the creative peeps involved from (from lucas to mirch to coppola, and on and on) down to earth, while pulling back the curtain a weee bit on lucas's little talked about saavy business decisions.Was blown away to read about the ways in which ILM was sort of a union breaking art-engineering collective/experiment. Very interested in the perspectives of all the d [...]

    13. This is a very impressive book in many respects. The physical copy is very hefty and retails for $80. That is probably more than a casual fan would spend on a Star Wars book, but if you can get your hands on this one, it is well worth it. I've read all of the prequel making of books and I find that this one is much stronger than any of those and not just because the original movies are a lot better than the prequels either.What is impressive is how detailed and well-researched the Making of Star [...]

    14. This is probably one of the best overviews of the film-making process from idea conception to the premier. I'd forgotten what a huge impact Star Wars made on my life when I was a kid, and this book brought back memories of reading the Marvel comic book adaptation first and having to wait until it was re-released in the Summer of '78 to finally see the movie. (This was before Netflix, Red Box, and HBO, kids!) I enjoyed the interviews--from crew, actors, and other film-maker friends of George Luca [...]

    15. The Making of Star Wars is a book that all Star Wars fans and enthusiasts should read. This book is incredibly detailed about the making of the movie. It's amazing that it captures the first moment George Lucas brought up the idea and discussed it publicly through the multiple drafts and studio issues all the way through the release and Lucas's "retirement" from directing. While I've always had respect for George Lucas, this open my eyes even more to what he brought, and is probably still bringi [...]

    16. This book was a really interesting look at all the difficulties George Lucas went through in creating Star Wars. It's strange to think about how different that movie and the times were, especially now in a post-Star Wars world.I liked the use of sources contemporary to the time. It's refreshing to read people's doubts about the movie even being finished, let alone as successful as it was. I liked the discussion of the changes to the different drafts, and I really appreciated the appendix that in [...]

    17. The Making of Star Wars by J.W. RinzlerBallantine Books, 2007353 pagesNon-fiction; Hollywood5/5 starsSource: LibraryThis is a massive coffee-table book but it is covering a big topic: the genesis and making of Star Wars (A New Hope). There are so many pictures, excerpts from early scripts, quotes from many of the principal figures, both on and off screen talent. The best part is that those quotes are culled from interviews from about 1975-79, right as the instances happened and not as involved i [...]

    18. It's hard to think of the Star Wars franchise now without summoning up the glitzy mediocrity of the prequels or Lucas' seemingly unending attraction to worse and worse ideas (refusing to allow the original theatrical release to be restored, despite various offers from industry experts; plans to re-do the the original trilogy in 3D, etc). But if you haven't gone *completely* sour on the Star Wars universe, this book, along with The Secret History of Star Wars, can remind you what an unprecedented [...]

    19. If I had to call it I would say I'm a bigger film fan generally than a Star Wars fan specifically but this was in the library and I'd heard good things about it.It's an immense but thoroughly readable chronicle of Star Wars from inception to release. The level of detail is enough to satisfy most people, certainly a casual fan and there's a lot of fine print detail, far deeper than the usual anecdotes most people are aware of. I found it fascinating for the most part, occasionally a bit too much [...]

    20. I was six years old in 1977. Which means Star Wars was my favorite drug as a kid.Reading this book was a major fix.The main thing that struck me was how this movie pretty much ushered in the modern age of entertainment. From ancillary marketing to special effects to the size of the audience. It's the blueprint for what everyone wants to do these days. Which affects everything. Before Star Wars, what was there to match it? Everything that orbits the beating star at the center of the nerdy enterta [...]

    21. I'm adding this to my "history" shelf for a reason. It's not just a movie tie-in with EXCLUSIVE, 100% UNOFFICIAL secrets or something that you'd ever find advertised in TMZ. Instead, it surprised me by being and exhaustively detailed and comprehensive look at the four-year process of getting Star Wars made.A lot of the broad info I already knew, but this book is worthy of calling itself "definitive." Lots of primary sources from Fox and Lucasfilm make their first appearance in this book, most of [...]

    22. J.W. Rinzlerin "Making of Star Wars" (Ebury & Vermilion, 2008) on kiinnostava tietokirja, joka kertoo ensimmäisen Tähtien sota -elokuvan syntyprosessia aina ensimmäisistä luonnoksista ensi-iltaviikon menestykseen saakka. Elokuva ei syntynyt ongelmitta, budjetti paisui alituisesti ja elokuvastudio pelkäsi menettävänsä sijoittamansa rahat.George Lucasin lisäksi Tähtien sodan syntyä valottavat muun muassa näyttelijät, kuvaajat, erikoistehosteista ja äänistä vastanneet ihmiset ja [...]

    23. I am a member of The Star Wars Action Team or SWAT (fcrps/Revan97) and I was very exited when our community manager added the entire Star Wars "Making of" trilogy to the SWAT Rewards Store. Not only was I able to purchase all three of these great books with credits I earned for creating pieces of Star Wars art, building Star Wars dioramas, posting reviews of Del-Rey SW books ect but all three of the books where signed by J.W. Rinzler himself! After reading books like "George Lucas: Creator of St [...]

    24. 4.5 starsSuperior account of a game-changing American film that provides a detailed narrative of the painful process of the project from idea to release. The presentation of the oral histories by the major players, rare materials from the production archives, and the evolution of the film through its multiple screenplay drafts offers a fascinating look at the challenges faced by Lucas and his team at every level, including the never-ending struggles to gain the confidence of 20th Century Fox. Th [...]

    25. Excellent not only for Star Wars fans, but for anyone interested in how films get made. There's real drama and suspense here: Lucas' difficulty to obtain backing for what was an ambitious kids' movie; putting together a crew that would attempt to do groundbreaking work, and actually getting it done and in the process changing cinema history. The book is gorgeous: great attention to detail, loads of never-seen-before sketches and photos, and sections that chronicle the evolution of the story, sho [...]

    26. While the name says it all, we have had a few of "these" already. More accurately, this should be titled The Definitive Making of Star Wars, because that is what this book is.Rinzler has done a masterful job of combing through antique articles, insightful interviews and detailed documents to piece this grand work of another together. Packed with rare photos, candid conversations and script revisions, this book covers all the subtle nuance and monument that was poured into and created by, Star Wa [...]

    27. I like Star Wars. It is pretty cool. Thus this book was enjoyable to me.Seriously though, this book is just an incredibly in-depth look at the making of Star Wars. It follows the movie starting from its genesis as an idea in Lucas's head for a "space-opera fantasy film", through to its eventual triumphant release as it became a worldwide phenomenon. Along the way it details the many rewrites and story changes the script saw, and covers the constant problems and setbacks that plagued production. [...]

    28. I read the enhanced Kindle edition. The journey that this movie took from George Lucas's mind to the screen is a pretty crazy and unlikely one, and every detail you could possibly want to know is in here. I especially like the neat anecdotes, particularly the stories about how the special effects were made. The founding of ILM is probably the best part. They spent six months and close to half a million dollars (out of an $8 million budget for the whole film) to produce four shots, which Lucas th [...]

    29. A fantastic, detailed, and fascinating telling of the story behind the making of Star Wars told in the original words of those involved!Culled from hundreds of interviews given throughout the three year making of Star Wars, this book gives the inside, real world grit perspective on one of history's most amazing films. All the troubles, frustrations, and obstacles that George Lucas and his crew had to overcome are shown for what they are: a heroic struggle to make an original piece of cinematic m [...]

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