Hunter Mallory I spent years running from my past Then when my past comes knocking in the form of dark delicious sin I find myself caught up in a man I shouldn t My son s uncle A dangerous biker Not to me

  • Title: Hunter
  • Author: A.E. Fisher
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 305
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Mallory I spent years running from my past Then, when my past comes knocking in the form of dark, delicious sin, I find myself caught up in a man I shouldn t My son s uncle A dangerous biker Not to mention, an overbearing Alpha male Hunter is everything I need to escape from, yet I find myself wanting to stay I know I shouldn t let myself or my son care for him, butMallory I spent years running from my past Then, when my past comes knocking in the form of dark, delicious sin, I find myself caught up in a man I shouldn t My son s uncle A dangerous biker Not to mention, an overbearing Alpha male Hunter is everything I need to escape from, yet I find myself wanting to stay I know I shouldn t let myself or my son care for him, but I can t help wondering if maybe he s the one who can finally save me from my past Hunter The plan was simple Find my nephew, bring him home, and raise him in the Black Angels like my brother would have wanted But things never go as planned, like my nephew s mother My brother s one night stand Mallory is spicy and sweet one second she is mouthing off to me, and the next, she is moaning my name The longer I m with her, the harder she is to ignore But she is hiding something while desperate to escape me, though I have her in my grasp I will find out what she is hiding, and when I do, she will have nowhere left to run WARNING This work of fiction is intended for mature audiences only All sexually active characters portrayed in this ebook are eighteen years of age or older Please do not buy if strong sexual situations, violence, and explicit language offends you.

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    1. 3.75Decisions. Every one we make holds more power than we can know. Which one will be of little consequence and which will completely alter our future? Some choices we make are so small that we don’t put much thought into them at all. Do we go straight to work or stop to get coffee? Do we go to the party or stay home? Do we answer the phone or ignore the call? Those seemingly insignificant decisions can have extremely significant impacts on our life. Going straight to work might put you in the [...]

    2. I bought the book because of the preview I read in Sarah Brianne's book- "Lucca" (which I highly recommend btw) The preview had the first two chapters and seemed really interesting. However, that's exactly where the story starts to go downhill for me. Don't get me wrong, this story had SO MUCH potential. But things were JUST a little too fast for me. (view spoiler)[Mallory's obsession with Noble all through the book seems like she was really into the guy, but it hardly takes her any time at all [...]

    3. The book was great, but I constantly had a feeling that I'm missing something. I checked several times if this was first book in the series because it certainly didn't feel like it. There were a lot of side characters and it seemed like we should already know them because the author didn't properly introduce them, they were just thrown in the story and that was it. I still know very little of them but I'll be reading more books from the series as it has potential.

    4. Hunter (Black Angels MC #1)A.E. Fisher5 starsA few starters I'm not sure if this is A.E.'s first release or not. I had thought I found a few other books but then couldn't find them back so I'm lost on that if it is this is an excellent MC read. If its not I need to click up the other releases from you so let me know! LOL! Second the cover this cover is brilliant. The dark contrast with the title and the olive skin you have created an image that jumps off that black background. Excellent ch [...]

    5. Hey, this surprised meI read hundreds of books a year and many are MC genre. This was amazing and apparently a debut by a promising author. Lots of intriguing characters that were set up here for future books. yay!

    6. Loved 5 starsSuch a great MC book, had so much depth, great story. Can't wait to get more from this series. Loved it

    7. Good characters and writing style that drew me in from the beginning. Great supporting characters as well but I would have preferred a bit of background about the club and te key supporting characters especially Wolf and Anna as it feels like it was being set up for their story next. All in, a good easy-going read.

    8. Just wow! Hunter and Mallory are like ice and fire. Brought together through both of their love of Noble. Fighting at every turn. Decisions made. Haunted by ghost of the past. United in protection of one. What a read. Great balance of drama and mc action. Original and fresh storyline. Loved every minute of it. Hope this is only the start of an exciting sexy series. Great job.

    9. I found this hard to follow when it came to the Grimm's involvement and the long lost sibling. But all in all it was an ok read

    10. Review by: Jennifer(3.75 stars)When Mallory tells the love of her life (a one night stand) that she is now pregnant with his baby, it didn't really go the way she thought it would, or maybe it did. Noble knew when Mallory told him she was pregnant that it was a trap, he just didn't think that she would be like the other girls. He walks away, while Mallory ends up running away. Hunter had no clue he had a nephew out there, the only thing left of his brother. It takes a while but he finally finds [...]

    11. s56otobucket/user/desti### 5 ###Forgiveness is what we strive for, even for ourselves. Forgiveness brings us freedom from our own restraints. Forgiveness allows one to live again. I cried along with Mallory. Her guilt eating her from the inside out. Her only peace was Adair. He was her world and she would do anything to keep him safe and happy. Being on her own has been hard, but her strength to be everything Adair needed her to be, kept her fighting to survive. She left without a word to her fa [...]

    12. Mallory blir gravid medvetet eftersom hon tror att hon älskar Nolan. Efter hot och hans död, flyr hon med sin son och flyr i flera år. Hunter som är Nolans bror har letat efter henne efter att han fått veta att hon var viktig för honom innan han dog. Visar sig att han en brorson och dras direkt till henne.

    13. What a great read. The story was great and the characters were perfect. There is so much potential for tons more stories. I can't wait for Anna and Wolf's book. I loved Jax too, he needs a book too!

    14. Worth the Read I decided to read this book after finishing Lucca, as the first 2 chapters were printed at the back. I can say without a doubt that I really enjoyed this book and was glad that little teaser was avalible. I'm hoping it is part of a series as I am already intrigued about Anna and Wolf. The characters in this book seemed consistent throughout the novel, which I deeply appreciated and the love between the two main characters never seemed forced.I have never been a big fan of MC Roman [...]

    15. I loved this book! I bought it during one of my kindle binges, not really expecting much. Wow, was I surprised. Hunter has a crazy mouth on him, in more ways than one, but oh lord! I can't wait for the rest of this series. We need more Jax, Anna, Wolf, and the rest. Can't wait.

    16. Mallory has been in love with Noble for a decade. A one night stand leaves her pregnant when she tells Noble she didn't realize that would be the last time she would see him alive. Hunter is Nobles younger brother. He has been looking for Mallory for years and has finally found her and his nephew. He brings them back to his house and her home town. This is a awesome read. I couldn't put it down. It gives you just enough drama with out going over the top but it definitely sucks you in from the be [...]

    17. surprisedi hadnt expected to enjoy this book as much as i did. the writing was really good and the story was great. will buy more from this author .

    18. Good book This is the first time I have ever read a story from this author and must Thank Jamie Becket for recommending this author I really enjoyed the story although it as been done before this story is far better there are twist and turns throughout and the description of characters is so good you can see them as you read the story I really think this is going to be a great series

    19. On the runMallory has been on the run for years until her son's uncle finally catches up with her. She has no other option than to head back home with him. The big, bad biker made that very clear. Hunter finally has his nephew back and intends to see him raised in the MC like his father would have wanted. Unfortunately, there is a reason that Mallory ran in the first place and that reason has not given up. Can she survive and resist sexy as sin Hunter?

    20. Hunter & Mallory - new MC seriesI really enjoyed this book. The banter between Mallory and Hunter was good. There is a bit of a mystery surrounding Mallory and why she disappeared 4 years earlier. The supporting characters are great and I look forward to the next book.

    21. Hopefully, there's a New MC Series in townI am excited after reading the Black Angels MC Book 1! Once I started reading I could barely put it down. Hunter is hot, hot, hot! And the best part is he has lots of hot MC brothers so here's hoping that the Black Angels MC stories can keep on coming for awhile

    22. Wonderful first book. Can't wait for book 2!Love the characters and the writing. I can't find any other books by this author, such a shame. I want to know more about this author.

    23. Unexpected delight!Never heard about this author but I am glad that it was included in the back of Lucca (Sarah Brianne's book). Love how Alpha was Hunter and how sassy was, Mallory. The book keep me very interested. Hopefully, the author continue the series, I would like to know more about Anna and strange girl at airport, as well as Jax and Chainsn't wait.

    24. GreatThoroughly enjoyed this book! There were some surprises I never saw coming! i really liked the other characters too, and will definitely be looking for more of this series.

    25. Hunter and MalloryNew author to me and I gotta say loved it. Hunter the biker, Mallory the run away preachers daughter, Wolf the MC President, Anna the club lawyer. Add that to a story of a one night stand years ago and a death and the guilt that followed you have a great story for a new MC series

    26. New for meI hadn't heard this author and read the teaser from another book. I was utterly intrigued and I enjoyed hunter. I would love to read more.

    27. Hunter was an all around good guy, good uncle, good boyfriend. Mallory was eaten up by guilt, but I could see myself making the same descion she made to be with Noble. Sometimes you only get one chance and she was going to take it. Hunter and Mallory were good together. Would recommend this M/C book:))

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