Longbourn Library: A Novel of Pride, Prejudice, and Books

Longbourn Library A Novel of Pride Prejudice and Books Liz always believed working as a librarian in Hertford Idaho would give her opportunities to meet intelligent men Lately however she is starting to think her theory was wrong She finds herself hidi

  • Title: Longbourn Library: A Novel of Pride, Prejudice, and Books
  • Author: Trudy Wallis
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 353
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Liz always believed working as a librarian in Hertford, Idaho would give her opportunities to meet intelligent men Lately, however, she is starting to think her theory was wrong She finds herself hiding from Collin, that slimy blind date she wishes she could forget Charlie is a nice fellow, but he is clearly taken with Jane Then there is that Californian aspiring writLiz always believed working as a librarian in Hertford, Idaho would give her opportunities to meet intelligent men Lately, however, she is starting to think her theory was wrong She finds herself hiding from Collin, that slimy blind date she wishes she could forget Charlie is a nice fellow, but he is clearly taken with Jane Then there is that Californian aspiring writer named Darcy What a snob What are chances any man could answer the wishes of Liz s heart Is being fond of reading the first step toward falling in love

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    1. Brilliant! I loved this tongue-in-cheek modern day take off of Pride and Prejudice.From Ms. Liz's POV we learn all about the employees and patrons of the Longbourn Library in Hertford, Idaho. There is Liz, Jane, Mary, Kathryn (Kitty) and Lydia - none are related to each other but they do have traits/behaviors which you will recognize from canon. There is Mr. Bennet with his striped chair where he likes to sit and read and not be disturbed. There is Mrs. Bennet who loves gossip and matchmaking. W [...]

    2. 4.5 rounded up to 5 starsThis is an entertaining, humorous, contemporary version of Pride and Prejudice set in a library. You find all the major characters, who are very recognizable despite not having familial relationships with each other. Well, Mr. and Mrs. Bennet do, and William Darcy and his sister Georgiana do, and Kate de Bourgh and her daughter Anne do; however, Jane, Liz, Mary, Kitty and Lydia are NOT sisters. Instead, the 5 girls are co-workers (along with Charlotte) in a library. Happ [...]

    3. Darcy as a sensitive, successful author—yess! Now, that’s a Darcy who could light my fires!Trudy Wallis’s modern take on Pride and Prejudice is set mostly in an Idaho library, where Liz (not Bennet) works as a librarian. Nearly all of the principal characters appear, shaken up into different relationships but recognizably themselves. The predictable misunderstandings occur before the couple bonds over books and reading. There is an exuberance to this novel that endeared it to me and made t [...]

    4. “Perhaps no place in any community is so totally democratic as the town library. The only entrance requirement is interest.” Lady bird JohnsonCommunity… whether you live in a big city, metropolis, small town or village; community represents the same thing to all people, that feeling of caring for one another. This library represented community. I have to tell you… I should award stars for the number of bruised or cracked ribs I received from laughing so hard. This just struck me; I could [...]

    5. Do you need a fun, fast paced, modern P&P sort of romp to get over your February blues. Yes you do! So pick this one!!Just too fun for words. Set in Herford Idaho where young ladies with very familiar first names will treat you wonderfully at Herford's Longbourn Library. Well all except Mary she's a bit odd and old fashioned. That quiet man reading in the corner; that's Mr. Bennet. He comes to the library to escape his wife who follows and spreads her endearing form of gossip. Like that ther [...]

    6. Dear Reader,If you're in the mood for a devilishly humorous and utterly compelling read,then you must give serious consideration to this book!A perfect homage to book lovers,books and Pride and Prejudice,this beautifully crafted story delights in mirroring the events of Austen's Classic by transporting it and its beloved characters into modern day Idaho. To see similar misunderstandings, misconceptions and mistakes at play was, without doubt,exceedingly diverting!! From the very first page to st [...]

    7. Longbourn Library: A Novel of Pride, Prejudice, and BooksModern variation of Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice in which reading becomes an integral part of the story. Elizabeth is a librarian, and Darcy is a writer. This version has the usual characters found in Pride and Prejudice, but they are not family. Finding out that William Darcy is William Fitz, the author of 'Pemberley', shocks Elizabeth, but after hearing Wickham's story, her shock turns to anger and hate so when he asks her for a dat [...]

    8. 4.5 starsReading Longbourn Library was like sitting in a garden, on a warm, sunny day, with a gentle summer breeze. No hurry, no responsibilities. Just peace and quiet. I know this book is not for everyone - it is light and fluffy, with very few darker undertones - but if you need a bit of escapism, something to cheer you up, this clever and very funny reworking of P&P might just be the very thing for you.I loved this book from start to finish and found the author's choices intelligent and i [...]

    9. Once I started, I could not put it down! As an avid Jane Austen Fan Fiction reader, I thought this was a very well-done modern version. It was a fairly quick read that I highly recommend!

    10. This is much more than a retelling of Pride and Prejudice. It's an exploration of the ways books and reading affect our lives.

    11. What a joy!Oh I dearly loved this book! This modern JAFF story had all the wonderful elements of a addicting novel: humor, witty dialogue, and romance. I made note of all the authors and their books and added a few to my wish list.

    12. What I didn't like about this book:I love romantic comedies, movies and books. They are refreshing and easy to digest. However, I don't like when writers forcefeed viewers/readers a connection that isn't really there. In this book, Darcy and Liz just don't have enough encounters for their connection to be believable. Maybe enough to show a spark but not enough to lead to a marriage. Not in 200 pages, anyway. There's an odd clash between old-fashioned "Janeisms" and modern language. Sometimes, it [...]

    13. Love this retelling of a beloved classic from Jane Austen. Taking place in a library in Idaho the characters were colorful and the author’s love of libraries made this modern retelling an enjoyable escape. Fans of the original will be pleasantly pleased. I certainly am. I wonder if the author would consider writing a Persuasion inspired one as captivating as this Pride and Prejudice one was. Look forward to seeing more works from her.

    14. Fun read, lighthearted story, I loved Liz's sense of humor and quick wit. If she were real - I'm confident we would be friends! I loved all the book references. It was fun to see the world through the eyes of a librarian, it made me realize I've been under utilizing my local library and the expert readers of our librarians.

    15. I have never read Pride and Prejudice, which I believe that this book is fashioned after. I thought it was okay. Lots of mentions of the classics. Lots of inner dialogue/narration. Not a lot of interaction.

    16. This was delightful book and concept. I enjoyed the way the author created a new world for our beloved characters. This book stays true to move events in cannon. I really enjoyed watching the dynamic between Will and Elizabeth. I was also happy that there was plenty of romance once an understanding was achieved. Bravo. Very entertaining.

    17. FunI really enjoyed this book. Its ridiculous and funny and a modern take on the classic. Lizzie is a librarian along with her friend Jane. Darcy and Bingley come in to do research for a book. From there its completely modern and hysterically funny at times. Lydia reading a bawdy poem to the Thursday Tea Group followed by Mary singing so badly that people are almost running for the door.Its a great modernization of the classic.

    18. Set in an Idaho library mainly we have all our characters - Liz feisty librarian, Jane sweet, Mary quoting good deeds and Kitty being Kitty. Mrs. Bennett being slightly different though gossipy and Mr. Bennett being a good soul. The characters are all there but are placed not as a family(which is what I gathered) which added to the variety. Darcy and Bingley are friends and Wickham is still the pariah of the lot!It was a fun and entertaining read.

    19. Loved this storyI love pride and prejudice variations, just not usually modern ones. I thunk this one is just really well done. I love the flow and parallels of the story. I think the characters are spot on to the originals, but in a uniquely modern way. I loved the literary references throughout, in a book about a library. Well done

    20. It was cute. I didn't think the author needed to bring EVERY person from Pride and Prejudice into the story, a bit overkill. I also HATED Darcy calling her Ms. Liz. I always see her as either Elizabeth or Lizzie.

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