Turn Homeward, Hannalee

Turn Homeward Hannalee Twelve year old Hannalee Reed forced to relocate in Indiana along with other Georgia millworkers during the Civil War leaves her mother with a promise to return home as soon as the war ends

  • Title: Turn Homeward, Hannalee
  • Author: Patricia Beatty
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Twelve year old Hannalee Reed, forced to relocate in Indiana along with other Georgia millworkers during the Civil War, leaves her mother with a promise to return home as soon as the war ends.

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    1. Since I use the novel, Charley Skedaddle in one of my classes, I was intrigued to find that Patricia Beatty has written other books dealing with young people during the Civil War. While my students want a sequel to Charley Skedaddle, there is not one. So, I'm on a journey to read her other novels of this genra. In this particular novel, Hannalee lives a few miles north of Atlanta. Even at her young age, she works in a mill that makes cloth for Confederates. When the Union soldiers come into the [...]

    2. Our family enjoyed this book as a fun read-aloud. It really made the kids think about life during the Civil War for all the poor Southerners who were just trying to mind their own business and live their lives and how the war effected them. This is the story of one 12 year old girl who is deported North when General Sherman shuts down all the textile mills in order to help force a Northern victory. You get a good sense of the people on both the North and South: both the good, bad, and the ugly. [...]

    3. Written for middle-school readers, Turn Homeward, Hannalee, is a quick and interesting read. Although I knew much about the Civil War, this is an episode I was wholly unfamiliar with. The book tells the story of young Hannalee Reed who is captured by the "bluebellies" and sent to Indiana to work in a mill; the story is an interesting and little-known twist on the North's own version of slave labor. That author has beautifully captured the South's vernacular and dialog, lending the book an especi [...]

    4. When I started to read this book It was amazing. When Hannalee Gets taken away the book got rely interesting. I enjoyed This book very much. Patrica Betty did a very Good job writing this book.

    5. My love for this book can not be described properly nor adequately. This has got to be one of my ultimate favorites from when I was a little girl. Maybe it's something to do with the fact that it's a young girl having to be strong and stick to wits to find her way back to what she knows best got me. Fantastic read and I would recommend it.

    6. More often than not, you come across a children's book more entertaining and more to the point than any adult book, ever. This is one such book.

    7. It's about A southern 12 yearold girl named Hanalee. She got taken away from home. Now she's trying to find her way back home. Setting: Around Civil War time

    8. Making my way slowly through all of the Sonlight books I bought for US and world history. This one was a Civil War book and while I am growing increasingly intolerant of "poor Confederacy" stories, this is one about some children from Georgia who went missing during the war. It mostly sidesteps slavery and the exploitation of people of color. I think the author did that on purpose. She chose an event/location where there were no slaves working and focused on that story. It's a bit of a copout. I [...]

    9. I needed to read this book as I run the gift shop in a historic house in Roswell, GA and was looking for appropriate materials to carry. This young readers chapter book is a fictitious accounting of a Civil War atrocity that took place in our community, and I was checking it for authenticity. I found the book very well written, accurately researched - as much as is possible for this difficult story - and a sensitive portrayal of the mill workers in the south. It is not a story about slaves in th [...]

    10. I had to read this book for school, and it just wasn't my style. No offense to the book or the author, but it's just not my favorite genre.

    11. Wonderful historical fiction book that draws you into the story of a young girl during the American Civil War. I have read this many times and still consider it to be one of my favorites!

    12. Very sweet children's historical fiction about southern mill workers being taken from their homes during the Civil war.

    13. Based on a true story, the tale of a girl who is removed from her town during the Civil War and how she makes her way back home again.

    14. I really enjoyed this story. A bit of historical fiction set during the Civil War that shows the ugliness of war and its aftereffects in a way that is accurate of the time. It is both melancholy & heartwarming at the same time as we see bravery and courage in the most everyday people.

    15. - Her dad died in of sickness- Her brother is currently fighting in the Confederate Army- his girlfriend (Rosellen) wanted to get married but he didn’t want to in case he died and left her to be a widow- She works in the factory and is learning to read- The Yankees came through and took all the people who worked in the factories that made supplies for the Confederates and brought them to the town center… Jem and Hannalee found Rosellen and she comforted them… Yankees called them Secesh pg [...]

    16. Hannalee Reed and her family live in the mill town of Roswell, Georgia. When Union troops march into Roswell, they arrest the mill workers for treason against the government of the United States because the mill makes gray cloth for the Confederate army. Hannalee, her brother, Jem, and the rest of the mill workers are transported north as prisoners. Hannalee cuts off her braids and sews them onto a bonnet. She makes Jem wear the bonnet and her petticoat so that the soldiers think he’s a girl. [...]

    17. Boy, was this a heartbreaking book. It is about a young girl around 13 years of age who through the civil war is lost from her family. She must now do everything in her power to find them and get back home. This means hiding and running from her enemies such as the yankees since she herslef is from the south. This book was full of great history even though it is a book of fiction. What i liked the most about this book was the main characters personality and determination. She inspired me to be r [...]

    18. This is the book that all Fifth Graders read at Sweet Apple Elementary. Link, Sunny, and Lorin have all read it, and as Lorin finished his presentation on the book the other night, I was sad that I couldn't help him because I had not read it. I figured it was long time that I read the book.It begins in Roswell, Georgia, toward the end of the Civil War. Hannalee works at the mill at Vickery Creek (which I've hiked dozens of times), but is taken away from her Momma when the Union comes through and [...]

    19. I would recommend this book as a part of a social studies curriculum about the Civil War. It will be especially interesting to children who live in the Roswell or Marietta area since the story is about mill workers in Roswell. This book shares the story of mill workers who were accused of treason by the Union Army because they manufactured cloth for the Confederate Army. The mill workers are sent north, and their mill, homes, and towns destroyed. Hannalee, one of the mill workers, promises her m [...]

    20. A story set during the civil war, it is told from the perspective of children in the south who are affected directly by the war. Their father was killed in the war, and a precious brother is a soldier. The children are taken work, the mill and most of their village burned down by Union soldiers, then taken as prisoners of war hundreds of miles away to the north and offered as servants. (It was very interesting to read of these southern characters condemning "the North" and their soldiers, having [...]

    21. Ah, yes, another school book. Don't you just adore books that you are set to read in a certain number of time, and if you do not you are in trouble? It really can put a damper on things. This is one of the more interesting books I've had to read, the story itself was pretty short, although the book was a few hundred pages I believe. Hannalee is a girl growing up in the Confederate state of Georgia in the Civil War. When Yankee soldiers come and kidnap all people at the mill she works at, she is [...]

    22. gr 5-8 180 pgs.Civil War. When Union soldiers invade the small Georgia milltown where Hannalee Reed and her family live, they accuse the millworkers of being traitors for making material for Confederate uniforms. The soldiers burn the town and force all the millworkers including Hannalee and her younger brother Jem, to Indiana to work as servants to be sent to jail. Hannalee doesn't like either option and disguised as a boy escapes. She finds her brother and together they "turn homeward" and beg [...]

    23. Good book to help middle age students understand what life would have been like living in the South during the Civil War. During the closing days of the Civil War, plucky 12-year-old Hannalee Reed, sent north to work in a Yankee mill, struggles to return to the family she left behind in war-torn Georgia. "A fast-moving novel based upon an actual historical incident with a spunky heroine and fine historical detail."--School Library Journal. Author's note."There are few authors who can consistentl [...]

    24. A Civil War book that the girls will like! Turn Homeward, Hannaleehelps students gain perspective of what the war was like for poor southern whites. Hannalee works in a mill even though she's only 12 years old, and when the Northern soldiers take over her town, they send the workers north on a train-- even some children like Hannalee. This story was based on true events, and was very popular for our Civil War unit.

    25. 12-year old Hannalee works in a textile mill in Georgia in 1864 making cloth for soldiers' uniforms while her brother and father are far away fighting for the Confederacy in the American Civil War. Soon Yankee soldiers invade and force her and her younger brother, Jem, to leave the mill and go work up north in Indiana. She promises her mother to come back home, though she has no idea how. A novel perspective on the civil war, and based on real events.

    26. I found this book when I was looking for one of my favorite childhood books, thinking maybe it was the right one. I read it with my son since we had just finished studying the Civil War. While we enjoyed the adventures of Hannalee and her brother, Jem, I'm not sure if this is the book I was remembering. It is a great look at the Civil War from the southern perspective, and focuses on a historical event that many people aren't aware of, the taking of women and children from southern mills.

    27. Another from my Civil War Novel Unit. This one has a plucky bobbin girl as the main character. She is spirited away by the Union and this is her adventure home. Great female lead character. My two girls reading it now have LOVED it! It does have one main battle scene and the use of some minor profanity, but nothing too graphic for 10 year olds - which is the challenge for this unit. A great pick!

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