Bruce's Big Move

Bruce s Big Move After the events of Hotel Bruce the curmudgeonly bear shares his home with not only his four geese but three rowdy mice besides Fed up with their shenanigans Bruce sets off to find a rodent free ho

  • Title: Bruce's Big Move
  • Author: Ryan T.Higgins
  • ISBN: 9781368003544
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Hardcover
  • After the events of Hotel Bruce, the curmudgeonly bear shares his home with not only his four geese, but three rowdy mice besides Fed up with their shenanigans, Bruce sets off to find a rodent free household But as usual, nothing goes quite according to plan.

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    1. Oh dear. I love this series and want more, and I especially want a direct sequel to this particular one. I don't care how saintly you are, if something continues to aggravate you there's a point at which you'll snap, and the results will not be pretty. If Bruce doesn't manage to get some peace & quiet, he's either going to need to get therapy or a mentor or something, or he's going to go bonkers.But the art! Don't forget to peek under the dust jacket for two surprise bonus images. And allow [...]

    2. Poor Bruce. All he wants is peace and quiet and good food. Unfortunately, he is the adopted mother to four geese, and now some mice have moved in. That means not a moment of peace and quiet for Bruce. He already knows he can’t get rid of the geese, and he can’t seem to ditch the mice, so the only thing he can do is move. Bruce packs up the geese and hits the road, hoping to escape the mice, but he soon finds chaos follows him no matter where he goes. What will curmudgeonly Bruce do?I adore t [...]

    3. I'm sure fans of the series will love it, but I just really don't care for the mice. Bruce trying to be fake happy for the sake of the geese makes for some magical illustrations though. That alone is kind of worth it.

    4. Bruce the bear continues to be mother to his four goose children. But now three mice have also joined them in Bruce’s den and it’s getting very crowded, particularly for the grumpy bear. It was messy and loud. Bruce tried to get rid of the mice, but nothing worked. So he decided to move away with the geese instead, leaving the mice behind. Bruce built a house, just the right size along the water. Bruce was very happy there, but the geese were all sad. Soon though, the mice had a solution, on [...]

    5. With hilarious expressions and adorable illustrations, this book is sure to entertain parents and children alike. This is the third book in the Bruce series and continues where the second book left off. I love the expressive images of the bear, especially as he anticipates the calm of a quiet home, and then angst when the moving crew and the housewarming party bring a riot of activity and old and new friends. The illustrations, "created using scans of treated clayboard for textures, graphite, in [...]

    6. I do love Mother Bruce quite a lot I'm an introvert doing an extrovert's job and by the time I get home I just don't want to talk to a single other person. I'm grumpy and sullen and just want some peace and quiet. Poor Bruce! You and me both buddy Every time I see that grumpy face it's like looking in the mirror, but Bruce doesn't even have Starbucks and his recipes become lifelong responsibilities. Yikes! Anyways, this book is a continuation of the wonderful series that started with the book Mo [...]

    7. It's getting awfully crowded in Bruce's house with the geese and the mice. It is now time to move. I love this series. I laugh out loud and the goings on at Bruce's. This is a wonderful series for your little ones (and us not-so-little ones.)

    8. Oh, my goodness. These illustrations! The book manages to look modern and classic at the same time. You can tell how much love was put into this book.Concludes with an applesauce recipe!

    9. It takes more than a house to make a home in this worthy successor to the other stories in the Bruce series. I loved it!

    10. Omg, take off the dust jacket and appreciate the front and back view of Bruce on the motorcycle. It NEVER fails that when I show Bruce's derriere to any class that they break into adorable, hysterical giggles.

    11. There is nothing better than reading a book for the first time. When you see the dust jacket unfolded, the different book case, the opening and closing endpapers which are not the same and are a part of the visual story, certain interior illustrations and specific sentences in the text, it is a distinctive experience. There are books which strike a chord in your reader's heart so clearly the place you read them, who is with you as you read them together and the emotional impact you feel during a [...]

    12. I love Bruce and the goslings, but I'm not a huge fan of the mice. Ah, well.This book was pretty cute, in its own way. Bruce's face when he's trying to cheer up the geese is priceless.

    13. I have a special place in my heart for Mother Bruce, by Ryan T. Higgins. This summer one of my chickens was determined to become a mother. We couldn't coax her to leave her eggs for weeks--and our lack of a rooster and any possibility of those eggs actually hatching didn't concern her. So one day, we bought 2 one day old chicks, and snuck them underneath her at night. In the morning, she awoke to the babies she had been waiting for! She has happily adopted them and protected them, and mothered t [...]

    14. Sometimes guests just won't leave or they show up uninvited. What's a bear to do? After living in a messy, noisy, crowded household with three mice that don't understand that it's time to skedattle, Bruce packs up his goslings and decides to move. But you remember what happened in the first book, right? That little transformation Bruce goes through? I'm just sayin' Well actually, I'm not saying anything. You'll just have to see what happens for yourself.But I will say this, the third book in thi [...]

    15. This review was originally written for The Baby Bookworm. Visit us for new picture books reviews daily!Hello, friends! Our book today is Bruce’s Big Move by Ryan T. Higgins, the fourth entry in the hilarious Mother Bruce series.Bruce and his geese children are back, now living with the three pesky mice from Hotel Bruce and Be Quiet!. Bruce has grown to love being mother to the geese, but the mice are simply not roommates he’s signed up for, especially since they are intrusive, messy, and cre [...]

    16. Ryan T. Higgins is now one of my favorite children's book authors! Every new book written and illustrated by him is a treasure. His books are a wonderful combination of humor that both kids and adults can appreciate, compelling characters, good lessons and wonderful, unique illustrations. Bruce's big move is the third book about Bruce, the mother bear, and his four geese children. Also, the mice are back! The mice who annoy Bruce because they are always at the house and even getting their own st [...]

    17. How had I never read a Bruce book before? I’d seen them before, a bunch of times, but this was the first time I’d ever read one. And I loved it and will now go back and read the other ones by Ryan T. Higgins because obviously we’ve been missing out.In this particular story, “Mother” Bruce is desperate for some peace and quiet because his den (that he shares with the geese) has been overrun by some annoying, messy mice. So, he sets out to build a house far away. But then the geese are s [...]

    18. SUMMARY:Bruce's big move starts off where Hotel Bruce left off. Not only is Bruce, grumpy as ever, trying to be a good mother to adopted goslings he is now sharing his home with wayward mice. Not only are goslings messy and noisy but mice are just as bad. Bruce has had enough and sets out to find a house with less of a mouse problem. You might guess that Bruce is able to find a home big enough for him and his goslings. You might also guess finding a home is not the end of the story. Come join th [...]

    19. After Mother Bruce (a grumpy bear) finds his house overloaded with too many animals in the second title of the Mother Bruce series, he decides he has had enough in the next title Bruce's Big Move. He packs up his family of four adoring geese children and belongings, and searches for a bigger home, far away from those pesky freeloading mice. Finally Mother Bruce's family finds a perfect home, but things don't work out as curmudgeonly Bruce planned. This sequel is just as ingenious as the previous [...]

    20. An adorable story that follows the further adventures of Mother Bruce and friends, or rather his four charges. He and the geese were getting along fine. They made a home for themselves, found routines, and took comfort in each other's presenceuntil three little (non-blind) mice made THEMSELVES at home. It seems Bruce's abode wasn't quite big enough for them all and soBruce picks up and leaves, with the mice growing ever smaller in his rear view. Will he and the geese find the perfect home? A pla [...]

    21. I am in love with this book! It is both heart warming and adorable, silly and goofy, serious and sweet! It has everything that both adults and kids will love!! I found that Bruce's Big Move was such an original and wonderful story about unlikely love between a grumpy bear, his adoringly sweet goslings and some pesky mice! I cannot wait to share this book in all my classes and tell everyone I know about this FANTASTIC book! It is perfect for any family because not all families are the same, but a [...]

    22. One of our favorite grumpy bears is back and he's ready to make a big move! This awesome picture book series continues the trials and tribulations of Bruce, the reluctant mother of four silly geese. Now three mice have taken up residence in his den and they won't leave. Bruce like things calm, quiet, and tidy. But these three mice are quite the opposite: messy, chaotic, and loud. So he packs up the geese and moves to a brand new house, with no mice in it. The hilarious illustrations along with t [...]

    23. Higgins, Ryan T. Bruce’s Big Move. PICTURE BOOK. Disney, 2017. $18.Bruce got used to being the mom to four geese, but the three mice that forced their away in drive him crazy. Bruce decides to move his geese as far away as possible and is relieved to be mice free. Thee geese are unhappy – until the mice appear. Can Bruce find his place and peace?The combination of Bruce and the geese and the mice and Higgins’ illustrations are such a delight for the eye. I can’t see him going much furthe [...]

    24. Bruce is tired of the mice and their antics. He tries to get rid of them, and when that fails, he decides to move with his four little goslings. However, after he's gotten away from the mice, the goslings aren't the same. Can Bruce fix things?I don't blame Bruce one bit for trying to get away from the mice. They are a handful. Of course, his attempts to get rid of the mice and then to move and then to cheer up his goslings are very entertaining. (Bruce's smile isumm, memorable.) An honest but fu [...]

    25. "Bruce's house was crowded, chaotic and loud. And he didn't like it at all."Bruce, the lovable curmudgeon, is back. Living with geese, because he is their mother, and mice, because they won't leave, Bruce isn't very happy. The mice, after all, take up way more room than you would think they would. So, he decides to take the geese and move away from the mice. When they find a new home, Bruce is happy. But the geese miss the mice. Bruce tries to cheer them up, but there's only one thing that will [...]

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