Good Hair

Good Hair When a Newark girl meets an upper crust Boston boy sparks fly backgrounds clash and readers enter a rarely observed aspect of African American life in this glamorous romantic funny and poignant

  • Title: Good Hair
  • Author: Benilde Little
  • ISBN: 9780743218610
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Paperback
  • When a Newark girl meets an upper crust Boston boy, sparks fly, backgrounds clash, and readers enter a rarely observed aspect of African American life in this glamorous, romantic, funny, and poignant debut novel by the former arts and entertainment editor at Essence magazine.

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    1. A quote from the book" After all, there have always been house Negroes and field Negroes and there always will be."There are just so many blacks in D.C its just important to make distinctions since there aren't enough Whites or other kinds of people to make enough separate groups. Its just human nature."I like books that affirm my thoughts, however ugly they may be there's still value in it.

    2. My first reading of Good Hair came many years ago, and my reading then, is very different from how I read the book now as a womyn who's lived a bit longer. During my first reading, I was confused about why men took such a central role in the text, why clothing was so important, and the dialogue I find troubling.Now I can understand that Little was speaking to a particular experience and stage of womynhood, and I can appreciate the book more. I can forgive the language more - and can see the way [...]

    3. This is the first book in YEARS I returned to the library without marking my favorite quote (or at least acknowledging that nothing stuck out) but I genuinely do not remember if I forgot or nothing resonated. The author deftly explores the nuances of the Black elite and through the character of Alice points out many the hypocrisies and rules of wealthy Black people. This is slightly more common now but it manages to still feel revolutionary (excluding Little's other books I can think of three ot [...]

    4. This book was wack, Many of the events were so unreal and too unbelievable. The author was horrible at developing any of the characters fact she didn't develop ANY of them. The plot suddenly appeared four chapters before the book ended. All of the characters were extremely irrational. I have no idea how this book was considered a hit when it first came out.

    5. This would be the soft-cover hollywood version of a W. E. B. Du Bois-type message about the Black upper class and their obsession with appearances. It wasn't a complete waste of my time, but almost.

    6. I was privileged to be listing on the same author site as she though I did not deserve it. Benilde does a great job of contrasting worlds.

    7. My first taste of Benilde Little, and I must say that I found it very pleasurable. Great writing and intersting depiction of the "black elite"

    8. Alice Andrews is a hard working journalist from a working class African American family in Newark who has always felt "between": neither "ghetto" not "buppie" not Afro-tique. After breaking up with her aggressive, upwardly mobile boyfriend Miles, she meets a Black Prince Charming. Jack is rich, elegant, and self-assured, but he and his circle of privileged black elite friends and family make Alice feel woefully inadequate. Will Alice ever feel comfortable in Jack's world? She learns that to make [...]

    9. For the most part, I am not too thrilled about comedy. However, when it's put in its right perspective, I am amused! Good Hair is an amusing book to me because, it's funny, feisty and delightfully entertaining to read. If you are in love, or have been in love, dreamed of stepping out of your class to the next or believe in possibilitiesGood Hair is the book. It may sounds like a sales pitch, but I found myself laughing throughout the story. It's the type of story that will amuse you and educate [...]

    10. Very enjoyable read. It started off kind of slow, but immediately picked up and kept me turning pages because of the many surprises in the book. We all need an Aunt Thelma and a best friend like Cheryl who are there for us when we need it and tell us what we need to hear when we need to hear it. Alice, the main character, develops as a person throughout the book finding her place in the world and a true love in Jack.

    11. Good Hair was a pleasant surprise. I think Alice is a character any woman can relate to. For me, I can relate to her struggle to find herself & accept it, flaws & all. Alice has endured some traumatic events- sexual assault by her brother, feeling unloved by her parentst she's not a whiny, woe is me type. I admire that Ms. Little presents the characters as human. Yes, they aren't perfect & may make less than ideal choices; so do I.

    12. This book really sucked! It was guilty of the very things she pretended to criticize. I was expecting something a little bit more enlightened based on the title of the book. Instead, it was a 237 page love story. Completely pointless. Honestly, the guy probably ends up cheating on her in the future. This book is silly and lacks purpose.

    13. I liked this book--in some places, quite a lot--but expected more. I found the writing uneven, with insightful and provocative passages interspersed with sections that felt rough and trite. I'd heard Good Hair described as a modern-day Austenian comedy of manners, and it didn't live up.I definitely want to read more of Little's writing, though.

    14. I actually found this book in my house and decided to take a chance on it, the book actually surprised me it was pretty good

    15. It was going as a comment on the interplay of class and race, and then, the stuff like Lucus derailed it. But then, he just goes away, and it continues like nothing happened, which was confusing. I know she was trying to say something with that but don't know what. There are a lot of shallow characters in this book. Even the main character only has her job and men in her head. The overall message was we can be rich, too. I liked the descriptions of all the nice stuff she wore and her surrounding [...]

    16. Towards the end the language became inappropriate (lots of "F" words). But the store line was good and page turner.

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