Deep River Night

Deep River Night In the tradition of Cormac McCarthy Russell Banks and Annie Proulx the much anticipated new novel by the bestselling author of Red Dog Red Dog is set over the course of hours in a remote sawmil

  • Title: Deep River Night
  • Author: Patrick Lane
  • ISBN: 9780771048173
  • Page: 322
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In the tradition of Cormac McCarthy, Russell Banks, and Annie Proulx, the much anticipated new novel by the bestselling author of Red Dog, Red Dog is set over the course of 48 hours in a remote sawmill community where violence, complicity, and inaction run deep.World War Two vet Art Kenning is the alcoholic first aid man in an isolated sawmill village in the interior of B.In the tradition of Cormac McCarthy, Russell Banks, and Annie Proulx, the much anticipated new novel by the bestselling author of Red Dog, Red Dog is set over the course of 48 hours in a remote sawmill community where violence, complicity, and inaction run deep.World War Two vet Art Kenning is the alcoholic first aid man in an isolated sawmill village in the interior of B.C where he dreads the sound of the five whistles that summon him to the mill floor whenever a worker is hurt Traumatized by an incident in Holland, when he stood by while members of his unit committed a horrific act, he loses himself in drink, and in memories of the love affair he had with a woman in wartime Paris But the sad comfort of his self imposed detachment is shattered when one of the most powerful men at the mill arrives at his door late one evening to ask for his help What unfolds over the course of that night and following day will force Art to confront acts of evil, both in the present and the past, as well as the tragic consequences of his own inactionAlternating with Art s story are the stories of Joel, a teenaged runaway who owes his life to Art, Wang Po, the mill s cook and a survivor of the Rape of Nanjing, Alice, a young Indigenous girl sold from a residential school, and, Cliff, a Metis man with a hidden past These lives, and , intertwine to reveal a complex, morally ambiguous community where the undercurrents of violence and complicity are never far from the surface Writing with exquisite precision and emotional force, Patrick Lane gives us a novel whose darkness is fractured by moments of light Deep River Night is a riveting story about the burden of bearing witness to a terrible crime

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    1. A story that appears to chronicle the life of a first aid man in a small community. The story highlights the downfalls of war, addiction and all that accompanies small town life. I'm giving this book a 3 star rating, my reasoning as follows; I liked the story in this book, as it was interesting. It takes place in the past and times were different then. The story has relatable material to today (addiction, specifically), which gave the story something for the reader to relate to. However, I found [...]

    2. He'd known what they were going to do. How did doing nothing make him the better man?“What have I done?”And there was a howl in him, and he knew it would break him if he ever let it out. He opened his mouth and far off he heard the sound of an animal crying and he wanted to help, but he didn't know how.Deep River Night primarily focuses on Art Kenning: suffering PTSD from his service in Europe during WWII, it is now 1962 and Art dispels his ghosts with whisky and the opium he shares with Wan [...]

    3. Late morning light angled through the window above his head. It burned across the wall and carved itself into an ancient newspaper from 1914, glued there by a man who was going to a war he would not return from, by a light he could not reach, a wound made from nothing but a star.Are you ready for a lighthearted romp about the goodness of humanity and our capacity for love?Then this probably ain't the book for you. DEEP RIVER NIGHT is as uneasy as the title suggests, delving into topics including [...]

    4. Art, the first aid man, is haunted by the war. He has flashbacks. It is 1960 in a small village by the mountains in BC, CANADA. The local sawmill is the economic engine to these peoples' world. The first chapter has a realist feel to it. This is not a fantasy or Harry Potter magic hour. Indian girls are bought and sold & little girls are raped by their Daddy. Art is a whiskey man who enjoys a little opium on the side. He is a multi-cultural kind of guy, a pal of the China man cook, Wang Po. [...]

    5. This is a really depressing book, but probably accurate for the time period and location of it. It's also really lyrical and kind of rambling in places, but I guess that's to be expected since the author is a poet. I liked Art, and the author really got into the mindset of an alcoholic with drug problems, he knows he should stop, he tells himself he'll stop, and nothing changes. I read this book in black and white, if that's possible, it just seems like in a place this bleak, there would be no c [...]

    6. just recieved my copy of Deep River Night and I am so excited about starting this book. It looks so good! - Merry Hill

    7. This book was good. It's book that you can sit down and read quite easily and possibly quickly if you aren't interrupted a great deal. I think it also paints a decent picture of small town life and the people that live there.*won as a GoodReads Giveaway*

    8. 2/5. I received an advance copy of this book from the publisher via the giveaway.Set in the 1950s, "Deep River Night" tells the story of a sawmill community outside of Kamloops, British Columbia.Told in three loosely alternating perspectives, we are introduced to three main characters. First, we meet Art Kenning, a WWII vet and the sawmill's first aid worker who is having an increasingly hard time surviving with his war time memories. Self-medicating with whiskey and opium, Art is dragged betwe [...]

    9. I was happy to have the chance to read this, as I'm a fan of Patrick Lane's poetry, but haven't read any of his other work. Well, just as I suspected, I loved this novel for the same reasons I love his poetry - there is (to me) an honesty to his writing, a bare-bones, don't-hide-the-ugly-truth honesty. Obviously, I can't know what his writing process is, but I do know what the result looks like to me, which is: it looks like he laid each word down, one at a time, slowly and deliberately, making [...]

    10. Thank you to Patrick Lane and McLellan & Stewart for the free advance copy!Art Kenning is a troubled WWII vet living in the BC interior and working as a first aid man for a saw mill. He is deeply troubled by the trauma he witnessed during the war and self-medicates with booze, morphine and opium, living half in the present and half in the past. Joel is a runaway working at the mill. Wang Po is the mill's chef. Alice is an indigenous woman sold from a residential school. Their lives progress [...]

    11. Received a free copy for honest review.Alcoholic and opium addict Art Kenning is a first-aid man who works at a sawmill in the interior of British Columbia. He is an ex soldier from WWII who is suffering from the effects of war and of all the things he experienced. The book has several character that are all wounded from things in their past like a young Indigenous girl named Alice who was stolen from her family and was then sold from a residential school where she had been abused. Wang Po, the [...]

    12. Thank you to McClelland & Stewart (publisher) and Patrick Lane for giving me the opportunity to win a copy of this novel as a Giveaway. Prior to winning and reading this novel, this is the type of novel I would have looked at but likely never purchased if I saw it at a bookstore, as I'm typically a fan of chick-lit reads. After reading this novel, however, I cannot wait to read more by Patrick Lane. This novel has opened me up to a new genre of books. The book tackled many difficult issues [...]

    13. Women are treated terribly by the men in this book, and their characters are barely developed stereotypes, the mystic medicine woman, the happy half wit, the French prostitutes, the abused Indian-school girl slave. Women in this book aren't treated as people but as plot devices. One brutalized woman is quite literally "fridged" so our drug addicted, alcoholic first aid man can come to terms with some of the horrors his inaction facilitated during the war. Not to mention the laziness of a "Metis" [...]

    14. Set in a sawmill town north of Kamloops, B.C. in the 1960's, this story is about Art, the first aid man and his addictions and not being able to let go of the past, especially the horrors of war. Wang Po, the sawmill cook, is also a war survivor and one that understands Art. Joel is a teenage runaway who arrives half frozen on the train and forms a friendship with Art and Wang Po. Quite a cast of characters, from the mill workers to the store owners, in this small community.I received this book [...]

    15. I received this book for free through Giveaways and have chosen to give my honest opinion about it.At first I had difficulty understanding this book, however, the fruits of patience and sticking through with the story really paid off, as it was incredibly interesting seeing how the main characters reacted to their problems and how they were all really interconnected in this community. The setting itself is unique, with decent pacing and distinct characters, I definitely found it a good read.

    16. At 155 pages I have to abandon this book. It’s not that it’s bad per se, it’s just not for me. I found the writing clunky (especially disappointing as Patrick Lane is a poet), and it takes long roundabout flashback-filled routes in almost every scene. There was nothing about the story that I cared to read the conclusion of, so I’m going to pull a rare-for-me move and DNF this one. *I received a copy of this book through the GooReads Giveaway Program (and thus feel extra guilty about aban [...]

    17. This was a beautifully written story set over a 48 hour period. It follows Art, a first aid man at a remote logging camp, as he struggles with demons of his past and present, and Joel, a young man who Art rescued from freezing. The writing drew me in and I could feel the pain and the struggles of the characters lives. A richly told story with a lot of difficult subject matters.I highly recommend.

    18. I received this book through giveaway. I thoroughly enjoyed this book from the first page to the end. The main character and storyline is around Art, the first aid man and WWII veteran. Other important characters are Joel, Alice, and Wang Po. Through these characters, the author relates a lot of history from that time period. Some of it was Canadian, but Europe and China as well. There is no doubt the author is a poet as his writing reflects that. I would recommend this book.

    19. I won an advanced copy on . I really loved this book, well written to keep you turning the pages like you are watching a movie. Loved all the characters and their stories past and present. It is said to be a fiction novel but anyone that reads this knows that the characters stories of their lives have taken place and sadly still do.

    20. I received this book free through . This story didn't appeal to me. It seemed that the whole town and all the characters were scummy and I couldn't get into the story and couldn't relate to any of the people there. I could understand one or two people suffering from PTSD but it seemed the whole logging town and those that came there were all lowlifes with issues

    21. I received a free copy of this book through I am glad to have had the opportunity to read this book. I found it slow moving. It was not so much about action but had more depth to it in terms of 'skeletons in the closet' and the meaning of life and actions. More of a thought provoking read than an adventure.

    22. Won as a giveaway. A bit of a slow read, found it hard to get in to at first, but does pick up half way through. Having lived in a small BC town for many years, I felt it was an accurate description of the relationships and behaviour that would have taken place back in this time period. An enjoyable read for those who don't mind a slow journey

    23. This is a beautifully written and sweet/sad/melancholic novel. It is not a quick, unputdownable read, but takes time and patience to get through. I really did enjoy it and I would like to thank Patrick Lane and for this contest give-away. I would give this 4.5 stars.

    24. Recieved an ARC copy from . It was not an easy read but it was a story that lingers on your mind for days. It was a well written book that dealt with many hard topics. The journey the main character takes you on is difficult to read at times.

    25. A very decent read, it delves into a lot of different topics, ie. PTSD, murder, addiction, and many more. However, the first half was very slow going and I had a hard time keeping my concentration, but the second half definetly picked up speed and it was an ok read.

    26. An interesting read about life in a small lumber camp in the late 1950's. The interactions between Art a WWII vet, Wang Po the camp cook, young adult Joel a labourer, Emerson a youth, and a number of others in their daily lives. A pretty accurate depiction of life in a small isolated community.

    27. Gritty Canadiana novel set over 2 days in a logging town. Beautifully crafted prose, which seemed to run-on at times, but stunning overall. Fans of Steinbeck will likely enjoy this book.

    28. Beautifully written and wonderful complex characters. Loved this book and I'm still thinking about how it might have continued many days after having turned the last page.

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