Love, Mama

Love Mama With a heartwarming story and tender illustrations Jeanette Bradley s debut picture book Love Mama is perfect for Valentine s Day Mother s Day and any day when a child needs a reminder of the stre

  • Title: Love, Mama
  • Author: Jeanette Bradley
  • ISBN: 9781626729490
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Hardcover
  • With a heartwarming story and tender illustrations, Jeanette Bradley s debut picture book Love, Mama is perfect for Valentine s Day, Mother s Day, and any day when a child needs a reminder of the strength of a mother s love.When Mama leaves her young penguin Kipling, he knows she ll return home soon yet he still can t help but miss her After all, Pillow Mama won t read, PWith a heartwarming story and tender illustrations, Jeanette Bradley s debut picture book Love, Mama is perfect for Valentine s Day, Mother s Day, and any day when a child needs a reminder of the strength of a mother s love.When Mama leaves her young penguin Kipling, he knows she ll return home soon yet he still can t help but miss her After all, Pillow Mama won t read, Picture Mama won t laugh, and Snow Mama is too cold to cuddle.But then Kipling receives a special delivery from Mama, including a note that reads My love for you stretches across the wide ocean, through day and night, from earth to sky and back again.And Kipling knows that no matter where Mama is, he is loved Soon, Mama comes home, and Kipling ends the day where he belongs right in her arms.

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    1. Full review with teaching tools: unleashingreaders/?p=1I am such a sucker for penguin books! And a penguin book about a son’s love for his mama? Melted my heart! And I can see so many different times this book will come in handy to read to Trent including when I have to leave for longer than a day, when he asks how much I love him, or if he asks why I need to leave. The author complimented her sweet text so nicely with soft, detailed illustrations that help support the mood of the story. Trent [...]

    2. A sweet tale of separation and return - when Mama goes on a trip, Kipling knows she'll be back soon, but still can't seem to shake his no-Mama blues. Then a special package arrives This charming little penguin story is a great way for parents to talk to their kids about trips or separations. The illustrations are very emotive - the "snow mama" spread made me tear up. A picture book that works well even for very young children - my three year old wanted to read it four times in a row.

    3. This review was originally written for The Baby Bookworm. Visit us for new picture books reviews daily!Hello, friends! Our book today is Love, Mama by Jeanette Bradley, a darling tribute to the unconditional love between mother and child.Little Kipling the penguin is feeling pretty down. His Mama is on a long sea voyage, and he misses her terribly. He even tries to make substitutes, but it’s just not the same; Pillow Mama can’t read to him, Picture Mama doesn’t laugh at his jokes, and Snow [...]

    4. Thanks to the Kid Lit Exchange for the review copy of this book. As always, all opinions are my own. LOVE, MAMA is author/illustrator Jeanette Bradley’s debut picture book, and she knocked it out of the park. Little Kipling the penguin waves goodbye to his mama as she floats away on an iceberg (which appears to be taking her to a really cool ship). Kipling expects Mama to come home soon, but she’s not back for dinner, bedtime, or even the next day. Kipling can’t have any fun without Mama. [...]

    5. Love Mama melted my heart. The illustrations are adorable. Kipling, the baby penguin’s subtle facial expressions and body language exhibit such longing and sadness as he tries to cope with Mama departing on a big ship. The soft palette, cool blues and grays add to the melancholy that Kipling feels when he misses Mama. The poetic language paired with the sweet illustrations add to the emotion of the story. You can’t tell exactly why Mama has to leave. But the pictures hint that she is a scien [...]

    6. Love Mama is a book about a little penguin whose mother has to leave home for a few days. Little penguin misses Mama. Then, a package arrives on little penguin's doorstop. The penguin is adorable, and children can relate to the penguin's feelings and actions. The story would work well for young children (toddlers and up) whose loved ones must sometimes travel without them (or who have loved ones who live far away and can't visit often). It could also be used in elementary schools when discussing [...]

    7. "Love, Mama" is a sweet and reassuring picture book about a little penguin whose mama must go away on a trip, leaving him at home to miss her. From across the sea, Mama sends a special box with a note explaining her love for him. And of course, before too long she comes home for a happy reunion. The words are spare and poetic, and the art is adorable and kid-friendly, with many interesting details that young readers will enjoy pointing out. While all kids could appreciate this comforting tale of [...]

    8. @kidlitexchange #partner I was given a digital copy by the author in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Love, Mama by Jeanette Bradley is a children's picture book that tells a sweet story of a penguin whose Mama has gone away. Kipling misses his Mama dearly while she is away. Mama sends Kipling a package as the story tells how the package, filled with Mama's love, made its way to Kipling. This is a story of how far a Mother's love reaches and that it never stops no matter h [...]

    9. A young penguin deals with his mother's extended absence. "Mama didn't come home for dinner. Or at bedtime"Beautiful illustrations accompany gentle and lyrical text. The words and pictures will remind young readers that love can stretch over land and sea. It's like The Kissing Hand for children with parents who might have regular business travel or need to leave for their first overnight trip away.This book shows tender examples of how you can feel close even when circumstances take you far apar [...]

    10. I could've used this book back when my kids were little! It was always a struggle when I went away to make them understand that I would come back and that my love for them was still just as strong. This book is just a perfect little jewel of love and tender parenting, even from a distance. The illustrations are lovely and relatable, and the text supports the art beautifully. Perfect both as a Valentine book or as a gift before a parent goes on a trip. Or just to read together snuggled up before [...]

    11. LOVE, MAMA written and illustrated by Jeanette Bradley tells the story of a young penguin whose mother goes away on a trip, but sends him a package to reassure him of her love. Bradley’s sweet illustrations are a fun mix of animal (the packages travel by seal, whale and seagull) and human (I love Mama’s roller suitcase and life preserver). In the spirit THE KISSING HAND, LOVE, MAMA is a sweet, reassuring read for any child whose parent has gone away for the day, the night, or a fortnight.

    12. Poor Kipling! His mama heads out on a loooong trip and even his wishing socks won't bring her back. But Mama is always thinking of him, even when she isn't right there. And, of course, she comes back! This sweet penguin picture book by Jeanette Bradley is perfect for kids who are missing someone, kids who are lonely, kids who are getting ready for naptime, kids who are happily playing the afternoon away - all the kids!

    13. “Love, Mama” by Jeanette Bradley is a sweet tale that is great to have on your kids’ bookshelf especially if you are a mama that travels. A sweet “see you soon” present for your little one! I particularly enjoyed seeing pillow mama, picture mama, and snow mama as well as the animal mail system in the lovely, soft illustrations. And even though I’m not headed out on a trip, I will be giving this to my 3 year old for Valentine’s Day.

    14. In Love, Mama, Kipling, the little penguin, misses his mother, and tries to find a substitute for Mama's storytimes and cuddles, but nothing compares to Mama ("Snow Mama was too cold to cuddle"). This sweet and cozy story will make you want to snuggle your little ones close. The illustrations are adorable, especially the last scene. Love, Mama is a perfect picture book for children whose parents go away for work or other reasons. I reviewed an advanced copy of the book.

    15. Kipling is a penguin whose Mama has left on a trip. Penguin misses his mama and is in a bit of a funk. One day a package full of all of his favorite things arrives along with a note from mama, and he sends his own note and package back to mama until she at last returns home. Sweet story about love, and could be useful when a parent will be traveling for a while to discover separation as a temporary state. Sweet, with lovely illustrations.

    16. This is such a sweet and tender tribute to mothers and their babies. Sometimes mothers have to travel! This beautifully illustrated and lyrical picture book takes the reader through the initial emotions of little Kipling missing his mother to the package in the middle to his mother returning home again. Sometimes a parent will gift their children something upon their return from a trip, but for me this book is the perfect before-the-trip gift.

    17. This heartwarming and tender story is perfect for any child aged 2-5 who misses his mama (or papa) at any time--whether they are traveling or not. The illustrations are just so adorable, the text that accompanies is so sweet and will speak right to your heart, and the message is reassuring and lovely. A perfect lap read for any child seeking comfort.

    18. A picture book just right for children ages 2-5. A tender tale of a mother's love for her child. When Kipling's mom goes away for a time, he tries to fill her absence with a "Pillow Mama," "Picture Mama," and "Snow Mama," but none of them can fill Mama's place. The sweet ending will have moms hugging their babies tight at story time. (NOTE: I read an Advance Reader's Edition)

    19. Looking to calm your child down before nap or bed, or perhaps hoping for a quieter afternoon? Look no further than Jeanette Bradley's stunning debut, Love, Mama. The soft, muted, pastel tones will calm parents and kids alike, and the lovely message will stay in your child's heart long after the book ends.

    20. I received a copy from the author for review. This does not affect my review.A beautiful tale about a mother's love. When Mama leaves Kipling, he misses his mother. To show him that she misses him too, and how much she loves him, she sends a surprise gift! A heart-warming story, and beautiful illustrations!

    21. Love, Mama is perfect for young children who miss a traveling parent. It’s simple, comforting, gentle. Not only is the child reassured of his mother’s love, he also takes action to communicate his love to his mother. This is a book to be read again and again. (And I love Mama’s little rolling suitcase!)

    22. Spare text, rich illustrations, and a sweet story make this book perfect for young children and parents. The story line deals with a penguin being temporarily separated from his mother while the mother is traveling. It’s a realistic portrayal of the slow (to children) passing of time, the ache of missing a parent who is away, and the joy of reuniting.

    23. With a calming palette of blues, greys and soft pastels, Jeanette Bradley communicates Kipling’s keen sense of isolation as he is missing Mama, away on a business trip. Then - a burst of color as he opens the care package sent from across the sea! While reading this book to my two girls, I found that the lilting rhythm and sweet sentiment made it a lovely addition to bedtime reading.

    24. Love, Mama is a sweet story that reminds us that our loved ones are never that far away from us. This book was lovingly written and illustrated, the cool color palette is perfect for the mood and the setting of this lovely story.

    25. Love, Mama is a great read for Valentine's day or any day of the year you want a super sweet book about the love between a child and their mama! The illustrations are beautiful, warm and tender telling the story of a love that transcends time and distance, and lasts forever!

    26. Beautiful illustrations, kind and gentle text, a lovely and heartwarming read! Geared toward younger children, but reading with my 8 year old prompted this reaction: "I love mama, too. Can we read another book?"

    27. Love, Mama features a darling penguin who misses his mom. Kids who have to adjust to being separated from a loved one will appreciate its reassuring tone and soothing palette. It's a sweet tale that would be perfect for a snuggly winter story time.

    28. Mama has to go on a trip and little Kipling is missing her. Mama sends a special delivery to tell Kipling how much she loves him. A perfect story for a little one whose mom may have had to go away for a bit and they might be missing her.

    29. This is a beautiful lyrical picture book is perfect for little ones who spend time away from the ones they love and love them. There's no chance you will not fall perfectly in love with little penguin. Highly recommend!

    30. A cozy, heartwarming love story between a mother and child. Would be extra special for assuring those kids who are nervous about being separated from their parents.

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