Breaking Boundaries

Breaking Boundaries Heartache and Anger seem to follow Melanie wherever she goes Melanie used to be the beautiful college student from a wealthy Lexington Kentucky family that everyone admired She appeared to have the p

  • Title: Breaking Boundaries
  • Author: M.A.Lee
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Heartache and Anger seem to follow Melanie wherever she goes Melanie used to be the beautiful college student from a wealthy Lexington, Kentucky family that everyone admired She appeared to have the perfect life a loving family, great friends, and a fairy tale engagement to her soul mate, Brody Everything was wonderful until one tragic night left her broken and causedHeartache and Anger seem to follow Melanie wherever she goes Melanie used to be the beautiful college student from a wealthy Lexington, Kentucky family that everyone admired She appeared to have the perfect life a loving family, great friends, and a fairy tale engagement to her soul mate, Brody Everything was wonderful until one tragic night left her broken and caused a devastating car accident that took the life of a close friend and ended her engagement to her once thought of soul mate Brody Cole is a twenty two year old auto mechanic who was bounced from one foster home to the next all his life He is still mending from a tragic car accident two years ago that changed his life forever This once angry, brooding alcoholic turned his life around after witnessing the death of Alice, a young woman involved in his car accident After a chance encounter, Melanie and Cole find that their lives are bound together by one tragic and unforgettable night that transformed the way they viewed themselves As they begin to embark on a complicated and at times, volatile friendship, Cole falls madly in love with Melanie Refusing to be damaged again, Melanie fights her growing feelings for Cole, only furthering her decent into a dark depression Can Cole bring light to Melanie s life again Will Cole be able to share his secret with Melanie Will Melanie allow herself to break through the barriers she has created and find happiness

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    1. 2.5*StarsMA Lee’s romance, Breaking Boundaries, had some pleasant qualities, but overall it was just a satisfactory/okay read. The main issue that took away from my enjoyment of the novel was the heroine and her repetitive actions. I won’t give details, I don’t want to spoil anything for other readers, but I felt like I was reading the same action and reaction over and over.I really couldn’t connect with Melanie, she frustrated me to no end. While I understand why she has trust issues, t [...]

    2. A very sweet read Melanie & cole both felt they were damage and were not meant to love another person. Fate changes everything and brings these two together

    3. Melanie needs to grow up.Melanie ("Mel") has survived a horrible car accident, and is just gliding through life going through the motions. She lives with her bff, Lauren, while they finish college. While at a tattoo parlor, Mel accidentally meets Cole, and is instantly smitten. She and Cole start hanging out, both wanting more, but Mel promptly puts Cole in the friend zone, mostly due to trust problems stemming from issues she has with her ex. Cole grew up in the foster care system, and never re [...]

    4. M.A. Lee's new adult romance book is definitely one to read. I enjoy reading books that have some angst and this one provided just the right amount. Melanie is a very complex character that really resonates with the reader and feels like a close friend. I can't wait to read what else this author has in store for us to read next!

    5. I loved Cole in this book. While he has the perfect combination of sex appeal and edge, he is also funny and caring. Melanie reminded me at times of Bella in Twilight with her back and forth behavior with her relationship with Cole. However, the love between the two characters was undeniable. This is definitely a swoon worthy read. My friend and I reviewed this book together.

    6. Absolutely Awesome! Breaking Boundaries was everything I could hope for when I'm craving a romance. The romance was a slow build and sweet but had just the right amount of steam when you needed it. I love reading new adult and college genre stories and M.A. Lee gives you everything; romance, and spice but the part I most enjoyed was the growth of Mel and also that you can choose yourself and the one your with. Sometimes I think women have the tendency to give up too much of themselves to be in a [...]

    7. 3.5 StarsMelanie Lee Averman is 22 and for the past two years has lived with guilt and in a constant state of depression/sorrow since an accident took the life of one of her best friends. She denies herself happiness and will not let anyone in to help her deal with the emotions she still has from the accident. Her best friend Lauren has been there for her but Melanie still doesn't open up fully to even her.Cole is 22 years old and an auto-mechanic who turned his life around two years ago. When h [...]

    8. Two years ago Mel's life was shattered in every way possible. He boyfriend cheated on her with her best friend. She was in a car wreck and her friend got killed. She was in a bad place for a long time her only friend she had had Lauren who took care of and was by her side thur it ally. When Lauren meets Isaac they start a relationship Mel starts to hang out with Cole. Isaac's best friend. Has they start to have feelings and emotions for each other will they be able to let go of things that held [...]

    9. Melonie and Cole are very strong characters. It is not hard to get behind Cole and want him to win. Melonie has a lot of hate and sorry that follows her. She builds a friendship with Cole and she is oblivious of the feelings he has for her. She makes him fight for her and work really hard to get her to change the friendship into something else. Cole didn't give up and kept fighting and and finally won her over.Very strong writing and it was a book that I didn't want to put down. I really didn't [...]

    10. At first, I thought I'd enjoy this book, but I was wrong. The characters are immature and the dialogue is choppy. I felt like I was reading a forced discussion. The back and forth between past and present was enough to throw me out of the story. I did feel bad about her accident, but I couldn't like her character. And please, tell me what best friend is going to mock you for not doing something.There were a few errors throughout the story that I felt should have been addressed by an editor.Overa [...]

    11. Melanie once was happy and full of life till one day her boyfriend/fiancé took it away and she lived in fear. Fear of letting people in to her life and a fear of being loved again and letting herself love someone again. Till she met Cole. Cole was a strong man and would help her through the storms that would happen due to the fear she has created. Little by little her friendship wasn’t the norm kind of friendship but it work for them. Till she had to let him go and letting go was the hardest [...]

    12. am voluntarily reviewing this arc of this book. They met by chance and are becoming best friends. She has been broken by catching her ex in bed with her best friend who when she runs away from the cheater the best friend gets into the car with her. There is an accident and some horrible things happen. Their relationship grows n becomes stronger with time. I loved how he kept her on her toes and did the right thing to provoke her. He has helped her alot. I loved reading this book

    13. I loved this book so much! Breaking Boundaries is a fantastic story by a new author, MA Lee. Cole is every woman's swoon-worthy dream! Though the plot can be heart-wrenching at times, Lee has the unique ability to mix angst, sweetness and heat in perfect proportions throughout the entire book. I'm definitely recommending this one to all of my friends! I received an advance copy of this book for an honest review.

    14. This book was really well written. The Author kept me wanting to keep reading. Melanie the main character had major life situations thrown at her and the way she got over them or should I say moved forward was one you wont forget. What a terrible car accident can do to bring people together. You won't be sorry if you pick up this book to read. I"m looking forward to reading more this author has to offer.

    15. Disappointing read. This story had great potential. Unfortunately, for me, it fell flat. It was difficult to get past all the errors and inconsistencies that dominated throughout the entire story. With the main character being a literary editor it made it all the more frustrating. I think with better editing, and maybe a final read through by the author, this story would have been really good.

    16. I really didn't care for Melanie at all. What happened to her was terrible but I couldn't find any sympathy for her at all after her accident. I also didn't care for the flow of the story. At times it was stitled, at times it dragged on too long, and the characters all had a habit of yelling and screaming when they needed to express themselves. It got tiresome.

    17. I love finding new to me authors!!! I really enjoyed reading Breaking Boundaries and look forward to reading more from MA Lee.Cole.when he loves, he loves fiercely! Both Cole and Mel were damaged from their past. Fate has brought them together. My emotions were taken on a ride and I felt raw after reading the story. I loved the storyline and the characters. Great read.

    18. This book pulls at your heart strings. I did tear up in a couple of spots. These 2 characters are both going through a tragic event that they don't know are the same thing. They both work so hard to hide their true self from people.  They work together to make themselves while again. I didn't like the ending to much. It left thing up in the air. I give this 4 stars

    19. Breaking Boundaries by M.A. Lee was good. I love the storyline. Cole and Melanie were in the same accident and never truly met until later. An accident for which Melanie carried an extreme amount of guilt. The story was well told, but I felt that Melanie's character came off needy and selfish at times and I did not care for that. All in all, I liked the story but it fell short of my expectations.

    20. I just loved this book from start to finish. There is so much raw emotion coming through every page. Mel and Cole have both been through so much yet fate brought them together. They both lived through the same accident bit both have totally different views on it both taking the blame although it was no fault of either of them. In their mind they didn't deserve to live when someone else lost their life. They didn't know at the time they'd both been through it but saw it differently to each other. [...]

    21. this was a awesome book that was heart breaking too! its about a young woman who was in a accident . lost her best friend and the love of her life. now she meets a young man who might just help her heal. will she give him a chance? read to find out. thanks for giving me a chance to read this book!

    22. Melanie and Cold are a super sweet couple. Their friends Lauren and Isaac keep throwing them together. Melanie was in an accident that killed another friend named Alice. Her entire life got all screwed until she meet Cole. This is a super book to read.

    23. 5OMG this book is amazing windmilling cool mean the way that it plays out how it all intertwines it just plain out amazing

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