The Right of Love

The Right of Love After the hot sex comes the real world What was that My therapist once said after the hot sex comes the real world Or in wayward love the drama is sprinkled in between passionate lovemaking That sou

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  • Title: The Right of Love
  • Author: Love Belvin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • After the hot sex comes the real world What was that My therapist once said, after the hot sex comes the real world Or in wayward love, the drama is sprinkled in between passionate lovemaking That sounds like one of them novels you like to read No Ours is too hilly to be a traditional romance story And it is Journey the conclusion to Love Belvin s After the hot sex comes the real world What was that My therapist once said, after the hot sex comes the real world Or in wayward love, the drama is sprinkled in between passionate lovemaking That sounds like one of them novels you like to read No Ours is too hilly to be a traditional romance story And it is Journey the conclusion to Love Belvin s riveting Wayward Love series, and see how errant the path to Isaak and Kennedi s happily ever after is What is a perfect love story Does it not include disappointment, betrayal, distractions, guilt, and anger Just how much can these two take before they decide the victory of love isn t worth the pain Note This is the final installment of a three book series It contains expletive language, and sexual content If you do not wish to have these elements in your reads, this is not the venture for you.

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    1. Love it!!!!,By far the best series Ms Belvin has written thus far and to me that's sAying something all of her books are good but the ball was knocked out of the park with this series!

    2. In my review of The Left of Love I described Love's writing as the perfect example of experiencing all parts of a story! The Right of Love did not disappoint. The author has a way of delivering on promises that she didn't even know that she made. In the first two books in this series we witnessed Isaak and Kennedi experience some serious growing pains, with each other and in life. But this book was all about the falling action and resolution!Falling Action The falling action is described as occu [...]

    3. I finished this book on Monday, and it's now Friday night, and I'm STILL trying to move on. This book, the whole series, was so good. The pacing of the love story was excellent. Kennedy and Isaak went from classmates, to best friends, to friends with benefits, and finally to an actual couple. 'Hilly' was the perfect way to describe their road, because there were so many ups and downs. These two were so young and although this is the first love for both of them, you know their love is going to la [...]

    4. Let me start off with how I'm such a huge fan of Love Belvin's books. This review is why I couldn't give my usual five stars. My biggest issue with this final book in the series was that all the problems of Isaak and Kennedy were placed on Kennedy's shoulders. Yes, she left Isaak but she had to, for her own mental health and stability. Did she try to move on with her life, yes and I see nothing wrong with her doing what was right for her. Isaak didn't even try to set things right with her, the w [...]

    5. I can't believe I'm already finished.So much for pacing myself. This is what happens when an artist pens without perimeters. You get so intwined with the characters you don't realized that your turning the last page. I laughed, I cussed Sunset out, I also cried. I loved this tale so much. I'm so upset that I'm already finished because I have nothing to look forward to for at least 3 months.

    6. She continues to amaze me with her writing style, she possesses the ability to weave a story together that will tap into every emotion possible. Issy & Kenni take you not only on an emotional ride but a reflective one as well. Their journey will have you thinking about how the decisions we make not only affects you but the subsequent people in your life. Every decision you make good or bad has the ability to affect someone else's life as well as your own. Kenni & Issy learn this the hard [...]

    7. Love Kennadi and Isaak have literally been through everything. It takes dedication and communication to get through the stuff they've been through. They stood the test of time

    8. Sad to see this series end. Loved Isaak and Kenny. They went through a lot to reach their HEA. Great job Love.

    9. A less than stellar ending.For Issak and Kenny to have known each for a significant time, they both act as if they just met each other on the street and was forced into a relationship. The struggle between them became tedious. Isaac seemed to be jealous of Kenny's having a family and of her desire to better his. His love and passion for her was unquestionable, but actions towards her was. What was so wrong with her needing a time out from his drama? Why punish her for expecting the parents of th [...]

    10. THE LEFT SIDE OF LOVE - THE LOW SIDE OF LOVE AND THE RIGHT SIDE OF LOVE, (WAYWARD LOVE 3 book series by LOVE BELVIN)SPEECHLESS!This review represents my opinion of the entire 3 book series.We all have our favorite authors and also the best book we associate with said author. With Love Belvin, my book association has always been Azmir Divine Jacobs and Ms. Rayna Brimm. I have just finished reading Love's latest project and the rawness of the writing has left me floundering in my endeavor to ascer [...]

    11. How in the world does she do it? Her writing is so alive it's crazy. I think that I'm going to cop to the fact that Issy and Sunset are my favorite Love Belvin couple so far. This was not an easy read by far. Love knows how to complicate things in such a delicious way. I devoured this last installment until the wee hours of the morning knowing I had to work the next day. In this installment I was so upset with Isaac and it took me a while to really get over it. I don't want to add any spoilers, [...]

    12. They've Been Left, Low, and Now It's Time To Make It RightI am posting this review after my second read. I was just as pleased with it as I was the first time. Isaak and Kennedi went through so much in the two previous installments of this series and I was sure how Love would bring them back together. Love never disappoints me. Isaak and Kennedi continued to grow in their own way. I loved how Kennedi finally claimed her man and did what she had to do to ensure her family's happiness. I was equal [...]

    13. Another hit series for the Queen!I love this author because she's the greatest at storytelling about perfectly imperfect people. This series was just as great as the others. I loved the growth and maturity of both Isaak and Kenndi. I love how she explored the truth about love and forgiveness. I'm not sure why but I had a thing for Isaak from jump. I saw through the tough guy exterior. I knew he was feeling his Sunset from that first kiss as he was getting ready to start his music career. Thank y [...]

    14. Chasing SunsetsI'm sad the series is over but happy how it ended. Kennedi and Isaak had me emotionally invested in their twisted love affair. Kennedi went after what she wanted in this installment however, Isaak did not make it easy. Isaak matured so much since the first book especially with his kids. Love Belvin did her thing with series and I can't wait for her next set of patients.

    15. Amazing ❤❤❤Well written series that I truly enjoyed reading. Great character development. I love the relationship between Kennedi and Isaak. Who would've thought that 2 people who grew up from different backgrounds would develop a friendship that eventually turned into them falling in love. Through the ups and downs they managed to be more open with communicating their feelings and in the end have the happily ever after. Beautiful story of a wayward love.

    16. Magnificence!Everything about this series was delightful, thoughtful and carefully written. Every detail was penned to perfection creating a whirlwind of emotions to stir inside of me I'm in love with both Izzy and Sunset's characterhated that their beautiful story had to end. Will definitely be reading more from this author.

    17. Couldn't put it down; sleeping is overratedI was so anxious for this last installment, that when it finally released I just couldn't stop reading, even to sleep. That's how captivating Love Belvin's stories are. I really enjoyed reading the conclusion of Isaak and Kennedi's story.

    18. In the final installment of the Wayward Love series, Isaak and Kennedi have reached a low point. Trust has been broken and love is a far off notion at this point. Can these two right a wrong and find their way back to love?Being the end of a series, I've never felt such heaviness in my chest. Probably because this series took me through one of the most tragic experiences in my life. I'm actually at a loss on what to read next as I consider the nostalgic state I've been in after reading the last [...]

    19. Wickedly Delicious This series has taken me through so many emotional highs and lows. I detested him at the end of book 1, then her at the end of book 2. This final installment has me totally and completely in love with Isaak. Kennedi is Kennedi. While I felt for her, I can't say that I like her and this surprises me. In TLeftOL, she was 'lil sis' in my head. In TLowOL, I didn't like her. I found her to be selfish and manipulative. She's come full circle for sure. Isaak is everything. I don't th [...]

    20. New Fan!!Absolutely loved this love story. Love the opposites attract against all odds. Kenny and Issy!😍 Your writing was amazing! Thank you for introducing me us to the Beckwith and Armstrong I will definitely miss all of these characters I struggled with finishing because I didn't want it to end Really wanted to see if Ameerah would try something further, never cared for her What's going on with Tracee,& and How do Kennedi's parents marriage go? Want to see more of Sniff and Trinka. Unf [...]

    21. Crazy Love but a love that's worth itI waited until all 3 books were released before I read Wayward Love series and I'm glad I did! The books were AMAZING!!! I've been up all day and night I couldn't put the books down. Kenny pissed me off through out the whole book. I was yelling at her through out the book I gained respect for her when she checked Isaak about his kids. Now Isaak is BAE. I loved his swag, lyrics, and the way he humbly took care of all his friends and family. Great series Love B [...]

    22. The Right of LoveThis was definitely the right of Love. The journey that Kenny and Isaak took to reach their "right" was not easy. But in the end it was definitely worth it. For every stumbling block and setback, the comeback was greater. I loved this series and this conclusion was epic. I absolutely loved the growth and maturity of both Kenny and Isaak. But baby Isaak is a beast and I love his swag. Great job on another great series Love. I'm looking forward to how you'll make me love you more. [...]

    23. Reviewed by ~ Crabbie I'm sad the series is over but happy how it ended. Kennedi and Isaak had me emotionally invested in their 'wayward' love affair. Kennedi went after what she wanted in this installment however, Isaak did not make it easy. Isaak matured so much since the first book, especially with his kids. Love Belvin did her thing with series and I can't wait for her next set of patients.

    24. Love a great endingNot that I wasn't expecting a great ending to this series, I just appreciated the depth of knowledge associated with a woman and man being appreciated. I love the dads story of being cursed there is always two sides to every story. I think my favorite is Issak realized Martin mimicked him. It's surely a true reality of how are young people are easily persuaded Thank you Love! Nicely done!Francoise

    25. 10 starsI love this couple. We got to see them at their lowest point when it came to love. We seen vulnerability in both Isaak and Kenny. I loved the way they grew into their love. It was always there but they had to go through some things to get to some things. Forgiveness was key in this series and I loved it.

    26. Love…me some "LOVE"I happened upon this author about seven months ago and to date I've read everything has to offer from her. I just love her way of telling a story and her style, I love her perfectly imperfect characters and their tainted realistic make-up. She can do no wrong I waited for this book obsessively and so glad it's here it did not disappoint. Can't wait til she drops her next one.

    27. You are So RightThe Right of Love, the conclusion to the Kennedi and Isaak love storyThose guys knew that once they cut out all the BS, they were meant to be. It is a rare occurrence in a persons life that they meet their heart the first time falling in love. When Isaak and Kennedi met in class the first time, we could feel the magic, and as each story unfolded, Kennedi grew and became so ingrained in Isaak's life he had to eventually accept the inevitable. Their wayward love was the right path [...]

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