Drunk on Love

Drunk on Love Hardy is my All time Favorite Male Character in a Romance Comedy Amy Once Upon a Book Blog Boldly smart and sassy characters GR ReviewFrom New York Times Bestselling Author S L Scott comes this dow

  • Title: Drunk on Love
  • Author: S.L. Scott
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 191
  • Format: ebook
  • Hardy is my All time Favorite Male Character in a Romance Comedy Amy, Once Upon a Book Blog Boldly smart and sassy characters GR ReviewFrom New York Times Bestselling Author, S.L Scott, comes this downright delicious peek into the male anatomy er, mind of Hardy Richard There are only two rules 1 Don t get too close 2 Don t fall in love.Correction Don t eve Hardy is my All time Favorite Male Character in a Romance Comedy Amy, Once Upon a Book Blog Boldly smart and sassy characters GR ReviewFrom New York Times Bestselling Author, S.L Scott, comes this downright delicious peek into the male anatomy er, mind of Hardy Richard There are only two rules 1 Don t get too close 2 Don t fall in love.Correction Don t ever fall in love I don t need the baggage of relationships Life should be simple, easy, uncomplicated The problem I m faced with is, if I really believe life should be that easy, that uncomplicated, and that simple, then why am I still thinking about a woman I met on a random Tuesday at the bar A girl who was never a Gimlet, and always a Paloma Yep, I called it all wrong last night and I m starting to wonder if my heart is the one that will pay the price.I might have broken rule number one, but rule number two remains firmly intact For now Sort of Okay, maybe rule two hasn t been broken, but it s definitely been bent.

    One thought on “Drunk on Love”

    1. It was a well written story (told only from male POV) about (view spoiler)[a 24-year-old virgin (woman with a decent steady job in financial sector) who came to the bar to hook-up with a well known for his sexual “services” bartender/owner of the bar, who had sex with her BFF in a bathroom of that bar a while ago. .m For those who can overlook hero’s excessive sexual experience and heroine’s “naïveté” and virginity please don’t read this review further; but read the book, because [...]

    2. I finished this book at 1am, fully aware I would be a wreck in the morning from lack of sleep, but I just couldn't put it down! Drunk on Love left me feeling drunk on happiness. This book is fun, entertaining, and oh so romantic! It gives you the feeling of excitement, and a permanent smile on your face!The character dynamic between Hardy and Virginia is full of passion and humor. I loved the fact that it was told entirely from Hardy's POV. The story truly captured the experience of a man fallin [...]

    3. "Have you ever seen something so beautiful that it takes your breath away? Tasted something so amazing that you almost can't eat it, read a book that was so incredibly well written that you're swept away in a fictional world and you never want it to end?""When she looks at me, she sees the person I want to be, the person she believes I can be, and damn do I want to be that guy for her.""It's not about the story, the hows, whys, or wheres. It's about the ending. This is your chance to write the e [...]

    4. sweet and simple love story, just how I like them.Hardy Richard is the owner and bartender at Hardy's Hideaway! People come for the cocktails and because of the cock tales. Don't misunderstand the men who work there are not bodies for hire, but if by the end of the night they end up with one of their customers, it wouldn't be the first time. Hardy has two rules; don't get too close, don't fall in love. He has a bit of a past that gave him those rules, and so far he's been able to follow them. Th [...]

    5. 4 *I love Hardy Richard* stars!! <3Very few authors in the romance genre manage to get the male protagonist's voice and POV right.And very fewer have books completely written in the male character's POV alone.I loved that S.L.Scott managed to nail it!Ladies, meet Hardy your new book boyfriend! Bartender,playboy and an expert when it comes to women. ;)He's always down for a good time, unapologetically honest and sexy as hell.No women has managed to tie him down and he's had two rules.Dont get [...]

    6. DNF 60%Honestly? this is my LAST "virgin" story. I'm fed up with heroes wooing the virgin heroine, for 75% of the book. Who the eff cares hearing what the hero WANTS to do to the insecure and clueless heroine for three quarter of the story??And don't let me start with their names HARDY and VIRGINIA.Ludicrous.Whateves

    7. Loved loved loved!!! What a fun, sexy, sweet romance! SL Scott made me fall HARD for Hardy!!! My smile is so BIG right now!!! I'm drunk on Hardy and V. ❤️

    8. I want more Hardy!!!Full review can be found at Beneath The Covers Blog --> /review/show*ARC provided in exchange for an honest review.*

    9. With a name like Hardy Richard and as owner of a business that’s motto is - “The customer is always right, they always come, and they always come back, it makes perfect sense that Hardy loves an uncomplicated life full of booze, beauties, and his Big Richard. He’s all about enjoying bonding physically with women, satisfying himself and his partner and then sending them on their way. Hardy has a pulse on every customer who enters his Brooklyn bar, and his gift for knowing what drink his fem [...]

    10. There is just something about a well written romantic comedy that makes me so happy. If you are a fan of sweet, feel good love stories then this is it. Get ready for your next book boyfriend ladies, because Hardy Richard is it. As a bar tender/owner of The Hideaway, Hardy has a knack for being able to craft the perfect cocktail for his female customers. However it's the cock tales that keep them coming back for more. He lives by two rules, don't get too close and don't fall in love. When the swe [...]

    11. I have always loved a great S.L. book and this romantic comedy definitely was one of my favorites. It was flirty, extremely hot and filled with a lot of laughs! This book will take you from laughing out loud to panting from the steamy scenes. Hardy is the owner of Hardy's Hideaway, a bar in Brooklyn. Its a place where people go to meet, hook up, and just let loose. Hardy is quick witted and doesn't hold back when he is talking. He's got a playful attitude, a big heart, and does not apologize for [...]

    12. Who says you can’t get drunk on love, I know I was!In this fun, sexy comedy we have Hardy, the hot and lovable owner of Hardy’s Hideaway tucked in Brooklyn, NY. With his charm, good looks and witty banter Hardy is very popular with women that frequent his bar. He has two rules about the women he meets:1. Don’t get too close.2. Don’t fall in love.In comes Virginia, or as she introduces herself to Hardy as Constance. She is a financial analyst in Manhattan desperately trying to get the att [...]

    13. Oh lord! I love this book. S.L. Scott does an amazing job with her new Romantic Comedy book, Drunk on Love. I love how she casually mentions The Resistance a couple of times here and there. Yes you know it, the sexy band that you may have read of hers. I love Hardy and V. Hardy is a nut basket. I mean he makes you laugh out loud. And that kind of makes you look like a crazy person when you are reading in public, and people stare at you like you're crazy. Ok back to Hardy. Not only does he have a [...]

    14. SL Scott does it again. Drunk on Love made me giddy while reading. Scott mixed a cocktail of sweet, funny, beautiful with a double shot of sexy. She chased it with all the feels and not a drop of bitter aftertaste. Scott left me a happy drunk with her delicious and smooth words. Drunk on Love is one of those books that you want to curl up with your blanket, the quiet and read from start to finish without any interruptions. The characters have real life problems that readers can relate to but the [...]

    15. Drunk On Love by S.L. Scott is a standalone romance novel.Hardy has two rules:1. Don’t get too close. 2. Don’t fall in love.Correction: Don’t ever fall in love. I don’t need the baggage of relationships. Life should be simple, easy, uncomplicated. Hardy, the owner of bar " The Hideaway " in NY; evaluates women and their characters by their hairstyle- no joke.Constance-Virginia is a not so hard nut to crack.Virginia is a financial analyst and a virgin. With Hardy´s and Big Richard´s hel [...]

    16. I absolutely loved this book! Hardy Richard was fantastic, and so was Big Richard! Smart sexy banter, and HOT love scenes made this book so enjoyable to read. Hardy owns a bar, and he lives by 2 rules-number one-don't get to close, and number two-do not fall in love. This all goes to hell when he meets Virginia. Told from the male POV, this story follows Hardy and Virginia through his helping her get noticed by a lawyer at the place she works. They both have such chemistry, and Hardy blows his 2 [...]

    17. I received the ARC in exchange for a honest review.What a fantastic read! Hardy, one of the top ladies man, can really give you a run for your money. He starts off as cocky and arrogant, giving us a show that he'll do anything that has two legs. But after meeting Virginia that starts to change. S.L. Scott did a great job writing in a man's point of view and showing us that it is possible for a real ladies man to fall for someone. I'm in love with Hardy myself. I could definitely use someone like [...]

    18. Absolutely a must read! Laugh out loud, rolling on the floor until you almost wet your pants! The banter is spot on. Hardy is swoony and dreamy and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy especially when served with a side of bourbon with a twist. Virginia is who you want to be just so you can do your warm up moves with Hardy. I loved this story and didn't want it to end and can't wait for the next cock-tale! Thanks Ms. Scott. The highest of marks go to the debut of the cock-tale series!

    19. I feel as though I'm glowing. Maybe it's because I'm drunk on Drunk on Love. Maybe because this new release from SL Scott was so light, fresh and fun. Not to mention really sexy and oh so hot!Hardy & Virginia are just so likeable. So easy to connect with. From the first meet they have a very strong, very intense, passionate connection that just SIZZLES and BURNS! I ADORED that this book was written from Hardy's POV, the all male outlook was so refreshing and powerful. He dragged me so deep i [...]

    20. Drunk on Love is a beautiful book that I could hardly lay out of my hands.Virginia is shy and still a virgin. She would like to change this and choose the bar owner Hardy as a teacher in romancing. He accepts the deal eagerly because he finds Virginia irresistible.Very quickly he, who does not do relationships, falls in love with V. He fights against his feelings, as Victoria does not seem to return them.This book is amusing, humorous and enchanting!

    21. Susan Reviewed on behalf of Mytimeoutbookblog I give Drunk on Love 5 stars for providing me with a light hearted romance. It was a cute, quirky and fun read.S.L. Scott has written a comedic romance told in the first person. It's Harry's view of what is happening to him and Virginia. Well written and easy to read.Hardy and V go through the ups and downs of establishing a friendship which began with an agreement to help her learn how to get the attention of her colleague. What will happen with the [...]

    22. 3.5 starsDo you ever hear a song and think of a book or vice versa? Once we meet Virgina, my head kept singing the song "Meet Virginia" by Train. I'm not saying it makes any sense but it just needed to be said.Meeting Virginia was enough to knock Hardy off his path onto a road he had never traveled before. Looking out for signs didn't help. He's so completely in uncharted territory. Though Hardy is smart enough to realize he's in trouble, he still can't figure out his next move. Come along and s [...]

    23. This story is romantic, funny, swoony, and sexy all wrapped up in a beautiful S.L Scott package! How does she do it?? I really liked that this book was from the Male point of view. Hardy is to die for! Such a fun read. Seriously still swooning over here!!

    24. This was a refreshing book that I have to say I enjoyed tremendously. I was a gonner and a complete sucker when it came to Hardy. I was laughing at his antics throughout the book.Hardy and Virginia were certainly quite a catch together. I loved how he was teaching her the rules of seduction and how she was so willingly learning from an experienced man. Not only was Hardy experienced, but he was definitely doing it because he felt something for this woman. He might have been a player at a time, b [...]

    25. This was a very fun read! The main character’s name is Hardy Richard (I have a hard time not thinking of Dick when I see the name Richard. However, in a completely non-sexual way! Seriously! My uncle’s name is Richard but we all called him Uncle Dick.) He is the owner of a bar where the motto is: “The customer is always right, they always come, and they always come back.” The combination of name and business moto had me laughing and hooked right away. This was such a fun, light, and easy [...]

    26. Drunk on Love by S.L. ScottMy rating 4 of 5 starsHardy Richard, owner and bartender of Hardy’s Hideaway. Hardy lives by two rules, don't get too close and don't fall in love. He is a successful business owner and enjoys the single life. The women flock to the bar for the cocktails and the cock tales. He is confident, witty and funny.Virginia, comes to the bar seeking Hardy out. She has heard of his reputation and feels she needs to experience to impress a coworker she has crushed on for years. [...]

    27. S.L. Scott has done it again with the funny, smart, and heartwarming Drunk on Love.Hardy Richard has two rules he lives by; don’t get too close and don’t fall in love. Hardy, don’t you know that rules are made to be broken? Hardy and Virginia’s story starts at Hardy’s Hideaway- a bar I wish I could get lost in (and trust me, you will too). I love stories written from the male point of view- there needs to be more of those! The flirty banter between Hardy and Virginia is epic, and laugh [...]

    28. I was so incredibly happy to read S.L. Scott's newest release!!! It seems fitting that I started 2016 while reading my first book of hers, and now I'm closing out 2016 with another one of hers. It doesn't feel like I've only known her and her books for only a year.Drunk on Love became one of my favorites of hers. It was a CUTE and SENSUAL romantic comedy that was unlike anything I've read by S.L. It made me laugh-out-loud too many times to count. Virginia and Hardy were so adorable together that [...]

    29. I love a good romantic comedy and one told from the guy's POV, even better! I was so excited to pick this up right before the holidays and have a good laugh with Hardy and V. This comedy is well written from Hardy who is admittedly kind of a male slut. When he meets Virginia, there is something about her that takes him by surprise and the appeal of other women goes away. What Hardy wasn't expecting was for V to ask him to tutor her on how to be with a man. This had so much fun and humor in it as [...]

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