Hole Punched

Hole Punched By day I manage The Hole Punch and it isn t as sexy as it sounds It s an office supply store not an establishment for vibrators and butt plugs By nighttime though that s when I unleash an exciting

  • Title: Hole Punched
  • Author: Susan Renee
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • By day, I manage The Hole Punch, and it isn t as sexy as it sounds.It s an office supply store not an establishment for vibrators and butt plugs By nighttime though, that s when I unleash an exciting passion of mine one that I m not prepared to share just yet.I don t have the time or the energy for a relationship right now Besides, sex with colleagues is always a bad iBy day, I manage The Hole Punch, and it isn t as sexy as it sounds.It s an office supply store not an establishment for vibrators and butt plugs By nighttime though, that s when I unleash an exciting passion of mine one that I m not prepared to share just yet.I don t have the time or the energy for a relationship right now Besides, sex with colleagues is always a bad idea Now, sex with customers That s something I can get on board with, especially since Mr Tall, Dark, and Handsome keeps showing up and setting my insides on fire Although I don t know his name or what he does, I can only imagine what he needs with piles of paper, pens, post its, and highlighters Maybe one day, if I m lucky, I can manage his hole punch.

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    1. “You’re a taint-shaver? How have I never known?” Jacoby chokes on the water he just sipped from the bottle in his hand. “Wait, what? Are we really talking about KitKat’s taint?”Susan is a new author to me and I really enjoyed reading this amazing fast-paced story.

    2. First I'm going to say that I love unique covers and this has to be one of the most unique I've seen. It makes you wonder what your going to get your self into when reading. Jenna had the best case of word vomit ever! She wasn't our typical heroine and that's what I loved about her. She had a normal job and amazing aspirations and followed her own path to get there. She had her own set of issues, but I was so proud of how she dealt with them. Jacoby has a dimple! For some reason I love dimples! [...]

    3. 5 "I believe in fairy tales" StarsSometimes I want to punch myself in the face for not reading an author sooner. This is one of those times. I hear Susan Renee does amazing things with angst, but I got to experience her humor first and for that I am thankful. I also think it’ll prepare me for the tears I am bound to shed when I dive into Seven."I believe in the power of a kiss."Anyway, here we meet Jenna. She works at the Hole Punch with her bestie, Linda. Hottie customer, Jacoby is the candy [...]

    4. Hole Punched is a very cute and fun book. I wasn't sure what to expect since Susan Renee is a new-to-me author, but I really enjoyed it. Jacoby is kind and so considerate, a total sweetheart. He treated Jenna like she was the most important thing in his world, it was all kinds of swoony. Jenna is a crackpot- I couldn't believe some of the situations she found herself in. But she also has a real vulnerability to her that Ms. Renee balanced very well with her quirkiness. She's a very relatable cha [...]

    5. DNF Sorry, i just didn't like it. The autocorrect text messages were funny the first time, then it happened too often in one sitting. I didn't like that the author thought she was keeping a secret with what the main character was doing with her lingerie, but it was obvious what she was doing. Why not just say it before she reveals it to the main guy? And why the main girl freaks out the way she did when he found out? That's just crazy. Yes, she's damaged, but that's just going overboard in my op [...]

    6. HOLE PUNCHED by Susan ReneeIt’s hard to write reviews, especially ones that you want people to read and love so that it’ll will make them read about, I guess that’s like blurb to a book, In this case I didn’t even read the blurb to this story I just seen the cover and I knew I just had to have it.I love covers, some of my favourite covers are the different ones, and this straight up gets two thumbs up for the cover, it has to be the best cover I have giggled about in ages, and to have ca [...]

    7. 5 StarsHole Punched is a wonderfully clever and hilariously funny romantic comedy/ contemporary romance by the very talented Susan Renee.Jenna Zimmerman is the very capable, hardworking and adorably quirky manager of The Hole Punch- an office supplies store. She often laughs that the name of the store sounds more like a brothel or adult (sex) shop, than a place to purchase stationary. It isn’t the most prestigious job, but it pays the bills and allows Jenna to indulge her true passion at night [...]

    8. This was a fun, lighter read. I really liked Jacoby in this. He was different from the more common alpha male (which is usually my preference). Jacoby was strong, sexy, smart, and very gentle hearted. I liked him. Jenna, was dramatic, prone to freakouts and yelling, and for me, she seemed to dramatize her issues. I didn't understand the way she thought very well. There's a saying "making mountains out of molehills", and that fit Jenna in this story for me. Her best friend Linda and that freaking [...]

    9. Funny story Lots of laugh out loud moments Writer does true justice to the retail manager position including the women's bathroom scene and crazy customer requests

    10. Hole Punched by Susan Renee a punchy five-star read. This is the first book by this author I have read, it’s so funny I couldn’t help but laugh out loud so many times through the book, it tells the story of Jenna Zimmerman and Jacoby Ashton Malloy a man who leads a secret double life, he’s tall, dark, handsome, comes with his own grade-A hole punch and has a strange addiction to Highlighter pens. I mean if he didn’t have the strange addiction why would he find himself in an office supply [...]

    11. What a great story! I was sucked in right at the beginning and couldn't put it down. Jenna was hilarious through the entire book. I loved their first meeting and when they ran into each other in the coffee shop. This book was equal parts funny, sexy and cute.

    12. Couldnt put it down!!Got this book as a giveaway and loved it from beginning to end! Loved the characters and story line :)

    13. Have you ever worked in retail? If you have you know the struggle is real. Susan did a knock out job with this one, she knows how to make things interesting, to say the least. If you need a fun loving, laugh out loud, "who would do that?" kind of book then this one is IT! It will make me think of her often as I am browsing the office supply store or driving past the local mechanics. This book was so much fun. Way to go Susan, you nailed this one! ;)

    14. You Are The BestSusan I loved, loved, loved this book. Hole Punched was the funniest romantic book I have ever read and I can't wait to read many more of your books. P.S. Have you had any Ohio nachos lately?

    15. Hole Punched by Susan Renee is a fun, sweet romance story about being insecure. This story has humor, excitement and romance. The author created this story with just the right amount of romance to humor to keep you wanting to see what will happen next. You will love how the author related the characters to each other and found a way for the characters to relate to you. These characters will pull at your heart strings and make you belly rumble with laughter. Find out what happens with these chara [...]

    16. Hole Punched by Susan Renee is a romantic comedy for the modern girl!A witty, funny, at times sweet, at times sad but most of all a down-to-earth romantic comedy that you simply must read.Hole Punched tells the story of Jenna (or Jizz to her friends) who works as a Retail Manager in Hole Punched, a store that fixes computers and sells office supplies; including nearly two dozen types of hole punches, yes. By night she designs (and with the help of her sister, makes) lingerie which she sells in a [...]

    17. Hole Punched by Susan Renee 5 StarsI loved this book! I laughed until I cried. Perfect romantic comedy. Jenna Zimmerman is the manager of the office supply store Hole Punched. She has aspirations of being a famous designer. She and her sister Beth spend every Sunday making lingerie. Jenna's eye for design is top-notch. Beth's brain for business completes the duo. The past makes Jenna very cautious about dating. Sure, she likes to have fun and has needs, but she doesn't see herself in a relations [...]

    18. Hole Punched is a standalone romantic comedy about a girl who is the manager of an office supply store called The Hole Punch. The girl's name is Jenna, and she has dreams of being a lingerie designer, possibly designing and owning her own brand some day, but right now designs and makes lingerie with the help of her sister, Beth. Jenna and Beth lost their mother recently from cancer, and their father hasn't been a part of their lives in quite some time. When their mom was diagnosed with cancer, J [...]

    19. Hole Punched written by Susan Renee was a great read. I’m not going to lie I had no idea what it was about before I started reading it (I tend to do this a lot). But I loved this book. I loved the characters, the relationship between them is fabulous and had some nice twists and turns. This is the love story of jenna, where the past conflicts with the present and she is forced to learn to move on. Her best friend is hilarious and makes all the serious moments more *bam in your face*. There is [...]

    20. Going into this story I had no clue what to expect. I mean look at the title. From the outside I wondered if it would be a darker book because of 'hole punched' but this is why you shouldn't judge a book by the title of its cover.The story follows Jacoby and Jenna down the rabbit hole of a romance. As we all do, she jumps to conclusions in regards to Jacoby and it leads to some awkward moments between them. But once that is resolved because it's quite the irony when it is, they go on cruise cont [...]

    21. I own all of Susan Renee's books, but Hole Punched was the first one I have read so far! I'm not sure why I haven't read the others because of they're anything like Hole Punched then I know I won't be disappointed! Hole Punched is adorably hilarious! There's so much funny in this book that it's impossible to not at least crack a grin. There's also a few WTF moments, but hey isn't that life? It added flair and made me laugh because I really have no clue how this girl thinks of this stuff! Wonderi [...]

    22. I thought this was and exceptionally funny book. It seemed my cheeks were always hurting from my constant smiling or laughing out loud. The situations that Jena gets herself into, even with the the help of her best friend and without are so funny but you could actually see them happening to someone. I love how the love story between Jenna and Jacoby grows and how their trusts and faith not only in each other but in themselves grows as well. I is a really great book and I encourage everyone to re [...]

    23. ha! love love loved this book. the story is freaking great!!!Jenna is the manager of Hole Punched, a secret lingerie designer and a commitment phobe! Then she runs into a regular customer at a coffee shop, changing things up for them both.Jacoby's been watching Jenna for awhile, when she falls in his lap it's fate and he needs to act. He's careful with her, showing her how good it can be and she does the same for him. it's a whirlwind of humor, lust and amazballs writing. this is a short, up bea [...]

    24. Fun read about Jenna who works by day at an office supply store but by night is a lingerie designer and Jacoby who owns a truck repair place by day and is a secret romance author by night. He's also got some pretty hefty family stuff as he is the governor's son. He is also so into Jenna that he keeps visiting her and buying stuff he doesn't need just to see her. Super cute.Main drama comes from her past relationship and his family. I wanted more closure with his family given all the drama.

    25. Hole Punched by Susan Renee is the first book I’ve read by this author but it is now my favorite book of all time! I loved this book from the first mention of a “Wiffy Stick” to a seriously hilarious scene near the end of the book when the main characters Jenna, her best friend Linda, the hot customer turned love interest Jacoby, and Jenna’s sister Bethy are discussing the reality of love. I will try not to spoil it with specifics but I have to warn anyone who reads this book to refrain [...]

    26. HOLE PUNCHEDby Susan Reneeomg i laughed so hard i cried. This is the first book i have read from this author i loved it will so be looking forward to reading more of her books. Loved the relationship Jenna has with her sister and best friend the shark box got me good haha. Jacoby at first wasn't sure what to think of him but as the book goes on loved his easy laid back manner and great sense of humor. This book is filled with many twist and turns but is so worth the read

    27. 5 Grade-A Hole Punch Stars!This book combines humor, heat, & heart in one fantastic story. Susan's personality shines bright with Jenna and her sweetly funny word vomit. Jacoby is a swoon-worthy hero with a heart of gold. Definitely check out Hole Punched, you will love it as much as Taco Tuesday!

    28. An outrageously funny and romantic love story!Hole Punched is such a great title for this book! I feel like I personally connected with this story so much as someone who has worked in retail before. Especially since I have had family that have worked in office store retail. The main gal is the funny, smart, and eager Jenna Zimmerman. She a current manager by day for The Hole Punch, and office supply store, that does in fact sell hole punches! “Excuse me do you work here?” “No I just wear t [...]

    29. Crazy hilariousThis book is so stinking funny. Honesty was laughing out loud and my husband kept asking me why I was laughing. Its hard to find actually funny romantic comedies and this book is crazy funny. It reminds me of one of my favorite authors and I haven't found another author that funny until now. You must read this book!!

    30. The funniest book everA true gem!Everyone must read this book. We all need a little chuckle in our world. I'm so happy I took a chance on this author. Jacoby and Jenna are honestly a couple made in heaven. They are everything we all wish for. I'm an official fan of this author and invite you all to get hole punched. You won't regret it.

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