Surviving Mateo

Surviving Mateo Mateo Morelli The mere mention of his name is enough to strike fear into the hearts of grown men The most ruthless crime lord in Chicago isn t a man you dare cross But when the second most feared crim

  • Title: Surviving Mateo
  • Author: Sam Mariano
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Mateo Morelli.The mere mention of his name is enough to strike fear into the hearts of grown men The most ruthless crime lord in Chicago isn t a man you dare cross But when the second most feared crime lord shows up on my doorstep the night of my husband s wake, he doesn t give me much of a choice My late husband owed Antonio Castellanos a lot of money, but the magnanimMateo Morelli.The mere mention of his name is enough to strike fear into the hearts of grown men The most ruthless crime lord in Chicago isn t a man you dare cross But when the second most feared crime lord shows up on my doorstep the night of my husband s wake, he doesn t give me much of a choice My late husband owed Antonio Castellanos a lot of money, but the magnanimous boss is gonna do me a solid I get to pay my debt, and keep my daughter alive All I have to do is one little favor.That favor Seduce and kill Mateo Morelli PLEASE NOTE These are not standalones Mateo s story starts in Accidental Witness and continues in Once Burned If you don t read Accidental Witness first, you will not have the background you need on his character and you won t follow his story very easily.

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    1. Surviving Mateo, Book 2 in the Morelli Family series by Sam Mariano, focuses on the characters of Mateo and Meg. Mateo is the head of a notorious crime family, and Meg is the widow of a man that owes money to one of Mateo’s rivals, Antonio Castellanos. Though Meg’s husband is deceased, Antonio still expects to be repaid but not in the form of money. He wants Meg to seduce and poison Mateo for him, and in exchange, her debt will be considered paid in full. Even if Meg wanted to refuse him, sh [...]

    2. 4 "the Morelli way" starsFuckin AI wanted to read about Mateo Morelli, the cruel dangerous immoral bastard of a mobster since book 1 -Accidental witnessAnd here we gown this mother fuckin roller coaster!I liked this better than book 1, and adding a great female character to the equation, Mateo surely found his match and he finally sucumbed to the one thing he held power over, both working for and against himor did it?There are still tensions and intense sparks inside the Morelli family as our he [...]

    3. I so wanted to hate this book because Mateo! He's evil to the core and I hate that I love him. This book was freaking genius! I don't think the author could have given Mateo a better heroine than Meg. I so want to be her when I grow up. Strong, sassy, funny - no, hilarious, takes no prisoners and loves with her whole everything. Mateo grew on me, even though I didn't want him to. That's some brilliant writing.I'm pissed at Mia, I hate that she lied and after finishing this book I still don't thi [...]

    4. I really have to give a huge shoutout and standing ovation to Sam Mariano on this five bullet casing masterpiece. Just when I thought she was gonna take us in one direction, this crafty artist sent me spiraling in another. The outcome wasn’t what I’d been expecting… was so much more! Thank you…ank you!I’ve never made it any secret my disdain for Mateo. In truth I loath the monstrous villain. Yes he’s panty dropping hot and have so much sex appeal and charisma. This powerhouse don is [...]

    5. I was absolutely OBSESSED with Mateo in the first book & I was secretly rooting for him all the way. There's something about the devil that entices you. It's an aura he possesses. Evil and sexy. And absolutely dangerous combination. And on Mateo Morelli, it's about a thousand times worse and I LOVE IT. I didn't think he was going to settle down any time soon. I was expecting a lot more mind games with Vince and Mia, I thought it was just a continuation of that.But Holy Canoli, Mateo Morelli [...]

    6. WHAT? MATEO GETS HIS OWN BOOK?!That's right. The villain I hated and loved, and hated and loved again in Accidental Witness, is back. And he is better than ever. No really, this time he is dangerous, sexy, and SWEET. Who thought Mateo could be sweet? I know I didn't. And he's got his own girl to trap, like only a Morelli boss can.This is where we meet Meg. Meg is like no other character I've met. She's a little crazy, not going to lie. But her craziness totally keeps her alive, and keeps Mateo c [...]

    7. Surviving MateoBy Sam Mariano4 Solid Stars!!My goodness, after reading Accidental Witness, I knew I needed to find out more about Mateo. This book delivered! Mateo is one man you never want to be on his bad side. You won’t survive…plain and simple. When Meg is confronted by the family her deceased husband owed money to… She basically seals her deal with death. What Meg didn’t count on was Mateo allowing her to live. Live she is allowed…. But under his ‘terms’. Mateo now has a new [...]

    8. Ohhhhhhh Mateo.This sums him up from Book 1:He's totally hot, all powerful in his little corner of the universe, and he can be a bit pushy to those around him that he feels affection forD NOW!!! MATEO GETS HIS OWN BOOK!!! Prepare yourselvesINGS GO DOWN.Relax. You're gonna enjoy it.I was so unprepared. I was like, "I know Dark Romances, alright?"Not like this.This. Was. Awesome. DIFFERENT. Surprising. And hilarious. Thought I knew where it was going; Nope. Seriously. I laughed so hard with this b [...]

    9. Messed upOk I really don't know what to say about this one. I liked the story in many ways and it made my stomach turn at the same time.The plot was good. Kept you reading to see what was going to happen. Meg was something else and made you laugh out loud. Matteo seemed different in this book. Softer with more feelings. I don't know if this was deliberate or not, but it was very noticeable.Now the parts I didn't like. Mia and Meg, really we had to go there?! Then they were friends?!? Not jiving [...]

    10. Oh my god, so much Mateo. This book did not go the way I thought it would. This is not what I expected from book two of this series. And when I first started it, I got really scared. I was like "WTH is going on right now? Who is this chick? WHAT IS HAPPENING? THIS ISN'T RIGHT." I was freaking out. But it turns out Meg's really funny, and Mateo through her eyes made me all melty. When he murdered her childhood molester's face off? Bedtime stories? The loaded gun in the dungeon (though honestly I [...]

    11. Confession! Since I read Accidental Witness where I first met Mateo Morelli I have been kind of hooked on him. I was drawn in by his dangerous badassness, and I haven't been able to forget him. Imagine my joy when I heard he was getting his own book.Meg Gellar has just lost her no-good, gambling husband. He has left Meg with a three-year-old daughter, and a huge gambling depth and now she has to figure out how to pick up the pieces after his death. Unfortunately, one of the people her late husba [...]

    12. Surviving Mateo by Sam Mariano is the second book in the Morelli Family series. It's focus is clearly on the wonderfully complicated head of the Morelli Family, Mateo. It's even better than the first book in this series. Meg is a recently widowed single mom. Her husband was killed by the Morelli's for his debts. His death was not a tragedy. However, even in death, he is still ruining Meg's life. Antonio Castellanos, the head of the city's other mafia family was also owed money. Death does not wa [...]

    13. 4/5 I think you need to get your head examined stars. This is another buddy read with my friend B. Truly. You can read her review here.I must say, I am very conflicted with this story. I love the plot, and I am a plot girl, so if I don't love the characters, it's not the end of the world. And it's not so much that I don't like Meg or Mia. It's more like I can't relate to them because I would never in a million years react the way they do. *************************************Spoilers************ [...]

    14. This is the second of the four book series. I received this book in exchange for an honest review. I started off thinking that this book was going to go in a completely different direction, but I loved how the story turned out. I wasn't a Meg fan at first, I was all about Mia and Mateo! I was very wrong though because it takes the right kind of woman for such a man. I loved this book because I got to see a whole different side of Mateo, a softer one. Meg is such a strong character and really kno [...]

    15. I actually really loved this storyMeg's husband dies with tons of debt hanging over his head. The night of his wake, a mob boss swoops in to collect. The payment he wants isn't exactly what you'd expect though. He wants her to kill his enemy mob boss, Mateo Morelli. She agrees because she has a young daughter who is being threatened. Things don't go quite according to plan and her life takes a strange turn after the failed murder attempt!Great writing. Great story. I kept turning pages, because [...]

    16. 4.5 StarsIn a book buzz, wondering how I could overlook Mateo's line of business. Grateful it wasn't mentioned because it was my kind of sweet that I got to take with me sans the dealings that may have marred my rose tinted reading glasses :)ReviewThe dialogue in Surviving Mateo read as if it was being read to me. Whenever I took a break from reading, the characters remained vivid in my mind. It drew me back to the story because it was as if the story was continuing in my absence.Told from Meg [...]

    17. I know this is so damn wrong to saybut the pull and chemistry that Mia and Mateo have, is probably my favorite thing of the series so far. I can count on one hand the times where I’ve actually wished certain characters weren’t paired off with different people. This is one of those times.Part of the reason I gave the first book 1 Star was because she willing fucked Mateo—to be “free”—and then went back to Vince, knowing that he “probably” knew that they fucked, but feigning ignora [...]

    18. Plot: 4 Characters: 3.5 Heat: 4Enthrallment: 4 Plausibility: 4Surviving Mateo had an interesting plot. I wasn't sure what to expect & even though I still like book #1 better, book #2 didn't disappoint.I enjoyed seeing another side to Mateo. This story gave you a better understanding of why Mateo is like he is. It was also nice to know that he has a loving, caring side—that it's not all about power and control. Just more of a method of survival.There were a few things that weren't plausible [...]

    19. First I have to rant a bit. I really tried my best to forget what Mateo did in book one. I couldn't. Though he is quite likeable for most of the book here, he's a rapist and I can't condone that. There is no excuse for it. Not that he's hot. Or rich. Not that he showers the women with gifts before and afterwards. Or that he's charming. This is not done, period. And a man who commits such a horrible crime - repeatedly - is not a hero, not romantic, not someone to fall for or like or want to have. [...]

    20. Amazing!!!!I knew I was going to love everything about Mateo Morelli and I'm happy to know I was right In the first book he was a dick, but you were still drawn to him and wanted to know who this overwhelming man was He's so unbelievably sexy and so damn charismatic How could you not melt into a puddle right in front of the dangerously sexy man?!And Meg was amazing to read too So funny and so charismatic in her own goofy way, that I'm in love with her now She had every right to be sad and scared [...]

    21. Sam Mariano does not disappoint once again with story of Mob boss Mateo. She gives us an insight into his life with some of the characters from the first book Accidental Witness. Mateo is a ruthless, dangerous man, even at the young of 30. Who runs his family like his business, keeping and eye on everyone, all knowing and extremely smart. One thing he didn't count on was Meg, she is a sassy, loud mouthed, witty, weird woman. Who knows how to gives as good as she takes. A fighter, and doesn't bac [...]

    22. Surviving MateoSam MarianoLies, decite, mobsters and mayhem. Stir it together with a touch of romance and you have a great story on your hands. And yes yoibread the title right. Mateo got his own book. The mobster leader, a woman in the wrong place at the wrong time, and a secret that burning to be free.He's handsome, scary and the top dog in the mobster world. The name Morelli brings a lot of fear, death and money into play. And Meg is in the middle of it all. If her sleaze bag of a dead husban [...]

    23. Wait, what? THE Mateo, force of nature, magnetic, uber-bad boy meets his match? Yaaaaasss he did!!Meg was such a fun character!! Her mouth, her spunk, and the twists and turns, just wow!! Mateo is like a game of chess, he's always moving in different directions and you never know what he's up to, so it is always an incredible reading experience with a character 10 steps ahead of everyone else. I also got to see more of characters that we'll see in future books, along with a newbie at the end tha [...]

    24. Twisted, exciting and extremely sexy!Absolutely wonderful! If I could give it more than five stars I would. I liked the first book but I loved Surviving Mateo. Yes Mateo is a sick twisted bastard but we can't get enough of him. You want to slap him and kiss him all in the same breath. When Meg loses her husband she gets a surprise knock at her door. Not at all what she was expecting she is immediately thrown into danger only to fall in love with the devil.This a wonderful series with really grea [...]

    25. Mafia stories are not suppose to be hilarious, however, Meg is outspoken, witty, spunky, sassy, & sexy. She is all that and a bag of chips! Could not put this book down, love Sam's writing and her sense of sarcasm! Excellent

    26. I Love MateoLord, I really, really do. The man is crazy hot andazy. What's not to like? I kind of want to stay awake and read the next book tonight. Hmmmoks or work?

    27. Awesome, I love me some Mateo, and I was so glad to see the author give him a strong yet compassionate leading lady in Meg. I was left guessing througout most of this book which just led me to devour it in one night. On a little side note, why can't I like Mia, lol, I just find her so annoying sorry just felt the need to say that but it doesn't take away from this story or how good it is.

    28. Mateo, I love you. Forget about meg. Forget Mia. Come find me. Gah! A fabulous follow up to a surprise favorite. I need book three now.

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