Quinsey Wolfe's Glass Vault

Quinsey Wolfe s Glass Vault Currently Unavailable Will be re released June th Some see it Some don tPeople in the town of Deer Park Texas are vanishing There is a strange museum known as Quinsey Wolfe s Glass Vault th

  • Title: Quinsey Wolfe's Glass Vault
  • Author: Candace Robinson
  • ISBN: 9781544274652
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Paperback
  • Currently Unavailable Will be re released June 26th, 2018 Some see it Some don tPeople in the town of Deer Park, Texas are vanishing There is a strange museum, known as Quinsey Wolfe s Glass Vault, that appears overnight Perrie Madeline s best friend and ex boyfriend are among the missing Perrie and her friend August go on a pursuit for them in the mysterious muCurrently Unavailable Will be re released June 26th, 2018 Some see it Some don tPeople in the town of Deer Park, Texas are vanishing There is a strange museum, known as Quinsey Wolfe s Glass Vault, that appears overnight Perrie Madeline s best friend and ex boyfriend are among the missing Perrie and her friend August go on a pursuit for them in the mysterious museum Could the elusive Quinsey Wolfe s Glass Vault have anything to do with the disappearances A book that intertwines horror elements and retellings, with humor, romance and darkness

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    1. When a new museum called Quinsey Wolfe's Glass Vault appears in town, people begin to disappear and even stranger the museum itself seems to disappear just to reappear again. Perrie Madeline's ex boyfriend mentions the museum the day before he disappears and then her cousin and best friend also doesn't come home the morning after her first shift working at the museum. Perrie and her friend August go to search for the museum on their own after it seems to disappear when they've brought the police [...]

    2. To see my Q&A with author Candace Robinson and to see my full reviews for her current two books, please visit readrantrockandrollI picked up Quinsey Wolfe’s Glass Vault as soon as it was released after reading the blurb and viewing the cover. I love retellings and the idea of intermixed horror really pulled me in. I’m amazed at how perfectly matched this cover is after reading the story.The story starts out with the main character Perrie and her cousin Maisie. They are really close and l [...]

    3. If anyone has kindle unlimited, you can read this book =) As of this review, not sure how long it will be on KU. I loved the very beginning of the book. I fell right in love with Perrie, Maisie and August as well. I thought they were awesome characters and I want Maisies as a friend. Lol Then . . . they are traveling down the road and see this random old museum off in the woods. It seems to be a museum that comes and goes. It's called, Quinsey Wolfe's Glass Vault. I'm not going to tell you what [...]

    4. See this review, and more of my discussions around the reading community on bookbastion__________________________I've been a fan of horror for almost as long as I've been a fan of fantasy. I remember many instances as a kid where I gave myself nightmares after sneaking away to watch the Sci-fi channel showings of classic horror movies like A Nightmare On Elm Street and >The Exorcist. But for some reason, I was just as hooked by those stories as I was about knights in shining armor. I think it [...]

    5. Actual rating 3.75 stars.I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank you to the author, Candace Robinson, and the publisher, CreateSpace, for this opportunity.This book begun in an entirely predictable fashion and, for the first quarter, I felt there was nothing inspired or unique about the plot. But, my gosh, did all that change!Perrie Madeline's home town is plagued with mysterious disappearances. After both her best friend and ex-boyfriend join the names of the miss [...]

    6. Oh, dear! I'm in love with a YA book yet again. It's always a pleasure to find a gem among all the unnecessary angst out there, in the genre.Some see it Some don'tPeople in the town of Deer Park, Texas are vanishing. There is a strange museum, known as Quinsey Wolfe's Glass Vault, that appears overnight. Perrie Madeline's best friend and ex-boyfriend are among the missing. Perrie, along with her friend August, go on a pursuit to search for them in the mysterious museum. Could the elusive Quinsey [...]

    7. A deliciously dark YA horror debut! I received an eARC of Quinsey Wolfe's Glass Vault from the author, Candace Robinson, in exchange for an honest review. Some of you might know Candace as a book blogger and a prolific reviewer. I, for one, was really excited to see her debut novel is coming out and was thrilled to receive an early copy.Those of you who have read the book might remember a certain sign above the glass museum. I think it sums up the book perfectly: Not for the Faint of HeartYup. [...]

    8. Perrie Madeline has had her best friend and cousin, Maisie and their friend August by her side ever since her terrible break up with her ex boyfriend Neven. When out together they come across a new museum that seems to have come out of nowhere and when spotting a now hiring sign Maisie decides to apply and soon finds she's gotten the job. In the meantime Neven just can't seem to take no for an answer when it comes to their break up and when he shows up to talk yet again they get into another arg [...]

    9. QUNISEY WOLFE'S GLASS VAULT by Candace Robinson is a fun fantasy roller-coaster ride where the pages fly by and the imagination soars as genres blend and big twists knock you sideways. The idea of the book itself is pure gold and executed very well and mysteriously, and as that mystery unravels at a quick pace the book becomes very exciting and impossible to stop reading, and sets the reader up for one heck of a twist that even I didn't see coming and was very happy to get smacked in the face by [...]

    10. Release date 05/16/2017 in eBook format, but is available for purchase in paperback format on and Barnes&Noble now!I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review."You die here, you stay here."This book was sensational!To be honest, I was leery towards this book due to the fact it was labeled as a horror story. But after seeing that it was also young adult, (as well as seeing the cover,) I figured it probably wasn't at the level of today's typical hor [...]

    11. (Note: I received a review copy of this book via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review. Many thanks to Publisher and author.)First of all the prologue of the book was really creepy. I like the start of the book. Characters are most important part of the book and another important part was glass museum. Characters were okay at their place. I am not too attached and not too detached with them. Character I loved the most was Maisie. She was smart and unusual character. I really liked her eye [...]

    12. "You die here, you stay here."This book was such a wonderful surprise! It went straight into my favorites folder when I was done. I was in a reading slump and had this cued up in my currently reading list for a while, just waiting for me to get myself back to reading. One day I said, that's it I'm just going to open the book and give it a try. Well, it was a good move!!! This book was AMAZING!!!!! I'm officially out of my slump!Candace Robinson has a very imaginative and creative mind!! It's ast [...]

    13. DNF @ 36%Received from netgalley in exchange for a honest review. This has nothing to do with the book but with me. The writing, premise, and characters are really good but I feel like this is not my cup tea since I'm not really a horror girl and I'm dragging my feet with it. Also I read in the book of the book so I know what the " twist" is. So it's best for me to put it down before I force myself to finish it and give it a bad review. Shout out to the Author Candace Robinson who I'm proud of g [...]

    14. I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review Alright, let me start of by saying (since I really don't say it often enough) that I RESPECT THE HELL out of ANYONE who actually has the perseverance and fortitude to write an ENTIRE NOVEL!! Sorry for all the random caps but it really is true and I can't stress it enough. Lord knows I can barely write a page at a time and I end up editing it so much that I never actually 'complete' anything, so MASSIVE KUDOS to Robinson and to all w [...]

    15. *I RECEIVED A FREE ARC IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW*WOW!!!So the wonderful Candace from Literary Dust has finally released her first book!!!The synopsis pretty much says everything. Perrie is still recovering from a break up and is trying to figure out if she has feelings for August, one of her friends. But one day the see a weird mansion on the road which they're pretty sure has never been there. As the people closest to Perrie start to disappear, it isn't long before her investigation lead [...]

    16. Oh. My. Goodness. Quinsey Wolfe’s Glass Vault is beautifully written, imaginative, and full of surprises.The setting was WOW. The characters were WOW. Everything about this book was just WOW WOW WOW! I highly recommend.

    17. There is something strange going on in Deer Park and it all started with the unusual museum that seems to disappear at the most inconvenient times. Author Candace Robinson has conjured up a tale of magic, mystery and horror that even blends fact and fairy tale! QUINSEY WOLFE’S GLASS VAULT will peck at your imagination and challenge you to keep up as Perrie and August enter the museum to find their missing friends, only to discover there is more to each horrific display than meets the eye, as w [...]

    18. Holy Toledo this book is outstanding! Wow. I don’t even know where to start with this review. I don’t have much experience with this genre, but I was completely blown away. If you are a fan of horror, retellings, and romance, do yourself a favor and snatch this book up. I promise that you are going to love it!The complex characters are so well-written, and they have the best names! Perrie is a terrific main character whom I became attached to immediately. I admire her strength and unwillingn [...]

    19. Quinsey Wolfe's Wax Vault by Candace Robinson perfectly blends fantasy and horror genres. Fairy tales are given an even more gruesome twist, and weaved in with some of the more nefarious crimes in our actual history, to create a time traveling YA horror novel, that is surprisingly sweet, and leaves you wanting more.

    20. This was lots of fun! I loved that there was a horror twist to some fairy tales! I know some of the original version of some fairy tales go more towards the gruesome side, so it was interesting to see Candace Robinson's take. I love that the characters go into many stories, and to many different settings. They were all wonderful! There was only one that seemed a little out of place in the book, but I still enjoyed it! Perrie is the lead, and the whole story is told from her point of view, she's [...]

    21. I'm a huge fan of horror books, of all flavors, and anyone who reads the genre knows they come in a million tastes like gourmet lollipops. "Quinsey Wolfe's Glass Vault" is good and almost old-fashioned funhouse darkness, which is rarely seen today, and holy crud it is a good ride. Every character is developed, there is a lot of twists and turns and something is going on just constantly. And early on you get the idea that the evil being faced is supremely more powerful than first guessed, and the [...]

    22. What a fantastic debut YA book. I was hooked with the unique characters that navigated through such an imaginative adventure. The premise is extremely engaging, a perfect blend of fantasy, horror, and fairytale. And, just when you think you have figured out what's going to happen, the rug gets pulled right out from under you! That, for me, was the best part. It's really challenging to keep the reader surprised, so I was thrilled when that happened. Looking forward to the next book!

    23. A mix of fairy tales and horror, Candace Robinson masterfully blends these genres. This is a unique and completely original story-telling. A young adult read that will mystify. And boy, was it an imaginative take on the classics with an extremely dark twist.If you are looking for a HEA, then this is not the book for you It truly wasn't my cup of tea but that being said, I couldn't help but appreciate Robinson's imagination. If I was rating on originality, I'd have to give Quinsey Wolfe's Glass V [...]

    24. OH MY GOODNESS!! I must say that I absolutely LOVED this book! The book begins with the spotlight on the sinister villain named Vale who goes by many names, one of them being Quinsey Wolfe. He speaks on his master plans and then we are introduced to freshly 18 year old High school student Perrie and her delightfully quirky cousin, Maisie. You soon learn that there has been a string of disappearances in their small town of Deer Park, Texas and the mysterious Quinsey Wolfe's Glass Vault has sprung [...]

    25. I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of Quinsey Wolfe's Glass Vault by Candace Robinson. The sinister prologue spooked me and made me curious at the same time. Perrie is an only child living with her single father, since her mother left years ago. Her best friends are her next door neighbor and cousin, Maisie, and August, the teenage boy she has more than just friend feelings for. There's an odd mystery about the breakup with her ex-boyfriend, Neven. One day, on their way home from school, Per [...]

    26. I thought this book was very well written. It was a very unique concept and the characters were likable. Character likability is a big deal to me!! I love a good suspense novel with a twist and this definitely had a twist! If you like horror/suspense, give Quinsey Wolfe's Glass Vault a go!

    27. I had a few ups and downs with this novel but overall, I absolutely loved it. I loved the character development, but the best part of this novel was definitely the world building and plot. Classic fairytales we all know and love are given gruesome twists. Horrors of our own history are relived. Only a couple points did I feel like we were at a stall, but then she’d pick it up with more horror aspect or even just a twist that you wouldn’t necessarily expect. Being her first novel, I cannot wa [...]

    28. I like retellings, so I decided to give this book a try, even though horror isn't normally a genre I gravitate towards. Heads up, there is no HEA, so if that is enough of a deal-breaker for you, you might want to avoid this book. But, normally I really want a HEA, too, and I still really ended up enjoying this book. It was incredibly original. There was a very big twist at the end that I was not expecting. Even though I'm bummed by that ending, I'm still giving the book 5 stars, because the jour [...]

    29. I have a very complicated relationship with young adult horror novels. You see, I was well acquainted with classic eighties horror (think King, early Koontz, for the Brits think Herbert, and all the eighties horror movies such as A Nightmare On Elm Street and Child’s Play that we all think of when someone mentions horror reaching the peak point) before my school friends were brave enough to pick up Goosebumps. This can be taken in one of two ways. First, my mother was amazing. She introduced m [...]

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