Lumber Jacked

Lumber Jacked This Lumberjack s Wood is Long Hard and way too Hot to Handle Grady Cole is as rugged as he is sexy He lives in a remote cabin in the woods with his baby daughter The last thing he expects is a beau

  • Title: Lumber Jacked
  • Author: Chance Carter
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • This Lumberjack s Wood is Long, Hard, and way too Hot to Handle Grady Cole is as rugged as he is sexy He lives in a remote cabin in the woods with his baby daughter The last thing he expects is a beautiful, innocent girl, lost and alone, to fall into his life But that s exactly what happens Out hunting, he finds a girl unconscious in the snow Autumn Lane is nineteenThis Lumberjack s Wood is Long, Hard, and way too Hot to Handle Grady Cole is as rugged as he is sexy He lives in a remote cabin in the woods with his baby daughter The last thing he expects is a beautiful, innocent girl, lost and alone, to fall into his life But that s exactly what happens Out hunting, he finds a girl unconscious in the snow Autumn Lane is nineteen and out on her own for the first time She s homesick, vulnerable, and completely alone When Grady brings her back to his cabin she feels things she never knew she could She s attracted to the strong man who has offered her warmth and safety She wants to feel the touch of his coarse hands on her smooth skin She wants him to be her first Grady craves Autumn like the mountain wolves crave their prey He knows it s wrong She s nineteen and he s thirty She came to him for protection She trusts him But he can t help it He s been cold and lonely too long and needs her to keep him warm at night He wants to devour her, to possess her, to make her cry out his name and beg him to keep going Is she the one who can heal his wounds, bring his heart back to life, and give his baby the love and care she so desperately needs Lumber Jacked is a hot and steamy romance about a man who craves a woman s soft touch, and a woman who yearns for the strength and grit of the man on the mountain It is intended for adults and contains a very satisfying, happy ending

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    1. ?#@&^%*()@!<":WHAT WAS THIS BOOK ABOUT? Autumn is a naïve virgin off on her own for the first time to make money to take care of her mom.She works at this weird hotel and meets Grady the quintessential alpha male. Her bosses the hotel owners were all likeGrady is likeOh, I almost forgot there’s aThere’s a lot of thisThen thisLet’s throw in someOh and some of thisARE YOU CONFUSED YET?! WELL, WELCOME TO THE FRICKIN CLUB!Chance Carter, the author wrote that he is “A Bad Boy who writ [...]

    2. This was pretty awful. The writing was sloppy. The author had good intentions when it came to plot but it wasn't well executed. The timing behind everything felt off. The choice the characters made were awful and unrealistic. Most characters were unidimensional, other were just crazy and absurd.I almost didn't finish it, but I had a little hope things would improve. They didn't. I will list a few things that are unrealistic, but keep in mind, these are just a few of the many things that don't ma [...]

    3. This is the first book that I have read by this author. The story left a lot of unanswered questions. Why is this nineteen year old girl so sheltered? The aunt is a real pill and never gets punished. The two hotel owners just weird. What's up with the wolves? I'm confused.

    4. What in the world did I just read? It was the strangest story line, strangest characters, and just plain out strange. It didn't flow, it didn't mash, and it didn't make any sense. The Aunt Shirley alone was the most messed up , vindictive , wishy washy character. She made no sense , and honestly she shouldn't have been in the book. You could have just chalked up to perverted old man. I keep trying with Chance Carter books, but once again I am let down. And I do hate to say this will be my last C [...]

    5. What in the actual hell did I just attempt to read?It's like the author grabbed a bunch of darts, pegged it at a dart board and decided to write every genre that they managed to hit. We had action, we had possible paranormal, we had a scandalous age difference (not really), we had BDSM erotica, we had splashes of virgin romance, with a dash of single Daddies. There was creepy old ladies who perved in holes at men and masturbated, wicked witch Aunties, we had creepy old men with spanking fetishes [...]

    6. This was awful. It probably should have been a did not finish but I was waiting for something to happen the entire book and then it was over. It was weird and usually that is fine but this was like strange, creepy weird and all the characters seemed to be fine with it, like it was normal. A lot of it didn't make sense, at a point I thought maybe I missed a book before it but from what I could find I didn't. And the sex, please I didn't get it, the movements made no sense to me, and what could ha [...]

    7. I've got a few books by Chance Carter on my shelf but this was the first I've actually read. I was not impressed. Very unrealistic situations and dialogue which I can tolerate in some authors but his writing just fell flat for me for some reason. I doubt I'll be reading the others.

    8. I am so embarrassed to even write a review for this book because then there is proof that I read it. If I could have given it less than one star I would have. The master and mistress were vile and disgusting. The aunt was a crazy wench. The mother was even a bit creepy. You can tell it was written by a man; milk for a 6 month old… mention of pain or discomfort after her virginity is taken. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Needless to say, this is my first and last by this author. A skimmer [...]

    9. I will refer to the other reviews on this book cause I have no words to describe this f*#kery. I can only say I will never get the time I spent back. What a waste.

    10. I really did enjoy this book. I actually read it, then went back and reread the entire series. This book was good on the first read through. But it was actually better on the second after being able to reread what happened in Princess and the Beast. While I do wish there was a little more to the story, I found myself fully immersed in the story, as I have with every Chance Carter book. I was a little confused as to some parts of the story such as the couple who own the hotel and the aunt. I also [...]

    11. I feel bad even saying this, but WTF did I just read? I've read books by this author before and I was confused from the very beginning. Typically when picking up a book by this author I'm guaranteed one hell of a steamy story filled with bad boys who secretly are just craving a family, a damsel in distress (usually a virgin - So over the whole virgin thing by the way), and loads of sex. First I want to say this does not fit any of the above. I couldn't figure out the time frame. What year is it? [...]

    12. Not what I expectedI liked the story, but it could've been better. This is book is technically part of the Brotherhood series. There's an appearance from those characters and continues where Book 5 left off, just in case you want more on what happened between Grady and Raveena. Lumber didn't have the action like the Brotherhood books, it was more an emotional read on finding strength and family. More backstory on the Hildegards' would've been beneficial in understanding their actions. They added [...]

    13. Another great book by Chance Carter. I loved how he developed the characters and made Grady even more intriguing. I have been waiting for this story for a while and am happy with it. Though I wish that some of it was not so predictable. I felt that Mr. and Mrs. Hildegard could have done more in the story after Autumn ran away. I also felt that her aunt could have done more as well. However, with these few things that I felt could have been a bit more, this book was amazing. I am so happy that Gr [...]

    14. Sadly Disappointed I am a big fan of Chance Carter. He is a terrific writer, but I was disappointed with this book. Grady comes off as a really good guy. A loving, caring father and a man that would treat a woman right. Autumn is extremely naive, but a good caring person that would do anything for her mom. Her aunt is a bitch and the Hildegards belong in jail! There are laws against what they did. Enjoyed the specific relationship between Grady, Autumn and baby Destiny, but all the other people [...]

    15. Just when I thought Chance Carter's next book couldn't get any better than the previous one, he goes and writes Lumber Jacked. This well-written story has plenty of suspense, angst, drama, steamy sex, a dash of kink, and so much more.

    16. Lost potentialThis book was OK but had so much potential. Between the weird employers and the Aunt. Could have done without that. The mother just seemed wrong to. Without them this book could have been just a great love story. Also was pissed off with her and the aunt. The aunt should have been slapped not given a house wtf. She sent her nice to be raped repeatedly and the girl forgives her and gives her a house. Plus he should have beaten the employers not crack jokes at the end. What a wuss.

    17. UmI really have no idea what I just read. Well actually skimmed. I got to a certain point and could not do it anymore. It was so weird! The hotel owners were sick and disturbing. Not sure how else to put it and Grady was a little creepy too. Who I ask you who gets turned on by some strange 60 year old white haired lady grabbing your junk? This guy does! He found nothing wrong with this women's odd behavior and actually thought about the possibilities. Um wtf. Apparently he has no shame. Being tu [...]

    18. This book did it for me. I give it 4.5 stars. Grady Cole is a reformed jewel thief with a big heart and an even big bank account. (Not what you were expecting huh? Get your mind out of the gutter, though he had one of those too.

    19. An Awesome Read!I loved reading Lumber Jacked, all about Autumn Lane a nineteen year old girl who went to Destiny, Montana to work as a maid at The Raven's Nest hotel for The Hildegard's. The arrangement is she does everything they say and all her pay will be sent to her mother at Western General hospital to pay off her bills and to continue her care! She's dying from cancer and needs to stay at this facility, or she will die sooner! The Hildegard's are a very odd couple, and they do not treat A [...]

    20. Possible Spoilers, if you don't want to know please don't read this reviewOK, so there are a few reasons that I gave this book 3 stars but really it all boils down to believe-ability, now the basic plot was good but there were just a few things that drove me nuts which is why I couldn't give this book 5 stars:- Firstly the title of the book, I read the whole thing and other than the fact that there are a lot of wood fires and he cut some wood for them I have no idea how that title fits the book. [...]

    21. I REALLY liked Lumber Jacked by Chance Carter. It is a story about an older tattooed single dad and a much younger innocent woman. Grady moves to out of the way Destiny, Montana to start over. He is thirty and has just been notified that he needs to come pick up his "thought to be dead" 6 month old daughter Destiny. Autumn is nineteen and has moved across the country to take a job at a hotel to help pay for her mother's medical care. She meets Grady when he checks in to the hotel and there is an [...]

    22. We met Grady Cole in The Princess and the Beast: Naughty Boy Book 5. He was going through some rough times in that book. But Autumn was just the person to help pull him out of his personal hell in this book. With Autumn's help, they started to form a family, and in such a beautiful way. They couldn't be more different from each other, but Autumn didn't take any crap and gave as good as she got. Loved how Grady took care of Destiny. She was his world, and once Autumn came into their lives, Grady [...]

    23. Grady is a man with a broken path in his life. He's 30 years old & wondering how is life went so wrong. Raising a 6 month old daughter alone! He retreats to a very remote cabin in the woods to try and start healing from the past. He's big, strong, handsome as hell, & well endowed too!! Autumn is a young woman, only 19 years old, trying to make her way in the world, and take care of her very sick Mother's medical costs. She gets a job far from home with the promise her paychecks will be s [...]

    24. Grady is in for one pleasant surprise when he finds himself in a little Montana town. When he meets Autumn, he instinctively wants to protect heraim her for his own. How sweet it is that Grady found someone for himme who understands and supports him. It was a pleasant surprise to see it wasn't who we thought it would be as hinted in Chance's previous books!Autumn has lived a life that has made her stronger and wiser beyond her years. I mean, who wouldn't love a bad boy who takes his responsibili [...]

    25. Cabin fever💗💗💗I love this story I think this my favorite now. I love that they had found love in each other. Hunter who went through a tough tragedy when he found his baby momma dead with her drug dealer. He though he was doing all the right things by saving her but it wasn't meant to be he though his life was over until he found out his baby was alive. Kelly is a sweet and young innocent that left home to go work at some Hotel to help her mom with her medical bills soon she got there i [...]

    26. Beware of room 7OMG! This story had me laughing, cringing, crying, and rejoicing. It started out as a mother turning her young daughter onto the world. But then quickly turned into a freaky version of the Bates motel. And now a bit about the storyAutumn is 19 and leaving home for the first time on a long train to Montana. Her aunt has arranged for her to work at a hotel and they will be sending her paychecks home to pay for her mother's medical care. What she doesn't know is this place is more l [...]

    27. I can say that I was a little disappointed in this book, not quite as good as Chance's other books but still a good read. This Grady's story he is the last of the Brotherhood boys to find their partner.It takes over from where Grady found out that he was a father, and follows a strange and a little confusing path at times.Grady comes to a little town called Destiny and meets a young girl Autumn when he checks into the towns hotel.The couple who own the hotel are strange at best and this could ha [...]

    28. Autumn Lane is a sweet naïve nineteen year old who has travelled away from home for the first time so that she can work to help pay for her mother’s medical bills. She arrives at a well kept hotel in the Rockies where the owners are more than a little strange. Her first night there she meets Grady and his daughter Destiny, after only just becoming a dad he has a few things to learn. Grady is there to start a new life with his daughter never expecting that he will find his forever. If you are [...]

    29. Lumber Jacked ReviewThe sexy, reclusive, mountain man Grady Cole becomes a father overnight. Wanting to get away and contemplate his life, he picks the small town of Destiny named after his baby girl. Autumn Lane moves to Destiny to work at the Inn to send money home to her ailing mother to pay for chemo treatments. Even though there is a ten year age difference fate brings the two together. A passionate and sweet read about a bad boy who knows how to take care of his woman. Another great read b [...]

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