Murder of a Movie Star

Murder of a Movie Star LIGHTS CAMERA MURDER London As England swelters during the hottest summer on record Posie Parker Private Detective is summoned to Worton Hall Film Studios where she steps into the heart of

  • Title: Murder of a Movie Star
  • Author: L.B. Hathaway
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • LIGHTS, CAMERA, MURDER London, 1923As England swelters during the hottest summer on record, Posie Parker, Private Detective, is summoned to Worton Hall Film Studios, where she steps into the heart of a sinister new mystery.Silvia Hanro, the famously beautiful movie star, has received death threats alongside her morning coffee, and Posie is tasked with protecting her Aid LIGHTS, CAMERA, MURDER London, 1923As England swelters during the hottest summer on record, Posie Parker, Private Detective, is summoned to Worton Hall Film Studios, where she steps into the heart of a sinister new mystery.Silvia Hanro, the famously beautiful movie star, has received death threats alongside her morning coffee, and Posie is tasked with protecting her Aided by her good friends Lady Dolly Cardigeon and Chief Inspector Ricard Lovelace, Posie soon realises that behind the cheap canvas sets and the dreamy glamour of Worton Hall Studios a dreadful secret lays buried, and traitors lurk everywhere.And then, good as their word, the killer strikesCan Posie unravel the clues and uncover the murderer before they kill again This is a stylish Golden Age of Crime mystery which will appeal to fans of Agatha Christie and Downton Abbey Murder of a Movie Star is the fifth book in the Posie Parker Mystery Series, although the novel can be enjoyed as a stand alone story in its own right.

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    1. Fabulous!This was THE MOST fun, thinking, intellegent mystery I have read in so long. I cannot wait for the next!If you have any love of Agatha Christie, you simply must read this series. I wish I could rate it higher than 5 starsI absolutely adore the info and research h passed on by the author at the end of each book, which for me is a rarity.The setting of England in the 1920's is just so enthralling. I swear I just want to see it all unfold, though I doubt any film could do it justice as the [...]

    2. Posie is one of my favorite female sleuths, and I really enjoy the way Hathaway interweaves the plot with the historical background of London in the 1920s. This book is full of deep secrets and dark characters whose faults run deep, and Posey does have a hard time putting all the pieces together, especially in the unfamiliar world of the silent film industry, where appearances are even more deceiving. To complicate matters, Posey seems very uncertain about her future with her globe trotting fian [...]

    3. I absolutely love this Agatha Christie-style murder mystery series, and look forward to each book as it comes out. This one is set in the world of British cinema just as Hollywood is in ascendance, which is an element of history I didn’t know. As ever, I enjoyed reading Hathaway’s well-researched historic notes at the end which explain which elements of the setting were based in fact.I gobbled it up in a day or so, and kept guessing till the end as to who the murderer was. Another wonderful [...]

    4. WowI've raced through this series in a few days because it was just that good! I've read hundreds of mysteries in my life, and this book still managed to surprise, delight, and engross me. I'm not ordinarily a fan of novels set in this time period, but I'm so, so glad I took a gamble. This is a literal page-turner of a book; my pulse is still beating fast from the finish. And what a finish! I cannot wait for the next in the series!

    5. BEST BOOK TO DATE!!! Only a few complaints.I enjoy this read very much. However, I wish Posey was not so irritated all the time and selfish.Her partner Len was suppose to have helped her. Gee, he's tied up and gagged, she gets an attitude about it, Really?Other than that, it's action packed. The author has a wonderful way of storytelling.

    6. 1920's English Detective StoryI really enjoy the Posie Parker mysteries. I look forward to the next one. This story takes place in 1923 England and the film industry. There are many false trails in the mystery. I like the complicated plots. But there are times when the author puts the heroine in a situation that I just want to say, "No Posie. Don't do it. "

    7. The Posie Parker series keeps getting better. Hathaway has really hit her stride in this episode, which features convoluted and surprising plot twists without getting too strange to wrap up satisfyingly. I will look forward to the next instalment.

    8. Great for when you just need a distraction that isn't a challenge, my mum dropped this over with a load of random stuff and I went through it in a few days, exactly what I needed but not particularly taxing or enlightening!

    9. Great ReadPosie gets involved in a mystery that she can’t quite figure out. It isn’t until several people die that she comes up with the right answer.

    10. Another great book in a great series! I very much enjoyed this one and can't wait to read the next one.4/5 stars

    11. Great mysteryI liked the story and the way it is presented. Poise is a believable detective and deals well with police who love her.

    12. Had hard time consentrating on this story. I really wanted to like this book, but found that I had to force myself to finish it. I knew it would eventually get going and the story would become interesting. Not my favorite Posie Parker story, reason for my rating.By now the storyline of Aleric and Posie's romance is getting to be old hat. Posie is too smart to continue in this limbo state.For me this was just Ok.

    13. Another excellent Posie Parker mystery. Doubt it'll be the last we've seen of the Count, but fear trouble ahead for Posie's personal life. Will she never be happy?

    14. Another Posie Parker mystery for the win! Posie is finally back for her fifth adventure and it certainly does not disappoint. Receiving a mysterious summons to the Sunset film studios, Posie and her best friend, Dolly, are confronted with a murderous plot against movie star Silvia Hanro. Posie quickly discovers that this investigation will be no easy task as both personal and professional tensions are running deep on the film set.The wonderful thing about this series is that each book draws me i [...]

    15. You'll never guess who did it.Another exciting Posie Parker mystery. Will Posie find the culprit on time? This story will keep you guessing until the very end.

    16. EXCELLENT-EXCELLENT-EXCELLENT!Another fabulous Posie Parker story. This time we are entrenched in the world of film; London, England, Worton Hall Studios, blackmail, murder, deceit and more. Our beloved female detective Miss Posie Parker is coerced into finding the perpetrator behind hand delivered notes (and other 'things') which threaten Britain's much loved actress- Silvia Hanro.I was 'into' this story from the first paragraph until the very last sentence (say it isn't so!!!!). And this state [...]

    17. 4th of this series and the best ever! Fascinating plot and intriguing relationships among all the suspects. Looking forward to book five.

    18. Posie's Back! 3.5 stars4 stars is high for me as I am very sparing with my five stars.I have read the first four books in this series at least twice, possibly thrice, so I was looking forward to the next one.What I like about this book and the series is that they are well-written and edited. Hathaway's characters are realistic and the settings and dialogue authentic which makes reading enjoyable. The secondary characters are also three-dimensional.In this story Posie is given an almost impossibl [...]

    19. Rosie Parker is a detective in 1920s London. As usual with this genre, the details about the era, e.g clothing, cars, the British movie industry, provide much of the fun. When our heroine is hired to figure out who is sending death threats, and most recently a human finger, to a famous movie actress, Posie has twenty-four hours to interview the actress family, co-workers and friends to try to uncover the culprit before it is too late. There are a few bodies discovered along the way, of course. A [...]

    20. O.M.G. !!I love this series, but this, the fifth instalment of the series, is the best yet, in my opinion. Talk about action! This book has it in spades! Crazy action! The mystery was a good one, with others interwoven into it. The characters and plot were exciting: movie stars, nemeses, romantic entanglements and deceit, with a wonderful and colourful backdrop of 1920's London and film sets. The climax and denouement were devastatingly exciting!I can hardly wait for the next book! Highly recomm [...]

    21. I've enjoyed the previous Posie Parker books, but this one just wasn't as well done as the others. I felt that the plot meandered a bit too much and some of the timeline didn't quite add up. There was no forward movement in Posie's relationship with Alaric. And, a continuing character was killed, with little reason. I hope things get back on track and move forward in the next installment.

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