The Baphomet

The Baphomet In this erotic metaphysical and theological novel the spirits of medieval Templar monks gather on the anniversary of their Grand Master s torment and execution Together they commit the sexual perfi

  • Title: The Baphomet
  • Author: Pierre Klossowski Stephen Sartarelli Sophie Hawkes
  • ISBN: 9781568860565
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this erotic, metaphysical, and theological novel, the spirits of medieval Templar monks gather on the anniversary of their Grand Master s torment and execution Together they commit the sexual perfidies and blasphemous acts of which they had been forced to accuse one another before a tribunal.

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    1. The Baphomet is the chronicles from beyond the tomb – a metaphysical and mystical novel turned into some sort of gothic absurdist comedy. There surely is no other book like this…All the book characters are the disembodied spirits of the dead participating in their spiritual happenings.The Knights Templar’s rites, Masonic ceremonies, satanic masses, cases of metempsychosis are represented as the distorted parodies in which libido, secret desires and dark eroticism dominate everything.“As [...]

    2. What is this? A metaphysical novel, often far more metaphysics than novel, concerning various theological and gnostic questions on the fate of souls post-body, eternal return, whether identity is inherently unchangeable (across lives, even) or is circumstanial and corruptible. The writing is generally dense and theoretical, with arguments wound to and fro in long inextricable sentences, to the point of either requiring multiple re-readings, or just surrender to confusion for pages on end. (To be [...]

    3. What the hell was that? Monk blowjobs, that's what. And Nietzsche as an anteater.I don't know who likes to overhype transgressive French writers more. Other transgressive French writers, or American critics who wish they were French.Klossowski wishes wishes wishes he was as talented as Georges Bataille. Even though Bataille wrote weird pornos, he managed to pair the eroticism with a rigorous theoretical perspective. I felt like in The Baphomet, you were supposed to just admire the theory and not [...]

    4. A very interesting read. Theological theorizing couched in a tale that transcends time and traditional notions of character, with some Nietzsche sprinkled on top.Exactly what I expected from Klossowski. I agree with the other reviewer who said that it helps to have an idea of Klossowski's work coming in, but the introduction by Ponce and "the Prose of Actaeon" by Foucault help to give any reader a pathway into the ideas within this work.

    5. Really wanted to enjoy it much more than I did. Couldn't get into the complete abstraction of it I guess homo-erotic Templar porn just isn't my genre.

    6. Il BafomettoL’origine del nome Bafometto non è chiara. Sembra che si tratti di una combinazione di due parole Greche baphe e metis che significano “assorbimento della conoscenza”. Il Bafometto è stato anche chiamato “Caprone di Mendes” o “Capra Nera”.La storia antica sul Bafometto ebbe inizio con i Cavalieri Templari. Il Bafometto a quei tempo era venerato come un idolo, rappresentato da un teschio umano, una testa umana o una testa di legno o di metallo con capelli neri ricci, o [...]

    7. It helps to know something of Pierre Klossowski to begin to appreciate this book as taken by itself a casual reader will be confronted with some esoteric theological arguments told in a dense convoluted style. Having been raised Catholic helps too. As a boy Pierre met Andre Gide in the Klossowski home and sealed a friendship with Andre by sharing with him his collection of Moroccan postcards featuring images of young boys. Gide offered to pay for Pierre's education and advised him to study philo [...]

    8. Interesting and very difficult to follow, which is something I normally don't mind (not like Joyce is easy, exactly) but sort of tainted this book because of the circularity and redundancy going on. It was somewhat salvaged by Nietzsche appearing in the guise of an anteater later, which is undeniably awesome, and the general craziness of the heresies going on, like the ideas behind spitting on the cross. The Foucault prologue was unbelievably boring, surprisingly, and Klossowski's explanations a [...]

    9. unusual erotic/religious novel that begins with the knights templar in medieval france and moves from there into a region where notions of time, space, body and identity become vague at best, into a swirl of intermingling "breaths". centering around an alluring hermaphroditic pageboy, "the baphomet" is a kind of pornographic Ivanhoe that takes on nietzsche, blanchot, gnosticism and theories of simulacra. indebted to bataille, to be sure, but the debt is fully repaid.

    10. This book is so insane, I'm not even going to rate it because, honestly, I don't even know what to make of it.

    11. La soppressione dell'Ordine del Tempio, avvenuta per motivi socio-politici, fu invece giustificata tramite accuse di immoralità, idolatria pagana e blasfemia. Dalle confessioni estorte ai cavalieri venne individuato nel Bafometto il centro del culto segreto dei Templari. Questi gli elementi storici da cui Klossowski parte per mettere letteralmente in scena un'audace fusione tra mito, teologia, allegoria e filosofia e che solo apparentemente si sviluppa su una cronologia “determinabile”; il [...]

    12. unique idea for a book with interesting philosophical themes and implications. it was admittedly hard for me to follow for the most part but what I did understand I really enjoyed. for me it was more of an "experience" than a coherent narrative, though that is not to say there wasn't one, most likely it just went over my head. "The Prose of Actaeon", the essay by Foucault at the beginning of the book, was an interesting analysis of Klossowski's themes across his oeuvre, but I cannot say I got a [...]

    13. Klossowski writes beyond our sense of realism, to bring about meditations on life, death, morality and so on, from the depths of gnostic heresy. The mix of breaths reveals the hallucinatory experience wherein hermeneutic literalness exceeds our sense of self. This is the gap inherent within language and the gap inherent within ourselves brought to page.It's difficult to write about this book, since it defies any sense of genre. Obviously people would say this is experimental. But it succeeds in [...]

    14. Não consegui passar da página 40. Apesar do meu gosto pelo romance histórico, o tipo de escrita deste livro não conseguiu prender-me, sendo que as últimas 10 páginas que li foram, atrevo-me a dizer, penosas.A história é contada por um narrador omnisciente, que parece querer contar-nos tudo de um fôlego, o que dá a escrita um aspecto compacto e, na minha opinião, por vezes confuso, tornando-se de leitura pouco apelativa.

    15. Il y a quelques difficultés à évaluer un livre dont on sent qu'il vous échappe. L'écriture est magnifique, l'histoire des souffles évanescente et j'avoue que cette lecture me laisse perplexe.J'ai beaucoup apprécié la main infiniment légère avec laquelle Klossowski imprime au texte sa dimension érotique.

    16. breaths of dead Templars whose rituals are exposed want to become corporeal so they can dance around naked with young males again. Those poor poor Templars. Nobody care about them anymore. Foucault writes an introduction that doesn't seem to be about the book at all, but it is pretty good nonetheless.

    17. You'd think ritual child sacrifice, undead transvestites, anteater anti-christ blow-jobs, and medieval pedophiles would be more exciting. This is written in such an esoteric and self-referential manner that it isn't fun to read and the difficulty doesn't ever really pay off.

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