Spring Break

Spring Break Go on Spring Break they said It ll be fun they said What they failed to say was Madsen Secksin who like his name is pure sex and sin would be laying in the bed next to me I m determined to have fun I

  • Title: Spring Break
  • Author: AndreaJohnston
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 209
  • Format: None
  • Go on Spring Break they said It ll be fun they said.What they failed to say was Madsen Secksin who, like his name is pure sex and sin would be laying in the bed next to me.I m determined to have fun.I will not get my groove on with Madsen even if there are four years of pent up sexual tension between us.I will not allow myself to fall for his charming ways Oh, w Go on Spring Break they said It ll be fun they said.What they failed to say was Madsen Secksin who, like his name is pure sex and sin would be laying in the bed next to me.I m determined to have fun.I will not get my groove on with Madsen even if there are four years of pent up sexual tension between us.I will not allow myself to fall for his charming ways Oh, who am I kidding Spring Break is meant for bad decisions.How bad could it really be Not intended for readers under 18 This is a short story

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    1. 5 I'M SEXSIN' FOR SECKSIN STARS!!!Oh hell. I'm in lust with Madsen. Not only is he HOT, he's charming, cocky and sweet! And a good guy! Whaaat? Well, it's the perfect combination to combust panties everywhere. I could also stare at his body all damn day. Yes I have a visual. You're welcome ;) And how fun was this story?! I loved it! It was fast paced, yet the sexual tension had me squirming in all the best ways! Talk about pent up sexual tension! *whew* I loved the banter between Madsen and Phoe [...]

    2. I only have one problem with Spring Break by Andrea JohnstonI want MORE, now! Spring Break is a fast-paced, laugh-out-loud, sweet and steamy read. It's quick and fun and the perfect pick-me-up for your winter blahs. In other words, it's everything a Spring Break should be.Madsen and Phoebe are smart and sassy. They've perfected the art of enemies. But, during this trip they discover their vicious banter and sparring has really just been several years of intense foreplay! And, once the the wick i [...]

    3. Holy man did I love Spring Break. I don’t remember my Spring Break adventures ever being like Phoebe and Madsen’s, but boy did I ever enjoy living vicariously through them as I read this awesome novella by Andrea Johnston! Phoebe and Madsen have known each other all through college. Madsen is Duncan’s best friend, who also happens to be Phoebe’s twin brother. Kelsey is Phoebe’s best friend and is dating Duncan. Sounds like this should be a cozy group, right?!? Well, Phoebs and Mads are [...]

    4. This was exactly what I needed! Fun, Flirty, Sexy. A quick read that packs a punch. I really enjoyed this novella and I can't wait for the next installment!

    5. Such a fun read!Phoebe was so funny and I found her amusing the whole book.Phoebe is talked into a spring break trip by her roomie & best friend (who also happens to date her twin brother). His BFF Madsen also comes along.There is an attraction between Phoebe and Madsen that they have fought all through college.Read this book to watch them attempt to fight it as they room together on Spring Break!

    6. Absolutely loved this quick and easy read. This book had me laughing and sharing Phoebe's desire for Madsen. Sexy, funny, and romantic This was perfection ♡

    7. Right off the bat I'm laughing. "Ya know, dangerous things"Phoebe is my spirit animal and I wonder if Andrea can make her a real person so we can become BFF! Seriously, she's freaking amazing! Everything that came out of her month made sense! I loved her random thoughts with her ADHD, always going off topic! She was a total real life human to me in this book. ______________I highlighted so many things in this book because I freaking LOVED it! This was a great, short read but of course I want mor [...]

    8. "Spring Break" by Andrea Johnston is a quick, light read, perfect for anyone who wants to experience a mini spring break during a snow storm or the chaos of day-to-day living. Phoebe is the girl with a good head on her shoulders tempted by the serpent that is Madsen, and boy is he tempting, as is his tongue that speaks enticing words with promises of pleasure. This book made me want to give in to my desires more, want to stop worrying so much about the rules I place on myself. This book made me [...]

    9. HOLY HOT PANTS! Someone get me a a drink! A cold one! And a fan! This book is HOT HOT HOT! Holy moly! I am a huge fan of the vacation fling variety in a story - and this novella does NOT disappoint! Madsen and Phoebe are just plain meant to be - but they have been fighting the genuine connection for YEARS! When Phoebe's bestie (and brother's girlfriend) invites her on a trip - she winds up sharing a room, and a BED with Madsen the hunky player she's long time been crushing on! Sparks ignite on t [...]

    10. ****ANOTHER 5 STAR READ****Andrea Johnston has done it again folks! This fun and witty novella will keep you turning the page until its done and I PROMISE you will want more! Let me start off by saying that I was not a huge fan of the novella. I always feel like the story isn't long enough or there is no resolution or even worse, no character/plot development. HOWEVER, I will admit that after reading this, I am changed!!!Not only did Andrea do a great job with plot and character development, she [...]

    11. You totes need to read this one! It's a quick sweet read that is gearing up for great things! I just really really hate that I have to wait until this summer for more! I mean, isn't cruel and unusual punishment against the law?You will want to hang out with Phoebe and her friends, she is awkward a book worm just like us. And Madsen oh Madsen this boy/man! Whew!"Every inch of him is what book boyfriends are made of."Get ready to go on a Spring Break you won't ever want to leave! Minus the awful h [...]

    12. Novella's aren't supposed to be this good. The characters are supposed to be shallow and not well developed cos the story is so short. Well once again this author shows she is not in any one's box. This is a fun, laugh out loud funny, sexy and full all around read in between too few pages. Madsen is a too hunky and handsome for words but turns out to be more than that. Phoebe is fighting it all but in for the ride of a lifetime. Great job and so worth the read!!

    13. This is the story of a college student, Phoebe, who gets talked into going on a Spring Break trip by her best friend, Kelsey. Her crush of four years, Madsen, ends up being part of their Spring Break gang. What could happen in a week of fun in the sun?I'm not one who tends to love a short story. I really enjoyed Spring Break! It is such a cute, sweet story that made me laugh a lot. I believe there is going to be three installments. There is not a cliff hanger. You could just read part 1 and walk [...]

    14. This was my first book by this author and I enjoyed it. This was a quick fun read about a spring break trip where friends/acquaintances take the next step, which has been a long time coming. The book had some witty banter and the characters were quirky and funny. Looking forward to reading more from this author.

    15. Does anyone have a fire extinguisher ? No one does a slow burn to explosively hot like Andrea Johnston. In this, her forth release, we follow Phoebe and Madsen and friends on their Senior Spring Break trip while they enjoy the beach and drinks. But will the alcohol be the perfect excuse for Phoebe and Madsen to finally give in to years of flirting and foreplay?

    16. This story wishes I was back in college for my spring break fun. Madsen and Pheobe have so much sexual tension you can feel it coming off the pages. What a great and quick read. Super sexy,fun, laugh out loud moments and steamy. Can't wait for part 2

    17. Wow!!!! Steamy.This is the kind of spring break I always wished I had had. Andrea has done it again. Two characters with such charisma they suck you in from the very first page. This story is not only steamy , but its also is hilarious.

    18. Another great book by Andrea. It is a short read.Sometimes spring break is a little too much to handle, but sometimes you find out what's meant to be. Phoebe is sassy to no end. She's hilarious. Madsen is sexy, flirty, hilarious as well. I recommend this book. It's fun, sexy and definitely flirty.

    19. Fun and sexy novella.Phoebe is my spirit animal. I love that she's not afraid to be who she really is. Her personality shows through and that's why people adore her.

    20. I loved this book! It was funny and hot with characters you fell in love with. You can't help but want a Spring Break adventure of your own- hopefully with a Madsen to help you have fun ;) I can't wait for more of this amazing series!!

    21. Just amazingThis book was a quick up and down thrill ride and it says part one so Iam so excited for more on this couple!!

    22. Andrea Johnston is one of my top one click authors. If she wrote it, screw the blurb and cover, I'm buying it anyway. And obviously, she never disappoints me. Spring Break is a novella series that will follow Phoebe and her relationships with her roommate and best friend, Kelsey; Kelsey's boyfriend, who Phoebe has dubbed "F*ckan (Duncan); and Madsen Secksin, who fits his name perfectly.In part 1, we meet with Phoebe and Kelsey just before they leave for their Spring Break trip. Phoebe is stubbor [...]

    23. I read this awhile back but I suck at getting reviews done. It's still one I think of! I need more! The characters in it are hilarious and adorable. I absolutely LOVE sassy ass girls. Keep up the good work!

    24. Warning: this book will make you crave!Spring Break is a quick and fun read. There is lots of sexy innuendos and sexy moments. If you could go ahead and finish the next bookat'd be great!!Andrea doesn't disappoint!

    25. Perfect vacation read. Only I need more!! I need more of Phoebe and Madsen ASAP! Andrea Johnston hurry up and give us more of this fun and sexy couple.

    26. This is totally a feel good book. It is funny, sexy, and just all around good. It was a fun book to read. This was the first book of Andrea Johnston's I have read and I will come back for more.

    27. Perfect beach read!!!Want a awesome,funny, and sexy beach read? Then this novella is for you! Madsen is awesome, and charming and swoon worthy and Pheobe is strong and smart and hilarious! This was a perfect set up for the next chapter and I seriously can't wait to for it!

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