Wisteria Witches

Wisteria Witches Zara Riddle moves to the town of Wisteria for a dream job as a librarian She hasn t even unpacked her moving boxes when she and her teen daughter Zoey are swept up in a murder mystery With all the g

  • Title: Wisteria Witches
  • Author: Angela Pepper
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Zara Riddle moves to the town of Wisteria for a dream job as a librarian She hasn t even unpacked her moving boxes when she and her teen daughter, Zoey, are swept up in a murder mystery.With all the ghosts and supernatural creatures around Including a real hunk of a wolf shifter Meow it s a good thing the Riddle women are tougher than they look Now, if only they coulZara Riddle moves to the town of Wisteria for a dream job as a librarian She hasn t even unpacked her moving boxes when she and her teen daughter, Zoey, are swept up in a murder mystery.With all the ghosts and supernatural creatures around Including a real hunk of a wolf shifter Meow it s a good thing the Riddle women are tougher than they look Now, if only they could handle their new witch powers as well as they ve mastered their sarcastic wit

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    1. Aww, this one was kooky and fun. Actually, I think it was Zara herself who was kooky and fun. Zoey's not quite at her level of kookiness, but she's only sixteen. She has time to grow into her off-beatedness.So. Wisteria. A small town with some big secrets. Moving there seems like a dream come true for Zara, but those secrets start popping up almost as soon as she rolls in. Things like ghosts and otherworldy critters and an aunt Zara hadn't seen in ages.You know, LITTLE THINGS.As the secrets begi [...]

    2. Fun read! Many parts that had me lol. There were also parts that dragged. Over all I enjoyed the book and looking forward to the next.

    3. By the end of the first chapter I found myself giggling at how adorable Zara and Zooey are. They reminded me of Lorelai and Rory on one of my favorite TV shows, Gilmore Girls. Just like in the first season of Gilmore Girls, the mother and daughter in Wisteria Witches are ages 32 and 16. They have an unusually close mother-daughter relationship, and alternate between clever wit and genuine emotion. They tease each other and take care of each other and feel like the best of friends.The girls move [...]

    4. "Maybe it was just a trick of the light, wouldn't it be cool if there was a ghost? I've always wanted something cool to happen to me, to make me less boring."This was one of the funniest books I have had the pleasure of reading 2015! Zara and her daughter Zoey move to the small town of Wisteria for a fresh start and a new Librarian job for Zara. Strange things start to happen as they move into the red witch house, as they meet their new neighbour who happen to be shifters and the rest of the int [...]

    5. Zara Riddle and her daughter Zoey move to Wisteria where they discover that they are witches. Chaos ensues as Zara becomes possessed by a ghost and gets cozy with the guy next door, who isn't all that he seems. I really enjoyed this book. The dialogue was very witty and funny. I thought that the relationship between mother and daughter was great. I did think that the mystery sort of took a back seat at times as Zara played with her powers, but overall it was a good read and I would read other bo [...]

    6. Adorable start t a great new sertI loved the way the characters were set up. The story was cute. I definitely plan on reading the rest of the series.

    7. Just what my heart needed - a fun, lighthearted, sassy read. A whimsical way to start a new series and I cannot wait for more. Zara and her daughter, Zoey, have moved to Wisteria, a fantastic town with witches, immortals, and shifters. Zara has a gorgeous, hairy, new neighbor that makes her swoon. Zoey, a very intelligent sixteen year old, is as funny and sarcastic as her mother. The two are a dynamic team ready to take on the murderer of the ghost roaming their new house. The flow of this book [...]

    8. To be honest I'm not sure how I feel about this book. I thought it was just average, although I did learn some things I didn't know before! Being an avid reader I have a fairly large vocabulary, but I had never heard the word 'deaccessioned' before, so of course I had to access the dictionary for a definition! I don't know yet if I want to read this entire series or not. I did read the entire Stormy Day series so far, and I did enjoy that. I'm just not sure whether or not I want to read more abo [...]

    9. 2.75 stars- a quick, whimsical read.**Recommended for those who love cozy mysteries**This book wasn't terrible- it was sort of something you read to come down from your last intense read or to de-clutter from a busy day. The characters aren't hard to figure out in any way, the plot does not make you think deeply. At all. I am glad I grabbed it on Kindle unlimited and didn't pay.Zara and Zoey Riddle move to Wisteria, to an old, red house with a mysterious past. The fellow residents are quirky. Za [...]

    10. This cozy, witch, supernatural mystery had it all, even a little romance. Zara and her daughter Zoey Riddle move into an old Victorian house in a quaint town in Northern, CA called Wisteria. Zara is a librarian who moved to Wisteria to get her dream job and she purchases her dream house. To top it all off, she finds out her deceased mother’s long lost twin sister also lives in this town. Coincidence…I think not! Things get strange, when shortly after moving in, Zara and Zoey discover they ar [...]

    11. Title: Wisteria Witches Author: Angela PepperSource: Downloaded free Kindle book from .My Rating : 5 starsOh, what a fun read. It's about Zara and her daughter Zoey (age 16) move to Wisteria and what they find in their new house and learn about themselves. This is my second novel that involves librarians and magic and both of them are really different and for slightly different audiences. Zara is a fun mom and her relationship with Zoey reminded me of the show Gilmore Girls. I liked that show wh [...]

    12. 3.5 stars A very nice, light-hearted easy read that will keep you entertained. Zara just moved to a new town with her daughter and finds out that there is more to her and her family then she knew. Add in some kooky characters and interesting neighbors then you get one fun-filled ride. Filled with lots of laughter and mystery. I really liked this story. The characters are what made this book so enjoyable. This is going to be a fun series. I can’t wait to see what the next installment has in sto [...]

    13. An Entertaining Read!I came across this book a few days ago while looking at Facebook. I liked the cover and the interesting title, so I clicked the link to the book and I'm glad I did. This was a fun book to read. I loved getting to know Zara and her daughter Zoey. To me, the story was engaging and fun, with quirky characters and things that make you wonder what's coming next. I can't wait to dive into the next book.

    14. Ok.So I liked the story line but I found Zora too childish. I will continue to read the series because I want to know what happens next.

    15. Some kindle unlimited some not at various times, some received free, some bought, some from kindle unlimited possibly.Wisteria Witches - Witch Cozy Mysteries #1 Wisteria Witches #2 Wicked Wisteria #3 Wisteria Wonders #4 to be announced 3-Book Series Bundle: Wisteria Witches, Wicked Wisteria, Wisteria Wonders - Cozy Witch Mysteries Writer suggested reading order:Stormy Day Mysteries#1 - Death of a Dapper Snowman #2 - Death of a Crafty Knitter #3 - Death of a Batty Genius #4 - Death of a Modern Ki [...]

    16. Reviewed at Haunted BookshelfWisteria Witches starts off this cozy mystery paranormal series with an attention grabbing story full of quirkiness, fun and things that definitely go bump in the night – and sometimes the day, too. Zara and her daughter Zoey have made the move from the hectic big city to small town life in Wisteria where Zara will soon begin her librarian duties. They have a new home full of character, history… and perhaps more. Odd neighbors fill out their first day in town and [...]

    17. Kindle Unlimited pretty sure, though sometimes get ARC/review copy on her books, this one has today's date but have read all of them 1-3 and about to go through and read 4. Read this one single maybe but more than likely in the 3 pack and just didn't do the review for this single one.Angela Pepper's Wisteria Witches series features a wise-cracking mother and daughter witch duo, and has been compared to Gilmore Girls. This series is set in an alternative urban fantasy setting, with plenty of ma [...]

    18. Wisteria WitchesZara Riddle moves with her daughter, Zoey, from the city to small town Wisteria. Zara is in love with their new home a red Victorian house. However, she later thinks that the real estate agent should have revealed that there was a ghost attached to the house. Later, she finds out that she is a witch and her hunky neighbor who helped her move in is a shapeshifter.Zara is also surprised when total strangers greet her like she should know who they are. Later, she meets her Aunt Zinn [...]

    19. This wasn’t what I was anticipating and so it’s not my style, but that’s not to say it’s a bad book. It’s just not something I would have chosen to read if I’d known what it was. I would catalog it as “very YA”, and while one mystery is solved, several others aren’t, so it does kind of end on a cliffhanger. The writing puts a lot of focus on just how kooky the town is, without really explaining much, so it leaves the reader feeling like we’re still waiting for the story to ge [...]

    20. A small town with big secrets. A neighbor who bites. A librarian who discovers she can move objects with her mind and shoot blue lightning from her hands. Plus a house with a mind of its own. Welcome to Wisteria.What's the first thing you'd do if you found out you had witch powers? Would you amaze your friends and family? Use magic to clean the kitchen in two seconds flat? Fight monsters and solve murders? For Zara Riddle, the answer is all of the above.Zara moved to the town of Wisteria to star [...]

    21. I had really high hopes for this book, but it wasn't nearly as great as I anticipated. Zara Riddle and her daughter Zoey relocate to Wisteria for Zara's new job as a librarian. Zara reunites with a long lost relative and meets the man of her dreams. Almost immediately, Zara learns that she and Zoey are witches. The premise is good. However, the book reads like a conversation with a 12 year old. And if I had to read the words sleeptoasting or ding dong again, I thought I would lose my mind. It's [...]

    22. I enjoyed this quirky combination of a cozy mystery and a paranormal story. As other reviewers have said, the warm relationship and the16-year age difference between the mother-daughter team is reminiscent of the Gilmore Girls. As they are just finding their witch powers after moving to a new town, I have a feeling there will be more revelations to come, both about them and other folks in town in subsequent books in the series. I didn't think the solution to the murder was well supported by the [...]

    23. This was a fun read with cute, zany characters and a unique writing style. The snappy dialogue and narration of the story was well done. No stuffy by-the-book rules here; this is so much better! It's believable and reads like something you would actually say or hear. As for the unbelievablee witches, shape shifters and magicI suppose there are no rules, so anything goes. To me, some of it went a bit too far, veering from zany to just plain weird. Despite not being a riveting mystery (the villain [...]

    24. FunUrban fantasy of the somewhat silly variety. I love librarian heroines. To have a single mother, librarian discover she's a witch while coping with a teenager is a twist of laughter I needed. Add in a standard cozy mystery and a variety of paranormal characters just adds to the fun.Solve the mystery, get settled into a new home in a new town and you have set the stage for lots of laughter. (I wish a gourmet ghost would possess some folks I know and teach them how to cook)

    25. The author really brought me into its characters. Lots of suspense and I can appreciate the many twists and turns. I have to admit that I could not wait to get some place quiet to read. I enjoyed the way the author developed the characters and gave insight into some of their quirks and personalities. I feel like there should have been more between finding the “book” and discovering who the killer was. Other than that, I’m excited to continue this series!!

    26. Zany small town storyWhen I started the story I was drawn in by the voice of the main character Zara Riddle. Wisteria sounded like a fun town. Then I got a bit bogged down by the crazier bits in the storyline. I liked Zara as a free spirit but the story went over the top. I would have enjoyed just a bit more normalcy mixed into to the zaniness. So while I did like it, I can't give it more than three stars.Cozy mystery

    27. So happy to have found this book!For so long I've been going through all the kindle books and they all seem so amateur. Nothing but spelling or grammar mistakes and scenes so graphic they're basically porn. I am so relieved to have found this series, I couldn't put it down. It has a woman who finds out she's a witch, ghosts, possession, shape shifters. The story grabbed me from the first page and didn't let go. Thank you so much for writing this series!

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