A Hero to Keep

A Hero to Keep Sometimes you have to fight for what for who you love Shannon Vanderhoff s childhood taught her early on that nothing was hers to keep not clothes or toys or even people So she lives loves and le

  • Title: A Hero to Keep
  • Author: Susan Gable
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sometimes you have to fight for what for who you love.Shannon Vanderhoff s childhood taught her early on that nothing was hers to keep, not clothes, or toys, or even people So she lives, loves, and lets go She s not looking for a hero.But with custody of her traumatized six year old nephew on the line, she needs help Charming Greg Hawkins, a comic book artist and arSometimes you have to fight for what for who you love.Shannon Vanderhoff s childhood taught her early on that nothing was hers to keep, not clothes, or toys, or even people So she lives, loves, and lets go She s not looking for a hero.But with custody of her traumatized six year old nephew on the line, she needs help Charming Greg Hawkins, a comic book artist and art therapist insists he can coax Ryan into speaking again, enabling the boy to reveal what he saw the night of his mother s death at his father s hands And though Shannon s skeptical of Greg s methods, there s no denying that he brings light and color to their lives.Greg, one of twelve siblings, knows anything worth having is worth fighting for If anyone can prepare Shannon for the upcoming battle, it s Greg and his family.But will she fight to keep him, too A Hero to Keep is a contemporary family drama romance set near Lake Erie, featuring the Hawkins Family Grab your copy today With close to a half million copies of her books sold worldwide, award winning author Susan Gable is known for her ability to weave realistic characters and powerful emotions, to make readers both laugh and cry Emotionally charged scenes and a terrific plot make this novel a must read Gable s writing is clever, and the emotions she portrays are exceptionally realistic 4.5 Stars, Top Pick Alexandra Kay Romantic Times BOOKreviews Magazine This book was originally published under the title A Kid to the Rescue.

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    1. I enjoyed this book, the hero Greg was great, not only was he a comic book artist but also an art therapist for kids and he was great with our wary heroine and her traumatized nephew.The heroine started out not so great, she had zero experience with kids and was struggling doing her job while taking care of a nephew who had seen his father murder his mother and refused to talk, as a last resort she went to Greg expecting a nerd and finding someone amazing with a big heart, willing to let his sis [...]

    2. I did NOT read all this book! I do NOT recommend this book. I got about 30% of the way into it and was already feeling uncomfortable because of the language issues (why is it "okay" for adults to use bad language but not for kids?) and then it suddenly went sensual! Up until then I had liked the main characters especially the little boy, but after just a bit of the other stuff, I started skipping pages. I jumped ahead, found the climax with the little boy, skimmed it and really didn't much care [...]

    3. I liked this one. The writing was a little rough at times, but overall it was a good story with a gentle, compassionate Hero. The H is a comic book artist and art therapist who works with sick kids at a cancer center and individually with abused kids. The h becomes responsible for her nephew after a traumatic event and he won't speak.There were several side characters to this book because the Hawkins Family has 12 kids including the H. I'm sure that was to set the stage for plenty of future book [...]

    4. 4.5 StarsSuch a beautifully written story to read, full of super heroes and imaginations. Shannon and Greg's story didn't start because of some romance that was long lost, but because of Ryan's tragic situations and their ability to bring back a little boys spirit that was robbed from him. This book is a definite roller coaster with all the drama that goes on, but it is definitely worth reading.

    5. Ugh this book! I was not ready for the feelings that came with it. I was glad hat everything had worked out in the end. I'll have to look into the rest of the series to know who's story comes next

    6. This was a beautiful story of a woman, Shannon who always seemed to lose everything she cared about. When she gets custody of her nephew after his dad killed her sister, she tries to keep her distance emotionally. She ends up taking him to art therapy to help him through seeing his mom murdered. She gets close to the therapist, Greg but in order to have a relationship with Greg and her nephew she needs to learn to love. This story is about love being patient and long sufering.

    7. A Hero to Keep: Hawkins Family Book 1 is by Susan Gable. This book deals with the use of art therapy to help traumatized young people become able to overcome the trauma they have experienced and deal with it. It is also used to help with cancer treatment. The book is very realistic and the characters could walk off the pages and live among us. It is very good and can easily be read in one short sitting. Greg Hawkins was a comic artist who also had a deep interest in using art therapy to help you [...]

    8. Superheroes come in all shapes and sizesShannon Vanderhoffen knows everything, and everyone, is temporary. You just can't count on anyone but yourself and there's no such thing as happy ever after. Her sister, Willow, learned that the hard way; her death at the hands of her husband. Now Shannon has custody of her six year old nephew, Ryan, and he won't talk. To anyone. Greg Hawkins is a comic book artist and works with kids battling cancer with his art therapy program. One of twelve kids, he kno [...]

    9. Greg is an art therapist, and his passion is helping kids to center and find themselves through art. He usually spends his time counseling kids suffering from cancer, and drawing his own personal comics. However, when a woman named Shannon needs help with her troubled nephew, he decides to give his assistance at a discounted rate. This 6 year old boy isn't just troubled however, he has seen his mother murdered by his father in front of him, and has gone mute since then. Shannon also has her own [...]

    10. What a great story. Shannon, Greg and Ryan (the six year old) made for outstanding main characters. I enjoyed every minute of it. The Hawkins family figure in later and there is a bunch of them. Shannon is used to just Ryan and herself being the remaining members of her family. Life had taught her in her childhood that basically everything was temporary. You couldn't afford to love it too much because eventually you were going to lose it. She had learned to embrace and enjoy blessings when they [...]

    11. I haven’t read a book written by Susan Gable before I picked up this book, but I know I will be reading more. As soon as I started reading A Hero to Keep I was engrossed in this story. I didn’t want to put it down. A Hero to Keep is a beautifully written book. Not only did I love the story, but I loved the way it made me feel. I experienced a so many feelings while reading it. The characters were amazing. I loved Ryan and I wanted to give him a huge hug. What he had to go through made me tea [...]

    12. 3.5 stars rounded upThis was a quick and enjoyable read about a woman, Shannon, who grew up in a troubled home - you didn't get to keep anything so you learned not to get attached to stuff. She brings a new definition to minimalism. Her sister is murdered and the suspect is the husband. While he is on trial she receives guardianship of her nephew, Ryan. Ryan supposedly witnessed the murder and is very traumatized and is not speaking. She is led to Greg who is an art therapist as well as a comic [...]

    13. I don't even know where to begin with this book. I guess professionally Greg is kind of creepy because he got involved with his patients aunt - ick. But then you have Shannon (who they at two points call Shenadoah - one of which is in a court of law sooo yeah I don't get that) who has some irrational hatred of super heroes and explanations like pow! kerplunk! and kick cancer's butt! I could see if she had an issue with violence on tv, but who's ever made the argument that violence in comics lead [...]

    14. Gory and Shannon's Love Tryst! 3.5***** I admired Gregory( Gory)'s character, his patience with squirmy, teflon-minded Shannon, and his use of Art Therapy, in particular comics to assist children with cancer cope. Or in Ryan's case, a child, who witnessed his father murder his mother, Shannon's sister, cope. He gave a child with selective mutism back his voice to speak up for his murdered mother. The large Irish functional family plays prominently here; a concept, which at times, I find unbeliev [...]

    15. Great first book of a seriesThis book was well written and sure to bring tears to the eyes of its readers. A young boy witnessed a horrific death of his mother, moved away from all he knew to live with an aunt he barely knew. That in itself is sad but read on and you will find yourself cheering the characters on as they deal with trials, sadness, and disappointments. Shannon does come from a large family nor does she expect much put of life but that will all change when she gets custody of her n [...]

    16. Without doubt the first half of this book felt stronger than the second. I really enjoyed the start of it, then bam! In came the completely unnecessary sex scenes that really detracted from a feel-good read. The second half of the book felt rushed and as if it weren't given as much love and attention when it was being written as at times there were just odd scenes that didn't overly make sense. Also found the head hopping between characters a little frustrating at times. But overall the story it [...]

    17. This was a sweet book. I liked Greg from the beginning and his big family. He was just the sweetest and caring person. Helping children through his art therapy and helping them "fight the good fight" and kick cancer's butt. He's looking for what his parents have. His latest case is 6 year old Ryan, who witnessed his father killing his mother and has turned mute. He's gone to live with his Aunt Shannon, who is trying to get him speaking again and tries the art therapy for him. They whole process [...]

    18. A very heartfelt book. Ryan saw the worst thing a child could see, his killed his Mother. He goes to lived wth his Aunt Shannon, who is his Mother's sister has her own issues of coping with loss. Ryan is her only family now and she doesn't know if she's enough. With help of Greg, an Art therapist and Comic Book Hero Artist who everyone loves comes to their recuse. With the help of Greg therapy and his love brings Ryan out of shell and shows Shannon that it's a thing to fight for what she wants i [...]

    19. I didn't enjoy this book, sorry. The one thing I didn't like was Shannon, and that was a major part of the story. She was cold, distant and just plain annoying, when Greg told his cancer battling kids "to kick cancers butt" she scoffed and complained it was violent. She put down what Greg does for a living, constantly dismissed him, and thought Ryan was having multiple personalities! I finished the book because I loved Greg, he was a great H who deeply cared about Ryan. I also only completed it [...]

    20. Meh. I finished it because I really was drawn to the plot-I just didn’t connect with the 2 main characters very well. I normally don’t read such racy romances (could have done fine w/out sex scenes) as alittle info gives enough to the reader to “get it” so I did do some skipping of parts. However, with that being said the ending did not surprise and felt alittle “forced.” I expected more because of all the reviewsxt time I won’t read reviews until after the last page is turned. [...]

    21. A very memorable storyI absolutely loved this book. The author has combined a tragedy into justice, and the power to believe in what is right in the world. A once mute child is helped by a supportive art therapist to overcome his fear and to tell his story in court. Justice prevails and a wonderful romance ensues between the boy's guardian and the therapist. I couldn't put this book down, and can't wait to read more from this author!

    22. Wonderful book! Independent heroine and stand up hero and a great plot! The heroine's journey from a person uncomfortable around kids (and unable to show affection because of her childhood) to a warm affectionate person is realistically done. Only thing that seemed off was that the H listens and follows his brothers' advice to keep away from the h so that she misses him and 'comes crawling back'. The H does not come across as a person who would do that.

    23. A beautifully written story with an unusual plot, engaging characters and just enough suspense to make the reader hope and pray for a happy ending. I got so wrapped up in the lives of Hawkins family members that I will definitely be reading the rest of this series to learn more about them. The proofreading and editing were top notch as well, and to think it was written without a single F-word! Way to go, Ms. Gable!

    24. A TenThe ratings only give 5 stars. I give it a ten! I laughed, I cried, then laughed & cried more! The book is so realistic. I couldn't put it down & read it in one day! Thank You so much Susan Gable for sharing your wonderful book & talent! Happy Wiring & hope to find more from You!

    25. Shannon learned early on that she couldn't keep anything as her father gave it all away cause someone else needed it more. She enrolls her nephew in art therapy to help him speak. Has not spoken since he saw his mother killed by his father. The cops want to talk to him. The art therapist is into super heroes and creates comics. Good book about how to work through trauma for kids.

    26. I can't believe I kept reading. Maybe ecause I had just given up on a previous book, so I couldn't discard two in a row? Maybe I was just on a bad reading streak? No, this was just bad. I wanted to like it. I wanted to connect with the characters, but I just couldn't. Unrealistic storyline. Sex scenes that were just out of sync and just not necessary; like the author felt adding it is required isn't. Waste of time.

    27. This is my first book by Susan Gable. I am very impressed with her writing, her character development, and her storyline. She is definitely an author I will buy again. In fact, I just purchased the second book which was just published. With 11 siblings in this family, I see many more stories to come.

    28. The story was ok but I wasn't a fan of the writing. It seemed to be going along ok then the "sensuality" got weird to me. It's kind of like it was just "stuck" into the story. It didn't flow. I saw some other reviews that felt the same way.

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