Filthy Little Secret

Filthy Little Secret I won t fall for him After breaking up with his cheating ex Mark Ken turns to rebound sex with the campus drug dealer Tim Halwell He s heard the rumors about all the hearts Tim s broken but after h

  • Title: Filthy Little Secret
  • Author: Devon McCormack
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • I won t fall for him After breaking up with his cheating ex, Mark Ken turns to rebound sex with the campus drug dealer, Tim Halwell He s heard the rumors about all the hearts Tim s broken, but after how he s been hurt, there s no way he ll let himself fall into that trap Besides, if the press found out he was screwing around with a drug dealer, it would tarnish hi I won t fall for him After breaking up with his cheating ex, Mark Ken turns to rebound sex with the campus drug dealer, Tim Halwell He s heard the rumors about all the hearts Tim s broken, but after how he s been hurt, there s no way he ll let himself fall into that trap Besides, if the press found out he was screwing around with a drug dealer, it would tarnish his governor mother s reputation He expects the sex to be hot and exciting What he doesn t expect is the most intense, mind blowing experience he s ever had He knows it s wrong to want , but he can t help himself And the time they spend hooking up, the he worries he s falling into the same trap as Tim s previous boy toys and the harder it becomes to keep what they re doing a secret from his friends and family He s just like the others Tim knows Mark the son of a politician, attending one of the most prestigious universities in Atlanta is just another spoiled rich kid When Tim hears about Mark s breakup, he s than willing to help the brat out with some rebound sex Just another notch in his own headboard Tim won t make it a regular thing because that never goes well The guys always end up falling for him, despite how much they may fight it But one steamy, lust filled encounter after another, and he finds he can t stop messing around with Mark It s too much fun Too intense Too erotic And the longer they try to remain each other s filthy little secrets, the Tim realizes if he doesn t back out soon, he just might fall in love Filthy Little Secret is a stand alone erotic gay romance with a HEA, steamy as hell sex, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.

    One thought on “Filthy Little Secret”

    1. This book glamorizes drugs. One of the MCs is a drug dealer, but he doesn't sell H or crystal and he takes care of his Nana so it's okay. Except it's not. Of course, it's not. The alternating first-person, present-tense POV was jarring and chaotic. The MCs didn't have distinct voices.Everyone parties, fucks, and fights. Rinse. Repeat. I didn't even find the sex scenes to be particularly titillating. Spitting on someone's face just isn't sexy. I love steam in my books, but this was too much. With [...]

    2. ***3.5 Stars***Filthy Little Secret was certainly a filthy ride and it was exactly what I was in a mood for.Plot wise there was something missing though. I can’t pin point what. The guys had a scorching hot chemistry and both MC’s were great characters.Mark was a down to earth boy despite being the son of a politician, attending one of the most prestigious universities in Atlanta. A lovely *ahem* dirty boy.Tim was a not too bad, bad boy. His reputation was more like a public facade. I mean, [...]

    3. 1,5 actuallyI'm in the minority again, but this time I don't think it's me. I'll try to explain. Bear with me, I'm in a ranting mood. This was my first book by this author. I know he also wrote some books with Riley Hart who I adore. Well I think I had too high expectations from Devon McCormack and I ended extremely disappointed. I don't know what I expected, but all this mess was not it. I really struggled to finish it. I'm rating it with 1,5 because I'm really in the middle of "didn't like it" [...]

    4. Now this was a nice surprise.This had the potential to be really angsty, but even though there were some angsty undertones, the relationship itself was quite sweet.Governor’s son Mark has just broken up with his boyfriend, who cheated on him with Mark’s best friend, for months. Mark needs to do something bad to get over this, so when he's at a party he follows the campus’ drug dealer, Tim, to the basement. He knows Tim will bang any guy, especially the governor’s son, so he knows he will [...]

    5. *4.5 stars*Devon BR with Julie and MomoAfter reading these beauties & I was ready for some unicorns and rainbowsAnd boy did this read deliver. It was amazing. It was sexy and even very emotional. My, can Mr. McCormack write some sex scenes.I fell in love with Tim, the school's drug dealer. Mark was adorbs too, finding a way to get over his cheating boyfriend. I started seeing you because I was sure you couldn't hurt me, but now that's not true, and I'm scared.The connection between Tim and M [...]

    6. I was in the mood for something quick, dirty, and easy. 'Filthy Little Secret' delivered.Looking for a no-strings attached rebound, straightedge Mark turns to campus drug dealer Tim. They have clear rules - all sex, no feelings.And when I say all sex, I mean all the sex. Lots and lots of hot sex. With some kink thrown in too. That's usually a miss with me, but this time it was definitely a hit. Tim and Mark have an immediate sexual connection, and it doesn't slow down.The relationship developmen [...]

    7. Buddy read with a friend. Maybe a joint review, or maybe just his, later today. Treycore and KidTod and BlakeIan and Brad Tad and BryceOh sorry, my bad, it's Mark and Tim this time. Sadly, this writer's characters have gone from different and refreshing to226 pages of erotica - 200+ pages too long. 226 pages of egomaniac, self-absorbed characters, let's not forget the big dicks, having angry-type sex. Sorry, it's not sex, it's a "plow fuck," what was I thinking? Yeah, okay.

    8. I really liked this one. I wasn't sure I would, but despite the themes I usually find a chore to read (manwhoring, drug dealing, entitled rich kids, cheating exes), I found this book to be sweet, engaging, and interesting.

    9. Recently hurt by cheating ex and bff, Mark is looking to get over it and move on. What better way than to have a dirty encounter with the campus bad boy with a reputation for loving and leaving em? Mark goes into it fully aware that sex is the only thing Tim is willing to give, or that even if he seems to be offering more, it wouldn’t be a good idea to get caught up in it only to have Tim walk away. When the one night turns out to be the hottest sex either have had, one night becomes two, etc. [...]

    10. **4.5 Stars**Good heavens…what a way to end a Devon BR weekend than with this yummy goodness.This was so sexy and beautiful and passionate and emotional and sexy (oh I said that already, didn’t I?). Oh well.I am amazed by our dear perv Devon’s ability to write such amazing sex scenes. Phew I mean, the male MM author is in the minority for sure in this genre (why, I have no clue), and those that I do read, except for maybe one that I can recall off the top of my head, don’t write such exp [...]

    11. Wow hot. Little bit of romance, little bit of kink, and loads of hot, steamywell, loads. Couldn't put this book down, and really think I might just read it again right now for all the best bits.

    12. Much better than I expected it to be, though the spitting scenes in the beginning made me feel uncomfortable as hell and I chose to pretend they weren't there.But Tim and Mark were sweet together, there wasn't much friction between them and when they had troubles, they acted like grown ups and talked about them until they found a solution. I'm not used to that from my romances, but it was a refreshing change. So I enjoyed this. Very very much.

    13. This is my first book by this author. College age main character, around 18? 19? Not my preferred age group. The second character was in his mid-20s. Mostly alternating 1st person POV chapters, again, not my thing. There were some pretty degrading parts (view spoiler)[Some spitting, in the face/mouth, which is NOT attractive to me. But because it was minimal and in the beginning I decided to keep going (hide spoiler)] in the book, so I'm not entirely sure that I would read another by this author [...]

    14. Very Enjoyable Read.When you see this author's name, you know you're going to get a lot of steamy sex. The bonus is that you also get a really well written, character driven story.

    15. I'm going to keep this short and sweet so we can all put this unpleasant experience behind us.While I liked the concept here and the MC's for the most part, the writing was just not worthy. Overall, this was completely lackluster and boring most of the time. Throw in a bunch of easily fixed blips of drama with a batch of rainbows and unicorns and it quickly became an intense challenge to finish. Quite possibly this is all "me" and I just didn't find the magic everyone else did. Whatever the case [...]

    16. I love it when a narrator gets into his work and Michael Pauley sure does get into his work. Phew, my tablet was smoking. I loved listening to this story and I loved the story, but then when I started to write the review it didn't quite hold up so well. So I decided not to think about it too much and just enjoy the after glow. ;)

    17. Yes what's inside is as hot as the coverThis is a beautifully wicked little tale of two guys who, on the face of it should never have worked, discovering that life together is a much brighter prospect.Both Mark and Tim are fully fleshed out characters with their unique voices which makes the first person narrative work well in this setting.The mixture of highs and lows worked well, I loved the development of watching Tim's guard go down as Mark's ability to trust went up.The big angsty bit was a [...]

    18. 4.3 stars. I liked it a lot. A good character driven novel, one with a good progression that kept me interested all the way through. Lots of hot sex, though I really don't get that spitting bit, but whatever floats your boat, lol. And the MCs did admit they were pervs ;) Anyway, I liked both MCs and was very happy with the ending, it was nicely rounded off. And that part where I saw some readers mention about not liking what happened just past 85% luckily I was fine with it, it didn't bother me [...]

    19. there is a lot to enjoy about this book. How its about Mark getting over the fact that his boyfriend cheated on him with his best friend. So what does he do hook up with Tim the schools drug dealer. It wasn't supossed to be nothing but sex however it of course developed into something else.I always think its funny when characters don't think it will develop into more than just sex. Especially if it goes on for a long period and they do stuff other than in bed. Yet this romance made sense how it [...]

    20. Not at all what I expected. I started this book expecting sex and not much more. I'm so glad I was so wrong. There is so much more than just sex here. You really learn a lot about the two main characters and I found myself cheering for them both. There is quite a bit of depth to their emotions and they both do a lot of learning and growing. There was a couple times when I thought the problems were solved a bit too easily but, I'd rather have that than have the conflict drag on with one misunders [...]

    21. Well, the book wasn't bad, just it felt like a dragged on porn video, with the bad actors and everything, the story interesting but so little developed, the book was short and liteterally there's like a sex scene for chapter and was hot and all that but no entirely satisfying , especially the one that were from Mark's pov, everything happen so fast that I was a little confused since the story itself passes in a couple of months and we see just a little bit of it and generally it was only sex so [...]

    22. Mark is the governor's son and Tim is the guy from high school that ended up dealing drugs. What could they possibly have in common? They want to have kinky sex with no strings attached. I kind of really liked this pervy book. Especially when things go from hot sex to feelings of don't let this end. Everyone wants a bad boy!

    23. HOT!Wow. This was the first book I have read by Mr McCormack, and it won't be my last. Tim and Mark have incredible chemistry. I couldn't put this story down. Soooo much sexiness wrapped up in a HEA. I look forward to reading more by this author.

    24. Dirty and lustfulSecrets are something that should be shared between two people as long as they are dirty fantasies . Devon has taken this to a whole new level. There are explicit sex scenes,jealousy,betrayal and self preservation all leading up to a climactic ending.

    25. 4.5 stars Was in this for the raunchy steamy hookup (because Devon) and then BAM! Got knocked out one-two by the sweet romance and the feels. Loved these guys, loved their sweet, sexy, dirty story.

    26. 4.5 stars. Was not expecting the amount of feels I felt in this book! Hot and sexy and loving and adorable all wrapped up in some amazingness.

    27. I don't have a whole lot to say about this oneThe book was good, writing was good, audio was good. Nothing really stood out making this book "extra" for me, making me feel like I need to listen to this one more than once. Overall Michael Pauley did a good job like always, no problems with this narration, it was fine.It's about Tim the Drug Dealer and Mark the Governor's son. You would expect that Tim being a drug dealer would be corrupting Mark, but that's not really this story. They both are re [...]

    28. This started out so hot with dirty, filthy hate-sex (if a bit too many sex-scenes) and then suddenly it turns super cutesy and sweet. I like cutesy and sweet, don't get me wrong, but there was just no reasonable development. 5 stars for the first half.3 for the second.

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