The Devil's Host MC: The Complete Series

The Devil s Host MC The Complete Series When a big scary biker shows up at Jimmy s Diner fifteen minutes before the end of my shift covered in tattoos and looking at me like I m on the menu I should flip the open sign to closed But I don t

  • Title: The Devil's Host MC: The Complete Series
  • Author: Shari Slade
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When a big scary biker shows up at Jimmy s Diner fifteen minutes before the end of my shift covered in tattoos and looking at me like I m on the menu I should flip the open sign to closed But I don t I m too used to doing what I ve been told Too used to working and struggling and surviving to do anything different A closed sign wouldn t stop him anyway He s here to coWhen a big scary biker shows up at Jimmy s Diner fifteen minutes before the end of my shift covered in tattoos and looking at me like I m on the menu I should flip the open sign to closed But I don t I m too used to doing what I ve been told Too used to working and struggling and surviving to do anything different A closed sign wouldn t stop him anyway He s here to collect a debt And I m the only one left to pay Meet the dangerous enforcer of The Devil s Host MC in this complete bundle Includes the following previously published installments Ride Me Hard Break Me In Drive Me Wild Hold Me Down

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    1. I don't understand why this book needed to be broken up in so many " parts" If I would have not had them all I can tell you one hundred percent I would have given up on them, There's four parts, but there's no story, no character development, nothing really happens at all, wellral things almost happen, but are over in a snap.I will say the writing is not bad. I wish the author would have made this one book and took more time building to a climax then a resolution instead of having for or five " [...]

    2. SEXY AND EXCITINGI fell in love with Noah and Star. Noah is definitely the epitome of the badass alpha biker. He falls in lust with Star he first time he sees her. Star is a mousey little spitfire who has gone through hell and survived never knowing what it's like to be loved but desperately wants to. The first time she sees Noah she's terrified but she wants him to show her who's boss. I think because she's been abused her whole life she's always been a lonely girl who needs to know what it's l [...]

    3. Ride Me Hard:Smoking hot read. You cannot help but love a bad boy. Damn what turn on. Star was a waitress at Jimmy’s Diner. It was a diner in which her no good for nothing cousin named Harry had help her get. One night this rough looking biker guy named Noah came in. Just one look you could tell he was not one you wanted to mess with, but yet had that bad boy look that turned you on. Noah was there with one reason to collect the debt Harry owed. Harry takes off leaving Star in danger to pay th [...]

    4. The Devils Host MC by Shari SladeWhen Noah arrives to collect a debt he picks up more than he bargained for. Star knows that she is not leaving alone. Noah is instantly attracted to Star and plays her like a fiddle. Noah seems to know what has transpired in Stars life and he knows how to handle her. Star starts to feel safe and protected in Noah’s company but can she be loyal to him and his MC. When a situation unfolds and she has to make a choice can she follow through? Characters were comple [...]

    5. Very goodFound this by accident and was completely enveloped into story. Loved the grit and dialogue pretty much real life drama I'm hooked! Thanks for giving a great story and great characters

    6. The Devils Host MC was a decent read, increasing in interest the further you read. The beginning to me felt disjointed, almost like this was book two in a series. The final book, Hold Me Down was definitely my favorite and tied everything together with a big bad ass MC chain. Happy Reading!!!

    7. SighThis should have been a 5 star read. It really should have. The story was there, the characters were there. But, it was lacking. The story felt as if it was a movie playing in fast forward while all the important moments were glossed over, skipped or just missing. The story was a good one it just never reached it's full potential.

    8. Great read.I enjoyed this book very much. It had a lot of interesting twists and turns. Couldn't put this book down.

    9. Great MC readMC reads are definitely one of my favorite genres. Noah & star, I just adored. Great writing. Will be r adding more from this author.

    10. Reading this, I felt like I might of reached my fill of alphahole heroes. Maybe because neither the heroine or the hero had much of an emotional arc. Sure, they fell in love and faced down evil bikers, but they didn’t change or grow.

    11. Ride Me Hard (Devil's Host MC, #1) If you're thinking, you're not comingHoly Hotness, Batman! Let's just say that the sexy badass biker, Noah, was throwing out orders in his deep gravely voice and he didn't leave much room for thinking (wink-wink). It was short, fast, sexy, surprising and suspenseful. I can't wait for more, "Oh, the sweetness and the sorrow."Break Me In (Devil's Host MC #2)You keep what you can holdPinch me! Am I still dreaming, in the middle of another badass biker fantasy? Nop [...]

    12. DNF. I find this very hard to get into, the instant relationship between the two main characters made no sense to me. I didn't feel any connection or chemistry between the couple. I don't why it was broken up into so many parts it certainly did not add anything

    13. Really enjoyed this serial series. Well written and full of action, of all kinds!!! Noah and Star are great together and I enjoyed seeing the way Star grew into her role as Noah's partner!!!

    14. I'm glad it was a complete series when I read it or I'm not sure I would have continued it. It is still relatively short though. I liked it. I liked the writing overall

    15. 4 1/2 stars! Freaking LOVE Noah! I read this series as the installments were released and each time I finished one I was ready and impatient for the next! This series has everything- action, suspense, betrayal, love, hot and dirty sex, violencel the ingredients for a perfect read. Noah isn't your average "good guy", nor is he even your typical alpha biker hero. He's got plenty of flaws, but don't we all? That's what I love about this series. Real people aren't all good or all bad. We're all some [...]

    16. Good read.I loved this story. I'm glad I got to read the co plate series at once that would have drove me crazy to wait. Well written and only a few errors that I saw. Good read.

    17. Great bookIt was well thought out and enjoyable I just wasn't keen on the cliffhanger others wise she has a great plot going on

    18. It was okay for mery short so I did not really get to know the main M/C , I'm glad the complete series for .99:))

    19. UndecidedNot sure about this book. Not your usual MC read. The club members are all quite dark characters and Noah is just different. He's alpha then soft them alpha again. His character is just confusing

    20. Good, dark and intense This book serial was an intense read. I'm so glad I found the whole story in one though, as I would t have read it in short pieces with cliffhangers, that would have been an instant turn-off. Noah was a unique biker in some ways and I really felt like I got to know him even though the whole book was from Star's pov. We got just enough of her background to understand where she was coming from and why she was okay with the situation she ended up in and how she reacted. The e [...]

    21. Wonderful terrible bad boy read. Noah is one messed up hottie and his girl is no better. They're perfect together!

    22. Hot menI gave this book 5 stars as it was well written & I love MC books. Will be reading more of her books. Thanks.

    23. Shari Slade's Devil's Host MC series is finally together in one volume, no need to wait for the next installment and trust me, I read it the first time as each installment came out was torture waiting for the next one so you could find out what happens next. Shari is an excellent writer and does a great job of making you feel like you are right there with the characters. Noah and Star are not your typical characters nor are they an expected match, so be warned when the sparks start to fly, they [...]

    24. 3 Stars Not my cup of tea.I like MC books, so I thought this one would be good. I got bored pretty quickly.

    25. I haven't read a steamy romance in too long, and this short, sexy little collection was a great way to ease back into them! The raw emotion, imagery, and heat level (of course) were off the charts. 4 stars simply because there were a few scenes that got just a little too dark and twisted for my personal taste.

    26. A 3.5 rating from me.I have found an enjoyment with MC books but sometimes I find one that is difficult for me to read. This is not a reflection on the author but on my own personal reading style. A book needs to grab me from the very beginning and hold me right through to the very end. The Devil's Host MC is one such book that I struggled to get into.

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