Filthy Scrooge

Filthy Scrooge Making deals is my specialty And tonight my terms are her I hate Christmas For years I ve avoided the holiday entirely Until Kandy Kane enters my life the same seductive mystery woman I danced with

  • Title: Filthy Scrooge
  • Author: Taryn Quinn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Making deals is my specialty And tonight, my terms are her I hate Christmas For years, I ve avoided the holiday entirely Until Kandy Kane enters my life the same seductive mystery woman I danced with at a club last night When she shows up at my company the next day as our Christmas party planner, she s desperate for help with her little problem My hot elf in stripedMaking deals is my specialty And tonight, my terms are her I hate Christmas For years, I ve avoided the holiday entirely Until Kandy Kane enters my life the same seductive mystery woman I danced with at a club last night When she shows up at my company the next day as our Christmas party planner, she s desperate for help with her little problem My hot elf in striped tights needs a last minute Santa And I need her In every way possible And this time, she s not going to run Alone in my remote cabin for the weekend, she s going to be mine in every way she knows and a few she doesn t Except she s hiding a secret So am I She s a virgin And I m the bastard who is going to ruin her for any other man unless she ruins me first.

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    1. 4 STARSThere was only the pulse of his body inside mine, and his eyes. Those intense, shattered eyes that saw too much.Demanded all.And I gave all.God help me, I gave up everything to him.Be still my ovaries. I think this book overheated the poor things. They barely survived the potent sexual magnetism that was Lincoln Murdoch.If you're judging this book by its cover and someone campy names, stop it! Because it doesn't do the book justice at all. It's so much more than a dirty duuuurty romance. [...]

    2. This one falls somewhere around 3.5 stars.I couldn't help but wonder why the book was released in February rather than November or December. It really is a Christmas story through and through. I get that it probably wasn't ready by last Christmas, but had it been my book, I'd have just curbed my enthusiasm and waited for a more timely seasonal release closer to next Christmas. Just sayingMaybe it was just me, but the first few pages just didn't flow well. I felt it was sort of choppy and as if t [...]

    3. oh my God! This is now one of my all time favorite holiday reads, even though it does not need to be read at the holidays for it to be hotter than chestnuts roasting on an open fire. And pop open they did! Taryn Quinn never disappoints me in story line or level of heat. These two characters challenge each other in such a short time frame but still find time to fall head over heels.Lincoln and Kandy are awesome together. Kandy is stuck in a situation that only Lincoln can get her out of and he do [...]

    4. Filthy Scrooge by Taryn Quinn - WOW this is a really great read that can be read anytime. (at home don't read on the commute to work.) I was hooked from page 1 and couldn't put down.I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book

    5. Christmas is my favorite time of year, and this book has gone straight to the top of the good list! Maybe it should be on the naughty list but I enjoyed it so much that I am sure Santa wants me to listen to this every Christmas. This is my first listen by Taryn Quinn, and the combination of the holiday theme with the budding relationship between Kandi(Kay) and Linc had me hooked from the start. My favorite kind of hero, Linc hates the holiday season, but will Kay be able to change this Scroogey, [...]

    6. With today as Christmas Eve, it is just a perfect read.How a Christmas lover can change a broken heart Scrooge.Kay as an event organizer always faces dilemmas at the last minute, but she never thought she will have to find a new Santa few moment before her last Christmas party.Then here she is, dealing with the CEO of her last contract and accepting a crazy deal to get her Santa in time.Lincoln Murdock had it all but lost it three years ago, since he has hidden his heart behind walls of steel an [...]

    7. I am very surprised and disappointed in myself. How comes I have never read a Taryn Quin book before? Ai, how is that possible?I started this book last night on my way to workad it through the night shiftjust completed it right before I fall asleep. I absolutely love this storyd all its tropes favourite being the Winter-Wonderland-Trapped-In-A-Cabin-bonning.There is smut galore between Kandy aka Kay and Linc. In terms of names, Linc wins itKandy's name was so much over the top trope town illogic [...]

    8. A great Christmas story doesn't have to read just at Christmas time. Filthy Scrooge is one of those stories that can be read at any time of the year. Lincoln Murdock hates Christmas; he used to love that time of the year but not for years now. Kandy Noel Kane, yes that's her real name, loves Christmas so much she based her party planning company around the season providing everything from nuts to Santa, so of the best and most in demand Santas in New York City. Everything has gone as planned for [...]

    9. I will gladly be Santa’s Little Elf anytime of Lincoln is around to assist. Absolutely LOVED this story K is a true down to earth sweetheart and what she’s willing to do in order to help her business as well as her employees is not the norm but hey again if Lincoln is involved HELL YES! This story is centered around the holiday season and I found the perfect time to read this but honestly I feel you’d be able to enjoy it year round. The connection between these two is off the charts hot th [...]

    10. What a quick, fun, sexy read. It surely doesn't need to be the holiday season to read about a Filthy Scrooge. Kandy Noel Kane is a holiday party planner (seriously, could she have been anything else with such a fabulous name?) and Lincoln Murdock is CEO of his family's retail stores. She loves Christmas, he hates Christmas and together they have a hot and sex filled holiday affair. A side note: I really enjoyed that Kandy is able to stand up to Lincoln - literally. Her height and her high heels [...]

    11. Holy grinchmas! Talk about a great read! Watching these two fight their feelings for each other was sad, heartbreaking even. Lincoln had a great reason to be upset during what was once his favorite holiday, but after three yearshe decided to do things a bit differently. After dancing with Kay at a club the night before his company Christmas party, he couldn't get her off his mind. Seeing her dressed as an elf just made things harderterally! Kay has always loved Christmas and wanted to help Linco [...]

    12. Perfect 5 Star Romance!What’s not to love, perfection in a storyline, characters Lincoln Murdock, the CEO of a family owned business and Kandy “Kay” Kane, the owner of a party planning business hired to provide a party for Mr. Murdock. Santa doesn’t show up for the party and Kay is left trying to fill the position so the kids of the employees won’t be disappointed. Kay makes a bargain to fill the position at the expense of her V-Card. What ensues is a funny, endearing, sometimes heartb [...]

    13. Santa was a no-show, and not wanting any kids disappointed, Kay tries to find a last minute replacement. Linc hates Christmas now, but has a fancy Santa suit. But the only way he'll fill in is if Kay spends they holiday with him at his cabin. Blackmail (and essentially that's how this all starts) makes for a very interesting beginning to Kay and Linc's relationship. There are interesting twists once the cabin is reached. People leaving their current comfort zones. And a totally enjoyable holiday [...]

    14. Witty, emotional and sexyThis was a fun book to read! The main characters were a nice example of how opposites attract. I loved the seperate kind of brokenness they each had. Lincoln hated Christmas and wanted to be alone because of something that changed his life on that day, and Kay loved it but was looking for someone special. You know, opposites attract and all that. But then the sexy factor needs to be considered, and man, does this book deliver! I loved the characters obviously, and the st [...]

    15. Lincoln Murdock has hated Christmas for a while, after being left behind on his wedding day on Christmas, well that is, his hate is being derailed with Kandy Kane that just barreled into his life.Kandy is coordinating a Christmas party at Linc's store but is missing a Santa, some how Linc agrees to play Santa but there is price to pay, she has to spend 2 days with him at his cabin.Is he in for a surprise, Kandy is a virgin he is her first, as they spend time together Linc and Kandy seem to fit t [...]

    16. AUDIOBOOK VERSION:This book had everything I love in it! Hot guy, great setting, Passion, Drama, and an HEA! The writing was seamless. It flowed so well and kept me enthralled the whole time. The characters were so fleshed out. I can see them in my head and became attached to them so fast! I could not put this down.The narration was amazing~ I am a huge fan of Wen Ross and Kai Kennicott- but even for them, this performance was stellar. They add so much depth to the characters they portray. The f [...]

    17. Filthy Scrooge is a fun, fast read from the writing duo of Taryn Elliott and Cari Quinn. It’s a Christmas-themed story, but don’t let that deter you. Linc is a CEO who hates Christmas. She’s a party planner named Kandy (Kay) Kane – how can she NOT love Christmas? She plans his company’s holiday party and her Santa has disappeared. Linc to the rescue! But not without a cost. Kay agrees to the terms – spending Christmas with Linc at his cabin. What follows is a fun, sexy romp with some [...]

    18. What do you want to do with a guy who doesn't like Christmas and add a HOT Elf? You get a fifthly scrooge. Kandy Kane has to wear an outfit for the last Christmas party because the Santa Claus and the Elf eloped. So, Scrooge will help.r a price. Yeah, we know where this is leading to. He is rude, crude and too sexy for his own good. But ladies, we wouldn't want him any other way. It is a great book that will have you laughing and fanning yourself. By all means, get this book while it is at the l [...]

    19. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.Kay (Kandy Kane) owns an event planning business and Christmas is her busy time. She meets a guy at a bar and, freaked out by their chemistry, she runs only to have him be the co-owner of the company she has a party with the very next night. Kay is all about Christmas and Lincoln is as anti-Christmas as he can be due to an event from his past. After an agreement for him to play Santa in exchange for her staying with him in his cabin for several days, th [...]

    20. The Sexiest Grinch of AllThe ghosts of a Christmas past haunt Lincoln Murdoch but this year a sexy elf just might change everything. Kandy Noel Kane's party planning business has its biggest client yet but her Santa and Elf eloped leaving the kids at the party without the main event. A beautiful cabin in the woods turns out to be the catalyst that solves three problems; finding a Santa for the party; getting Kandy's V card punched and healing a broken heart. Lots of sexy times in this HEA that i [...]

    21. This book is a quick, quirky, filthy, and (at parts) funny read! I loved it! I was drawn in right from the beginning and couldn't put it down. Kandy Kane (love the name!!) Is a sweet and funny woman with a heart of gold! Along with a fun and flirty side. And then there is Lincoln. Wow! He is definitely the hot, filthy, dirty talking alpha male. Who hates Christmas. I loved reading their interactions together. And then reading why he hates Christmas, it just makes you love him more! A great read [...]

    22. This story has all the right ingredients. Romance, naughty Santa and a girl named Kandy. The author has built a connection between one person who hates Christmas and one who is named after it. Will the deal these two make be a way for them to work out the attraction they have for each other or will it put a big wall between them. I know I was rooting for them to find their happy ever after. I absolutely loved reading this story. Hot, sweet romance done right! Loved the epilogue.

    23. Filthy Scrooge by Taryn Quinn is a fun holiday read. This is a fairly quick read, a great choice for those with limited time for reading. Team Taryn Quinn has delivered a well-written book. The characters are phenomenal and perfect for this story. Kay and Linc's story is loaded with drama, humor and sizzle. I totally enjoyed reading Filthy Scrooge and look forward to reading more from these talented ladies in the future. Filthy Scrooge is a complete book, not a cliff-hanger.

    24. 5 StarsI so so loved this book. I also won't look at Christmas the same again. This author brings you everything you could want in a book then adds a bit of dominance that I thought was the most exciting part but then I was left cold only to be picked up again.You could so feel the pain and happiness with each character.Hot sex was wow.Happy Sexy Reading

    25. Although the book was shorter than I thought, I enjoyed it. You never know what it would take for one to fall in love but when it happens, it can just take your heart away. Loved it & would definitely read more books by this author

    26. Filthy Scrooge by Taryn Quinn was a great read. Lincoln Murdoch has hated Christmas for a long time. When Kandy Kane entered his life he decides to not avoid the holiday. I enjoyed reading Licoln and Kandy's story.

    27. 3.5 starsIt’s a nice holiday read. Great characters and a nice story line. Chemistry and passion between the two was good and a nice HEA epilogue. Nothing to deep but a good read.Nice teaser for “Unwrapped” too.

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